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Announcing Admin Bash 2019 and… OfficeNinjas Con!

OfficeNinjas Admin Day

Are you ready to make history, Ninja?

This Admin Day (April 24, 2019), we’re doing things a little differently. In addition to throwing our 7th Annual Admin Bash in San Francisco, we’re hosting OfficeNinjas Con, our first, full-day conference for administrative professionals and workplace operators!

OfficeNinjas Con, aka ON Con, is the deep learning experience Ninjas have been asking for. We’re teaming up with the most innovative thought leaders for a day of interactive workshops, presentations, and group discussions that will help Ninjas crush today’s challenges and strategize for the future.

This is not a sit-in-the-back-of-the-room-and-observe type of conference.

ON Con is powered by collective intelligence, which means every attendee will be encouraged to actively participate. Your skills, challenges, ideas, and questions make the learning experience richer and more meaningful.

We’ll tackle topics you’ve told us you care about most — with a fresh approach and an eye for application.

  • Project management frameworks
  • Productivity workflows that are tool agnostic
  • The not-so-subtle art of negotiation
  • Bringing authenticity to office culture
  • The future of work and carving out your place

We’re offering only 250 seats to achieve the sweet spot of deep learning and authentic interaction.

Wondering If You Should Attend?

Admin Day 2019 Launch

Here’s some food for thought:

ON Con Is Just. For. You.

This is no square-peg-round-hole conference. You won’t walk away thinking, “Well, I might be able to use some of that.” ON Con is exclusively for admins and workplace operators, including executive assistants, office managers, and operations pros.

Ninja Networking

Whether planning your next career move, seeking mentorship, or looking for peers who understand — you need a professional network. ON Con provides myriad ways to connect with like-minded Ninjas from every business sector.

You’re Looking Forward

You know the workplace is changing. The job you have today will be different from the one you have tomorrow… and that excites you! ON Con is all about exploring the developing possibilities of the Ninja role and proactively redefining it.

You’re Ready to Level Up

While ON Con will leave you inspired, don’t think it’s all feel-good chats and motivational speakers. Expect to dive deep into interactive workshops and activities that sharpen your skills and equip you with new tools for the workplace.

You’re Ready to Party

Cap off a full day of learning by experiencing our 7th Annual Admin Bash, a night of recognition, engaging activities, delicious local fare, generous giveaways, and pure celebration!

The best news? Early Bird tickets for ON Con and Admin Bash are on sale NOW! Snag yours today.


  1. Could you send me an agenda. I would like to justify to C-suite why I should attend as their EA

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