April 22–26, 2019

As big as Admin Week 2019 feels? The reality is even bigger. It’s even more inclusive and far-reaching than we could have ever imagined, thanks to our growing roster of community partners. Each organization offers something different, but every community partner understands the importance of the Ninja profession. And they’re here to celebrate it.

We proudly partner with organizations in the community that are committed to supporting (and celebrating!) Ninjas.

Admin Awards® recognizes and rewards the achievements, dedication, and importance of Administrative Professional. They offer nine distinct award categories, including the prestigious, Colleen Barrett Award for Administrative Excellence. Currently in Dallas, Fort Worth, Silicon Valley, Denver, San Francisco, Houston and Chicago.

Founder, Bonnie Low-Kramen, of Be the Ultimate Assistant is passionately committed to transforming the global workplace. Through the not-so-secret sauce of education and empowerment, Be the Ultimate Assistant helps Ninjas and executives not only build the ultimate partnership but also succeed beyond their expectations.

OrgOrg, “Organization Organizers”, is a community of people who work in a field sometimes known as business/people operations who behind the scenes make it all work at work. This community of like-jobbed individuals is run by a group of dedicated volunteers, led by OrgOrg Founder Kim Rohrer and provides a forum for discussion, as well as resources, and events.

Culture Summit is a conference that brings together founders and thought leaders from all over the world to share insights and best practices for building and transforming workplace culture. Programming includes an inspiring lineup of speakers and workshops to empower Ninjas with the data, strategies, and framework they need to drive actual change in the workplace.

AdminUniverse™ helps admin pros expand their knowledge and elevate their skillset through featured workshops, online training webinars, and onsite educational lectures. These programs help Ninjas boost their skills, streamline internal workflows, improve workplace relationships with their boss, co-workers or peers, and provide endless possibilities and opportunities for success.

Ascend2Success is a consultant company led by Linda McFarland that develops educational and interactive training for administrative professionals, event planners, and other support professionals. Having supported a dozen CEOs in Silicon Valley, Linda shares her decades of experience through stories that bring out the thoughtful lessons learned throughout her career.

The Officials empowers admins through community, courses, and coaching. As part of an international network of admins, Ninjas are encouraged to seek advice, share ideas, and offer support. This curated platform of shared knowledge makes each member of our community stronger and more informed so that we can encourage and empower each other along the way.

The Illinois Law Enforcement Administrative Professionals (Illinois LEAP) is open to all administrative professionals to Chiefs of Police and administrative support personnel holding other titles employed in a similar capacity in a policing agency in the State of Illinois. It was created to provide an environment for sharing data and knowledge that will enhance our individual organizations, our professional goals, and our continuing education.

Let’s Make Admin Week History

You know our philosophy on guest lists — the more the merrier!

If you lead an admin organization and want to be part of Admin Week 2019 festivities, we want to hear from you! Together, we can reach a record number of Ninjas in a week-long celebration of their profession and individual accomplishments.

As a community partner, you’ll receive:

  • Complimentary Admin Bash tickets
  • Co-Branded, easy-to-use promotional materials
  • A spotlight on our Community Partners webpage
  • And special perks you can share with your community

OfficeNinjas® Admin Week is our annual, week-long celebration of office pros. We honor admins and workplace operators (aka “Ninjas”) from all over the world with free giveaways, opportunities for global recognition, and an IRL Admin Day experience that gets bigger and better every year.

April 24, 2019 | San Francisco

The deep learning experience Ninjas asked for. A full day of workshops and discussions to propel you beyond today’s challenges into the future.

April 24, 2019 | San Francisco

Cap a day of learning at ON Con with a night of recognition, activities, delicious fare, and pure celebration. This year’s Bash was legendary!

April 22–26, 2019 | Online

OfficeNinjas All-Stars is an online search for the best and brightest office managers, executive assistants, and workplace operators in the U.S.

April 22–26, 2019 | Online

You’ve never experienced an online raffle like this one. Three jaw-dropping prizes each day of Admin Week, and UNLIMITED chances to win.

Admin Week 2019 has ended — but we’ve got many exciting events on the horizon! Subscribe for details and be the first to know when we reveal plans for Admin Week 2020.

OfficeNinjas® recognizes admins and workplace operators, aka “Ninjas,” for the curious, engaged, forward-thinking professionals they are. We exist to provide vital resources, educational content, vendor vetting, networking events, and industry insights to ensure they have every opportunity to lead a valued and fulfilling professional life.