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Flash Raffle #1: Win $500 Worth of Travel From Delta Air Lines

2017 Flash Raffle 1 Delta

To kick off our week of Flash Raffle Giveaways—Delta Air Lines is ringing in Admin Week 2017 with flight credit for three lucky Ninjas!

Air travel as you know it is getting a major facelift. USB ports were an upgrade, but when it comes to improving the entire travel experience, the sky’s no longer the limit. Whether you’re booking tickets for your team or cashing in on unused vacation days (you deserve each and every one, Ninja), there’s so much more to consider than just window or aisle.

A Common Corporate Conundrum

All Star Jaime Coban at desk

Flying is big business, and we know how difficult it is for Ninjas to track and quickly plan for execs and teams when it’s time to take to the skies. Though changing routes or making arrangements in an instant is what you do best, we know it ain’t always easy. There’s also the little (but important) problems that pop up along the way: baggage that doesn’t land where your team does, uncomfortable seats, lackluster accommodations, and unsympathetic customer service.

What we do know? That there’s one airline doing more than ensuring you get from point A to point B—and that you and your team can do so as comfortably and conveniently as possible.

Delta Air Lines to the Rescue

As one of Delta’s principal founders put it, “The only monotonous thing about the aviation industry is the constant change.” And those changes are coming faster than ever with Delta’s ceaseless push to innovate. Above-the-clouds customer service means hiccups in your plan won’t result in chaos—especially since Delta’s on-time track record ranks above all other U.S. legacy carriers.

That’s good news for business travelers. Getting from meeting to meeting on time is important, but Delta also understands the cost of those frequent trips. To make corporate travel less painful, business perks and an ever-evolving SkyBonus travel rewards program enable jetsetting teams of all sizes to benefit.

And improvements aren’t just happening in the travel points department. While your team’s deciding whether to use rewards on a SkyClub membership or in-flight treats, they can see real-time updates on their luggage’s locale using the Fly Delta mobile app—even offline. The app sends push notifications relevant to flights, shows the weather, and rounds up attractions around the final destination.

If that’s not enough, Delta’s list-topping Wi-Fi service and corporate traveler benefits make it easy to see why they’ve been voted the top business airline for the sixth straight year. When it comes to the total package, Delta isn’t lacking any criteria—making it one of Fortune’s Top 50 most-admired companies and the preferred airline of OfficeNinjas.

I spend a lot of time in the air bringing the Admingling series to cities around the globe (sometimes six in one month!). Sleeping in comfort on the red eye to London, continuing business operations on a midday flight to New York, and other unique needs are musts. Delta delivers on everything—not only are the flights consistently on time, but spacious seats, Wi-Fi, and USB ports help me get all that work done.

Comfort and technology are important, but I think the number one reason I keep coming back to Delta is the people. The entire Delta team—phone customer service representative, ticketing agent, gate agent, and flight attendants—consistently shows empathy and friendliness while going above and beyond to make me feel like a VIP. After all, who doesn’t want to feel like Beyonce when they fly? ;) – Alex B., Head of Events at OfficeNinjas

A Raffle to Reach New Heights

OfficeNinjas Flash Raffle Delta

From the ground crew to the cockpit, today’s Flash Raffle sponsor constantly comes up with new ways to improve the full travel experience. So sending your boss to NYC via red eye with a handful of creature comforts can be a reality—not just a corporate travel pipedream.

As you know, OfficeNinjas is passionate about making all Ninja dreams come true, so we’re sticklers about only working with companies that share our same values. This selectivity means you get access to the best products, resources, and customer service experiences—and the opportunity to fly Delta is no exception!

Enter for free! Remember, Ninja, this is a Flash Raffle. Entries close at 11:59 PM PST tonight!

Note: If you can’t see the raffle entry form below, click here.

Flash Raffle #1: Delta Air Lines

Skip over to Delta’s website, and tell us which destination you’d choose for a company retreat and then tell us where YOU would fly for a vacation!


  1. I would take my company for a retreat to Echo Valley Ranch & Spa in Canada and I would love to go to Canyon Ranch in Tucson, AZ!!

  2. I used Delta airlines for our company retreat last year in Barcelona and would be ready to host our retreat in the the Caribbean.

  3. I would send my team on a retreat to Hawaii for ultimate relaxation :) For my personal trip, I would go to Ireland – I’m adopted and recently found out I am over 70% Irish, so I would love a chance to experience and explore my heritage.

  4. I would love to go to Sioux Falls, SD to attend my family’s Christmas in the Summer or to Vegas to see my daughter and her family. Thank you officeninjas and Delta airlines.

  5. For a company trip, I would take everyone to Hawaii and for a personal trip I would go to Vancouver. Both sound restorative and have great culture.

  6. Corporate retreats aren’t an option; but – I would love to travel to Italy!

  7. I haven’t taken a vacation since 2011. Would love to go to India or Croatia!

  8. Company retreat: Palm Springs or Jackson Hole. Personal vacation – Barcelona all the way! – with Tahiti as a close second.

  9. A team trip to Boston would be amazing, and I’d love to have a personal vacation to Turks & Caicos!

  10. Napa Valley would be a nice work retreat for our office and personally – please let me win a trip to Japan!

  11. I would love for our team to go to Seattle and I would love to take a vacation to the Boston area.

  12. I could use this to have my son come see me during the holidays when he is away at college :-) in Santa Cruz…

  13. For a company retreat – Las Vegas. For a me-time vacay? Napa Valley is calling my name.

  14. I would take my team to China, Singapore, and Dubai. We are doing more business in those countries and it would be a great way for us to meet face-to-face with current and potential clients. The cultural barrier can also be difficult to navigate at times so having our feet on the ground and getting to witness the culture first-hand is always beneficial.

    For personal travel, I would like to go to New Zealand and Australia. Diving at the Great Barrier Reef is on my bucket list!

  15. I would use it for a giveaway to our amazing employees.

  16. COMPANY RETREAT …. Hawaii (dream) / Possible Boston, MA
    VACATION … St. Thomas or Hawaii

  17. I really need a vacation! Anywhere in the states would be great!

  18. Company retreat: Asia (China, SE Asia, Japan, or India) – where our company has a lot of exciting business opportunities and we can gain extra inspiration from
    Personal retreat: Cabo with my handsome man.

  19. Would love to bring my son to see my alma mater in San Francisco this year!

  20. Company Retreat: Hawaii
    Vacation: Easter Island

  21. A company retreat in Sedona, AZ flying in to Phoenix, AZ and making the drive to Sedona!!
    Vacation for me? How about the same? I love Sedona, AZ!!

  22. We don’t do “corporate retreats” but a vacation later in the summer may be on the agenda!

  23. If our company traveled for our retreats I would send them to Hawaii and I would vacation in Pennsylvania.

  24. Oh well. I’m going in circles trying to sign in first with instagram then with fb, then email and nothing works. So much for my entry….back to work I go!

  25. For a company retreat, Charleston SC.
    For vacation, San Antonio TX

  26. I would totally vacation somewhere tropical!!! Maui is calling my name!

  27. I’ve planned for the Dominican Republic and Yosemite.

    I’d travel anywhere!

  28. My company doesn’t travel for retreats, but I would vacation in Jamaica with my family

  29. Company Retreat would be Northern Ontario in the summer time or Tofino, British Columbia

    Vacation: Mexico

  30. Company Retreat – Honolulu (this is the only place I’ve never heard an analyst complain about traveling to)
    MY vacation – London! with a day (or 2, or 3…) trip into Paris

  31. I would do a company event in Hawaii – it is such a departure from the Midwest.

  32. Company: Las Vegas
    Vacation: California! I’ve never been!

  33. I would choose New Orleans for a US based retreat spot and then fly to Bangkok as there are some wildlife volunteer programs in Thailand that look amazing!
    Then…… there are a couple hundred other places I would like to fly too :)

  34. I would like to do a company retreat in Hawaii. I would fly to Korea to visit my sister.

  35. Company: Honolulu – bonding in grass skirts. ?
    Personal: Athens – on the search for a Greek god. ?

  36. Vacation — Las Vegas
    Retreat – Denver

  37. I want to go see my son in New York!!

  38. Oh please!! I need a vacation!

  39. Anyplace warm. I’d love a get-away!

  40. Company Retreat: DisneyWorld
    Personal Vacation: Santorini, Dubai, or the Seychelles :)

  41. Administrative Professional in dire need of a vacation!! I could use the ticket to finally relax!!

  42. Delta is the airline of choice for quite a few VP’s on our executive team :)

  43. Love vacations..I would go to Jamaica!

  44. Hawaii for company retreat.

    Caribbean for personal vacation

  45. Outer Banks, N.C. / Anywhere Delta flies with a beach for me!

  46. Seattle for me. Always wanted to go

  47. Could really use a nice little getaway to anywhere!!
    Fingers crossed!

  48. For my team I would like to take them to Colorado Springs, Colorado to head to the The Broadmoor. For myself I would love to go to Rio!

  49. I would take the team to Colorado Springs to head to The Broadmoor. For myself :) I would love to go to Rio de Janeiro.

  50. Amsterdam here I come!! Delta has a fantastic flight between SEA and AMS. My boss travels with them all the time! Absolutely a bucket list location for me.

    For a corporate retreat, take me to somewhere tropical with warm winds and some sunshine. We haven’t had much in Seattle this year.

  51. Company retreat would be Vancouver. I would go to Paris in the fall.

  52. For a company event: Key West!!! Vacation, I would love to vacation on the Caribbean!

  53. I’d have a company retreat in Austin and then I would travel to Stockholm. Bucket list location for me.

  54. Happy Admin week everyone!!!!
    Company retreat would be Miami, Fl. (the beach)
    Personal vacation would be Peru. I have always wanted to go to Machu Picchu

  55. Rome, Italy – my favorite place in the world!

  56. I have not had a vacation in a long long time – I’d would love to go anywhere just for a get -a-way.

  57. Retreat: Seattle
    Vacation: Hawaii

  58. I have not been on vacation in years! I would love to go anywhere for a well deserved break!

  59. Sonoma for vacation. We don’t really do corporate retreats, but would send them someplace warm if we could!

  60. Anywhere with a beach, warm ocean and a chance to escape before or after the conference for a few extra days. :)

  61. Good luck Ninjas! I know we all would love this prize!

  62. I would choose Florida for a company retreat and for myself, I would choose to go to California or Fiji. Great fishing in all locations =)

  63. San Diego for a corporate retreat; England for a personal trip!

  64. Company Retreat….Lets go to Montana!
    Latin America for my personal vacation…looks beautiful!

  65. As a government contractor, we don’t get to enjoy retreats. However, if we could, I’d choose Orlando. An me personally, I’d fly to Cedar Key, FL to visit my niece!

  66. It’s off for a vacation I go!!!

  67. It’s time for a vacation!!!

  68. Delta is a great airlines,. I could use it for a trip I am planning

  69. My company retreat for Las Vegas and my person vacation to Germany!

  70. Straight to Jackson Hole, Wyoming or Red Rocks, Nevada!

  71. Corporate retreat – San Diego (SUN!)
    Vacation – Cabo!

  72. If the sky was the limit, I would do a week retreat in Big Sky Country–Montana.
    Personally, traveling to Maldives sounds amazing!

  73. Happy Admin Week!
    Thank You Office Ninjas…Pure AWESOMENESS

  74. I would take my company to Utah for an outdoor adventure and glamping experience. I would take a vacation anywhere tropical! Bahamas!!

  75. office retreat…FIJI
    Personal travel … FIJI!
    i really want to go to FIJI ;)

  76. San Diego for a work retreat
    Hawaii for personal vacation to visit my grandson

  77. If I won I’d love to take an East Coast top-to-bottom trip! A number of friends and family now live on that side of the states :)

  78. Work Retreat: Florida! We want our next educational trip to be at the Disney Institue
    Personal: Hawaii – hello honeymoon :)

  79. Retreat @ Las Vegas
    Vacation @ NYC to visit a good friend and take the NYC TV & Movie Tour and visit some of the key locations

  80. Portland for a retreat, Maui for me! I long to visit Hana again (my happy place).

  81. I’d book somewhere in Hawaii for both company retreat and personal vacation :) I want to check out the Haiku Stairs

  82. Florida or Colorado

  83. Real Live Vacation like an adult! I’d go to Mexico, sun, sea and all that good fooooooooood!

  84. Work retreat: San Diego
    Personal trip: Mexico

  85. So hard to choose just one European destination but I’ve always wanted to visit Copenhagen. =)

  86. Work retreat and vacation to Spain!

  87. San Juan, Puerto Rico = Vacation // Seattle, WA = Retreat!

  88. Thank you Delta, and OfficeNinjas for recognizing Administrative Professionals! Here’s to a much-needed escape to a US National Park!

  89. Being a government entity, we don’t get company retreats. But we would fly to the American Library Association annual conference in Chicago this year!
    Personally, London. Definitely.

  90. A weekend away in San Diego for our 3rd anniversary!

  91. I’d take my team to San Diego and Las Vegas … And I would go to New York!

  92. I just want to get out of dodge and head to a tropical island, thanks for the opportunity.

  93. I would use this for a honeymoon + relaxation time (I got engaged this past weekend!)

  94. Retreat: Maui!
    Vacation: Newark, NJ to visit family.

  95. Work retreat: San Francisco
    Personal (MUCH NEEDED) vacation after planning APW event for my organization and my #1 destination spot: Barcelona, Spain

  96. Work: Santa Cruz
    Personal: Toronto to visit a friend who is moving out there this summer!

  97. Getting married next year… This would be an incredible engagement gift : )

  98. Would definitely choose a company retreat to cancun and personally would love to visit Hawaii! Beach queen over here

  99. I would love to take my team to Mexico! For my personal vacation, I’d go to Puerto Rico! :)

  100. Work: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
    Personal: Africa for a safari!

  101. How exciting! Crossing my fingers!
    Personal: Brisbane, Aus to visit a friend
    Business retreat: Hawaii

  102. Our team is doing some work with a hospital in Hawaii, so that would be an ideal destination! We could network with the admins we’re working with and have fun team-building times, too. :o)

  103. Maui for the company retreat. And also Maui for a personal vacation! :)

  104. For a company retreat, I would love to go to Carmel. For vacation and fun, I would love to jet set to Morocco.

  105. The perfect destination for a department retreat would be Phoenix, AZ because there’s space for miles and far away from the hustle and bustle of NYC. And for a vacation destination, definitely Maldives because I want to experience all of that beauty in-person.

  106. This would be awesome in helping with the flight for my vacation to Sweden this summer!

  107. The Bay Area is pricey to live in, and after the last crash, several of my friends had to move away. I would use my Delta credit to reconnect with friends that have moved. I miss them.

  108. I’d LOVE to go to Spain or Italy! Would be a great get away! Our company in Washington could sure use some sun too – so anywhere sunny sounds like a perfect company get away!

  109. I use Delta for business travel to Detroit regularly. Personally i would like to take a trip to Portugal!

  110. I’ve been wanting the groups I support to do an off-site meeting in Singapore, where we have an office. On a personal note, I would love to go to Spain or Italy!

  111. We all need some down time. Vacations help us get re-energized!

  112. Oh Delta! Take us away! We are in need of a Mom and Dad Getaway…anywhere as long as it’s him and me!

  113. Company retreat – Austin
    Vacation – Barcelona

  114. You guys should do a follow up article on what the winners of the raffle spent their prize credits on :D

  115. Company retreat in Joshua Tree! For my personal vacation I would go to South America!

  116. This is a tough decision! I would have to say San Diego for the retreat & New York City for my personal getaway!

  117. I would take the company to India, because we are starting to do business there and I’ve always wanted to go… winwin :)

    I would go to Antartica, because its the only place I’ve always wanted to go, that I’m not sure I can make happen for myself.

  118. Love to travel but dislike flying! :) California for the office and for me Hawaii or D.C. Always fun to get the Officeninga’s email!

  119. I would take the company to India, because we are starting to do business there and I’ve always wanted to go… winwin :)

    I would go to Antartica, because its the only place I’ve always wanted to go, that I’m not sure I can make happen for myself.

  120. Company retreat – Phoenix/Scottsdale
    Vacation – London

  121. Mexico City all the way!! Either as our next offsite or my next vacation!

  122. If we had company retreats, Vegas ;-) Vacation, Oahu!

  123. Getting away for a few days would be bliss!

  124. Woo-Hoo!!! Might actually go on vacation this year!

  125. Love to travel, but it’s been a while. Could really use this to get out and about.

  126. Work Retreat: Canada – Anywhere :)
    Personal Vacation – Maui for some R&R :)

  127. Our friends just came back from a week trip to California and informed my husband and I of all the wonderful things they saw. I would love to fly across the country to California!!

  128. I would have a company get a away to Seattle, WA and would love to vacation in Italy or somewhere warm.

  129. I’d like a retreat in the mountains of Colorado, and I want to go to Hawaii for a vacation!

  130. Ireland and Italy would be my top destination choices! Daydreaming…. :)

  131. Well, the office manager and I decided a beach somewhere… maybe Hawaii!

  132. Retreat – Dublin, Ireland
    Vacation – Budapest, Hungary

  133. Our company retreat would be in Hawaii! Everyone would love it! And for my vacation, I’d love to visit Cabo San Lucas!

  134. Company HQ is north Chicago; most site travel here is to Singapore so those destination for the office. This ninja need to lay on a warm beach, after a dip in ocean to recover from more than a year of 55+ hours of work, weekly..

  135. Company trip: Oxaca, MEXICO

    Personal trip: Montego Bay, JAMAICA

  136. I would go to my family’s annual reunion in upstate New York. I miss that crazy bunch of misfits!

  137. Retreat – Las Vegas, Phoenix, Minneapolis
    Vacation – Los Cabos or Turks & Caicos (50th Birthday next month)

  138. After a very wet and gray Seattle winter, I’m dreaming of a much needed vacation in the sun!

  139. For the corporate retreat, I’d send the team to Paris – its our where headquarter office is
    For the personal vacation – Cuba

  140. I would choose Paris, the city of rimance, for both a corporate retreat and my vacation. why not kill 2 birds with one stone. We have a company center in Paris anyway, and it’s a place I’ve always wanted to experience.

  141. Company Retreat: Victoria, B.C.
    Vacation: Amalfi Coast – Italy!

  142. I would happily hop on a plane to the West Coast – Portland, Oregon or San Diego, California.

  143. Company retreat: New Orleans ..for the incredible music & delicious food!
    Personal vacation: Bora Bora

  144. I would choose Rome, Italy for a vacation and Seattle for a company retreat.
    Thank you for the opportunity. As a former airline employee, Delta is a favorite.

  145. Company Retreat: Vancouver, BC
    Personal: My girlfriend is getting married on July 1st, and I’m singing at her wedding, so Chicago for me!!

  146. I would travel to Destin, Florida as I have heard they have the most beautiful beaches and white sand.

  147. Love flying Delta. I would love to go back to Paris this summer or fall.

  148. Corporate Retreat: San Diego
    Vacation: Tokyo

  149. Sounds awesome! It would be hard to decide, but I am sure wherever I choose would be fantastic!

  150. I’d head to Seattle with my hubby for some much needed R&R. Happy Admin week everyone!

  151. I would love to travel outside the US, ITALY would be #1, to see where my family is from.
    But My husband and I would never turn down a chance to take a weekend or so away in Las Vegas :)


  153. Corporate travel New York.
    I’d choose France for vacation

  154. For a company retreat I would choose somewhere warm, an island!
    and a vacation, I would choose Fiji!

  155. I would love to have my office retreat in Portland, OR and I would take our anniversary trip in Bellingham, WA this year

  156. I would select a retreat to Santa Barbara and take a trip to Los Angeles.

  157. JFK to YQB for company retreat. For a personal holiday, I’d like to go to SEZ.

  158. Company retreat in the Bahamas. And I would love to vacation there as well!

  159. Quito, Ecuador for company retreat – our department has a lot of history/connections there. Then, I would head over to visit the Galapagos for my own personal vacation! SO many amazing things to observe.

  160. retreat: Arizona
    vacation: Ireland

  161. A company retreat in Las Vegas, and a vacation in Orlando!

  162. really like delta, i would choose them every time if i could. company retreat..the grand canyon to remind us all that one person is not bigger than the whole. personal vacay….belize!

  163. I’d love to do a retreat in Iceland and I’d personally love to go to Mexico City or Greece!

  164. Awesome Raffle Prize … Definitely vacationing in the Hawaiian Islands.

  165. Would go anywhere! Haven’t been on a real vacation (bringing my daughter to college doesn’t count!) in over 6 years.

  166. Depending on my schedule, I would probably travel to California to visit friends, or if I had a lot of free time and money, Australia to visit family.

  167. I would choose a company retreat to Hawaii! Personally, I want to take a vacation to Scotland next. :-)

  168. Retreat: San Fran or San Diego
    Vacation: Hawaii or North Carolina beaches!

  169. I’d be thrilled to fly Delta again. I book travel occasionally for others as well as myself and would be thrilled out of this world if I won.

  170. Executive Offsite: San Fran or San Diego
    Vacation: Hawaii or North Carolina Beaches

  171. I rarely book air travel for my Excec, but it sounds like Delta is the way to go when I do.

  172. Thank you for arranging wonderful raffle prizes! This is amazing!

  173. Who couldn’t use more vacation?! Possibilities abound with Delta!

  174. For a company retreat, go to New York. We have several offices in New York, but never been. It would be a great way to network! For a personal trip, Greece! It would be nice to see the beautiful sights and maybe get a chance to meet some administrative staff from there! :)

  175. Company retreat: Palm Springs
    Personal: anywhere!!!

  176. Flying home to see family + attend graduations. Living this far from the family is tough!

  177. I love to travel and have so many places I want to go. Maybe to an Admingling in a different state!

  178. Company retreat: Jackson Hole
    Personal: Maui

  179. Fingers crossed! Mama needs a babymoon haha

  180. Company – Key West, Florida
    Personal – Thailand

  181. For the corporate retreat, I’d send the team to New York City.
    For the personal vacation, I’d go back to Maui…it’s been too long.

  182. For a company retreat I would pick somewhere warm like Hawaii or Mexico so the team could spend time outdoors and spend time together instead of being inside on computers.

  183. This would be so awesome to win. I would take a trip to New York to see my family. It’s been 10 years since I been back.

  184. Company retreat: Hawaii
    personal: Athens, Greece (and all over Europe!)

  185. For a company retreat I would definitely choose Orlando, FL
    For my vacation I would SO love to fly anywhere in the Caribbean that Delta flies. I am desperately need of an island getaway ! :-)

  186. Delta is always my first choice for travel. For a company retreat, I would go back to Dallas (it’s already scheduled for next year). Personally, I’d book my flight to Vegas to see George Strait and the National Finals Rodeo. :) Although tropical is always good and Europe is calling my name these days.

  187. Retreat: Bend, OR
    Vacation: Hawaii to see family, or the Maldives to just get away

  188. I have not had the best experiences with Delta years ago – got stuck in Atlanta due to weather and then cancelled flights with no notice. I will fly Delta if they have the best rates at the time for where I am traveling.

  189. Corporate Retreat: Smokey Mountains
    Vacation: Ireland/Scotland

  190. Company retreat: Florida
    Personal: possibly Europe!!


  191. I’d go anywhere tropical! Thank you OfficeNinjas for the chance to “getaway”!!!

  192. Company retreat: Florida
    Personal: Europe!!


  193. Retreat: Washington, DC
    Vacation: Orlando, FL

  194. I’ll fly somewhere international to put that first stamp in my passport!

  195. Corporate retreat to New York City
    Vacation to New York City for some summer sightseeing

  196. So glad OfficeNinjas partnered with Delta. My team prefers Delta over any other airline.
    I’d love to see Ireland if I had a chance to fly somewhere…

  197. Company retreat- California (San Diego or San Fran)
    Personal vacation- Europe

  198. Company retreat: Orlando
    Vacation: Washington DC

  199. I’d totally plan a company retreat to San Diego, California
    For my vacation I’d love to go to Vegas or maybe back to San Diego. Thanks Delta

  200. Thank you Delta Airlines!

  201. Company retreat- California (San Diego or San Fran)
    Personal vacation- Grand Cayman or Turks and Caicos

  202. I’d use this to bring my son with me when I visit our San Diego office :)

  203. I’d plan a retreat in Vegas and vacation in Hollywood, CA.

  204. I would fly to a spa retreat in the mountains for corporate retreat.
    I would love to fly to the Mediterranean for vacation.

  205. I would plan my company retreat to Puerto Rico and plan my vacation to Cuba.

  206. My company tries to use Delta for all their executive travel! They are great.

  207. Delta has always been the top choice when booking airfare for the CEO!

  208. I would be excited to fly anywhere!

  209. Company Retreat – Colorado Mountains
    Personal Vacation – St. Thomas, USVI

  210. I would plan a corporate retreat to the Bahamas and a family vacation to the Puerto Rico

  211. I would fly to San Francisco to see my sons, who are attending college there.

  212. I would plan a corporate retreat to Florida and a family vacation to Puerto Rico.

  213. It would be nice to travel anywhere! It’s funny, I book most of the travel for our company but I can’t remember the last time I traveled anywhere.

  214. I would book a corporate retreat for all to the Bahamas. I would plan a family vacation to Puerto Rico.

  215. Brother in-law getting married in San Francisco this fall! Would be great to have a little credit towards the flight! :)

  216. For a corporate retreat I would choose Colorado, as my executives love hiking and the Outdoors. For vacation I would choose San Juan, PR as it’s where I am from, and it’s been over 20 years since I last visited family.

  217. Retreat: Cabin hideaway in Colorado
    Vacation: Touring castles in Ireland

    Happy Admin week everyone!!! <3

  218. I would love to plan a retreat in Miami and vacation would be Ireland!

  219. Retreat: Napa
    Personal: Vancouver, B.C

  220. Company Retreat – Cancun
    Vacation Destination – Bahamas

  221. Would love to go on a little post-baby getaway!!

  222. My Ideal Retreat would be in California.
    Ideal Vacation would be Spain

  223. Which destination I’d choose for a company retreat: Galveston, TX

    Where I would fly for a vacation: Hawaii

  224. Vacation – Greece
    Work Retreat – California

  225. I think a great company retreat would be somewhere with mountains (Denver?). And I love this because we use Delta exclusively at our company. For a personal vacation I’m trying to plan now to go to Washington D.C. with my husband while he’s at a conference so if I win I would definitely use it for that trip!

  226. I’d probably go to the beach, maybe CA since I haven’t been there.

  227. It’s been a busy first quarter – I’m ready for a getaway!

  228. I haven’t been on a real vacation in over 6 years, so I would love to go just about anywhere.

  229. Company retreat: Palm Springs, CA
    Personal Vacation: Portland, OR

  230. Corporate retreat: Palm Springs, CA
    Personal vacation: Havana, Cuba

  231. I would love to have a retreat in Miami. You can work during the day and go to Miami beach in the evening.
    If I win this raffle I will go to Paris, France.

  232. Retreat in Denver and vacation in Iceland!

  233. For a company retreat, I’d take them to Atlanta, Georgia! There’s so many great places to visit, with gorgeous views (yes, I might be a little biased – The “A” is home to me!). Personally, you can find me on the Keys…..

  234. day dreaming right now… relaxing.. vacation!!!

  235. Great meeting and retreat options with good lift and housing at DFW- Dallas Fort Worth Airport. Love central Grapevine. For vacation I’d love to visit Italy or a far off island like Bora Bora.

  236. I’d love to go out east for some great seafood.

  237. Love the Flash Raffle giveaway prizes! Fantastic as always! I am planning some much needed vacation time for later this year. Airline credit would be Fabulous!

    1. We’re glad you like them—and hope you enjoy the rest of #AdminWeek!

  238. I’d choose somewhere in the rocky mountains for a company retreat and Hawaii for personal vacation (and to visit family)!

  239. I would love to go to Florida in December with by best friend! December is a milestone birthday for her.

  240. I would go anywhere outside the US! I love to travel but don’t get to do it very often. With the exception of Mexico, been there done that too many times. :)

  241. Colorado mountains for a company retreat and Bora Bora for my own vaca. Looking forward to admin week!

  242. I would love to have a team retreat in Nashville where we can listen to all the great musicians while we work! For a personal trip – somewhere warm…like Hawaii or San Fran!

  243. I would love to explore Austin! Love the music and food scene.

  244. I actually don’t care where to fly away to… I’m just ready for a get away!

  245. oops! Wasn’t trying to rack up points, folks. Looked for my entry at the bottom, instead of the top, and thought it didn’t post. Lol! One of my first times posting to a blog. Ah well…we live; we learn.

  246. I’d head to Vegas with my daughter, to thank Penn Jillette for writing “Presto!”, narrating it himself, and helping me lose the 100 pounds I plan to drop this year. I’m currently four tenths of the way back to my former self.

  247. I would give them to my daughter so she can go see her friends in San Diego.

  248. I’d love to fly to Portland, Oregon or Tampa, Florida to spend time with family!

  249. Company retreat – New Orleans, LA
    Vacation – Reykjavik, Iceland

  250. I’d head to Vegas with my daughter to thank Penn Jillette for publishing Presto!, narrating himself, and helping me lose the 100 pounds I want to drop. I’m now four tenths of the way to having my old body back.

  251. I would travel to Australia! I’ve always wanted to visit and take in all the sights to be seen.

  252. Anywhere where the sun is shining, it’s warm, has sandy beaches with beautiful blue water! Oh and lots of drinks with little umbrellas! haha

  253. I would head somewhere warm…Cabo? Hawaii?

  254. Company Retreat: Hawaii
    My vacation: Italy (never been)

  255. Awesome! I’d go to the Bahamas!!

  256. Company retreat- Miami
    Vacation- South America

  257. Company Retreat: Naples, Florida
    Vacation: Cancun, Mexico

  258. Company Retreat: San Diego, CA
    Vacation: Hawaii

  259. For a company retreat I would choose North Carolina since there are so many great team building activities that also incorporates the outdoors.
    For a personal trip i would love to visit Ireland where my family originated from.

  260. Retreat: San Francisco
    Vacation: Florida

  261. Bora Bora here I come….well one day! For now I will just dream about Bora Bora!!! :)

  262. For a company retreat, I’d do Nashville, TN and for personally I’d love to visit St. Croix! Thanks for the opportunity!

  263. For a company retreat – Naples FL or Marco Island FL. For a vacation – Hawaii!

  264. Thank you for the opportunity to win such a fabulous prize!

  265. For a company retreat: Sedona, AZ for terrific scenery, nature, and peace.
    For my own retreat: Portland, OR since I have yet to visit there.

  266. Haven’t been away in so long…sure would love to win this!

  267. I would choose Ley Largo for a retreat and California for family.

  268. San Diego is my favorite spot for a company retreat. Personally, I’d LOVE a vacation to Hawaii!

  269. For the company retreat, I would choose Hawaii. Let everyone open up their minds on a tropical island. I’d be happy to wake up each morning and do some coworker bonding on an island! For my personal get away, I would also choose Hawaii. It’s a place I’ve always dreamt of going. Happy #adminweek everyone!!

  270. I would use my flight credits for one of the two trips I have planned for summer (San Francisco) and fall (Stuttgart, Germany).

  271. I would choose Marco Island for a Retreat and San Diego for family.

  272. Love the ticket for IAAP Summit in New Orleans or for a trip to Raleigh, NC!

  273. A few days to relax away from the four leg kids and fiancé would be great!

  274. Delta is the only airline we travel corporately.

  275. A getaway to re-energize would be awesome!!

  276. I would love to visit family in northern California or Houston, TX.

  277. Hello Ninjas! I would love to take my team on a company outing to Monterey, CA! This is one of my favorite places! I would love to go to NYC! Take my 2 boys with me a make a family trip.

  278. For a company retreat I’d take us to Austin. Great creative city for inspiration. For a vacation, we have used Delta for St Lucia, Bahamas, Seattle and so many more. The list would be complete with a flight to Reykjavik to see the northern lights!

  279. Retreat: Las Vegas
    Vacation: London

  280. For a company retreat, I would love to see Denver, Colorado. I’ve never been out West. For vacation, take me to Ireland. My grandmother was born there and I would love to dig up my roots!

  281. I want to go to Nova Scotia! It’s been on my bucket list for a very long time!

  282. I’ve never flown Delta, but would more than happy to try out a new airline1

  283. Work Retreat – Winter Park, CO (or some other Rocky Mountain resort) – it would be such a change for our Houston-based staff to see some mountains.

    Personal Vacation – the Outer Banks. It’s beautiful and peaceful and I could use a little pampering at a resort.

  284. My husband and I are celebrating our 20th Wedding Anniversary this year! We would use it to celebrate and take a long weekend to somewhere tropical! Maybe an island in the Caribbean.

  285. Corporate retreat would be to Austin, Texas and for vacation to New Orleans.

  286. Vacation time: Vegas, Florida or somewhere warm!

  287. Delta take me away!!
    Retreat – Chicago
    Vacation – any where on the beach!

  288. Seattle, WA for both trips. For work, it would be a great opportunity to check out what Amazon is up to, and for me – the Pacific Northwest is my next big vacation goal.

  289. I think a fun corporate retreat would be to Nassau in the Bahamas! For vacation, France :D

  290. Corporate Retreat: Denver, CO
    Personal travel: Las Vegas! That’s a nice long flight from NC. However, there are so many options on Delta since my local airport (RDU) is a Delta hub, that I may change my mind.

  291. I would use this prize to travel back to the Bahamas for my 25th wedding anniversary this summer. For a corporate retreat, I would choose, New York City.

  292. I would love this credit to go to NYC to visit my mom and sister who just got married and had a baby.

  293. Time to go someplace peaceful and heal from my daughter’s passing 5 weeks ago. I need to get away from it all.

  294. I am so glad to be an admin and able to participate in these raffles. I never even knew this existed! Nice to know we are appreciated :)

    1. You certainly are, Adrienne! Keep celebrating your amazing work with us all week—you deserve it!

  295. Corporate retreat in Jackson Hole and vacation in Zurich!

  296. I would most likely choose something south for a company retreat… for more reliable weather in the winter months. The family has been trying to go to Hawaii for the first time…. this would go a long way towards that dream.

  297. For a retreat – Pittsburgh, PA. Some of my colleagues have been there in the past for a conference and they loved the city!
    For a vacation – Las Vegas. My husband is a die-hard Raiders fan (they’re slotted to relocate to Vegas in 2019) and I’d for us to go there, see a game and take in some Vegas shows!

  298. SF Bay Area for office retreat- as most of my colleagues work there. Fun time for me would be Las Vegas or Miami.

  299. I’d use this toward a family vacation to New Zealand! It has long been on our destination list (we are kinda huge Lord of the Rings fans) and we have been slowly saving. Fun contest! Thanks #OfficeNinjas :D

    1. And I was so excited I forgot to finish the question. For our company retreat Austin, TX and Palm Springs, CA are both being thrown around as next destinations :D

  300. For a company retreat, I would choose New York City because of the diversity and group activities that could be found.
    For myself, I’d love to visit California or Colorado!

  301. Henderson, NV is a great company destination spot. Florida would be a great vacation spot for me as I have many friends and family I would love to see

  302. Love the Admin Week raffles. It’s nice to have recognition from these great companies

    1. Glad you like them, Deborah. Keep celebrating your hard work with us all week long!

  303. Miami for my cousins wedding. I’d really like to attend but can’t afford to take the family.

  304. I would use this credit to fly out to Los Angelos to see my Aunt. She is my biologic dad’s (he is no longer with us) sister and I have just found her after 41 years of not knowing who my real father was. We just haven’t had a chance to get out to see her because we can’t afford the tickets. *crossing my fingers and toes* Thank you!

  305. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win this! I would use the credit to go visit my daughter in Charleston, SC! I usually go see her for a long weekend and it’s a 9 hour drive, so it’s exhausting! Flying down would be a wonderful treat! thanks officeninjas and Delta for the opportunity to enter the drawing! :-)

  306. I book travel for all our Admin. Staff. Travel is up 30% from last year so I don’t have as much time to shop around. Delta is one of my go-to airlines for all our trips.

  307. To Ohio to visit the inlaws. We cannot afford to fly and the drive is 10+ hours which is hard with two small children. It would mean a lot to both me and my family to win this raffle!

  308. Company Retreat–San Diego
    Vacation–Orlando (I haven’t been on a vacation in years should would love to go on one–need it bad!)

  309. I’d love nothing more than to go to Bora Bora or someplace romantic and exotic!

  310. I’d go to Montana’s Glacier National Park. It looks beautiful. I need a vacation! ☺

  311. I would love to use this credit to go back on vacation with my husband!

  312. As Admins WE ALL deserve a restful break!! :) Hoping its me, but also AM GLAD it’s anyone of US! HAPPY ADMIN WEEK!

    1. Fingers crossed! We’re glad you’re celebrating with us.

  313. Gratitude to you Office Ninjas for your energy, great Admin tips, and celebrating our creativity! I would think a retreat in San Diego would energize our work community and I have always wanted to visit Seattle.

    1. That sounds phenomenal, Sandy! Thanks for being a part of the OfficeNinjas community—have a great #AdminWeeek!

  314. Would love to have the credit to take my son on a trip to NYC.

  315. Would love to win travel so could take my Mom on a trip flying for the first time.

  316. Work retreat would be Denver
    Vacation.. My currently planned trip to NYC and DC in October.

  317. Retreat – San Francisco
    Vacation – Hawaii or Alaska

  318. I could desperately use a vacation…a new baby, a cross-country move, and a new job all in the last year!

  319. Corporate – Washington DC
    Personal – Portland, OR

  320. Anywhere!!! I have never been on an airplane but can plan trips for my COO like a champ??✈️

  321. First, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Administrative Professions Week. You rock Ninjas! My destination would be to Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

    1. You rock too, Colleen! We hope you set off to the Sunshine State ☀️

  322. Would love to win travel for my next vacation to visit the grandkids. We’re on a tight budget

  323. Retreat: San Antonio or Sedona
    Vacation: Kauai!

  324. Happy Admin week Rock Star Community! What a great kick-off with Delta’s give-away I’m super excited thank you Office Ninjas! #AdminWeek #Delta

  325. Corporate retreat: Washington DC
    Personal travel: same!

  326. To the Crescent City, New Orleans! Woot!

  327. Corporate retreat: Washington DC
    Personal travel: same!!

  328. Retreat-somewhere out of office, doesn’t matter! Maybe Phoenix?

  329. Vacation – Washington, D.C.
    Retreat – San Diego, CA

  330. To Melbourne FL to spend time with my family :)

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