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Content & Collaboration Tool—Clipsi

Clipsi is an online content sharing and curation tool.  Instead of a bunch of arcanely named files in a shared network drive or Dropbox, Clipsi allows you to visually represent your information in a stunning online board.

Clipsi makes your data come alive—you can choose images or text from the web or from your own Dropbox drive (other enterprise & cloud storage options on the way), and create a sexy info-display in a matter of minutes!

Here’s a shot of my Clipsi AdminTips board:

To add from my Dropbox account, I just click ADD, and this helpful dialog box pops up:

From there, I simply scroll through my document, find something I want to clip, press Clip from Here and Clipsi pops a resizeable selector box to choose whatever I want:

Click the check mark, click Done, and the Clip shows up on my board:

But it’s not just the clip—if you click on the clip, you have access to the entire document to read on screen.  You can make comments on the clip and even share via social media!

I’m going to be keeping up my AdminTips Clipsi, and adding a couple more boards to track my regional IAAP projects.

Clipsi is in limited Beta.  You can contact me for an invite or sign up to the Clipsi waitlist.


  1. Looks like a fantastic tool.

  2. Looks like an awesome tool.
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. I’m such a visual person – this speaks to me way more than a blog or an online article. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Is Clipsi like Evernote clipping and Pinterest all in one? Looks like an awesome tool.

    1. Cametta, YES!! Exactly that. Clipsi allows you to share the content, taking it wherever you go–like Evernote. But with the visual dazzle of Pinterest. I think it will be an invaluable tool for connecting across teams in large organizations. For me, I’m looking forward to leveraging it in my volunteer life–being able to share information with staff, board and volunteers wherever they are.

    2. @Cametta, that’s a fantastic one-liner about Clipsi. I think the folks at Clipsi should steal that from you. ;)

      1. :) Clipsi may have beat you to it OfficeNinja! They now have a quote on their front page: ““CLIPSI IS LIKE PINTEREST FOR THE ENTERPRISE.” – DAVE PARKER”

      2. :-) Yes, its a good way to describe it. After reading the article that’s the first thing that came to mind….Evernote Clipping and Pinterest. I’m going to check Clipsi out when I return from EFAM. I’m all for combining to get the “entire farm” and eliminating the stand alone programs

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