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We Asked, You Answered: Fun Desk Items Every Office Ninja Needs

Let’s be real Ninjas, your desk is more than just a desk. It’s your daily domain, the place where you rock admin life like a boss and the spot where you work hard and GSD every single day.
Is there anything more exciting than a highly organized, creatively chic yet awesomely functional work space? We think not.

Lucky for us, there’s a whole wide world of swanky but sensible desk items that speak to our #bossmode side and still fills the fun quota.

Here are some of our must-have desk items that’ll boost the productivity juice and make your desk the epitome of #workhappy:

Rabbit Ear Memo Boards


Must-Have Because: Aside from the fact that they’re absolutely adorable, sometimes, there’s not enough room for all of the Post-it Notes your monitor is decorated with. Come on, we know you do it (mostly because we do it too!).

Price: $24.90

LiveWork Desk Planner


Must-Have Because: Everyone needs a desk planner but the standard sizes don’t necessarily suit everyone’s setup. These special sized memo planners fit right between your keyboard and monitor, making it easily accessible and optimally placed while taking up minimal real estate.

Price: $18

Personal Information Protection Stamp

Protection Stamp

Must-Have Because: Need to take care of confidential info but don’t want to take it to the shredder? Roll over the details with this clever little gadget, which covers up sensitive information with an illegible design. It’s quicker than using a Sharpie and even includes a letter opener—good things really do come in small packages.

Ninja-Love: “This is such a great idea, I’m surprised its not more popular in an office setting! I love using it, in fact, I have two now, one to use at work and one at home – one more step for security process.” – Monica P.

“I bought this for my personal use. Now, I don’t have to shred every piece of mail with my name on it. I can use the roller and then put it in the recycling.” – Deborah Z.

Price: $8.89

aTypeOfInspiration Printable Planner

printable desk plannerMust-Have Because: You want to add a little sparkle to your desk planner and you love typography. These printable planner pages are great for those looking for a minimalist design that still packs a lot of punch. Since they aren’t confined to a pre-bound book, you can print them for your desk or to hang on your wall.

Price: $5.73 for digital download

Silhouette Cameo

Silhouette Must-Have Because: You’re more than likely part of the social committee (or its sole member) and custom-made cards and paper crafts are the secret sauce to making people feel special. With this electronic cutting tool, you can show off your scrapbooking skills while making everyone (even your boss) hope for a hand-crafted card on their special day.

Price: $269.99

Paper Clip Photo Holder

Must-Have Because: Your desk is your home away from home and that means photos of the fam are a must. What better way to display your pride and joy then with this oversized paperclip? You can easily slip the photos in and don’t have to worry about making space for bulky frames. Bonus: it can easily double as a paperweight when needed—one that’s way cooler than the glass globes from back in the day.

Ninja Love: “What a great idea. I love to change out photos all the time, but it’s such a hassle to open up the frames, reset, etc. This way, I can change out the pictures easily, and even have a few more out than usual.” – Deborah Z.

Price: $14

Zippered Mesh Bags

mesh bags
Barbara’s stash of mesh bags that keep her nimble and ready to go for any office situation.

Must-Have Because: Storage is the key to an organized desk but sometimes, boxes or filing cabinets just won’t cut it. You need to be able to ‘grab-and-go’ at any given moment, and that’s where zippered mesh bags come in handy: you can store everything you need without having to worry about labeling or zipping open to see what’s inside.

Ninja Love: “I’m a sucker for zippered mesh bags for all my gear, portable wifi, earbuds and random ‘just-in-case’ stuff. They’re see-through to find what I need and squishable when the rolling briefcase is full. Always have a See’s Candies gift certificate for spontaneous gift-giving, or a treat to me if it’s a bad week.” – Barbara G.

Price: $10.50

Lazy Susan

lazy susan

Must-Have Because: Every minute of your day counts, and searching for your writing tools is not a good use of your time. This spinning supply holder has clear compartments, making everything you need within arm’s reach easily accessible and clearly visible.

Ninja Love: “I had one of these ages ago. It was great to keep everything to hand and still keep it all neat. Well worth the investment.” – Deborah Z.

Price: $49

Cumulus ll Skypanels

Cumulus II Skypanels; Fluorescent Light Diffuser Must-Have Because: Sometimes, you can’t help but be in the office all day. The only time you see the sky is when you leave the office, and that’s just not good enough. These light diffuser panels are an easy fix for that, reducing stress while minimizing the effects of harsh fluorescent lighting.

Price: $35.95

Natural Light Smart LED Desk Lamp

Natural Light Smart LED Desk LampMust-Have Because: Getting your boss to approve a full light panel change could be tricky, which is why this desk lamp is a nice alternative. It provides natural, non-flickering light that makes those long hours staring at screens less stressful on your eyes.

Price: $79.99


Gazillion Bubbles

Must-Have Because: When you have to blow off some steam but don’t want to make things awkward, why not blow bubbles instead? It’s low-cost, low-key form of stress relief and adds an air of whimsy to the office that no one else can replicate.

Ninja-Love: “I love the idea of bubbles. I may need to get a bottle to keep at my desk. I’m imagining my boss walking down the hall and seeing them come out of my office…” – Deborah Z.

Price: $10.44

Modern Motivational Poster

Modern Day Motivational PosterMust-Have Because: It’s important to give your eyes a rest, so what better than a beautifully designed typographic decal to give you both a break and a daily dose of inspiration? It’s the modern day inspirational poster your office really needs.

Price: $20

Tack Set

thumb tack setMust-Have Because: Keeping track of your tacks doesn’t have to be boring—this sushi tack set brings together decor and function in the most awesome way. Maki anyone?

Price: $8

Magnetic Paperclip Holder

paper clip holder

Must-Have Because: You’re tired of trying to dig for paperclips from the boring black dispenser. This magnetic paperclip holder gives you easy access to the clips while allowing you to bring a bit of your personal style to your workspace.

Price: $58

Office Voodoo Kit Stress Toy

voodoo doll kit

Must-Have Because: Your stress ball is no longer a ball and you need the power of voodoo to help you out in the office. This kit takes stress relief to a whole other level and comes with a 32-page spellbook so you can turn any annoying colleague into an easygoing comrade.

Price: $24.55

How do you pimp out your desk? What fun desk items did we miss on this list? Share in a comment below!


  1. Silhouette is amazaballs, I have one and I had everyone amazed on how I had cut 2oo very intricate snow flakes for our Holiday party.

    1. Hopefully you kept them guessing and just took all that well-deserved credit ;)

  2. I just ordered the personal protection stamp – one for home and one for work. What a great idea!

    1. Glad to hear it, Marty! Do let us know how you like it :)

  3. I LOVE my Happy Planner! I’ve got my eye on the Silhouette or Cricut machines (haven’t decided yet). I’m a sticker addict as much as I am a planner addict.

  4. I just ordered the Sky Panels for my office. Blue Skies ahead, thank you!

  5. The Silhouette also (and I think, more importantly) makes AMAZING labels! I’ve labeled the cabinets in the office kitchenette and it looks very professional.

  6. for the nature-loving ninja who works in a windowless office that sky panel may be a necessity. as are live zoo cam or eagle nest cams playing in the background on my desktop.

    1. Ooh – live nature cams are such an awesome idea, Carolyn! Thanks for sharing :)

    2. :) I have the DC eagles nest cam up on my monitor and check in with it periodically.

      1. That’s so cool, Pat! We’re going to have to check it out too :)

      2. Pheobe Allens Humming bird nest cam is awesome too. It’s in a backyard so you hear birds and other background noises and you can hear the humans of the momma hummingbird when she flies in and out of the nest.
        Oh and Africam is a good one too. Live shots of watering holes in Africa.

  7. Rabbit Ear Memo Boards – definitely a must have. I am buying them tonight. Thanks for the post!

    1. We totally agree! Let us know how you like them, Meghan! :)

  8. I love all of these! My birthday is Saturday… Who’s buying these for me?!?!

    1. Happy birthday, Amy! Hopefully you got one of these, and if not, Admin Day is coming up soon ;)

  9. Great ideas I haven’t heard or seen before. I am ordering the personal protection stamp right away. The paperclip pic holder is cute and doesn’t take up too much room.

  10. Ooooh, love the Skypanels!If Voodoo scares you a little bit, a Dammit! Doll is a great alternative.

        1. Haha! Do you have her at your desk or at home, Leticia?

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