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7 Email Templates to Help Shave Time When Planning Events

As Ninjas, a big part of your job is managing time. Crafting and sorting emails is probably the biggest time sink in any given day—let’s face it, we spend more time in our inboxes than we’d like to admit. Conveying the right tone and communicating the right message can be stressful.

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone else figured it all out for you?

If you’re as enthusiastic about efficiency as we are, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve taken the time to round up a few tried and true message templates that take the grief out of emailing.

Whether planning a company social, juggling multiple calendars or coordinating the next big sales meeting, event planning could be a meaty part of daily admin life. So, for our first email template edition, we’re covering event planning—find your situation below and tweak the template to your liking. All you’ll have to do next is click send!

Let the Planning Commence

Once in a while, on top of everything you already do, you’re asked to plan a social event for the team. When you’re conjuring up an event with little to no direction, this email is a good go-to for drawing out the particulars that were glossed over in the 30-second conversation you had with your boss about it.

Hi [Boss],

I’m happy to assist with planning the annual Christmas dinner but need a few more details. Can you please reply with your inputs below?

Preferred vendors/venues?
Preferred dates and time?
Within city limits?
If outside, please indicate maximum commute time
Company-wide or departmental?
Can employees bring their significant other?
Maximum budget per person?
Alcohol budget?
Transport budget?
Misc details like door prizes, special guests, entertainment?

Please provide the info outlined above, or if you prefer to discuss in person, let me know when you are available to chat.

With thanks.

Approaching Vendors

The success of any event hinges heavily on the vendors you choose. Finding the right vendors can take forever (especially with too many options and not enough direction)—researching, shortlisting and emailing for quotes reliably takes up a significant amount of your time.

Using a well-formed intro email like the one below checks off all the boxes and helps you avoid getting caught up in a game of email tag with lingering questions or lost details (no guarantees, though!).

This template is written for reaching out to venues but can easily be tweaked for any kind of vendor you need to reach out to.

Hi there,

I’m coordinating our company’s annual Christmas dinner and would love to get some more information on your venue. The event details are listed below:

[Time ]
[Number of guests]
[Cocktail reception vs. plated dinner?]
[Open bar vs. consumption?]
[Budget per person ]
[A/V requirements]
[Any other special requirements]

Please advise on the items below. If possible, a response in 48 hours is appreciated.

Availability on dates and time
Room capacity
Food menus
Drink menus
Estimated cost per person (inclusive of tax and gratuity)
A/V costs

I look forward to hearing from you.

With thanks.

Last Look Before Sealing the Deal

Maybe your boss likes to micromanage, or maybe you just want a second set of eyes to look over the planning magic you managed to pull off—either way, this email template makes sure all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed.

Hi [Boss],

Below is a logistics summary of the annual Christmas party for your review.

[Confirmed number of guests]
[Any special items to note like A/V, entertainment or door prizes]
[Overall estimated costs]
[Schedule of events/speaking schedule]

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to let me know.

With thanks.

It’s Go Time

You’re the party planner, event producer and the promoter but sometimes putting together an invite is the hardest email to write of them all. Cover all the event aspects in the initial invite, even attire, to get everyone pumped for the big event.

Hi Everyone,

You and a guest are invited to join us for the [event name] on [date] at [venue, address].

Doors open at [time]
Dinner starts at [time]
Entertainment from [time] to [time]

[Dress code] attire

Parking at [location]

Please RSVP to [name] by [date]. Please note any food allergies/diet restrictions.

Hope to see you all there!

Last Call for Attendance

Didn’t get the response you were hoping for but don’t want to sound like you’re nagging the team about RSVPs? Sending out friendly reminders leading up to the event (five days after initial invitation, two weeks before RSVP deadline, three days before RSVP deadline for example) will make sure the event stays on everyone’s radar.

Hi Everyone,

Just a reminder that [event name] is only [number of days, weeks] away.

Space may be limited so if you haven’t RSVP’d to [name], be sure to save your spot today!

[Event date]
[Venue, address]
Doors Open at [time]
Dinner starts at [time]
Entertainment from [time] to [time]
[Dress code] attire

Please RSVP to [name] by [date]. Please note any food allergies/diet restrictions.

Hope to see you all there!

Confirm Once More

Yes, you listed out all the details in the original invitation. But guests will appreciate one last re-hash of the event particulars the day before, or the day of, the event.

Hi Everyone,

We’re excited to see you all tonight [or tomorrow].

Here are the final details for [event name]

[Venue, address]
Doors Open at [time]
Dinner starts at [time]
Entertainment from [time] to [time]
[Dress code] attire
Parking at [location]

On-site contact for questions or concerns: [name, number]

See you all there!

About Last Night

The party has come and gone and the office chatter has been nothing but raves and praises about how much fun it all was. Now that you’ve had a moment to breathe, there’s no better time to say thank you than the present.

Hi everyone!

A huge thanks to all for attending [event name]! It was such a pleasure to celebrate with you and we hope you truly enjoyed yourselves.

A special thank you to [volunteers, sponsors, helpers] who assisted with [their tasks]. The event would not have been the same without you!

Here’s to the next [event name]!

Post event emails are also the perfect opportunity to share event highlights, send out surveys for feedback and even reach out to those who couldn’t attend to let them know they were missed—and that you hope to see them at the next event!


Communication is hard work and writing the perfect phrase isn’t always easy. With templates like these, email becomes less of a chore, so you can proudly claim the title of “Master of Time” in your office.

Ninjas, what other event email templates would be useful to have? What are some of your go-to email words and phrases?


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