April 24, 2019 | 8am – 4:30pm
San Francisco, CA

April 24, 2019 | 10am – 4:30pm
San Francisco, CA

Admin pros and workplace operators (aka Ninjas) are the curious, engaged, forward-thinking force behind an ever-evolving workplace. OfficeNinjas Con (ON Con, for short) is the deep learning experience they’ve asked for.

On April 24, 2019 (Admin Day!), OfficeNinjas teamed up with academics and innovative thought leaders to present a sold-out day of interactive workshops and group intensives (to over 200 admin pros and workplace operators!) designed to help propel them past today’s challenges and strategize for the future.

(Check out our video above for a taste of the day’s magic … and get pumped for next year!)

This wasn’t a sit-in-the-back-of-the-room-and-observe type of conference.

ON Con is powered by collective intelligence, which means every attendee was encouraged to actively participate. Your skills, challenges, ideas, and questions make the learning experience richer and more meaningful.

Together, we tackled topics you told us you care about most — with a fresh approach and an eye for application.

  • Professional + personal OKR frameworks
  • Leadership through creative collaboration
  • Workplace rituals for stronger culture
  • The future of work + finding your place

This is no square-peg-round-hole conference. You won’t walk away thinking, “Well, I might be able to use some of that.” ON Con is exclusively for admins and workplace operators, including executive assistants, office managers, and operations pros.

Whether planning your next career move, seeking mentorship, or looking for peers who understand — you need a professional network. ON Con provides myriad ways to connect with like-minded Ninjas from every business sector.

You know the workplace is changing. The job you have today will be different from the one you have tomorrow… and that excites you! ON Con is all about exploring the developing possibilities of the Ninja role and proactively redefining it.

While ON Con will leave you inspired, don’t think it’s all feel-good chats and motivational speakers. Expect to dive deep into interactive workshops and activities that sharpen your skills and equip you with new tools for the workplace.

The OfficeNinjas Con experience was designed to elevate the role of admin pros and workplace operators in the evolving workplace.

Read on for details on our expert speakers, dynamic learning sessions, and a few surprise guests.


Ninjas joined us for drinks, local fare, and a night of Ninja Confessions.

We set the stage for attendees to share their best “one day, I’ll laugh about this…” stories from the trenches. Office parties turned fiascos, zany bosses, regretful reply-alls, and “creative” resourcefulness in the face of disaster… Laughter is the best medicine, so we let the healing begin!


Registration and a nourishing breakfast!


Attendees heard from OfficeNinjas founders, collected pointers on how to make the most of ON Con, and met fellow Ninjas with an engaging icebreaker that got them talking (and laughing).


Two innovative thought leaders across relevant, adjacent industries shared their perspectives and research. These three short, exciting talks got Ninjas thinking BIG.

Ninjas in the Future Workplace

Dr. Nicole Wilson

New technology and evolving job skill sets are rapidly changing the workplace. How are organizations being reshaped and what skills do Ninjas need to thrive in 21st-century jobs? Expert Dr. Nicole Wilson (UC Santa Cruz, Singularity University faculty, Founder of consulting firm KnowProgress) examined these questions informed by the latest research and thought leadership.

The Surprising Power of Workplace Rituals

Dr. Juliana Schroeder

Did you know that performing a ritual before entering a stressful situation can reduce your feelings of anxiety and improve performance? Expert Dr. Juliana Schroeder (Professor at UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business; co-founder of Psychology of Technology Institute) shared her research on how individual and group rituals in the workplace can promote bonding, reinforce the behaviors we want, create focus, and make change stick.


Practical and engaging, these two expert-led workshops guided Ninjas from ideation to action.

Radical Focus: Accomplish Big Goals With Objectives & Key Results

Christina Wodtke

How do you tackle challenging projects and accomplish bold initiatives? Just setting goals  (even if you call them OKRs) isn’t enough. OKRs without focus and a cadence of learning become an exercise in making your numbers. Expert Christina Wodtke (Stanford Lecturer, author of the book Radical Focus) taught practical strategies for applying OKRs to work and personal challenges methodically. Ninjas learned the beauty of a good fail and how regular check-ins can keep you on track to success.


We partnered with top-notch caterers and culinary masters known for delicious, healthy, and unexpected dishes.


Practical and engaging, these two expert-led workshops guided Ninjas from ideation to action.

Problem-Solving Through Collaborative Creativity

Dr. Leon Segal & Bre Przestrzelski

Collaboration has emerged as the defining characteristic of creativity and growth in nearly all industries. As support roles evolve to incorporate strategic management, Ninjas are frequently tasked with leading initiatives and mobilizing team members across multiple departments. Expert Dr. Leon Segal (Innovation Psychologist, IDEO Alum, founder of consulting firm Innovationship) and Bre Przestrzelski (Instructor at Stanford d.school, IDEO U) taught Ninjas how to collaborate effectively using the process of design thinking, to produce ideas that have real impact on business success.

ADMINGLING TASTER If you’ve attended one of our Adminglings, you’ve experienced the power of collective intelligence. For this session attendees broke into small groups for deep discussions and problem-solving on hot topics that Ninjas want solutions to NOW.

Collective Intelligence Gone Global

Attending one of our Admingling events means experiencing the power of collective intelligence. And with Ninjas who flew in from 45 cities and 19 states around the US — and some even internationally — ON Con was the site of our first-ever multi-city/country Admingling!

Our Ninja Hosts:

  • Caitlin Cuesta, Executive Assistant & Office Manager, Lightstream [Chicago]
  • Crystal Le, Admin + Ads Delivery, Facebook [Silicon Valley]
  • Grace Pollert, Senior Office Manager, Intouch Group [Chicago]
  • Jennifer Sharma, Operations Manager, Angaza [San Francisco]
  • Kati Norrod, Executive Assistant, Superhuman [San Francisco]
  • Meg Maurer, Executive Assistant, Index Ventures [San Francisco]
  • Sarah Dunbar Manager of Business Initiatives, Crestone Capital, LLC [Denver]
  • Sherry Shibly, Sr Executive Assistant to CEO, Coffee & Bagel Brands [Denver]


Attendees gained perspective as a panel of experts and practitioners explain the facts, share personal experiences, and respond to your tough questions.

An Afternoon with All-Stars

What happens when you bring five OfficeNinjas All-Stars together on one stage? Powerful insights, storytelling from the trenches, and a touch of magic.

In this one-of-a-kind discussion panel, 2018 All-Stars Verlance Friar, Mimy Wraspir, and Nicki Bartels — and two of this year’s 2019 newly announced 2019 All-Stars Ali Berger and Zoila Primo shared insights from their unique experiences in the field.


By now, Ninjas were buzzing with inspiration! We ended with final words and fierce Ninja poses.


400 fellow Ninjas descended on San Francisco for a celebration of administrative badassery! They enjoyed delicious food and drinks, bonded over fun activities, won prizes, and made great memories. (FYI: our Admin Bash swag bag is legendary.)

NInjas capped off a full day of learning by experiencing our 7th Annual Admin Bash, a night of recognition, engaging activities, delicious local fare, generous giveaways, and pure celebration!

OfficeNinjas® Admin Week is our annual, week-long celebration of office pros. We honor admins and workplace operators (aka “Ninjas”) from all over the world with free giveaways, opportunities for global recognition, and an IRL Admin Day experience that gets bigger and better every year.

April 24, 2019 | San Francisco

The deep learning experience Ninjas asked for. A full day of workshops and discussions to propel you beyond today’s challenges into the future.

April 24, 2019 | San Francisco

Cap a day of learning at ON Con with a night of recognition, activities, delicious fare, and pure celebration. This year’s Bash was legendary!

April 22–26, 2019 | Online

OfficeNinjas All-Stars is an online search for the best and brightest office managers, executive assistants, and workplace operators in the U.S.

April 22–26, 2019 | Online

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OfficeNinjas® recognizes admins and workplace operators, aka “Ninjas,” for the curious, engaged, forward-thinking professionals they are. We exist to provide vital resources, educational content, vendor vetting, networking events, and industry insights to ensure they have every opportunity to lead a valued and fulfilling professional life.