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Flash Raffle #5: $600 of Relaxation & Recharging from Breather

2017 Flash Raffle Breather

“Get out and take a breather!” That advice holds much more weight than it once did. Imagine escaping to an expertly designed oasis to work with your team. Now, corporate teams are itching to leave the monotony of everyday offices in favor of something much better for private all-day meetings, offsites, small events, or even solo crunch time. A change of scenery is good for the soul and the to-do list.

Breather heeded that call, and they’re dishing out prizes for the fifth and final Flash Raffle of Admin Week 2017!

The Price of Picking Through Possibilities

AllStar Sarah Schraer working

Breather knows how essential it is to find productive offsite venues for your team. And you know that this isn’t always an easy feat, even with a slew of rentable options posted online. The problem with said options? You never know what you’re going to get. Reality may look nothing like the photos, the amenities you need are hidden behind a curtain of fees, and your private rooms aren’t actually private. Ugh.

A Breath of Fresh Air for Offsite Bookings

Admingling in Breather Space
Hashing out Ninja discussions at a Breather space for Admingling in San Francisco.

Inhale for five seconds, then exhale for 10, ‘cause Breather is different in the best way possible. Breather designs, outfits, and manages ALL their spaces so you’re guaranteed a consistent experience with all the must-have equipment—like whiteboards, free Wi-Fi, chargers, and more—waiting for you on site.

Food and beverage minimums, mandated vendor list, and spotty Wi-Fi? Breather nixed all of that, so you can focus on flexibility and productivity without jumping through the usual hoops. Then, whether you’re looking to set up your team for four hours or four days, you can find and book stylish workspaces with a few clicks. Since the collection of spaces is already in 10 major cities—and growing all the time—you have a reliable go-to whether you’re in New York City or Los Angeles.

Breather for Business comes with dedicated account management and advanced booking tools. We’re talking perks like a centralized billing dashboard—so it’s easy for your co-workers to reserve rooms, and it’s just as simple for you to see who’s using what and how often, come expense report time.

“Breather for Business has been an incredible resource for booking gorgeous and flexible meeting spaces in some of the most difficult regions of the country. Having a dedicated account manager alongside rent-by-the-hour options, Breather has turned out to be a great addition to our fast-paced meeting booking needs.” – Lynn W., Executive Administrator in Boston

Breather for Business’ concierge services can give you a leg up when it comes to finding and snagging the right space for your needs, as Breather reserves some sites exclusively for members who get priority booking windows.

A Raffle to Breathe Life Back into Booking

2017 Flash Raffle Prizes

As sticklers for securing the best venues possible, OfficeNinjas is pumped to say that today’s Flash Raffle sponsor has beautiful spaces waiting for you right now, and they’re sweetening the deal with Spafinder gift cards.

Breather’s giving away $600, $400, and $200 in rewards credit, which includes both Spafinder gift cards and Breather bucks—and the whole prize is just for you, Ninja!

Enter for free! Remember, Ninja, this is a Flash Raffle. Entries close at 11:59 PM PST tonight!

Note: If you can’t see the raffle entry form below, click here.

Flash Raffle #5: Breather

Pop over to Breather’s website, and check out their spaces. Then, let us know in the comments which space you’d choose for an all-day team outing!


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  1. I really love the space in Palo Alto.

  2. If our professional org. annual conferences are in any of these cities, I would consider booking a space for a meet-up.

  3. I would take my team to Los Angeles for a team meeting. I wish they had locations in Orange County though.

  4. Breather sounds great! Great idea!

  5. Breather is great, convienant locations!

  6. Everyone needs to stop and take a Breather! Love this so much!

  7. Great Raffle! Thank you for thinking of the admins.

  8. My fellow admin was the winner of the giant wine bottle, but when her number was called, she was in the ladies room – so the next person got it! G’ah!
    Breather would be something we could consider for offsite meetings.

  9. Never heard of Breather but it looks great!

  10. Wow! I think that sums it up!

  11. Everyone can always use a change of scenery or a relaxing spa day. Need to bring this concept to Las Vegas. I have heard about it but not experienced it.

  12. You and I both know that i need a spa day! lets do it!

  13. My team could always use a change of scenery.

  14. I would love for our team to host a meeting in one of the SoHo spaces because they have that start-up company vibe that just brings out the creativity in people

  15. I would love to take a “breather”, pick me.

  16. I would love to share this with my Administrative team. What a great idea for a cool down relaxation break.

  17. I feel relaxed just READING about Breather!

  18. I want this at my company

  19. Heard of Breather and think it’s a great concept. I have yet to reserve a space!

  20. I need to stop and take a few breaths! I need this!

  21. This is the best raffle during the duration of Admin week. I want to win this one the most.

  22. Ahhh – a Breather is just what I need! WOO HOO – Happy End of Admins Week!

  23. Ahhhhh. Saving the best for last. YES!

  24. Anything in the FiDi is perfect for our team as we plan to expand our services out there!

  25. What a great offering – who doesn’t need a break after taking care of everyone else?

  26. The space I would choose is 55 Union Street, 3rd Floor Boston. This space looks very relaxing; a great place to brainstorm and meet with your team outside of the usual office.

  27. Gotta Be Chi-Town!!

  28. Chicago’s N Michigan looks like it would fill the ticket.

  29. Thinking how amazing all this sounds makes it even better knowing that it’s just that easy to experience.

  30. Who doesn’t want to take a “Breather” every once in a while?

  31. Im looking forward to reserving a spot here for our next meeting

  32. Oh – I will ABSOLUTELY be using Breather! We work in an open space office in DTLA and are always looking for options to find a more quiet space for extended meetings. This will be so helpful. I have a feeling I’ll be using Breather a lot.

  33. I’m looking forward to planning my next event and trying Breather.

  34. Looks interesting – will check it out.

  35. Sounds really relaxing!

  36. Great idea. I hope Breather comes to Seattle.

  37. I could certainly use a BREATHER!!

  38. Such a great idea! I hope Breather comes to Seattle.

  39. I love Breather!

  40. We need one in Lima, OH!

  41. great off-site spaces – definitely bookmarking this source for future needs!

  42. I would love to treat my team to this!!! What a special treat.

  43. The Can Do Admins of the world need to have their rejuvenation and relaxation time to keep on keeping on. Thanks for offering a terrific raffle price during Professional Admin week.

  44. I would use Breather to help me locate a space for our yearly HACK A THON. My R &D team would need a creative space for a two day meeting. We like fun and vibrant spaces.

  45. We need more spaces in Palo Alto – not enough options but great to know this is an option for the city!

  46. These spaces look amazing. Would love to see Dallas added to the list of available cities.

  47. I really like all the details, down to the room set up. Great to know for future offsites!

  48. Ooh! I would pick the 999 Sutter – so bright and open!

  49. Oh, Dear Irving! Their cocktails, tho!

  50. I could use a breather! I would love to get my team away to do some team-building skills at a great venue offsite

  51. Our company would use the space when we travel throughout the US. We have many outside sales reps that we could use Breather for.

  52. I’m going to call them now!

  53. Nothing in Seattle but nice idea.

  54. I’m going to call then now!

  55. Any of the spaces in NYC look like they would lend to a great break from the same old office and give us a better chance at getting the creative juices flowing!

  56. The space on Jefferson in Los Angeles looks awesome for a team building retreat complete with lunch since it has a sink and counter space. I’ve never been to a spa, but since I’ve been so busy at work filling in for others the past few weeks, I could really use some relaxation. I’d love to know what a massage and day of pampering is like!

  57. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LAAAAA LAAAAA, I would love this <3

  58. Yes! I could you some relaxation

  59. Awwwesome! I need a relaxation day!

  60. I’ve never heard of Breather until they were highlighted in our raffle. What a cool concept!

  61. It’s cool to know that there is availability like this all over SF to rent a room for a day. Good for the owners of Breather to come up with this concept and get buy in from each of the locations! Maybe start off with Post st!

  62. Hoping I get lucky with this last raffle! This week has been so much fun!

  63. Good luck everyone!

  64. This is amazing! Now I know Breather has my back when I’m inundated with visiting employees from out of town (because they NEVER coordinate with each other. Or with me.) Extra workspace and meeting space? I’ll be using them soon.

  65. I really like the flexibility of being able to rent spaces with custom features for events and offsite meetings! One of the coolest psychotherapy + ritual events I went to was in a rented Breather, and I realized how easy it is for anyone to make events happen.

  66. This would be an incredible opportunity for anyone’s office!

  67. This would be incredible for our company!

  68. We all deserve a breather!!!

  69. Breather is a lifesaver!

  70. I could so use this with the Mercury Retrograde we’ve been in!

  71. Happy Admin/miracle worker/magician/planner/office ninja day! #wemakeitlookeasy

  72. What an awesome resource. Hopefully, Austin will be added to the list!

  73. I can relate with Cheryl… But.. Here is to hoping!

  74. I have our first massage day coming up in May. Our group is super excited to have this offering. Would love to provide more days like this.

  75. These are great spaces for people who need meeting spaces in these cities.

  76. I can relate with that feeling Cheryl. Here’s to hoping!

  77. This is something we all deserve to win!!!

  78. Looking forward to using Breather for future meetings/events.

  79. 465 California St, #310 is stunning! I can see so many possibilities with this space

  80. This is a well needed service.

  81. It would be great for our future psychological counselors to use these things for practice sessions. And inbetween times, I’ll use it!

  82. After 2 weeks of vacation last year, I came back so much stronger. A great idea!

  83. Oh man! Office space is at a premium in some markets. What an amazing way to find the space you need without having to do a lot of work!

  84. 350 Townsend in SF!

  85. 1 Hallidie Plaza, 3rd Floor, Suite 305 – the light looks amazing!

  86. Let’s see how this goes……

  87. Fabulous resource. The WilltVale location in Williamsburg, Brooklyn would be great for our team building day.

  88. CHicago! 205 W Wacker so we can be on the river!

  89. Breather has some really nice work spaces!

  90. What lovely and light-filled spaces. I would definitely use the Bryant Street space for my team if we won!

  91. This would be awesome!

  92. I’m so ready for this

  93. I need this so bad. Had two family emergencies this week, and now I’m sick. We will all get better, but a spa day would be nice.

  94. Just what the Doctor ordered to get the blood pressure down.

  95. Great spaces and concept!! Unfortunately the locations are very limited, limiting those of us that can actually enter to win. :-( I’ll certainly keep it in mind though in case I have a need, or hear of someone that does!! Thanks for the fun week!

  96. Wow, never heard of Breather before, but great idea!

  97. We could use this in Dallas!

  98. Fabulous resource! The William Vale location in Williamsburg, Brooklyn would be great for our summer refresh and retooling day.

  99. What a brilliant raffle idea!! My favorite APD appreciation gift from the company is a spa gift certificate. As a mother of two (infant and toddler), life is stressful. Add in a full-time job, where you are always connected to work and in demand, the prospect of some alone time to be pampered makes me dreamy eyed. Many thanks to the sponsor for their support of us Admins!

  100. Great Service, thanks for sharing!

  101. Chicago for sure! Love the windy city!

  102. I never win anything. It’d be cool to win this much needed change of space and pace.

  103. I need space soon for a trustee retreat. This would be fantastic.

  104. We need Breather in Cincinnati.

  105. This would be heavenly to win!

  106. So fab! Who doesn’t love a good spa day??

  107. What an amazing service

  108. I would choose the Los Angeles spaces or San Francisco spaces for offsite meetings. These spaces look amazing and I love that you can book them on an hourly rate and not just a day rate.

  109. My entire office would love this! All CompSci folks bent over computers all day (in spite of our best ergonomics efforts!)

  110. I’d love to work for a day in River North.

  111. I need a spa day… or twelve.

  112. Our entire office would love this!

  113. Wow! This is great!

  114. A nice breather would be nice after moving across country for a job, and my moving company losing my belongings for a month and then upon receiving it my truck had been flooded losing a lot of things. Hopefully this would help me feel more comfortable in this new role.

  115. Love the decor. Our office could use sprucing up!

  116. What a great resource. I will def add this to my list for future use.

  117. A little relax time! Count me in!

  118. 594 Howard St! Looks like a such a beautiful space and perfect size for my team!

  119. Love the concept. Breather needs to come to San Diego!

  120. Wonderful idea(s), unfortunately working for the city we rarely book outside our own conference rooms. Fingers crossed wer allowed to one day.

  121. This is a fabulous idea! Would love to try it!

  122. Thanks for doing this! Much love to the office ninjas!

  123. Nice spaces but only in SF?

  124. San Francisco!

  125. I would use 1611 Telegraph, 10th Floor, Suite 1030 to work on OrgOrg stuff with our team. In a dream world where I fly everyone to the bay area for a retreat :)

  126. I’ve never heard of Breather before but their policies sound great.

  127. Could use some relaxation for sure, especially when busy at work and getting stressful.

  128. Breather is exactly what i’ve been looking for! Looking forward to trying it out!

  129. Great raffle prize!

  130. Yay – did I hear “spa”?

  131. Who doesn’t need a spa treatment these days?! :) I hope I get this one!

  132. These look like great meeting spaces for off sites!

  133. Definitely will look into Breather!

  134. Our office works so hard that relaxation is so beneficial to keep our employees working at their best

  135. Thanks to this raffle, I have now found an alternate space in DC for an upcoming meeting!!

  136. This is desperately needed!!! Fingers crossed!!!

  137. London since we have a company office there!

  138. Would love to win a spa treatment!!

  139. Well none of their options are local to me, so let’s dream big and we’d choose a site in London. It’s good to dream right?

  140. I have never heard of Breather before but I am beyond excited at the possibility of this raffle win! I could truly use a spa

  141. 1411 5th St. in Santa Monica!

  142. Love spa treatments! Looking forward to winning this raffle. :-)

  143. 1411 5th St. right in Santa Monica, CA!

  144. It would be so awesome to win this one!

  145. This would be lovely to win! *fingers crossed*

  146. Thanks for supporting Administrative Professionals! I look forward to learning more about Breather.

  147. This makes me think of doing a company raffle to give teams a chance to work offsite at a Breather location in SF! Great idea!

  148. Spahhh-mazing! We could all use beauty break.

  149. How amazing would this be to win!??

  150. This is a great opportunity to try Breather! The spa also sounds nice!

  151. Would love to put together an offsite event for our Admin team! Winning this would be so great!

  152. I know of Breather but have yet to book. Looking forward to it!?

  153. Fabulous resource!

  154. a spa day would be so nice!

  155. 1225 Electric Avenue in LA hands down! Helllo Venice Beach :)

  156. Fabulous idea! Thanks!

  157. Can’t wait to try out Breather!! #AdminWeek

  158. Looking forward to exploring these options!

  159. Sounds like a wonderful option!

  160. So many amazing spaces!

  161. It would be great to have new options for offsite events

  162. I would love to wine this one! I need a spa treatment!

  163. I’ve worked with Breather before – they have a ton of nice spaces in the city for team meetings of all sizes. Their account managers are great as well!

  164. #officeninjasrock #keeponkeepingon

  165. I would love to host a team building for fellow admins. Possibly Santa Monica area. Hopefully they start to make their way south to the OC area.

  166. Breather seems like a great resource. Looking forward to learn more about it.

  167. This sounds sooooo good! DEFINITELY needed & would be so appreciated :)

  168. This would be an AMAZING surprise for everyone here!

  169. Wow! I hadn’t heard about Breather until now and what a cool concept. I’d love to bring my team to the 526 Bryant Street Room in San Francisco!

  170. Great concept… Although they don’t have anything local to my area, I have sales teams all over the country – and they are often looking for meeting space.

  171. 45 Belden Street in SF would work well for some of our smaller meetings. Plus a great change of pace from what we are used to.

  172. I’ve used breather before and I really liked their space (very clean and modern, a big plus for lots of windows!). I plan some of our smaller team offsites and something like the 833 Market St. Suite 316 location would be perfect because of its size and walking distance from the Caltrain Station.

  173. The Palo Alto spaces look amazing!

  174. I’ve never heard of Breather, but Mama needs some rest and relaxation! A spa day would be Amaze-BALLS!

  175. Just what the doctor ordered.

  176. This would be fantastic if it was in Portland Oregon! Finding offsite meeting locations is hard.

  177. I can’t wait to try it!

  178. I’ve used Breather before for a company offsite. I loved that I didn’t have to go pick up any keys ahead of time or set anything up. Our employees were able access and use the space without me ever having been there!

  179. Our admin team could use a breather after this week! Half of our team was out all week leaving 3 of us to hold our office together. We made do (of course because we are office ninjas ;)) but now are need of some relaxation! Would love to win and surprise them :)

  180. Anywhere but here… it would be an awesome experience.

  181. The spaces in New York are amazing and cozy. I love taking a break from the running around and booking a room. It allows me to work with absolutely no interruptions.

  182. 135 Bowery #1 looks perfect for our board meeting or to mix it up with our design sprints!

  183. I want to find out more about breather! Hoping to win something!!

  184. This would be great for team building! The admins in our building run like holy crazy. A day outside the building would really give them a boost!

  185. These spaces are so pretty!!

  186. I would make time for this! Just daydreaming of the spa makes me slightly more relaxed!

  187. 166 Geary Street, 12th Floor, Suite 1209 San Francisco. I would rent this space for a personal escape! Beautiful, airy, bright, and cozy. A nice little nook for reading, writing, and relaxation.

  188. 510 Mission St in SF would be great for an offsite!

  189. Sounds like a great concept I’d love to try.

  190. London would be my ideal space, but since Chicago is the closest, I would just fine with that.

  191. 615 Hampton Dr., Suite c101, Venice

  192. I would pick 205 W Wacker #619 in Chicago for when my boss had all day meetings there with clients. Very relaxing and professional space.

  193. Looks like great places

  194. I think Breather would do well in New Orleans. We hold offsite meetings and Breather would be a great resource.

  195. But when we go to the spa, will they ask us to re-arrange their calendars? ;)

  196. This prize sounds great!

  197. Yes on spa treatments! We work so hard to keep it all together – we deserve a spa day!

  198. This would be incredible. & I could treat my admin team!

  199. This sounds great

  200. spafinder?! what is this beautiful sounding thing?

  201. I’m unable to sign up for the daily raffle…….keeps telling me I have to complete all the required fields and the “save” button is grayed out. Frustrating! Tried several times with same result.

    1. happened to me to- change your country, then change back to the US

    2. Having the exact same issue.

      1. Hi Sarah, we were having some problems with the giveaway software, but they are all fixed now! Please let us know if you have any other issues.

    3. Hi Barb. Our giveaway software was experiencing problems but we have fixed it now. Please let us know if you have any other difficulties!

  202. Loved the bash!!!! I’d do an admin retreat spa/day.

  203. A spa day sounds AMAZING!!!!

  204. Sounds like a great resource.

  205. All the spaces are beautifully done; wow!! This is so HARD — so the Hub, Suite or Workshop would be great but there are limited options for Washington D.C. and Chicago. For our July meeting, I’d have to say the HUB for convenience with European colleagues participating for this event.

  206. Go Ninja Go Ninja go!! Last one, here we go! **fingers crossed**

  207. Out of all the great prizes this week, this is the one I want most! Good luck to us all!

  208. I would like 241 Centre Street, 5th Floor, New York actually, they are all really nice. It is hard to choose.

  209. This would be such a treat for everyone. Wow!

  210. This would be a wonderful experience!

  211. I’m excited to test drive this service!

  212. would LOVE to have a day at the spa….i think it’s important to treat ourselves every once in awhile. we’re so busy making others lives easier, its good to remember ourselves from time to time.

  213. This sounds like such a great resource!

  214. 526 Bryant Street, Room 1-Palo Alto. Love the vintage feel!

  215. This sounds amazing.

  216. I love the 1 Hallidie Plaza space in San Francisco. Great location and view!

  217. What a fabulous prize!

  218. I am going to use this resource. There are locations close to our office and the rates look reasonable.

  219. What a great idea!

  220. Who wouldn’t want this??

  221. Its nice to dream.

  222. This would be an absolute dream for my colleagues and I.

  223. Saved the best for last. I’m so excited.

  224. My company needs this so much!

  225. Yes, please! Thank you!

  226. Dreaming of pampering sessions.

  227. Oh my goodness-so useful! I sometimes need space in San Francisco and these spaces look beautiful!

  228. This would be fabulous! Not only a “breather,” but a breath of fresh air!!

  229. Looks like a good excuse for a weekend in Chicago : )

  230. An office of 410, moving to a brand new office in August, another office move in Denver just completed, and everything in-between… I may be a bad-ass OfficeNinja, but even I need a “Breather.”

  231. There’s nothing in my area, but my team is often on the East or West Coast, so possibly the DC or SF areas.

  232. Breather makes finding offsite meeting space SO easy

  233. Great idea for meeting space. I would choose one of the spaces in downtown Chicago.

  234. In our fast-paced work environment, I could always use a breather – and a spa day!!

  235. What a great resource.

  236. Going to LA in the summer, would LOVE this!

  237. I think everyone could use a Breather! :)

  238. I didn’t see any Breather spaces in Dallas, TX

  239. My office team really needs this!

  240. This sounds great!!!

  241. The closest is Boston. I like 55 Union Street and 36 Gloucester #2. Great idea!!

  242. These are really cool! We have some similar type spaces for co-working in Austin, but not as much for meeting. If I could use any of the spaces I would totally take the one in Avenue de Gaspé in Montreal.

  243. Oh how I need a breather! After 3 full weeks of reconfiguring office space – noise, chaos, confusion, packing, moving, moving again…that would be so nice!

  244. I’m in Austin, but I would totally go to the spaces in Montreal, the one at Avenue de Gaspé looks awesome!

  245. Admin week has been great and my officemates have shown me much love this week. Breather looks nice, except we do not have a Breather space in Dallas. I am sure this concept would work well in this city.

  246. I’ve never heard of Breather. What an fantastic idea!! And everyone can use a spa day!

  247. Happy Friday to all you Office Ninjas out there! Hope you had a great Admin Pro week! And best of luck to all of you on the giveaways! :)

  248. This is perfect! We have been looking for an alternative off-site meeting space since our building’s conference room is so dreary.

  249. Wow! What a fantastic service and prize.

  250. I cant wait to win! :)

  251. Relaxing… what a great idea!

  252. I use Breather a lot and our whole team loves it! Would be wonderful to have a credit on my tight nonprofit budget!

  253. I would love a spa day!

  254. 727 15 ST NW in DC would be a great location for an all-day team outing! Perfect size for our team!

  255. Congrats to the winners. This is a must have.

  256. What a wonderful prize. I have not had a spa day in years. It would be a real treat!

  257. Wow! What a fantastic prize to end Admin week. I would love a good excuse for some relaxation :) good luck to all who enter!!

  258. Yes, we need them in Dallas!

  259. Spa day would be great for the admin team in our office.

  260. What a neat idea! I hope I can utilize this one day.

  261. I wish they were in Dallas. Looks like some great spaces.

  262. Sounds great!

  263. This seems like a nice change of speed from normal meeting spaces

  264. Great concept. Thanks for sharing! I will definitely file this one away. There are none in Texas but I have teams all over the country.

  265. It looks like they have some really great spaces, unfortunately, they are not in Dallas yet.

  266. sounds fantastic hope whoever wins enjoys.

  267. What a fantastic concept. Maybe they will bring their offerings to Houston

  268. This is the first time I have heard of Breather and look forward to booking a space.!

  269. I appreciate ALL the great insight OfficeNinjas has provided during this fun week!
    Love being apart of a fun group….and Thank you to all the Admins out there that work super hard all year long!
    We ROCK!!

  270. Bummer this doesn’t help me in Georgia!

  271. This sounds awesome!

  272. I think Breather is great. I’ve rented space from them in as far as London and they were amazing.

  273. It looks like Chicago would be the closest location.

    I love this idea! It’s frustrating when you spend months working with a location on all the details your boss asks for, then on the day of the event the set up is all wrong (I show up early in flat heels expecting to rearrange tables/chairs). Or the invoice comes back later with charges for negotiated items. I like that Breather lists “Dependable” and “consistent” on their webpage!

  274. We’ve used the Breather space in 594 Broadway in NYC! It’s beautiful, and my rep with Breather has been AWESOME to work with any time we needed to book some space!

  275. This is such a cool concept! Too bad they’re not in Dallas, TX, yet. Great prizes this week, OfficeNinjas… and CONGRATS! to all the winners and All-Star Ninjas!

  276. Sadly the closest location to me is Chicago, but I really love the meeting space at 750 N Franklin. It looks so inviting and like my team could really get a lot done with the large space.

  277. It’s been a great Admin Week! Thank you, Office Ninjas, for pumping us up and for all the fun giveaways! I’ve also enjoyed seeing the stories about the winners!

  278. WOW, this sounds great!

  279. There are no work spaces on Breather in my vicinity, so I’d have to plan an off-site in Chicago.

  280. How wonderful this would be to win!

  281. Too bad they’re not in or around Nashville, TN, because they have a lot of great spaces to choose from.

  282. I like 51 Wooster Street for an intern mixer.

  283. It doesn’t look like Breather is available in my city of Columbus, Ohio. If it was, I would choose one of the light, airy spaces with plenty of table space.

  284. These spaces look so comfortable and inviting!
    Happy Administrative Professional week everyone!

  285. I would choose London!

  286. Just yesterday I said to myself that weneeded a great place to unwind in throughout the day we work some long hours, and this would be perfect for us!

  287. What a fabulous idea!

  288. What a wonderful idea!!!

  289. The breather spaces in SF’s soma district are amazing. Love it!

  290. I do not often book outside office space but may in the future. This prize looks amazing!

  291. These spaces look like homes and so comfortable and relaxing – great for an office retreat!

  292. Happy Admin Week. Thank you for being a part of this Breather! I have never heard of you, but it sounds like a great concept!

  293. Oh my gosh! Who wouldn’t love this! Looks fabulous.

  294. Spa day would be great!!! My office needs it.

  295. I’ve never heard of breather, but I could definitely use one! I never win but congrats to all you other OfficeNinja’s out there that have this week. Happy Administrative Professional’s Week to everyone!!!

  296. I have physicians who meet in Chicago, and might find the space interesting.

  297. I a man constantly helping EAs look for alternative meeting space across North America. This is a superb option, especially for Chicago. Thank you for the introduction.

  298. The Washington, D.C. collection caught my eye. The ideal space would accommodate about 50 people for 2 days, with all the technical accoutrements, and a side-space for the caterers to set up lunch.

  299. Love this idea! Some of the most stressful parts of this job is finding appropriate spaces for meetings and having everything you need to be productive. This saves so much time.

  300. Relax, unwind and breathe!!!! What a fun week.

  301. More than simply “Calgon, take me away!”

  302. With so many options it’s hard to choose but my top two choices would be New York City and then Los Angeles :) This is truly amazing and who wouldn’t want to give this a try.

  303. Breather would be a perfect resource for our company. Hope Columbus, Ohio is added to their list, soon. I’m content to wait at the spa, though. I’m flexible like that. :o)

  304. Love taking care of everybody at the office but we often forget to take care of ourselves! To be able to relax and have some peace and quiet is def something every office admin needs

  305. <3 Love taking care of everybody but we often forget to take care of ourselves! To be able to relax and have some peace and quiet is def something every office admin needs

  306. Space can be an issue at times, even at a huge company like Genentech. I’m definitely interested in Breather.

  307. Who doesn’t love relaxation?! I have never heard of Breather before, but what a great idea.

  308. Great resource for those cities!

  309. All of the spaces are great, we are based in DC so I could use anyone one of them. Thanks for sharing this information – I will keep them in mind for future meetings/breakouts.

  310. We do a lot of meetings in the Boston & New York areas, but really wish there was a service like this in the Philadelphia area where we host most of our off-sites (hint, hint…). Looking forward to checking out this service next time we’re in need of meeting space.

  311. New York City, although any of them would be wonderful.

  312. I neeeed this! I just started a new job and spa treatments are off my budget for at least three months!!

  313. Who doesn’t love relaxation?! Haven’t heard of Breather before, but what a great idea!

  314. I would so love this – some me time – needed very much.

  315. this looks exciting! I would love a breather!

  316. A great idea. Who doesn’t need this?

  317. Last raffle and the system will not allow me to enter–bummer. It says I haven’t completed the entry but I have. I need a breather!!

  318. Gorgeous spaces, I can’t wait for our company to try this.

  319. Sounds awesome!! Need to check for them in Fort Myers, Florida and suggest them.

  320. Love the colors and it looks so comfy!

  321. Our HQ is in D.C., and I would love to book some of those spaces for team offsites and all-day meetings. I’d also love for them to come to Dallas where our second largest North America office lives.

  322. Love Breather! They have multiple spaces in our office building and make it super-easy to book space on short notice. One of our client-facing teams enjoyed a very focused, day-long off-site in a Breather suite earlier this month.

  323. Sadly I don’t live in any of these cities. But I love the SF 510 Mission space, with the comfy couch, big windows, and exposed brick. Just looking at it makes me feel more creative :)

  324. I would choose Toronto or Califorinia!

  325. This would be wonderful.

  326. I’ve never heard of Breather, but I’m definitely going to check them out. Fun, functional meeting space is always in high demand!

  327. who couldn’t use this?!!

  328. Could really use this in our office

  329. I would use the breather space for our people to get together r to discuss strategies for improving our business next year.

  330. The spaces look beautiful – lots of natural light! Love it!

  331. We’re just beginning to plan an office refresh, this would be perfect!

  332. we’re just beginning to plan an office refresh, this would be perfect for us.

  333. My office would LOVE this for an off-site work party – I’ve been saying for months that we should have a party to be able to hang out outside of the stress of work. This would be the perfect solution! :)

  334. Chicago – Streeterville, River North, or North Loop. Would be a great morale booster!

  335. Whoa! What an awesome idea!!!!

  336. This is fantastic! My team is always looking for new spaces for our team off sites. Thank you! I will pass on to the other admins at our company.

  337. I signed up for alerts for Richmond, VA. The best location for us right now would be DC.

  338. Wonderful idea!

  339. I would love to have a meeting in NYC!

  340. 80 Clerkenwell Road in London looks absolutely stunning!!!

  341. The loop in ChiTown!

  342. Perfect for our students learning to be counselors.

  343. I hope they have something in Virginia. I’ve given up trying to find something similar in the Richmond area, but I’ll check it out anyway! The spaces look incredible… everything you’d need in a meeting place. I’m imagining not having to drag around my rolling briefcase full of markers, chargers, extra cords…etc :)

  344. Great idea – I’ll definitely be checking this for future meetings

  345. will check it out

  346. This would be great for meetings in NYC where spaces are difficult to find

  347. I sooooo could use a “breather” after my crazy busy week this week!

  348. something in DC would be awesome!

  349. Gorgeous spaces!

  350. facial here I come!

  351. Ahhh….relaxation!

  352. Aaaahhhh … a breather I could use :)

  353. Breather seems like a great idea especially if you have to arrange a meeting in a different city, although sometime challenging in your own city with finding somewhere suitable. There is not one in my city, would like to see one in Dallas. That being said, if I had to pick a place to have an offsite event, I would choose London!

  354. Spahhh! Who can ask for more?

  355. I could use any form of relaxation!

  356. How nice! I’d definitely be able to add “Happiness Hero” to my job title if I booked one of these spaces.

  357. This is a great concept for those that have to set up meetings in a different city or for thinking “outside the office” in your own city. That being said, there is not one in my city. So if I had to choose, why not go big and pick an offsite meeting in London!

  358. This would be a fantastic treat!

  359. Awesome!

  360. I’ve never heard of Breather before, it’s an excellent change from the usual conference areas. The locations in NY look beautiful and are full of light, they would be great for team building and brainstorming sessions!

  361. The DC locations look awesome! Will definitely keep Breather in mind for our leadership office later this year.

    1. Yeah, that should definitely say off-site, not office. Not enough coffee this AM!

  362. Who’s doesn’t like to relax?

  363. This looks great, and potentially useful, since I’m in the DC area!

  364. The spaces look beautiful!

  365. This is very interesting. Our team gets so focused it would be great to try a more relaxed venue. I’ll check it out. Thanks!

  366. The spaces look really nice! :)

  367. Beautiful spaces. Wish there was one in Cleveland

  368. We happen to have fairly frequent travel near Boston. Boston or LA would work for me! :)

  369. For the small business or traveling exec this would be a great option. And any admin could use some spa time!

  370. Would definitely use Breather when I’m in D.C.!

  371. Los Angeles!

  372. I would so love to win this. I need a good massage!!

  373. This sounds amazing!

  374. This would be perfect after a long week (or day) at the office!

  375. Great concept for smaller meetings!

  376. I’ve never heard of this but this sounds awesome.

  377. This would be awesome–So nice!

  378. I have never heard of them but sounds great.

  379. There aren’t any locations in my current city but I will keep these mind if we ever need a space in one of their cities.

  380. I would pick a location with comfy chairs, lots of power outlets, and a ton of whiteboard space (preferably the whole wall).

  381. Breather sounds fantastic! Hoping all Admin have had a fabulous week!!

  382. Unfortunately, Breather is not located in any of the cities where we operate.

  383. Every Admin can use a spa day!

  384. Breather is my all time fav for finding offsite rental space! I doubt I’ll win (it’s seeming unlikely at this point) but loved this whole week!

  385. Looks like fun!

  386. This is a great idea. I will keep it in mind when I look for meeting space.

  387. I’d like to get a space in Harrisburg, PA

  388. It is great that Admins are recognized this way. Sometimes we are the forgotten ones. Keep up the good work.

  389. This sounds absolutely wonderful.

  390. It sounds wonderful.

  391. Happy for the winners, love to me my name!

  392. 727 15 Street NW, 11th Floor, Suite 1102, Washington DC because it looks like you’re in someone’s home and can be relaxed.

  393. Our company needs this!

  394. Great idea!

  395. These spaces are beautiful!!

  396. I’m starting to give up hope of winning anything. But congrats to those who did!

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