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Admin Week OfficeNinjas T-Shirts Are on Sale Now!

OfficeNinjas Administrative Badassery T-Shirt Sale

#NinjaStyle—it’s a thing. We’re a smart, snappy, good vibes kinda tribe, and we like to look the part. But certain occasions call for specific fashion choices. After all, Carrie Bradshaw didn’t have just one pair of Manolos, did she?

That’s why this year during Admin Week, in celebration of Administrative Professionals Day, you can choose from THREE limited edition OfficeNinjas T-shirt designs! Back in the day, our super comfy tees were only available to Admin Bash attendees. Then Ninjas from all over the country—admin teams, virtual admins, admin departments of one—assertively asked to have their own. Long story short: what Ninjas want, Ninjas get.

Now you can pre-order the OfficeNinjas T-shirt that best suits your personality and mood (or stock up on all three and cover your bases). Order before April 10th to ensure it makes it in time to rock on Admin Day. We sold out last year, so don’t wait!

And without further ado, the designs!

Can’t Deny Admazing

The life of an Office Ninja is filled with victories both big (organizing a successful office move) and small (combating dirty dishes).

But a win’s a win, and you deserve a victory lap—because you’re Admazing, and no one can deny it. Celebrate yourself with this sassy design.

Order Admazing Tee

Administrative Badassery

Administrative Badassery is a state of mind. It’s that feeling you get when the sun is shining, when you zero-out your inbox, your colleagues are content, and the office coffee is particularly on-point.

No doubt things will hit the fan at any moment, but for the time being you can strut through the office with extra swagger in your step because you’ve got everything under control. #AdministrativeBadassery

Order Badassery Tee

D.A.M.N. Dial a Master Ninja

It’s not uncommon for a co-worker to utter the word “DAMN!” (or maybe a more colorful alternative) and then immediately seek your help.

As the Master Ninja, you’re the resident fixer, problem solver, thing finder, and soother of nerves. Your co-worker’s “DAMN!” is what Gotham City’s bat signal is to Bruce Wayne. It’s your calling, Ninja. Embrace it.

Order D.A.M.N. Tee

There you have it, Ninja. Rock the OfficeNinjas T-shirt design that best represents your #NinjaStyle this Administrative Professionals Day, April 26, 2017.

Which design best suits you and your #NinjaStyle? How are you celebrating #AdminWeek this year?


  1. I want them all! Can I order and pick them up in London?

  2. I like them all and the one I ordered…and will wear at work…is “Administrative Badassery”! Can’t wait to see everyone!

  3. I love all the designs. With all the options out there that are “work-safe” aka zzzzz, this really appeals to me as something different. Great work, Office Ninjas!

  4. I love that OfficeNinjas is offering more than one tee design this year! I work in education as well and I think that, while there are a lot of companies that may have very specific dress code guidelines, there’s something here that works for everyone. The acronym on the Dial A Master Ninja tee is quite small (pairing the tee with a light cardigan would definitely cover that concern) and, to be honest, our campus has committees that sometimes, unavoidably, end up with questionable acronyms. I think the point of any shirt design is to stir conversation. They are a great way to tell someone about OfficeNinjas, whether you are at the office, doing your errands, or spending time with friends. My only constructive feedback would have been to have the tee available in green with a slightly larger Susy icon. I love being able to spot my fellow ninjas in a crowd at conferences and events that way. :)

  5. I agree with Kim and Claire. I work at a college and we wear college branded t-shirts at campus events…so wearing a t-shirt is not a problem. But I work at a college and it has to be a little more professional looking and the “bad” words won’t work here. We send students home if they wear them. Plus I would like people to take my profession a little more serious so something a little more professional sounding would work here…that even states the profession (Administrative Professional). “Can’t Deny Amazing” doesn’t say amazing at what and could mean anything. Maybe next year you will offer more options. Thanks for making them available.

  6. Wish I could wear one to work. We need more versions that show we are above the language used on these.

  7. OMG!!! I love them all, but the “Dial a Master Ninja” Tee is my favorite! ❤

    1. Happy to hear it, Evelyn! We never turn down Ninja models, if you want to snap a picture of yourself in the DAMN tee when it arrives ;)

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