Flash Raffle #2: Score $300 Worth of Food from ezCater!

If there’s one characteristic teams inside every organization share, it’s a love of food. Imagine breakrooms without donuts, lunch-and-learns without the lunches, and important board meetings without local delicacies that tame hangry attitudes and refocus conversations.

That’s why ezCater is covering the second Flash Raffle of Admin Week 2017!

Catering Conundrums

AllStar Erica Kelley enjoying ezCater food

ezCater knows you want to impress everyone—co-workers, bosses, and clients—when it comes to catered food in the office. But as you know, ordering meals is always easier said than done.

Sometimes it’s hard to get food delivered reliably, especially if you’re arranging lunch at an off-site. Then there’s the problem of finding a great new restaurant or caterer for regular team lunches, meetings, or specific in-house events. Every day’s menu can’t be the same—and you’ve only got so much free time to spend Googling reviews.

The Only Nationwide Marketplace for Corporate Catering

ezCater Homepage

Whether it’s for a meal in your office or a meeting 2,000 miles away, ezCater streamlines the process of getting grub. The (free!) comprehensive online tool takes the guesswork out of planning and ordering since you can browse by location, meal type, and cuisine. Options from more than 50,000 restaurants and caterers around the country are ready to get cookin’, and they’re just a click away.

If you need help choosing, the site features over 800,000 reviews of eateries based on delivery, food quality, and timeliness. Once you’ve found the perfect vegan-but-not-just-lettuce option, you’ll automatically see an inclusive per-person cost that matches what you’d pay if you spoke with the caterer directly. There are no fees or upcharges, and ezCater has customer service lines open from 6 AM to 11 PM.

To sweeten the deal, the company offers ezRewards on every purchase. These can be turned into discounts for future orders or cashed in as Amazon gift cards. Can you say treat yo’ self?

AllStar Erica Kelley enjoying ezCater

All-Star Winner, Erica Kelley, and her admin squad celebrating her win over a tasty ezCater meal.

As sticklers of service and quality, we consider ezCater’s customer service to be the cherry on top. And in this case, it’s more like 2,400 cherries. That’s how many reviews ezCater has with a 9.5 rating regarding quality of food choices, ease of use, and customer service. When it comes to flavor, everyone has different tastes—but 19 million users to date can’t be wrong about the catering marketplace.

Kristen Daunheimer, Admin Assistant at FORMA Therapeutics, loves using them. Here’s what she had to say:

I have been using ezCater for awhile now and have yet to be disappointed. Several catering establishments throughout the New England area are affiliated with EzCater, and I use them for Massachusetts and Connecticut. Just enter your zip code and just like that, several great listings pop up. On-time delivery is huge with ezCater. They follow up and confirm orders and delivery times with their clients. As a customer, you always feel like you’re a priority.

Oh, and did we mention that ezCater calls their customer service associates Ninjas? We don’t think it’s a coincidence—all the best teams do (wink wink).

A Raffle to Stop Monotonous Meals for Good

2017 Flash Raffle 2 ezCater Prizes

Today’s Flash Raffle sponsor has your munchie needs covered from E to Z. So that cool and collected theoretical Ninja choosing menus can be you, with one hand on the computer and the other holding a delectable chicken wing.

ezCater’s giving away $300, $200, and $100 in rewards credit, which can go toward your ezCater order or an Amazon gift card. And if you’re wondering, the whole prize is just for you, Ninja—sharing with co-workers not required!

Enter for free! Remember, Ninja, this is a Flash Raffle. Entries close at 11:59 PM PST tonight!

Note: If you can’t see the raffle entry form below, click here.

Score $300 Worth of Food from ezCater!

Pop over to ezCater’s platform (not on an empty stomach), and check out the options. Then, let us know in the comments the dream lunch you’d order if you were a winner!


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  1. Cheryl

    A favorite lunch time spread would include all kinds of salads and fruits. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  2. Marney Parker

    I would order healthy options with lots of veggies!

  3. Erin

    Perfect lunch- one that’s on time! Wouldn’t hurt to have a nice hot healthy option along with salad :)

  4. Tressa

    Our office loves ezCater! We use them regularly and it makes ordering for many different foodies easy and affordable. They just revamped their site and it’s very easy to navigate! Their customer service team is very helpful, often offering to help me book a restaurant if the one i had in mind is busy or offering to check with the restaurant about any special requests.

    1. Tim @ ezCater

      Hi Tressa – So glad to hear. Thanks for being a ezCater customer!

  5. Lynn Woolman

    My dream lunch? Hmmm! Yummm! A lunch won through a perfect flash raffle contest, given by the best organization – Office Ninjas! Too perfect!

  6. Lisa Wyatt

    I would love to see the sites in San Francisco. I have never been and really could use a good vacation. Haven’t been able to take one in a while.

  7. Lisa Wyatt

    I would try to relax and enjoy myself. Haven’t had a getaway in years.

  8. Diana Lynn

    What a great idea!

  9. Jessie Coyer

    I love soup and salads…..with some tasty desserts :)

  10. Tammy Smith

    I would love to win this!!!

  11. Amanda Sevilla

    Taco bar! :-)

  12. Brenda Choy

    YUM! Can’t wait to the great catering options they have!

  13. Ellyn

    I would love to host a Cinco de May party!

  14. Dorene Hartford

    My dream lunch would include LOTS of options — fruit, cheese, cold cuts, hot items…it would definitely be a buffet!

  15. Cheri Dawson

    There are several things that would benefit me right now. 1. The hotel getaway. 2. The EZ Cater – I am definitely attempting to get a handle on my nutrition. Thank you so much for thinking of Admins this way!

  16. Carrie Birkett

    I would take a getaway with my Husband (ok and maybe the kids too!)
    We need a vacation!

  17. Betty Defensor

    Amazing view, would love to celebrate Admin. week there. Today, though our Executives are treating us to lunch at a new restaurant in Northridge! Happy Admin’s day, everyone!

  18. CJD

    The most effective team is one that communicates with one another! It’s nice to have each team of the business recognized throughout the year but what would get done without office ninjas?!?!? :)

  19. Rhonda L.

    Great to be able to order online and set up delivery etc.

  20. Christy Sawkins

    Looks like fun

  21. Erin

    Yummy food, catered easily – YES Please!

  22. Keisha

    We love a lunch that isn’t sandwiches! That has something for everyone and isn’t boring! In SoCal we are not picky eaters so we like all kinds of food! Also something that is reliable is my greatest need!

    1. Tim @ ezCater

      Hi Keisha – we here that all the time. All of our restaurants have on-time ratings so you can select the most reliable restaurants. Give our ninjas a call if you need help with an order – 1.800.488.1803.

  23. Carole Cimrhakl

    How great is it to knowingly be appreciated at a job you LOVE? It’s pretty great. Seeing that other companies see an admin’s value and provide something as awesome as a get-away is also pretty great! Thanks Office Ninja’s for all the good you do and information you provide!

  24. Michele Valentine

    Thanks for the blog post! Very interesting –

  25. Hannah Fisher

    I would make sure there were lots of different options for those that have dietary restrictions! We have some vegetarians/vegans plus other allergies in the office and I know that ex Cater can accommodate :)

    1. Tim @ ezCater

      Hi Hannah – Glad to hear we have you covered!

  26. Arleen S Ebersole

    Dream Lunch? Anything healthy that tastes GOOD!!!

  27. lndylu

    EZ Catering sounds like a blessing for this busy office ninja.

    1. Tim @ ezCater

      Hi Indylu – That’s our goal. To make your life simpler. Give our ninjas a call anytime you need help – 1.800.488.1803.

  28. Rebecca B.

    Eating! Taking a picture at the spot Mrs. Doubtfire reminded her (his?) mugger to NOT try that again, and more pictures in front of ‘Full House.’ Are outside guests allowed at the very top of the Transamerica building?

  29. Dolores Alimi

    This sounds like a wonderful alternative to what we currently do.

  30. Hilary Washington

    Does EZ Catering service the Washington, DC / Northern, VA area?

    1. Tim @ ezCater

      Hi Hilary – You bet! We have 50,000 restaurants nationwide. Here’s a link to all of the restaurants that deliver in Washington DC. https://www.ezcater.com/catering/dc/washington Give our ninjas a call if you need any help – 1-800-488-1803

  31. Chinyere I.

    My office has weekly catered lunches and we are always looking for different healthy meals for our employees. It looks like EZ Cater has a lot of healthy options and variety.

    1. Tim @ ezCater

      Hi Chinyere – Great to hear you like the selection! Our ninjas are masters at helping office managers who are responsible for large weekly orders. Give us a call if you need help – 1-800-488-1803.

  32. Julie A Bock

    Would use to actually get some quality family time

  33. Rachel Postler

    Love that y’all are doing this. A break outside of my inbox, hummus and GF pretzels sounds AMAZING!!!

  34. Beth

    What a wonderful opportunity!

  35. Vanessa Davis

    I didn’t know about EZ Cater but it sounds amazing! Will definitely be looking into this. I hope they serve the Phoenix area. (Fingers crossed.)

    And, I am really itching to get back to San Fran (day 3 contest), so my fingers (and toes!) are crossed. I would bring my husband because we could really use a vacay, but would also likely try to sprinkle in some meetings with Office Ninjas and folks from the EAO/BEL group.

  36. Viv

    Would order healthy and tasty for my co-workers and supervisors !

  37. Yvette Wallus

    I’ve always wanted to go to California. I’d use the time to decompress and find some hiking trails.

  38. Emily Dalton

    Oh this is great! We are always looking for new catering options!

    1. Tim @ ezCater

      Hi Emily – Glad to hear. We’ve got a wide selection of caterers at no additional charge to you. If you need any help with your first order just reach out to our ninjas – 1.800.488.1803.

  39. Nancy Sweeney

    Happy APD everyone!!

  40. Lisa

    Looks healthy and delicious

  41. Cathy Pikes

    This could be my day to win!

  42. Jennifer Wood

    I would go visit the aunt I have never met who lives not far from there and hit all the tourist spots of course.

  43. Deborah Dees

    I’ve always loved the Hilton chain of hotels and, when the budget allows, always try to find one when traveling or booking for my executives. I’ve never been to San Francisco and would love seeing the sights of this city.

  44. Juanita Mort

    I would order a variety of offerings that appeal to the entire team!

  45. StS

    Anything to help take care of my peeps when ordering is great!

  46. Donna M

    My dream is to eat, enjoy and have someone else clean up!

  47. Maggie sutton


  48. Ereina

    I like hot lunches that are healthy with vegetarian options

  49. Dennise Munch

    Love this-looks like a great menu and delicious!

  50. Victoria Prestia

    Looks good.

  51. Erin

    Great resource!

  52. Patti T

    This company sounds AMAZING!!

    1. Tim @ ezCater

      Hi Patti – Wow – thank you! Our goal is to be insanely helpful and save you a ton of time. If you need any help with an order give our ninjas a call – 1.800.488.1803.

  53. Rhonda Hadnot

    This is awesome. I spend so much time researching restaurants and this is so helpful. I would order healthy options w/ a mix of regular and vegan options.

    1. Tim @ ezCater

      Hi Rhonda – We can and will save you a ton of time. ezCater was designed from the ground up to make the process of finding food super EZ. Give us a call if you need help with an order – 1.800.488.1803.

  54. Remy McConnell

    It’s nice to have a variety of options in a menu/

  55. Kirsten Larsen

    Thanks for information about the service. I will look them up whether I happen to win or not. :)

    1. Tim @ ezCater

      Hi Kirsten – Fantastic. Let us know if you need any help – 1.800.488.1803.

  56. Veronica Madison

    BarKogi – fusion Korean…..open to new cuisine. Bon Appetite everyone!

  57. AmyBH

    I’ve used ez Cater at work before. The ordering was quick and easy!

  58. Laura D

    I would order Italian – something for everyone including vegetarians.

  59. Andi Groen

    I have a wedding coming up – this would be the perfect thing for our Man Shower!

  60. Cameron Tryon

    Looks amazing! Gonna check it out.

  61. Danyelle

    This sounds great!! Would love to try it at our office building =)

  62. Kristen Boston

    I would order from Maggiano’s Little Italy!

  63. Cathy P.

    What’s on the menu?

  64. Amanda S

    Hot lunch with healthy options!

  65. Ali Berger

    Our office would love to try Meditteranean Grill’s catering menu!! They are a lunch meeting location favorite, but we have never tried their catering!

  66. Liz

    This looks incredible, I’ll definitely check it out prior to our next luncheon.

  67. Loretta A.

    I want to try ezCater. We have in-house catering from our cafe which makes things easy, but we need a change from time to time.

  68. Traci L.

    I would order a lunch with lots of healthy options that would accommodate gluten free and vegan diets.

  69. Heather from RVA

    EZCater puts some many options in one space! Easy to use and I trust their reviews.

    1. Tim @ ezCater

      Hi Heather – Great to hear! Thanks for being a customer.

  70. Leslie

    Dream lunch? Something big and hearty, like cheesy pasta but with ZERO calories/carbs!

  71. Dee Stewart

    This sounds like a great lunch for every type of appetite.

  72. Lori

    Wow, what amazing prizes! officeninjas rock!!!

  73. Cassey

    My dream lunch: from Oz Pizza (and dessert from Z. Cioccolato) <3

  74. Denise S

    I can’t believe all of the options that EZ cater provides. I have never heard of them but there are so many choices right in our neighborhood!

    1. Tim @ ezCater

      Hi Denise – Fantastic. That’s our goal! We’re adding hundreds of restaurants and caterers across the country every week.

  75. Dorte Kargut

    there is a yoghurt bar with corporate caterers in Radnor, PA – what a great idea

  76. AMA

    We are always looking for healthy catering options.

  77. Laurie L

    I would definitely order the healthier options as my office is gluten free. This is a great program.

  78. Shelly

    Rangoon Ruby. I love Burmese food.

  79. Laura Loveland

    Would love to check out ezcatering in Kalamazoo Michigan!!!

    1. Tim @ ezCater

      Hi Laura – We’d love for you to check us out too! 15 options in Kalamazoo delivered right to your office (link below). If you need any help our “ninjas” are a call away – 1-800-488-1803.

  80. Victoria Henderson

    I love Mexican food so in my area Aubelo would be my first selection.

  81. Amber Muendel

    One word. Gelato. :)

  82. tran

    TEAM AI2 would LOVE to check out the awesomeness of EZCATER! thanks for recognizing admin week!

    1. Tim @ ezCater

      Hi Tran – You bet. We’re big fans of the OfficeNinjas community.

  83. Joanna Arber

    Sampling lunch for our Admins would be most welcome.

  84. Sandy S.

    It all looks amazing! Good thing it’s almost lunchtime! Good luck to all you Ninjas out there!!

  85. Staci G

    Our office is always looking for cost effective caters that can offer new and fresh options

  86. Michele Turpin

    I would order Mexican so our office can have a fiesta to celebrate all our hard work!

  87. Kim L

    Dream order would be Olive Garden – but since we don’t have that here on the island, I would love Buca di Beppo

  88. Shannon Aliotti

    We are always on the look out for new food options in catering.

  89. Cheyenne Lopez

    My team LOVES trying new food. Lately we’ve been in the mood for Thai food and Mediterranean! Would be nice to have the other listed options, California, Sushi, Chinese, Indian etc. available more often/conveniently.

  90. Melissa Haas


  91. Tcotton

    The Dream lunch I would order would be from Naan and Curry… Would love to try something new and tasty. Excellent reviews and I am sure it would be delicious.

  92. Stephanie W

    Comfort food with pasta!!

  93. Debbie

    It’s really good to have different options.

  94. Kristina

    We love Mexican food!!

  95. Julie Evans

    Would love to try this!

  96. Stacy

    I’m always available for a Dream Lunch…and I love being called an Office Ninja!!

  97. Sarah

    Can’t work without the proper fuel! :P

  98. Kari

    Good luck everyone!

  99. Brande Rumpf

    Being a part of the hospitality industry we are always having working lunches brought in… However the food needs to be fresh and well presented. Looking forward to trying this out..

  100. Tigress

    Can’t wait to try EZ Cater!

  101. julie

    who doesn’t love free food!

  102. Heather W

    Lunch for my entire team!

  103. Rheannia Harris

    i love EZ cater! They are awesome and the vendors are quick and you can order one day out! :)

    1. Tim @ ezCater

      Hi Rheannia – Thanks for being a ezCater customer! You can actually order 365 days out, if you plan that far in advance. You can also update your order online at anytime or give our “ninjas” a shout (text, email, phone or chat) if your headcount changes or you need something else.

  104. Shaneka

    A mid-week surprise buffet from the Hummus & Pita Co would be absolutely amazing! Our team loves to eat and work, so I can already picture the cafe area buzzing with delicious collaboration.

    1. OfficeNinjas

      Don’t forget to treat yourself for all the work you do this #AdminWeek!

  105. Jules

    Sounds tasty!

  106. Kathy

    I have a coworker that has been recommending ezCatering for months now… I’ll spread the word!

    1. Tim @ ezCater

      Hi Kathy – Awesome and thank you. You can earn ezReward points (redeemable for Amazon.com gift cards) for your referrals and get your friends a discount by using the link below. Win-win in our book!

  107. Trish K

    Would love to try a new catering option!

  108. Jan

    I can’t wait to try this out. It is nice to have new options so you don’t get tired of the same food.

  109. Yolanda Warren

    My dream lunch is to have Wolfgang Puck come into the office and serve us lunch!

  110. Toni Hirose

    Yummy Treats!

  111. KatieK

    Have never heard of ezcater before, we have regular lunch meetings and a very large monthly gathering. I would try them all!

    1. Tim @ ezCater

      Hi KatieK – We’d love for you to give us a shot. Our address book and saved orders makes it really simple to streamline your ordering process. Let our “ninjas” know in you need any help with your first order – 1.800.488.1803.

  112. HJones

    WOW! This service looks great! I have three executives to assist and sometimes I have to spend 1-3 hours checking out restaurants, especially when it is in an area of town I am not familiar with. This looks like an amazing service! I love that it is free and I can earn rewards.

    My dream lunch would be something that satisfies all dietary needs but offers healthy and non-healthy options, especially good desserts cause who doesn’t like a great dessert? Hot/warm food is even better if you can get it here in time for it to stay warm and not get soggy. Cold Options: Good Sandwiches, innovate salads (not just basic toppings like tomatoes, cheese, and veggies), homemade chips or something more than salad for sides, great cookies or easy to eat desserts. A lot of people here eat salads for lunch so anything to mix it up would be great.

    1. OfficeNinjas

      We can’t wait for you to try it out and save yourself some time!

    2. Tim @ ezCater

      Hi HJanes – we feel your pain and are here to make your food ordering EZ. Give our “ninjas” a call if you need any help (1.800.488.1803) and check out the 5x Rewards restaurants for even more points.

  113. Toni Hirose

    Looking forward to having a Happy Eats treat! Happy Admins Week!

  114. Margaret Romac

    We are always looking for something new… Thai is normally a hit. Might need to try Thaiger Thai if we win!

  115. HJJ

    WOW! This service looks great! I have three executives to assist and sometimes I have to spend 1-3 hours checking out restaurants, especially when it is in an area of town I am not familiar with. This looks like an amazing service! I love that it is free and I can earn rewards.

    My dream lunch would be something that satisfies all dietary needs but offers healthy and non-healthy options, especially good desserts cause who doesn’t like a great dessert?

  116. Lucas

    Dream lunch? How about a Margherita Pizza fresh out of the oven and a tall glass of Iced tea?

  117. Pati

    Can’t wait to try EzCater for stress free events!

  118. Mary

    Anything other than sandwiches!

  119. Nicole Valk

    Sandwiches, pizzas, salads, and cheese boards would be a hit here! But really, any type of food is a win at our office!

  120. Vida Martsolf

    awesome to have more options!

  121. Vida Martsolf

    can’t wait to try!

  122. HawaiianEA

    Love how EZ Cater connects offices with caterers in their area; what a time-saver!

  123. Jennifer Northrop

    I would order healthy lunch and snacks for Vegan, gluten-free, halal and regular diets for an executive offsite meeting.

  124. Karen Wilkinson

    Will share this information with my colleagues! Sounds absolutely useful!

  125. Hilary Whitmore

    Dream lunch would be: SUSHI! Literally anything sushi. It looks like they have that with Basa Seafood Express! YUM!

  126. Gina Liston-Forrester

    Thanks so much Office Ninjas for knowledge sharing this great company. I look forward to trying out their services.

  127. Kristina

    THere are so many options! I cannot wait to try ezcater!!

  128. Jennifer

    Dream Lunch would be Mazza or I’d try something new with J. Wong Bistro. I love trying new foods and giving people options.

  129. Chandra

    This sounds like a great idea. I am totally going to check out ezcater!

  130. Joan Feifar

    So many options! I’d say Jarabe. Authentic, fun and looks yummy.

  131. Rebecca B.

    Vegetable samosas, gosht kadai, vegetable biryani, and lachcha paratha from Benares! And some rose lassi.

  132. William Price

    Salad bar!

  133. Teres Mongrain

    Can’t wait for the Bash and to meet all the vendors there!

    1. Tim @ ezCater

      Hi Teres – Us too! See you in SF on Wednesday night.

  134. Marisol Lara

    Always looking for new catering options. So many people have different diet needs, it’s helpful to have options!

  135. Mary Suzanne dela Cruz

    I love that there are so many different options in Washington, DC that goes beyond the usual cold cut sandwiches! Can’t wait to give them a try!

  136. Diane

    Always looking for new affordable options.

  137. Debra Benjamin

    Thanks officeninjas for introducing ezCater! I will definitely look into using them the next time I need to order in!

  138. Glenda Storm

    wow! EZCater offers so many healthy choices! love it!!

  139. Rebekah

    Being that we are in Show Low, AZ, our only option is Subway. So, Subway it is!

  140. Bella De Pillo

    Excited to try EZ Cater!

  141. Lisa Buck

    Who wouldn’t love a delivery from Cafe Epi Catering? No more same ‘ol, same old sandwiches or pizza? Not to mention the delicious deserts?

    1. OfficeNinjas

      Sounds good to us!

  142. Anna See

    We do order lunches daily for our Execs so this could be a great option! Excited to check and try them out.

  143. Craig Shiraishi

    Holy Cow! Free lunch?! Maybe Dinner!? i’m on board! Thank you Office Ninjas!

    1. OfficeNinjas

      Fingers crossed!

  144. B. Barrow

    Variety is the spice of life.

  145. Sandy D

    We always have requests for healthy options, vegetarian and gluten free at our customer events. What an excellent opportunity to try something new. I’m always looking for healthy and unique options that cater to these needs.

  146. Lindsey Markel

    We are always looking for more healthy and vegetarian options in our office so this service would be perfect!

  147. Alicia

    Would love to share some awesome gourmet food with my team

  148. Dawn

    Sounds like a great catering company to try and I would order a healthy lunch. Have not heard of them here in Texas.

  149. Vesna Cottrell

    I will have to give it a try. I have used to use another service before but found a limited number of local options.

    1. Tim @ ezCater

      Hi Vesna – Thanks for giving us a try! We love it when you suggest restaurants in your area. If there aren’t enough options let us know what you love and we’ll try to get them on ezcater.

  150. Bridget Kirkwood

    My work is a fan of dessert bars, so I think we would go with something sweet!

  151. Amanda

    Healthy, convenient, food is always a plus!

  152. Amanda

    Healthy, convenient, options are always a plus!

  153. Bethany Carter

    We have a difficult time ordering food for the office since we have a diverse staff. I have to order vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free, healthy and normal options. I would say we have had the best luck with boxed lunches that offer a choice of a side, fruit or chips for example.

  154. toddyM

    This service would make my daily catering a breeze! Hope I get to try it!

    1. Tim @ ezCater

      Hi toddyM – Even if you don’t win we hope you give us a try. We can make your daily catering EZ and save you a lot of time. Our “ninjas” are always around to help, 1-800-488-1803.

  155. Catie Schlensker

    My dream lunch would be mediterranean cuisine.

  156. Betty Smith

    I would order a hot lunch with a choice of meat with the vegetables, cookies and drink. To satisfy the meat and veggy lovers.

  157. Amber M

    We cater a lot of meals, I ‘d love to give ezCater a try. I’m always on the lookout for good, affordable, reliable catering options!

    1. Tim @ ezCater

      Hi Amber – We’d love you to give us a try too! Fingers crossed.

  158. Gretchen Burns

    I would order from a high end Italian restaurant.

  159. Mary Markarian

    I love food! : )

  160. Jennifer He

    This seems like a great opportunity to try something the office hasn’t yet tried!

  161. Julia Reed

    I would order Los Potrillos, I love Mexican food and this would be right up my alley.

    Yet I do love some good ole’ waffles, so I could also do Off the Waffle too.

    Okay, now I am really hungry

  162. Sara Mjelde

    My dream lunch would be some sort of gourmet italian. We tend to stick to the same ol’ sandwich platters, taco bars, and mexican.

  163. Janie Clark

    I haven’t had an opportunity to use this site yet. Received a call from one of the team to see if I was interested. I’ve talked to other admins and we all agree that it will like a great resource. It’s packed with options for our area and looks easy to use.

  164. Kathy Gase

    I would order healthy options. I love that they can help me if I need to order food for an event in another city.

  165. Prins Cowin

    A department lunch would be fantastic!

  166. Alison Lyon

    Beet salad, chicken ceasar salad, quinoa salad, cut fruit kebab style, deviled eggs, lasagna, meat and cheese platter. Sparkly, flavored waters. Petit fours for dessert.

  167. LizV

    Lunch for our admin team would be awesome!

  168. Heidi

    I love finding out about new ways to manage catering! Thank you!

  169. Tiffany Granger

    Iv’e never heard of Ez Cater before but they look like they have tons of options!

  170. Lisa

    Thanks for making these raffles available. Moe’s Southwest Grill for me!

  171. Shona Foster

    Lunch for all our managers would be awesome!

  172. Tina Hovork

    Dream lunch-Potbelly Sandwich

  173. Jennifer

    Waffle Window!

  174. Jenifer DuPape

    I started using them and now the whole company uses them to order in catering for meetings. They have the best selections of different places to choose from. Two thumbs up for ez Cater! My dream lunch…. Café Rio delivered by ez Cater….that is the office favorite around here!

    1. OfficeNinjas

      Good to hear you’ve had great experiences with them, too!

    2. Tim @ ezCater

      Hi Jenifer – Wow. Thank you! Glad to hear you and the team like ezCater. If you haven’t already, you can earn ezRewards by recommending your colleagues. More points for you and discounts for them. Thanks for recommending ezCater!

  175. Tracy Mikus

    Makes ordering EZ!!!!

  176. Marie

    Thanks OfficeNinjas – I didn’t know ezCater existed until today! My dream lunch would include a platter of artisan sandwiches and medley of salads (spinach, beet, and quinoa) from The Kitchen Deli & Catering. Their menu looks delicious!

  177. Amanda Blackwelder

    Wow. I am a former Catering Director turned Office Manager and EZ Cater looks like a terrific while wearing both of my professional hats! And it’s a great bonus that they don’t upcharge.

    1. Tim @ ezCater

      Hi Amanda – Congrats on new role. We’re 100% free to use and the menu price should always be the same as going direct to the restaurant. If it isn’t just let our “ninjas” know – 1-800-488-1803.

  178. barbara cohen

    they dont have one in our location but it all looks yummy!

    1. Tim @ ezCater

      Barbara – Oh no! We’re constantly adding to our network of 50,000 caterers and have coverage in nearly 23,000 cities. If there’s a restaurant in your area that you’d like us to try and add, reach out to our ninjas (1-800-488-1803) or suggest one via the link below.

  179. Jamie Evans

    I would order a spread for my entire team and break up the normal day to day routine.


    I would love to cater Pica Pica Arepas for my office! So yummy plus gluten free and vegetarian options.

  181. Carrie Birkett

    Taco Bar!

  182. Amber L

    Will need to check it out.

  183. Leticia V

    So many options, sohard to pick just one. Definitely will be checking out in the future. We have so many group meetings that require lunch and we need some variety. ezCater looks like a good fit!

    1. Tim @ ezCater

      Hi Leticia – How about all of them? Let us know if you need help with an order. Our “ninjas” are here to make catering miracles, 1-800-488-1803.

  184. Yvonne M

    I order lunch 2x a week! this would be a great treat for the admin team!

  185. Zakiya Johnson

    I would do a “Taste of the Bay” and feature a different bay area restaurant each month.

  186. Renee

    Wouldn’t mind having a treat to provide for my office staff! :)

  187. Karen Liu

    My dream lunch will be the Fancy Roll Platter from Basa Seafood Express.

  188. Cindy Guerrero

    Thank you OfficeNinja’s for introducing me to EZCater. My team will be happy with the variety of restaurants available to choose from.

    1. OfficeNinjas

      Any time, Cindy! We love referring you Ninjas to awesome vendors to make your lives easier.

  189. Jessy Oates


  190. Stephanie T

    Healthy lunch rocks! #yourhealthmatters

  191. Selena Winchell

    I would definitely order a spread from Limon, a fantastic Peruvian restaurant here in Fresno. I had no idea they offered catering!

  192. Trisha

    Looks like lots of options.. I’d have to give it a try

  193. Colette Campbell

    Fresh and delicious – now there is a winner! Always good to have another option for lunch.

  194. Alyssa Jones

    What a great idea!

  195. Nicole L.

    Oh wow, so many great choices to choose from! I’d definitely order a hot lunch, and I love the gluten free filter that allows me to narrow my options down!

  196. Adele Gower

    Ordering food for the office can be a tricky task indeed!

  197. Lynda Tholl-Sisken

    I’m arranging an offsite meeting in May and have been asked to find an better spot than a hotel or conference center. I have found the place and they don’t serve food. eZ Catering here I come!

    1. Tim @ ezCater

      Hi Lynda – Come on over. We’re here to help. Our “ninjas” are an email, text, chat or phone call away (1-800-488-1803).

  198. Leslie A

    This is awesome! Love finding new catering options!

  199. Col

    I love ez cater! Happy to see they are partnering with office ninjas.

    1. Tim @ ezCater

      Hi Col – Thanks. We love you too! We also love partnering with officeninjas.

  200. Arlene Paulino

    On The Border is one of EZCater’s vendors. My office loves them them. They make the best mexican food and their chips are light and yummy! :)

  201. Evangeline

    This is amazing and I can’t wait for the even tomorrow in SF! Exited to meet fellow Office Ninjas!!

    1. Tim @ ezCater

      Hi Evangeline – See you in SF. We’re excited to meet everyone too!

  202. Donna G

    If I could order my dream lunch, I’d order from Rei do Gado, my favorite Brazilian restaurant. They have lots of different meats, but they also have one of the best salad bars in San Diego! I checked out the options and it’s actually easier than I first thought. I will definitely keep them in mind for our next all hands meeting.

  203. Angela Hogate

    They came and did a presentation at our office. They have great options!

  204. Katie

    I would try Sister’s of the New South. It looks so yummy!

  205. Dorte Kargut

    great to hear about these guys…. never heard of them before

  206. Linda

    The mixed fajitas would be the perfect lunch for me to order. It would take care of everyone’s taste including the vegetarians. You can never go wrong with a good TEX MEX lunch.

  207. R Slunaker

    I miss working down by The Hill in St. Louis, so I’d definitely order Zia’s for a lunchtime treat.

  208. Desiree H.

    A good baked potato bar!

  209. Jackie P

    So many options! I would order BBQ. :-)

  210. Thuy Mai

    Everything Tender Greens!

  211. Judith Waits

    I didn’t realize there were so many different caters affiliated with EZCater in Pueblo. When I logged in our zip code, I thought I would get a little smiley face and a “yeah, right.” This is great because it gives us a variety of caterers to choose from. Nothing gets old! If I win, I’m throwing an Admin’s Day In, invite all my cohorts and we’re going to indulge!!

    1. OfficeNinjas

      They are EVERYWHERE! So glad you got to be pleasantly surprised. Have a great #AdminWeek!

  212. Colleen

    There never seems to be enough time to search for & find new , exciting and appealing office catering. ezCater could be my huckleberry!

    1. Tim @ ezCater

      Hi Colleen – We hope so. Search, order, and eat – that’s all it takes.

  213. Sandy K

    My dream lunch would be from Pizza’zza in our town. Their food is delicious, and the whole office would love that lunch!

  214. Marie DiMaggio

    What a great, stress-free way to feed the crew!

  215. Melissa Dill

    Dream lunch would be something healthy and filling, with a bit of cultural flair, and a great dessert to finish on. Zoe’s Kitchen usually hits that bill for us here so I think that would be perfect!

  216. Delia Barret

    Win or lose, will definitely order the Firehouse Subs and salads.

  217. Mercedes Hunt

    A little bit of everything from Newk’s Eatery.

  218. Tamie Williams

    sound like a good place to eat

  219. Janet

    I love using ezCater, so many great options and really awesome customer service.

    1. Tim @ ezCater

      Hi Janet – Great to hear. I’ll let our “ninjas” know.

  220. Emily

    What an awesome way to find new restaurants at your fingertips! YUM!

  221. Eileah Phinnessee

    I haven’t heard of ezCater, but we might have use for another caterer as a backup, since we have an on-site caterer at our corporate office.

    1. Tim @ ezCater

      Hi Eileah – We hear this a lot. Never hurts to have a backup though for last minute orders or a little variety :). Text, email, chat, or call us if you need help with your first order – 1-800-488-1803.

  222. Kim

    Our office loves to eat and we love to try new things!

  223. Pam Carvey

    Can’t wait to give this a try!

  224. Diahann Soleno

    So many options and appreciate the variety

  225. Meghan Cooney

    I’ve heard great things about EZ Cater, so I would love a reason to try it!!

  226. Debra Coleman

    working on a college campus having food at meetings can definitely be a challenge. having a service like ezcater would really help me in meal planning and options. looking forward to using them, i’ve already bookmarked their site. :)

    1. OfficeNinjas

      Yay! Glad we could introduce you to them and make your Ninja-life a bit easier.

  227. Lynnette

    The food looks delicious!!! I would love to try it.

  228. Mary

    I would love to try something new – we normally stick to the same places when ordering

  229. Indiana Cano

    Dream lunch would for me and my team would be white glove service, catered lunch with lobster, potatoes and tons of veggies!!! And carts of yummy desserts afterward!

  230. NJ Small

    Always looking for new food options to feed my team! Yay Food!

  231. Courtney Moeggenberg

    This would be awesome! I don’t even know what I would order!

  232. Alyssa Goodwin

    I would love to try this service! My area has a restaurant named Lovage that has customizable bowls! Could get something for everyone and something they like! So cool!

  233. Barbara Vega

    This would be an interesting place to try.

  234. Bonnie S.

    ezCater sure makes my life easier! Would be great to win! :)

    1. Tim @ ezCater

      Hi Bonnie – Thanks for being a customer! Fingers crossed.

  235. FR

    I’d go for Vietnamese Sandwiches from 4 Elements – YUM!

  236. Connie Cooper

    I would have to go with ordering an Italian feast from the iconic Kansas City favorites: Johnny Cascone’s Italian Restaurant. Everyone would be happy!!

  237. Teresa Stewart

    The dream lunch that I would throw for our staff would actually be more like brunch with both breakfast and lunch options so that it offers the best of both meals and an omelet chef on hand to make made-to-order specialty omelets. I think everyone would get a kick out of having such a special meal at the office.

  238. Danielle

    This will be a great new place to try!

  239. Cindy Beauchamp

    MMM…those deserts look yummy. I love the idea of seeing the food in the app before you place your order. So often, I feel like I’m shooting in the dark when ordering catering in unfamiliar areas. Special options for vegans, vegetarians and diet conscious diners make it so easy to order for your entire team.

  240. Dionne

    Mmmm anything Mediterranean or Greek!

  241. Karina

    I would def go with BBQ for my group. I didn’t know this worked for my location. Great resource!

  242. Moya M Bell

    I’m always hungry at the office! We don’t keep snacks!

  243. Abby

    This is such a cool idea. We’re all trying to eat healthy in our office so when we order out, it can be a bit challenging.

  244. Alyssa Tung

    Good to have this resource. It makes my searching way faster and easier. Love it.

  245. Teri Clanton

    I’ve used EzCater several times and like it a lot!

    1. Tim @ ezCater

      Hi Teri – Glad you like it! Thanks for using ezCater.

  246. Alexsis Bass

    I love breakfast and whenever I’m looking to shake things up a bit (at home or at the office) that’s exactly what I go for. I’ve ordered from Perfect Picnic in the past and it was a HUGE hit so I’d probably treat myself to a few of their breakfast baguettinis and use any leftover credit for our Housewarming Party in June! #oneteam #onedream #breakfast4eva

  247. Jenn Maitland

    Oh my gosh, I love hours easy this app is! I am definitely using this next time I need to order catering. There are so many options near me. I can’t wait to try it!

  248. Tammi Fletcher

    Unfortunately in our area there aren’t a lot of options using EZ catering. I’d probably go barbecue because our group seems to really like that. The app looks like it would be an amazing tool in a much larger market with more options.

    1. Tim @ ezCater

      Hi Tammi – Rats! Sorry to hear that. We’re adding new restaurants and caterers to our platform everyday. Give us a call and let us know where you are or suggest a favorite below – 1.800.488.1803.

  249. Lrenee Alsander

    Rosemary Merlot Flank Steak would be wonderful.

  250. DG

    Healthy options plus my team loves BBQ.

  251. Laura at ezCater

    We love these lunch options, Office Ninjas! Our office can’t get enough falafel… or tacos!

  252. Iridia Snowden

    If I were the winner I would order from Basil Thai Restaurant – the office loves Thai food………and they have something for everyone (meat eaters and vegan’s)

  253. Andrea Estrada

    Excited to use this new app to discover more catering options in our area!

  254. Bonnie Horne

    This would be an incredible prize to win!

  255. Laura at ezCater

    These suggestions are major #LunchGoals! You’re making us hungry over here at ezHQ! Our office goes crazy for falafel.

  256. Olivia

    I’d love to treat my office to lunch! Spread the wealth, ya know?

  257. Anna Cardenas

    Great opportunity to try something New….Awesome

  258. Zoila Primo

    Two words: Taco TUESDAY!!!

  259. Jennie Cormier

    My dream lunch would be hot, saucy pasta with an alfredo sauce & grilled chicken, a crunchy, fresh salad with raspberry dressing, and warm bread with lots of whipped butter to spread on it.

  260. Jenna-Wade Fowler

    I would love to order lunch from Bucca di Beppo. I love Italian food!

  261. Barbara Rogers


  262. Michelle

    Wow I see several local restaurants on this list. I have a few allergies and special diets to keep in mind when ordering, so it’s great to see places I am already familiar with! Happy Tuesday fellow Ninjas! :)

  263. Sam Gray

    For all that we do in the office, a dream lunch would be whatever everyone can eat. Most of our office are (fairly) healthy eaters, but we have our sandwich/pasta/meat and potato people as well! It is NOT easy to make everyone happy every time!

    1. OfficeNinjas

      Hopefully ezCater can make everyone (including you!) happy!

  264. Debbi Tank

    I’ll definitely be checking it out, though I have some self proclaimed “Mountain Men” to feed.

  265. Nilsa Quant

    If I were the winner of this flash raffle I would order a filling Italian spread. Our office is health conscious sometimes we all have our cheat day. We have a staff of 80 and its like one big family here. Having a meal brought in for lunch is a great way for all of us to gather and chat about life to break away from the craziness that can sometimes make us feel like all we do is work.

    1. OfficeNinjas

      Sounds like this would be a great prize for you and your office!

  266. Katie S

    I would love to hear more about ezCaterer. We are always looking for ways to get quality and affordable catering for meetings.

    1. Tim @ ezCater

      Hi Katie – We’d love to tell you more. Send us an email ([email protected]) or give us a call (1.800.488.1803) and we’d be happy to walk you through your first order .

  267. Beth

    Used them for the first time at the beginning of this month. Easy peasy ordering. Special ordered dressing-free sandwiches and salads, desserts, and drinks.

    1. Tim @ ezCater

      Hi Beth – Glad to hear everything went well!

  268. Donna Perez

    Looks like a great tool to have in my tool box. I will definitely be giving them a try!

  269. Ginger Robichaux

    I should have started this a long time ago!

    1. Tim @ ezCater

      Hi Ginger – Better late than never! Our “ninjas” are here to help make your life easier. Text, chat, email or call, let us know how we can help. 1.800.488.1803

  270. Patricia Kee

    I would order a yummy vegetarian salad!

  271. Karon McMakin

    Who doesn’t like food! Especially healthy food that tastes good. Always on the lookout for great versions!

  272. Lucy

    Yes, please

  273. Nancy

    Great to see so many places and that several are on our approved vendor list to be used.

  274. S. Torres

    Looking forward to explore options!

  275. LaVonne Goldschmidt

    Wow. Sounds great.

  276. Cherie Moen

    We use the same caterer, order the same meal for every Board meeting (it’s their meeting, their choice). It would be great to have other options for our own in-house meetings!

  277. Nikki Pitt

    This vendor is amazing! I’ve been using them for a few months and they’ve made my life so much easier!

  278. Sara Gonzalez

    Whether I win this raffle or not, I’m going to use this vendor!

  279. Sara Gonzalez

    Whether I win or not, I’m definitely going to try this vendor out! Getting different kinds of catering in the office, instead of the usual same ole, same ole, is always a struggle.

    1. OfficeNinjas

      They’re great to spice things up! Thanks for all your Ninja-work!

  280. Theresa

    This is awesome! I had never heard of EZ Cater but checked out their site and will definitely give them a try for our next catering order!

    1. OfficeNinjas

      Nice—they’re seriously yummy!

  281. Melva

    I had EZCater at another job and they offer good variety to keep our palates hungry for more!

  282. April T

    Would love to try something new for the staff. This place looks great.

  283. Lindsay Wahlquist

    nom. nom.

  284. Kristin

    Would have to ask the staff, but something yummy of course!

  285. Jean

    I was pleasantly surprised to see there are seven participating restaurants in my area. I would go wth Ya Ya’s Flame Broiled Chicken!

  286. Heidi D.

    Variety of options, some that we already use. Thanks for the addl resource!

  287. Marianne

    A big ol’ plate of tasty sub sandwiches and soup so we can all find something we like to eat that will meet our diets. How nice it is that many restaurants can cater to the variety of needs.

  288. Brandi Fulmer

    I would order a great spread that includes dessert! YUM

  289. Maria

    What a fabulous prize!

  290. Randy Larson

    It’s always nice to have options – looks like ezcater offers that – would love the opportunity to give them a try.

  291. Kelly Olsakovsky

    In our office here in North Houston, we love Kabob Korner; it would be awesome to have a lunch for our executive and corporate team and bring in some tasty (and halal) options!

  292. Carleen Muncy

    Food looks great – would definitely check them out if in my area as long as they could use our tax exempt status

    1. Tim @ ezCater

      Hi Carleen – You can definitely use your tax exempt status! We store it on our side so all of your orders are automatically taken care. Send us a note at the link below and we’ll get it taken care of.

  293. Joanne Cuadrado

    This is great with such a wide variety to choose from.

  294. Brenda J

    Would love to try this service, if only it was in our area.

    1. Tim @ ezCater

      Hi Brenda – Well that isn’t ideal! We’re adding new restaurants and caterers everyday. We also love it when you suggest a caterer. Give us a call (1.800.488.1803) or suggest a restaurant at the link below.

  295. Brandy

    So many great choices… but when I think of a healthy and productive meal to keep the team energized… I go with the sandwich / wraps options.

  296. Kelly Jack

    Famous Dave’s BBQ all the way! and with Le Cupcakes for dessert. Yummy!

  297. Tran Huynh

    I have heard of them, never used them, will probably try them out soon!

  298. CindyB

    I would order from Honeybaked Ham. They have great food!

  299. Kelly O'Connor

    Ez Cater makes my life so easy. I can easily search through options for lunch and read reviews of how others have enjoyed the food and service.

    1. Tim @ ezCater

      Hi Kelly – We’re so glad. We have over 800,000 reviews and counting! Did you know, you can earn 100 ezRewards points for every review you leave. You’ll be on your way to an Amazon.com gift card in no time.

  300. Latricia Friend

    Earl of Sandwich – ask the time!

  301. Jennifer Majors

    My company is remote but we have retreats several times a year and I think our next one will be based in TX. For one of our meals I would definitely order Dos Batos tacos to give everyone a taste of delicious wood fired texmex :)

  302. Andrea

    Love ezcater – the text confirmations alone are a life saver!

    1. Tim @ ezCater

      Hi Andrea – Glad to hear it. Thanks for using ezCater!

  303. Tiffany Simmons

    Happy Administrative Assistants Week!

  304. Leesa B

    I’ve never heard of it but would love to give it a try!

  305. Gina R.

    We do lunch & learns in our office and we always order from the same places. I like the variety of places that ezCater offers.

  306. Jenna B.

    Food looks really good!

  307. Gale M

    Would love to try ezCater!

  308. Chela Miller

    I’d order from Zoe’s Kitchen. We love their trio hummus platter, rice, salad, and kabobs.

  309. Lori Guerra

    We love to try new options for catering company lunches! Always looking for healthy and a variety for all to have!

  310. Angela Garvin

    Love the make your own selections: Burritos, Tacos, etcetera. Looks like FUN…delivered right to your doorstep!

  311. Marina

    Cinco de Mayo Fiesta!

  312. Erin

    Glazed and Confused! Mini doughnuts look amazing!

  313. Leah A. Johnson-Kennedy

    Happy Administrative Assistant’s Week!

  314. Nikki C

    Never used this company, but I would love the opportunity to try them!

  315. Julie A Bock

    There are 108 catering companies to choose from, they all look delicious! You can never go wrong with Mexican food in AZ

  316. Mary O

    Places that don’t make me leave the office to get it are my favorite places.

    1. Tim @ ezCater

      Hi Mary – You’re in luck. All of the restaurants on ezCater deliver directly to your office. No more hauling sandwich platters or spilled soup in the backseat. Give us a call if you need help with an order – 1.800.488.1803

  317. Dana

    Mexican is always a favorite!

  318. Suzanne

    They have some really great choices…it would be hard to decide!

  319. Lindsay

    Looks like a lot of good options. I would try it.

  320. Barb Peeters

    The healthy lunch options would be my pick!

  321. Nikki Senensky

    Food, food and more food! Yes please! :)

  322. Niki

    I’ve never tried it, but would love to!

  323. Nikki

    Food, Food and More Food! Yes please.

  324. Lannie

    EZ Cater would be a great option!

  325. Nicole Sauceda

    Vivo Modern Tex Mex. We love their food!

  326. Jennifer Charette

    Just announced an internal admin network. ezCater would be the perfect partner to provide the catering for our kick-off luncheon.

  327. Jennifer B.

    It’s lovely to find all these options in one place that help switch up the breakfast and lunch options. I’d go with a healthy breakfast option for the team to set the morning off right!

  328. Pat Bartling

    Dream lunch would be from Lomonte’s Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria.
    Sugar Land and surrounding cities have such great restaurant / catering options. We are so blessed!
    We do a lot of catering for meetings, grand openings, special events, etc. and are always looking for new places to try.

  329. Mary Beth

    Love the convenience of ezcater

    1. Tim @ ezCater

      Hi Mary Beth – Glad to hear it. Our goal is to make things EZ!

  330. Angela Hernandez

    It is wonderful to learn of new opportunities that EZ cater has to offer.

  331. Ellen Brefeld

    I can’t wait to check out EZ Cater and this would be great opportunity to try something new. Healthy options are always the “go to” for our team!

  332. Elizabeth Agnew

    I would order from Mara’s Cafe: Homemade Quiche to start, then the Wrap Tray and orange chicken salad, followed by the Ultimate Sweet Treat Platter! This would be my dream lunch to share with my office team.

  333. Sheri Sontag

    I wouldn’t mind trying it. Sounds yummy!!

  334. Nancy Sweeney

    Happy Admin Week!

  335. Brittany A.

    I’ve never heard of this, what a great opportunity to try something new!

  336. Victoria Harris

    Surprised of all the eateries on the list we use these Maggianos often for retirement parties and Primos for lunch ery good places to eat food is awesome service is great.

  337. Katie

    Oooh, Mynt is on the list for my city! Mynt is a faaabulous Indian restaurant; definitely my choice for a great lunch!

  338. Anita Conrad

    Lots of great options! Can’t wait to try them out!

  339. TeresaF-SC

    The dream lunch I would order would be from Panda Express. We have a lot of sandwiches and salads so it would be nice to have hot food for a change.

  340. Judy Gadd

    I would definitely pick Arturo’s because I know they are superb!

  341. Dena

    We are always looking for catering options. I love this!

  342. butterfliesruhl

    Yum Yum

  343. Melissa Sellers

    I usually plan lunch for 40 people two to three times a week. I would love to see what ezCater offers!

  344. Poog

    A great way to try a variety of caterers

  345. Valerie Carroll

    I take care of the catering for our busy season dinners, and I didn’t realize how many places there are in our area to order from. Using ez cater would definitely be helpful and will try it for our catering needs.

    1. OfficeNinjas

      Great! Thanks for all your hard work as a Ninja!

  346. Audacious Admin

    We are always looking for new caterers to change up the routine.

  347. Sherry Mandell

    Healthy options, love to surprise co-workers and meeting attendees with something different — this may be the ticket.

  348. Eileen

    Dickie’s BBQ Pit … awesome bbq … always get it when visiting Texas … didnt realize they expanded into PA.

  349. Tanya F.

    I have never heard of this before. I have only glanced over it but it looks great and I can’t wait to use it!! Thank you so much!!

  350. Christy G

    I would order from Zoe’s Kitchen! Not only do they have GREAT food but both Vegetarians (like me) and Meat eaters in our off would be satisfied.

  351. Rebeckah Fitch

    Seem like a fantastic tool for satisfying lunch orders of hot and cold choices. Would be so great get the various details right for all to have needs met. Dream for busy admins and execs.

    1. OfficeNinjas

      And that dream can now become reality! Have a great #AdminWeek!

  352. Carol

    I would order from Firehouse Subs, we would we have a delicious lunch and our order would help support First Responders. What’s not to love about that!

  353. TJ Britton

    Would really love to try this. It would give us variety. Are they in Wisconsin?

  354. Jackie

    I have a shower to host in a few weeks. This would be huge!!!

  355. Kelsey K

    I’m excited to give this a try for our next managers meeting!

  356. Joanna Ortiz

    Just tried EZCater this week for a 55 person event and it was so simple! Just ordered via the order form and that was it! Food showed up on time, no issues. Looking forward to using them again.

    1. Tim @ ezCater

      Hi Joanna – Fantastic! That’s our goal. Glad to hear it was EZ. Let us know if you need help with future orders, our “ninjas” are here to help – 1.800.488.1803.

  357. Carol

    I would order from Firehouse Subs, we would we have a delicious lunch and our order would help support First Responders. What’s not to love about that!

  358. Pearl Taylor

    I’d order a lunch spread from 3 Pepper Burrito – the Burrito Box, The Stoplight and the Taco Bar. A great lunch to share with my co-workers.

  359. Laura S

    Never heard of this before! This is wonderful! I am going to forward to the other admins at my company. Thank you!

    1. Tim @ ezCater

      Laura – Thank you! I’ll let you in on a secret. You can refer your colleagues at ezcater.com to earn ezRewards for each referral and get your colleagues a discount. It’s a win-win. https://www.ezcater.com/refer_a_friend

  360. Penney

    I love the convenience of being able to order catering online.

  361. Angelina Tracey

    Dream lunch – tacos, burritos, chips and guac, salsa, hot sauces… sounds like I’m just reading off the menu for a place that rhymes with Tipotle. ;-)

  362. Melissa Craig

    I would order delicious curries and tandoori!

  363. Kathy Whelan

    I’ve never heard of EZ Catering before Admin Week. I’ll definitely check it out for our future catering needs.

    1. OfficeNinjas

      They are seriously delicious…and “EZ” ?

  364. Tari

    Great Idea!

  365. Kim Weston

    Wow! Would love to try this out!

  366. Marcia Tatay

    I would order a delicious Lebanese lunch with grape leaf rolls, hummous, and kafta to share.

  367. Kim M

    A great way to start the day–with a truly drool-worthy prize raffle! :-)

  368. brenda gremillion

    Did not realize EZ Catering Hooked Up Baton Rouge!

    1. Tim @ ezCater

      Hi Brenda – Glad we’ve got you covered! If there are restaurants you don’t see but would want to order from, let our “ninjas” know – 1.800.488.1803.

  369. Laura Vedder

    Wow! I had no idea this was out there, but now I look forward to trying it out. Thanks!

  370. Brittany H.

    I had never heard of this before the raffle! Our office normally has food catered about once a week depending on the time of year.

    1. Tim @ ezCater

      Hi Brittany – sounds like we can help you save some time! Our “ninjas” are here to help you with all of your catering needs – 1.800.488.1803.

  371. Colleen C.

    I would love to treat the School’s admin support team to a catered event. It would be a nice way to thank them for all their hard work.

  372. Lianne V

    Dream lunch would definitely be a taco bar – who doesn’t love Mexican food?!

  373. Terrie Cassidy


  374. Margie

    So excited to have the raffles again this year! Go ninjas!

  375. Carolyn M

    This will come in so useful planning a joint retirement party! Thank you for the wonderful idea.

    1. OfficeNinjas

      Glad we could help! Enjoy your #AdminWeek!

  376. Ann Hoggard

    Is it lunch time yet? :)

  377. M

    Love it!

  378. Deborah Zotian

    I hadn’t heard of this company before. When I checked it out, there are a lot of options here in Connecticut. Thanks for the opportunity to try them out with a win here!

  379. Jamila Wilson

    This look like a really easy and fun catering company< cannot wait to use their services.

  380. Wendy Stocking

    Looking for more cartering options for my work! Would love this opportunity!!

  381. Nicole Pillatsch

    Dream lunch?! How about tasty Thai on a tropical island?!

  382. Brittney



    Yum, eats for the office!!!

  384. Ann Nihil

    We love catering to our group during our Friday social hour. This would be a great option for the group and make things super easy for me!

    1. Tim @ ezCater

      Hi Ann – That’s our goal – to make you’re life easy and keep the office happy. If you need help with your first order our “ninjas” can help – 1.800.488.1803.

  385. Chrissy Blackwell

    Love the options available!

  386. Shawndra Johnson

    What a great idea. I am definitely checking EZCater out for the next lunch meeting!

    1. OfficeNinjas

      Glad we could introduce you to their yummy options!

  387. sharon glover

    Always open to new catering options!

  388. Linda Lenceski

    Food is like a lifeline in our office. There is always something to eat and our staff love to eat.

  389. Tiffany Dismuke

    After hearing about ezcaterer from Office Ninja, I placed an order yesterday for today’s meeting! Excited to see how this goes!

    1. Tim @ ezCater

      Hi Tiffany – Awesome! Thanks for giving us a try. If you need anything don’t hesitate to reach out to our “ninjas” (1.800.488.1803). Enjoy your lunch!

  390. Nora Erb

    I support a small team, but they never turn down a good meal especially if it’s provided “free” of charge!

  391. Sarah

    I think that when the team is happy with full tummies the rest of the day will be better. For them & myself!

  392. Dawn Gilbert

    Would love to win this and surprise our group with catering.

  393. Kelly Lehr

    Yum! I’d order some healthy lunches and then a few indulgences to satisfy every palette.

  394. Jenny Stewart

    Looks like EZCatering can make me look like a Rock Star! Pick me!

  395. Jean

    Interested in trying this out… looks great “good”.

  396. Jenn Rochinski

    My group is a very health conscious workgroup so our dream lunch would be a nice healthy salad with gorgeous greens with fresh fruits and veggies and nice healthy vinaigrette dressing :)

  397. Brenda

    Always looking for food options. Happy to add one more to the lineup.

  398. Sharon M

    Happy to learn about ezCater – definitely will give it a try!

    1. Tim @ ezCater

      Hi Sharon – We’re here to help. You can also call our team of “ninjas” directly if you need help starting your first order 1.800.488.1803.

  399. Michele Valentine

    Thanks for the blogpost. It was very interesting

  400. Cametta Hytche

    I could use for several different events! Love that they have healthy options!

  401. Chanelle Miller

    My dream lunch would be one that would make my office happy. This seems like a service that could help me accomplish that!

  402. Janet Hughes

    Who doesn’t love food?! Win-Win for everyone!

  403. ADtheAdmin

    I love a good soup and salad lunch. It doesn’t matter the time of year, I love soup….and salad is better than sandwiches (in my opinion, lol).

  404. Paige Williams

    EZ would be a great idea to help treat the other Admins for admin week.

  405. Janet Hughes

    Who doesn’t love food?! That’s a win-win for everyone!

  406. Courtney

    As co-chair of our social committee, I’d love to have $$$ to play with. We’d be able to put on one heck of an office social!

  407. Linda Gulley

    My dream lunch? Breakfast food. I love it any time of the day.

  408. Mia

    What an excellent opportunity to try something new. I’m always looking for healthy and unique options.

  409. Jessica S.

    My team has very strict dietary restrictions and ezCater is one of the only services that helps manage those needs and still get us a delicious meal!

    1. Tim @ ezCater

      Jessica – great to hear we satisfy

      1. Tim @ ezCater

        Jessica – Great to hear we satisfy both of those needs. Thanks for being a ezCater customer!

  410. Jody Garrison

    My dream lunch would be a beautiful selection of fresh fruit with lots of berries, real croissants, good sourdough bread, cheese, charcuterie, and of course a chocolate dessert.

  411. Evelyn Hall

    Ohhhh!!!! This Ninja definitely needs some EZ catering in her life! I life to keep my CLevel Executives bellys full and happy, but with fresh, delicious ingredients that won’t have them calling 911! I will surely be the Office hero by ordering a spread fit for a king for our leadership and customer service staff members. Oftentimes they simply can’t break away from the phone or their duties. It will be EZ catering to the rescue! Please and thank you! Rock On Ninjas! Happy Administrative Professionals Week!

    1. OfficeNinjas

      Fingers crossed! Remember to celebrate yourself in all of your amazing work for others—it is #AdminWeek after all ?

  412. Marci Goodwill

    Dream lunch would be full of healthy light options vs heavy lunches that makes everyone want to nap around 2:00 pm.

  413. Di Richards

    Dream lunch? Hot lunch with healthy options, salads & cookies!

  414. Dana Morgan

    I would order a hot lunch that have great tasty options for my meat eaters, vegetarians, vegans, dietary restricted employees, and the ones on a diet.

  415. Gail Licordare

    I would order a healthy lunch that satisfies the vegan, gluten free, vegetarian and regular diets. Wraps, breads, salads, cookies, fruit and cheese platters.