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Admin Week 2020: A (New) Virtual Celebration for the Admin Community

Admin Week 2020: A Virtual Celebration for the Admin Community

When we declared 2020 the Era of the Office Ninja, we certainly didn’t anticipate this moment in history.

Yet… who is better equipped to navigate these uniquely challenging times than administrative professionals (aka Ninjas)? The workplace (heck, the WORLD) needs our clear-headed quick thinking and problem-solving skills. And we Ninjas need the support of our community.

So, instead of cancelling our annual Admin Week celebration slated for April 20-24, 2020 — we pulled a classic Ninja move and completely reimagined it.

Shrinking the Distance to Celebrate Administrative Excellence

How do you bring thousands of executive assistants, office managers, admin pros, and workplace operators together to celebrate their administrative excellence during a time of mandatory social distancing?

You host a week-long online lovefest anchored by enthusiastic connection, thoughtful reflection, mutual appreciation — and a lot of amazing raffle prizes.

“Loving all the positive vibes, inspirational stories, and, of course, the chance to win some truly awe inspiring giveaways through this fantastic group! There is always something fresh, something to lift your spirits, something to challenge your viewpoint, and something to make you laugh! It’s EVERYTHING! Thank you for all you do!” – Nicole F., Administrative Business Partner, SF Bay Area

Needless to say, we’ve been quite busy at OfficeNinjas HQ over the last six weeks! Luckily, Ninja Susy, beloved OfficeNinjas Mascot and secret To-Do-List Lover cracked whips and checked boxes (below) like it was her job — and, proudly, we pulled off some very special Admin Week 2020 experiences.

 A gif of a To Do List with tasks being checked off.

Susy’s list is seemingly endless. Like Santa Claus’s.

Meet the 2020 OfficeNinjas All-Stars… and the First All-Star Team!

When you shine a glowing spotlight on some of the best and brightest administrative professionals around — you can count on the worldwide Admin Community to show up and CELEBRATE.

Ninja community member Annalise Phomvongsa praises 2020 OfficeNinjas All-Star Hilary Phillips for her win.

Every Admin Week since 2015, we’ve honored five outstanding admin pros with OfficeNinjas All-Star Awards, recognizing their exceptional work, leadership, and commitment to the ever-evolving admin profession. And in 2020, we launched a brand new award category: OfficeNinjas All-Star Team!

To find these remarkable individuals, we invited executives, colleagues, and peers to nominate their office rockstars — and we received thousands of submissions. Some are humorous, others heartfelt — and all of them confirm what we’ve known all along: admin professionals are universally amazing.

We sat down with each of our 2020 All-Star winners for an in-depth interview, sharing valuable insights from their winning programs and strategies that you can start implementing right away.

Get your pen and notebook ready if you’ve been wanting to…

  • Position yourself as a strategic business partner to your executives
  • Build a culture of collaboration and mutual respect within your Admin team
  • Form an Employee Resource Group in your organization
  • Try a new way to overcome a disastrous day

Settle in and prepare for your inspiration (and heart) to swell as you get to know our incredible 2020 OfficeNinjas All-Star winners (and play a fun companion game we created for the experience)!

The First-Ever Admin Day Mega Raffle

Most giveaways begin and end with an online form, with only the prize winners benefiting. We wanted our first-ever Mega Raffle to offer an experience that everyone could enjoy, prize winner or not.

On National Administrative Professionals Day (April 22, 2020), OfficeNinjas partnered with some of our favorite admin-supporting companies to give away 35+ prizes in a daylong Mega Raffle just for the administrative community.

A gif of winners’ reactions from the OfficeNinjas 2020 Admin Day Mega Raffle.

Admin Day Mega Raffle winners show us their winning pose!

Each day of Admin Week, Ninjas earned raffle entries by participating in fun activities, like watching special tribute videos to the admin community, sharing their personal experiences and insights on the admin profession, and learning about each of our 2020 OfficeNinjas All-Stars.

Our friends at DoorDash for Business know the secret to a good celebration, virtual or otherwise, includes the promise of delicious food (in this case, prepared and delivered to your door). They were a true Admin Week MVP, contributing six Mega Raffle prizes and a gift card to each of our All-Star winners!

“To get the chance to connect with and reward EAs, admins, and operations managers is so exciting. From the Raffles, to the social media engagement, to the All-Star reveals — Admin Week is so much fun to be a part of.” – Lauren Mayfield, B2B Marketing Manager, DoorDash for Business

OfficeNinjas superfans were particularly pumped for a chance at our limited edition 2020 OfficeNinjas hoodies (worn only by our 2020 All-Stars and HQ squad), and with good reason — the hoodies are next-level quality, carefully constructed by our favorite corporate swag provider Onyx.

“The OfficeNinjas community is clearly passionate and selfless. It seems obvious that this group is a bunch of ‘fun-loving givers’ — but it doesn’t make it any less impressive. Onyx is so proud to celebrate this community.” – Matt David, President, Onyx Worldwide, Inc.

And self-care junkies across the country crossed their fingers for one of three CBD and plant-based skincare sets hand-crafted by SF Bay Area-based Yuzu Soap.

Ninjas work extremely hard but often fly under the radar, so it’s great to have an entire week dedicated to thanking and recognizing these tireless contributors. It was an honor to partner with OfficeNinjas for Admin Week, which is truly a one-of-a-kind celebration of a very deserving profession. – Lauren Shun, Founder, Yuzu Soap

We can’t stop smiling because…

  • Ninjas flooded our articles and social communities with more than 10K thoughtful discussions, supportive interactions, and darling meet-cutes.
  • Raffle winners’ excited (and hilarious) reactions to scoring one of the hand-selected prizes WERE EVERYTHING. They used a minimum of five exclamations to rave over award-winning confections, premium kitchen gadgets, modern office essentials, and so much more.

Read our Mega Raffle Recap Article for very legit data science on our winners; to meet our incomparable partners… and to find out the ONLY state in the U.S. where no Ninjas entered.

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Surprise Tributes to the Admin Community

Admin Week is about honoring the meaningful work Ninjas do every day to help power their organizations — and deep appreciation for that work spans generations, industries and timezones.

We invited an inspiring roster of educators, HR leaders, operations execs, and fellow admins to spread a little bit of that love. And each day of Admin Week, we shared their uplifting video tributes to the Admin community.

Ninja community member Kate Lang praises OfficeNinjas’ video tributes of appreciation for the Admin Community.

As you watch each of our Tributors draw from their unique experiences, you’ll start to see a common theme: they all believe emphatically that Ninjas are the backbones of the organizations they serve.

Maybe keep the tissue box close because you’re about to…

  • Get credit for special skills you thought executives didn’t notice
  • Meet inspiring multi-generational admin families
  • Receive a loving pep talk from other Ninjas navigating these strange times, too
  • Remember why you chose this powerful career path

Queue up our full playlist of Video Tributes to the Admin Community (with a small sample below) and make your day instantly better.

Bonnie Low-Kramen thumbnail
Susan Houlihan thumbnail
Barb Grealish thumbnail
Ross and Ally thumbnail
Lauren Mayfield thumbnail
Enrique Rubio thumbnail

Thank You For Celebrating With Us!

We hope that a full week of deep appreciation, joyful connection — and raffle-driven adrenaline rushes — provided a small respite from the weight of the world’s current circumstance.

Speaking of connection… we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below:

What were some of the biggest delights of Admin Week? Was this your first year celebrating with OfficeNinjas or one of many?

Thank You to Our Admin Week Partners

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  1. I LOVE ADMIN WEEK! You all make it so special and it’s every year keeps getting better and better! Thank you!

  2. Our company sent everyone in our firm a snack box of sweets. It was a great surprise!

  3. I lovedreading the All-Star profiles and picking up some of their tricks. In some cases, it felt validating that I wasn’t being a control nut with those extra things that I feel both help and align my exec and myself. This is my first year celebrating with OfficeNinjas and it’s been so fun!

  4. Not much happened this year during Admin’s Week except for Office Ninja’s giving away all those amazing gifts, even if I didn’t win. Thanks for your inspiration.

  5. Each and every one of the All Stars are so inspiring! The video tributes were my favorite things to watch each day! Oh, and being one of the LUCKY Mega Raffle winners definitely puts this Admin Week at the top! I have been celebrating admin week with OfficeNinjas for years! Always motivational!

  6. I loved reading about the 2020 All-Stars – everyone of them is inspiring. This was my first year celebrating Admin Professional’s Day with OfficeNinjas, and I wish I had known about this site years ago.

  7. I enjoyed reading about all of the all star winners! Congratulations to them all!

  8. Thank you for celebrating Admin Week with so many upbeat and exciting stories. I was so much in need of positive reading and happy faces, due to the COVID-19 it has gotten me down. This was a perfect time to be change the mood!
    Congratulations to all the winners! What a way to bring it to all of us who share the same ambitions. We all want to help in some way. Stay positive and healthy, and be Safe.

  9. I loved reading stories about other admins in the community! Hearing how they each got to where they are now and reading some of their top tips and quotes was inspiring!

  10. I loved reading about how innovative and creative other admins are! I got so many new ideas and learned a ton! (Josie P, Washington, DC, Office Manager)

  11. It was exciting to see how appreciated we are in the admin. world. Unfortunately, this was my first time that I did NOT receive anything for admin day from my “boss”. So I appreciated all the accolades from your emails!

  12. I have been part of Office Ninjas for the last 4 years and have enjoyed receiving the emails with tips and articles. Thank you for those! Even though this wasn’t a typical Admin week due to our current situation, it will remain memorable for years to come! I enjoyed getting to read highlights of other admins from our Office Ninjas network. I was also surprised with new baking tools from my boss for my new love of cookie baking and decorating! Now to get our office opened again to bring co-workers some goodies!

  13. I have been an Office Ninja member for a few years. I enjoyed reading about 2020 All Star Elaine Carbonell. Elaine’s insights and shared best practices were inspiring. Further, I greatly admire her for remembering to give kudos to her co-workers. Ms. Carbonell truly exhibits a “team player”, “We are all in this together” attitude! As a 30+ year admin myself I can attest to the value of such an attitude in the workplace. Thank you!

  14. I just discovered Office Ninjas the week after Admin Week 2020! So sorry I missed it, but can’t wait to read more about it and check out the resources!

  15. Starting a new job during a pandemic has been crazy! Thankfully my new amazing team and lots of great information from OfficeNinjas has helped me along. Thanks for the great posts, ON…keep them coming!

  16. I have also celebrated prior Admin Week’s here. Unfortunately due to the pandemic our Admin celebration was cancelled to practice social distancing. However, I enjoy coming here and being part of Officeninjas to cheer on other administrative professionals and get helpful tips. Thank you for being here and supporting all admins.!

  17. I always enjoy the tips and training offered by Office Ninjas. It’s hard to pick just one. Thanks for supporting admins.!

  18. I’ve celebrated prior Admin Week’s here, and thank you for the creativity to keep the celebration going!
    Our organization’s administrative professionals group held a virtual coffee hour to connect and share tips to support each other while we support our executives and units from home. And our executives kicked us off with kudos and great words of appreciation.

  19. This is my second (or third?) year celebrating Admin Week with OfficeNinjas…and I think it’s the best one yet! Because everything is so uncertain right now, it was especially meaningful to be reminded of the value we bring to our jobs. And reading about the All-Star winners’ passion for what they do was inspiring. Grateful for this community and for a job that I love!

  20. Even in our current work situation, my awesome team still found a way to make admin day fun and special for me. So blessed!!!!

  21. I’ve been celebrating Admin Week with Officeninjas since its inception. I love reading the All-Star profiles and what they do for their companies as ninjas to help them win this award. It’s encouraging to learn different aspects of how each one contributes and is appreciated.

  22. Second year. I enjoyed seeing what others do and how others are functioning during this crazy time! I love that there is a group of people who love their jobs as much as I do.

  23. I work at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, and unfortunately, our campus has been mostly closed so a lot of us have been working from home. We didn’t get to have any in person get-togethers to celebrate our week, but our executive leadership team did put a video on YouTube to say thank you. It was a very nice gesture that with everything going on right now, they took the time to make something to say thanks.

  24. Biggest delights – seeing so many ninjas/colleagues participated despite not being together in person we were able to come together to build closer relationships.
    Congrats to the impressive list of All Stars!
    This is my 5th year celebrating with OfficeNinjas and cheers to many more to come.
    Thank you Nancy, Edwin, and team for organizing and to your continue support for the OfficeNinjas community.

  25. Hi,
    Some of the biggest delights on APD were the free professional development webinars.

  26. Hearing success stories and best practices and strategies to succeed was valuable and enriching.

  27. Virtual Admin Week…was so much better than I expected it to be. Still miss the face to face connections but we will have that in 2021! Thank you for making US feel EXTRA SPECIAL during Admin Week!

  28. My biggest delight for Admin week is my position is flexible enough to still be working full time from home during this pandemic (although we have all been so busy everyone forgot about Admin week, I didn’t have the heart to remind her. They are all going through so much)

  29. I appreciated all of the e-networking that circulated despite the cancellation of our anticipated conference. The strength of this community is apparent and we will persevere- the messaging from Admin week offered me that reminder. xx, Sher

  30. Absolutely loved reading the All Star’s profiles and learning about the resources. Always look forward to the Ninja’s weekly emails full of creative ideas, fun and interesting takeaways. This was my 2nd Admin week, and I look forward to next year!

  31. This was my first Admin Week with Office Ninjas! I am so happy to have found this amazing community! Particularly now during this tumultuous time it has been so important to connect!

  32. My favorite delights about Admin week is hearing all of the amazing stories from all of the featured admins. It’s nice to hear their stories as they are stories we all can relate to. I’ve attended several Office Ninja Admin bashes from Mountain View to the Presidio, SF. I always run in to fellow admins, I’ve met along the way and leave the event with new vendor contacts and lots of fun, creative ideas for the workplace.

  33. I have been part of Office Ninjas for several years. I always love reading about the All-Stars! They have such inspirational stories! Unfortunately, my company did not recognize us this year (there are two of us). I am one of the few people coming into the office, but most are working from home, so I get it. At least I had Office Ninjas to keep me company, and inspired!

  34. Despite SIP, my boss did remember me with a nice Amazon gift card. Which was perfect, as I’ve already used it up.

  35. I loved the creative encouraging messages from admins all over the country! It helped me feel more connected during this new era of working from home. Thank you!!

  36. I love the community to celebrate alongside and the support we give each other through the year. I’ve been celebrating with Office Ninjas for many years now. Debbie S. Administrative Assistant

  37. Winning the All-Star award trumps all other previous Admin Weeks! I loved reading all the comments from my fellow OfficeNinjas along with the submissions from my co-workers! It was such a great pick-me-up during the middle of this pandemic/stay-home order. I’ll never forget this week :)

  38. This was my first time celebrating with OfficeNinjas and I absolutely loved it! I enjoyed reading about the AllStars! They were motivating and uplifting, especially during this time.

  39. I do so enjoy seeing, hearing, and reading about my fellow Office Ninjas across the entire (well 49 out of 50) United States! I look forward to each newsletter containing encouragement, giggles, and a wonderful trove of relevant articles. I joined ranks as an Office Ninja in 2016.

  40. This is the first year I encountered Officeninjas! I’m glad to have discovered it. I love to read articles and pick up tips and tricks and support from the group.

  41. My inbox full of greetings and thank you’s with pictures of flowers, while we’re all working from home and surprise gift card to amazon made admin week a joy this year. One of many years as an admin, my first as a part of the officeninjas community.

  42. I had a surprise visit from my boss during APW2020…he brought me an edible arrangement and I thought it was super cool that he drove all the way to my house to deliver, thanks to COVID-19. We live an hour from each other, so a two-hour drive round trip (how thoughtful). I also really enjoyed the spotlights provided by OfficeNinjas each day. I love to see what others are doing around the country to celebrate their admins!

  43. I love celebrating with officeninjas! The aspirations, support and comments from fellow assistants towards one another is amazing. However, living in New Zealand does not allow participation because of mail costs and being out of the USA.

  44. It was my first year celebrating with Office Ninjas, and I can’t wait for next year’s events when we can meet in person! I’ve only been to one event with this organization, but I’m loving what I’m seeing. Can’t wait to meet more ninjas and at events to come!

  45. Michelle P., Engineering Administrative Assistant

    This was my first year celebrating Admin week with Office Ninjas. Where have I been all these years?? I’m glad to be part of this community. I love all the all star articles and the Admin week raffles. I’m glad to be a new Ninja!

  46. This was my first year celebrating Admin All Star week. Although it was totally different due to the situation we are all in I found that it is amazing how many creative and amazing people run this group! It’s so wonderful to see everyone coming together from all over to make this week so much fun and special. I look forward to next years!

  47. I loved reading the comments. I especially appreciated the uplifting stories that I read (and read, and read – there were so many! What an awesome community!)

    I first heard about Office Ninjas about three years ago – and I have been celebrating ever since ;)

    (Sorry for the duplication – I hit publish too fast and didn’t include my title. Oops!)

  48. It’s been all about change – 3 different companies over the past 3 Admin Professionals Day – but Office Ninjas has been the constant!

  49. Hasn’t been my first year but am always blown away by all the creativity and inspiration of my fellow ninjas. Gaining new ideas from the stories and receiving validation of things I’ve been doing is priceless. It’s really a fantastic community to be a part of.

  50. I loved reading the comments. I especially appreciated the uplifting stories that I read (and read, and read – there were so many! What an awesome community!)

    I first heard about Office Ninjas about three years ago – and I have been celebrating ever since ;)

  51. I have been with Office Ninja’s for quite a few years. I have loved the addition of the All star group this year. The All Star winners were amazing, so inspirational. I picked up gems I hope to share with my fellow admins once we can get back together in he same building again.

  52. All of the free resources were my favorite part of Admin Week! Thank you all for providing those.

  53. With COVID 19 and working at a hospital, admin week was forgotten. Maybe next year…

  54. This was my first full week of celebrating with fellow Ninjas. This is truly amazing! Love the support, enthusiasm and wonderful stories. I look forward to future celebrations…….with a hope of attending an event in person. Be well, and know that I am here cheering on all of you!

  55. This was my first Admin Week. I loved having the daily emails and seeing the video tributes. So often, my position in my organization is underappreciated. I don’t think that anyone really knows all that I do. Inspiring to see the videos of the winners, to gain insights on how to better myself by seeing what they’ve done that I can incorporate going forward.

  56. Been hooked up with Office Ninjas for a couple of years and I never tire of the stories, tips, inspiration and raffles. What I really enjoy is reading the pieces on the Ninja All Stars. So uplifting and energizing! Not to mention GREAT tips and information. Thank you!

  57. The positivism of the All-Stars holds true every year and this year was especially needed by all office workers everywhere. Personally, I gain new ideas of procedures to try though my office situation is not a corporate one but a school. It something I look forward to every year since I became a Ninja years and years (and years) ago. Thank you for all the helpful tips and articles, and congratulations to all the All-Stars, whether you won a contest or not.

  58. I think OfficeNinjas is such a great place for all us Admins to come see, play and learn from each other.

    I have been with you guys for many years I have attend a couple of times when I had a boss that honored admins- now that I am my great place- my directors are all over me attending things like this- I was suppose to attend this year but with everything going on..etc..

    Thank you for being there for us.


  59. This year’s all-star stories were great to read, especially the team win! This is my third year celebrating with OfficeNinjas, thanks for all you do!

  60. Am I only allowed to mention one delight?! There were so many, so I’ll list them all! I absolutely loved the daily videos! To hear from other Admins and what they do, how they do it, it was inspiring and made me even more proud to be and Administrative Professional! Seeing how many amazing vendors contributed to the raffle giveaways was such a welcome shock! I can’t believe all of the products they contributed for us Admins, this truly was heart-warming. Getting to read comments form other Admins as well, was such a mood booster. Thank you OfficeNinjas!

  61. This is my third year celebrating Admin Week with Office Ninjas. Hopefully one year I’ll be able to celebrate in person at the admin bash!
    I feel like Admin Week was a bit more special this year. I won a gift box from Spoonful of Comfort, which was SO much fun! It was great to try out a product before adding it to our list of corporate gifts. winning a raffle aside, I feel like this year was made more special because we weren’t in the office to show appreciation and love for one another and we had to get creative with the way we celebrated. There were gifts sent through the mail, wonderful words shared via email and zoom calls, and so many virtual hugs. The thoughtfulness almost made our holiday even more fun!

  62. This is my first full month with OfficeNinjas. I really enjoyed all the videos from the OJ All Stars during Admin Week. I was able to glean some great ideas and insight. Love what you and your (our) group is all about!

  63. This was my first year celebrating Admin Week with OfficeNinjas and I especially liked the personal greetings that were included, because they affirmed how important our roles are to the bigger picture. I passed them along to the other admins in my department, which they replied that it made them feel appreciated too!

  64. I love all the recognition and tips that Admin week sends out and new learnings that we can learn! This is my second year with Admin week and I look forward to many more years! Thank you Office Ninjas!

  65. This is my second year with officeninjas. This is the first year that our physicians have actually acknowledged us and appreciated us. It is a huge milestone for our department! winning one of the prizes would be awesome!

  66. It’s ok to not know what you don’t know. But I’ll find out.
    Rhonda Jordan, Executive Assistant.

  67. I love being a part of Admin Week because often times it can feel like we are the lone wolf in our offices. I felt a true sense of belonging and celebration amongst professionals in this industry and now feel like I have a community. This is my second year participating in Admin Week, and had tickets to attend the OfficeNinhas Con in SF this year. Excited to be a part of the conference scheduled in Fall!

  68. So good to learn from each other. Tips and ways to approach situations. My fourth year celebrating with OfficeNinjas. Keep safe everyone!!!!

  69. Thanks OfficeNinjas for promoting our profession and getting such great sponsors on board. I have been participating for the last few years and was really impressed with this year’s All Stars! Jeannette P, Executive Assistant

  70. This was my second year celebrating with Office Ninjas! My absolute favorite part of Admin Week was the validation given for all of us! We oftentimes have a pretty thankless job, and I find myself telling others ‘oh I’m just an admin’ when asked what I do. No! It’s so much more! We are the glue that holds things together and keep everything running efficiently! I also need to mention… winning one of the mega raffle prizes was a real highlight as well :D! Thank you Office Ninjas for everything!! Looking forward to when we can Admingle again ;).

  71. 3-4 years with the Admin Ninjas now. Always love reading how admin ninja allstars are raising the bar on the awesomeness that can be accomplished in the workplace. you do our profession proud!

  72. It’s always great to read about the all-stars, and seeing a whole team was awesome! Thanks OfficeNinjas :)

  73. This was my second year with Office Ninja’s admin week and I really enjoyed the stories from each spotlighted admin. I love hearing how people handle different things and what tools they use to get better at their jobs.

    That week was unexpectedly rough with all 4 managers not acknowledging the day/week, plus it closed with a tragedy as our team lost a beloved member, so this was a great lift to an otherwise heavy week. Thank you for putting this together and recognizing the amazing admins out there. <3

  74. I truly appreciate how well Office Ninjas brings together the administrative professionals community. Your understanding of the ingenuity, intelligence, and high capabilities of administrative professionals is evident. Your efforts go a long way towards uplifting the profession and changing how the role has been historically viewed. Thank you!

  75. Our admin team was treated a 1 hour virtual workshop and happy hour on admin day via Zoom. They invited an international motivational speaker, career coach, best-selling author, Peggy Vasquez to share Nurturing Confidence- Conquer Doubt, spoke about empowerment and participated in team activity.

  76. This was my fourth year celebrating with OfficeNinjas. I enjoyed reading all of the wonderful stories about the Administrative Professionals and how they contribute to their different countries.

    1. *Correction to previous response

      This was my fourth year celebrating with OfficeNinjas. I enjoyed reading all of the wonderful stories about the Administrative Professionals and how they contribute to their different companies.

  77. This was my 3rd year celebrating with Office Ninja’s! This year was a bit different celebrating Admin Week, as I have a new boss, but to my surprise he did not forget to acknowledge me with a surprise bouquet of tulips delivered to my home. They really brightened up my home office during these unprecedented times.

  78. I’m a brand new member, shout out to Josh Thomas in our San Francisco office for bringing this wonderful group to our attention. Thank you, the stories are truly inspirational.

  79. I got a few unexpected calls and texts on Administrative Professionals day. It made my day! I’ve celebrated from the east coast a few years now with OfficeNinjas and share the site with a networking group I created!

  80. My boss made me a hand-made gift certificate because the salon is closed during the pandemic! And….he did a great job! :) This was not my first year celebrating with OfficeNinjas.

  81. This was my second Admin Week with OfficeNinjas and it was great! I actually won a prize – totally the highlight for me, of course :)

  82. Officeninjas communications provided a much needed and welcome respite during hectic, high anxiety times. Thanks ninjas! This is my first year celebrating with Officeninjas.

  83. We had a new admin in our office that didn’t know about the special treats we buy every year. Being able to deliver those to her house instead of just her desk gave it an even more special touch!

  84. Had a great Admin Day! Many emails and gift from my boss. Also flowers from two people I help support. And this was my second year celebrating!!

  85. Love the positive feedback. And all of the helpful hints.

  86. What a great week! – Times are so different right now and it was great to see so many of our fellow professionals providing supportive videos and upbeat messages. Congratulations to all the winners and it was so amazing to see so many get involved this year!

  87. Coming together and celebrating with our Professional Administrative Community!

  88. I enjoyed admin week 2020 and enjoyed reading everything my fellow professionals are doing to stay relevant and involved in their communities. I especially enjoyed reading the supportive and uplifting comments to the posts.

  89. Each All-Star was able to teach me something to bring back to my position this year. Many of them have been in the field for 15+ years, so compared to my 3 years, I found their interviews very meaningful. This is my first official Admin Week celebration. I say official, because I truly participated this year. I loved every minute of it!

  90. Some of the biggest delights of Admin Week for me was to see the solidarity that we shared by coming together online and not letting this Pandemic stop us from celebrating US! This was not my first year celebrating with OfficeNinjas.

  91. I love reading about all the Office Ninja All-Stars and what they do! Its great to see other administrative professionals get rewarded for their hard work and strengthen our communities.

    1. I love reading about all the Office Ninja All-Stars and what they do! Its great to see other administrative professionals get rewarded for their hard work and strengthen our communities.

  92. I loved the highlights of office Ninjas and their take away on success in the profession.


  94. I have been in every type of administrative support role for 47 years. I have been an Executive Assistant for over 20 of these years. I am amazed by the thoughtfulness of my executives especially during Administrative Professional’s Week by giving me a gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers and writing a very touching note to me thanking me for my professionalism, compassion, sense of humor and great work and saying they appreciate me every day. I felt very appreciated and loved which is such a great feeling!!

  95. This is my second year celebrating Admin Week with OfficeNinjas!

    I always look forward to reading about and learning from our All-Stars! They truly are everyday superheroes and there have so much insight to give. I love how they approach situations in their own unique ways and it inspires me to be better.

    Cheers to all of us out there holding down the fort!

  96. Love Office Ninjas!!! Cheers to all admins!

  97. This was my first year, it has been fun to see the variety of office admins, and yet feel we all have the same ultimate goals!

    1. It autofilled and messed up my name! It is Amber V., Executive Assistant

  98. I have been with OfficeNinjas for a long time and each year the celebration gets better and better. I am always motivated and excited to read about the new class of Ninjas All-Stars. This year did not disappoint. The tributes were awesome and I love that we found a way to celebrate during this weird time in life.

  99. I absolutely loved the videos. Somehow these videos from strangers brought a personal connection to admin week that I really needed.

  100. This was my first year celebrating with OfficeNinjas and it was so inspiring to read about many amazing people in the community and learn from so many of them.

  101. This is my second year celebrating with OfficeNinjas virtually! I love seeing everyone’s best practices and all of the neat software to make what we do go quickly and smoothly. It’s wonderful to be part of such a great community!

  102. My biggest delight from Admin week came from the stories of the All-Stars, and the thank you videos! This was my first year, and I’m looking forward to being able to physically attend next year!

  103. This was my first year celebrating Office Admin Week, on almost the first year anniversary of transitioning into a career as an office admin! It’s been so inspiring to see all of the work that office admins do both in front of and behind the scenes to keep an office running its best. In this time when many of us are struggling to figure out how to feel normal, it is nice to know that we aren’t alone.

  104. I really appreciated that Office Ninjas went the extra mile to make sure all ninjas were celebrated over Admin Week!

  105. Loved getting all the emails with tips and info on how to be an EA at home. All the articles were perfect for being at home to keep me motivated. This was my second year celebrating with the Ninjas and was again great to be a part of the community.

  106. First time Ninja and would definitely consider this a resource that keeps on giving. Looking forward to next year.

  107. In the midst of all the chaos, it was very touching and appreciated to be recognized by my Exec and team. Working From Home has it’s challenges, including ‘outtasite, outtamind”. There’s a lot going on and being resolved behind the scenes within each department, much of which my Exec is unaware of. At least until the heads of each dept made him aware. I don’t usually require “thank yous” or “you’re awesome”, but this world ‘moment’ sure makes us act in a variety of ways, including increasing vulnerability and sentimentality. And by gosh those words hit a sensitive spot.
    Incredibly grateful for my entire team.

    OfficeNinjas kept me pumped up and motivated, even during the darkest times. And it was incredibly supportive to be around like-minded people going through the same thing as me. So many emotions, each justified, all confirmed as ‘normal’, despite how un-normal everything is.

    1. Oh, it’s my 2nd year!
      (Got a little carried away there, didn’t I?)

  108. I really liked seeing all of the social media posts for this year’s Admin week. It was a nice little break from my work day as I scrolled through my various feeds. :) This was my first year celebrating Admin Week!

  109. I really enjoyed hearing about best practices- I especially loved the idea of a “Bad Day” folder with uplifting contents for those days you need it most. Thank you for keeping us engaged and inspired!

  110. Celebration continued remotely! This was my first celebration with OfficeNinjas.

  111. This is my third year celebrating Admin Week with OfficeNinjas. Thank you for making us still feel special from afar!

  112. Just seeing all the support everyone gives to each other, the praise we sometimes rarely see. That is what I enjoy most about admin week with office ninjas! This is my second year as a part of this family and I love it!

  113. This is the first time I have been acknowledged as a key player. Very exciting. And I just found OfficeNinjas from a FB friend. I only signed up a few weeks ago. Am looking forward to learning more.

  114. This is my first year celebrating with Office Ninjas, i was really looking forward to the big event, however, I am looking forward to the next years to come! Keep inspiring and motivating us out here.

  115. What a year for Office Ninjas! Admin week always helps me to feel appreciated and Office Ninjas made it even better. This was my first year being a part of this community and I look forward to many more.

  116. This year was definitely different since my office was all working from home. I greatly enjoyed all the Office Ninja’s fun and articles. Getting to read about other Ninja’s was also a great time. Thank you so much for all you do!!

  117. My favorite part of admin week this year were the video tributes. As someone working in a smaller startup that did not have any acknowledgement from my team this week it was lovely to hear the kind words of so many! This was the 3rd year I’ve been aware of the ninja community and celebrated admin week and I just love how the community stands strong during these uncertain times and still found a way to celebrate!

  118. Kudos to Office Ninjas for a big leap over the “stay at home” obstacle by doing Admin Week virtually. It was fun and a bright spot in my day while working remotely.

  119. This was my third year celebrating with OfficeNinjas during Admin Week. It was so difficult not being able to be in a room filled with hyped-up and excited Ninjas, but hey, we made do!
    Reading the comments and articles was really helpful this year. In the past it has always been nice reading them, but this year was an opportunity to really reach deep and find those things that worked for others that might work for me. The Executive Preference Intake form that All Star Hilary Phillips spoke about really struck me as something that I can use with future new Execs that I work for. Thank you Hilary!

  120. I celebrated in person with officeNinjas a couple of years ago and loved it. I love the exposure to different vendors, colleagues- and all the fun swag!

  121. I loved seeing fellow Ninjas recognized for their invaluable work as well as seeing their unique personalities, skills and accomplishments being celebrated. It is very inspiring. This was my 3rd year, if memory serves me right. I think this organization is amazing!

  122. I enjoyed reading about each the OfficeNinjas All-Stars and the First All-Star Team. What a fun honor! I enjoyed learning how they each became All-Stars and the way(s) they give back and keep moving and grooving as ninjas! Their positivity and teamwork is infectious and I am grateful to be able to participate for a second year by learning about them and appreciating their work.

  123. This was my first Office Ninjas Admin week. I loved the camaraderie amongst everyone. Hearing tips to engage staffers and seeing people adjust to the zoom environment really made me glad I found this group. Thank you!

  124. It was great to read all the inspiring backgrounds of the 2020 Allstars! It was my second year celebrating!

  125. Best thing was to still be remembered and acknowledged, even during these times. Still being connected is valuable. I just started with my new team on February 24th and went remote March 17th. Still standing strong with them all.

  126. Really enjoyed virtually celebrating Admin’s week with OfficeNinjas. Thanks for making it a great experience.

  127. This was one of many admin weeks I’ve participated in since becoming an administrative professional in 1999. But this was the first I’ve celebrated virtually. I missed seeing all my admin team members in person, but we were connected thankfully through technology and look forward to the day when we can all be together in the same building again.

  128. 1st year celebrating, loved the ongoing virtual reminders of how big a community we are and how critical our roles are – more than ever now with new, unprecedented things to juggle.

  129. This is my second year joining the celebration! It was totally mindblowing. Thank you for an awe-inspiring Administrative Professionals Week! It was truly needed during this time of the pandemic — I know a lot of us behind the scenes were feeling anxious, blue and missing the human interaction. Your event was the highlight of the past several weeks!

  130. Last year, I attended the Office Ninjas Conference during Admin Week, so this year was very different. I enjoyed that Office Ninjas still did a lot to try to brighten the week for admins everywhere. Thank you!

  131. It was fun bring celebrated in the type of work that I do rather than being invisible or in the background. I think so much of administrative work goes unnoticed and unappreciated. Thank you for celebrating us!

  132. This is one of many Admin Weeks that I have celebrated. This was the first one that I have had working from home. I really enjoyed watching the videos and reading the stores.

  133. Admin week always brighten’s my work week, even if I dont win anything :) Still feels special!

  134. I was able to work from the comfort of my home, and be in touch with fellow administrative professionals via social media to celebrate our day.

  135. This is my second year of celebrating with you. I enjoyed reading the stories of how others are making it through this unusual situation we find ourselves in this year.

  136. I loved the fact that even though it was virtual, it kept my interest. This is my 3rd year celebrating.
    Keep up the great job ON.

  137. This was my first year joining. I think it was great considering that it was virtual.

  138. I love seeing the excitement and camaraderie of the Ninja team! It’s my 3rd (or 4th) year, and I’m always impressed and inspired by the Awesome All-Stars!

  139. This was my 3rd year celebrating Admin Week with OfficeNinjas! And while I wish I was able to attend the Admin Bash like in years past, the OfficeNinja’s team did an amazing job of organizing fun virtual contests & sharing inspiring stories of our fellow ninjas.

    One of my biggest delights was being one of the winners of the Admin Week Raffle! I never win raffles, so this came as a huge surprise. I also love reading everyone’s comments & stories, it really helps keep the strong community vibe during these difficult times.

    Keep up the great work Ninjas!

  140. I was delighted to see all of us come together and cheer on each other this week and every week!! Thank you incredible Office Ninjas!! Love this community!!

    This was my 2nd year participating. Last year I was able to join in the festivities for Admin Day in San Francisco and meet so many of you in person!!

  141. This was my 3rd year celebrating admin week with the ON community. It’s no surprise that the ON team managed to pull off another fun and memorable week! Thank you for being a bright light, during an otherwise stressful time.

    My favorite part of the week – for the very first time since I’ve been at my company, our admin team pulled together and held our own admin week festivities! Complete with giveaways, a new newsletter, heartfelt thank you’s, and rounding out the week with a virtual happy hour. I was so proud and encouraged by our team of rock star ninjas!

  142. This was my 3rd year celebrating admin week with the ON community. It’s no surprise that the ON team managed to pull off another fun and memorable week! Thank you for being a bright light, during an otherwise stressful time.

    My favorite part of the week – for the very first time since I’ve been at my company, our admin team pulled together and held our own admin week festivities! Complete with giveaways, a new newsletter, heartfelt thank you’s, and rounding out the week with a virtual happy hour. I was so proud and encouraged by our team of rock star ninjas!

  143. This year I learned that I don’t need gifts to know I’m appreciated by my team. We had such good conversation and bonding this year..however I did miss AdminBash. This would’ve been my second year

    1. Congratulations to all! This is such an amazing group of smart, talented and awesome folks!
      Thanks to officeninjas for recognizing the great awesomeness out there.

  144. Congrats again to all the winners!

    For me, I loved participating in all the professional development trainings throughout the week; as well as enjoying the OfficeNinjas videos, and many virtual C&Cs.

    Thanks for another epic OfficeNinjas Admin Pro Week!

  145. THANK YOU OfficeNinjas for keeping at least ONE thing semi-“normal” this crazy year! I’m not surprised that your great team ninja’d their way to new and innovative ways to celebrate. Can’t see what you’ll manage to pull off NEXT year! 💕

  146. Yvonne R., Administrative Assistant
    It’s wonderful to read how supportive management can be during the pandemic. Our Ninjas are totally awesome. Hats off to the great principals and teachers for recognizing the Classes of 2020.

  147. This year, Admin Week was hard because I don’t have a job! It’s a difficult job and one of the times that’s built to recognize our hard work, I didn’t have anyone to recognize me. It made me a little sad but one of the bright spots is when some of my friends who are also admins texted me to wish me a happy day.

  148. The biggest delight of Admin Week were the profiles of the five All-stars. The interview questions were on point and the responses were so interesting. I truly was inspired by every one of them. This was my first year celebrating with OfficeNinjas and it did not disappoint!

  149. I loved reading about all of the super admin’s that you highlighted last week. I learn a lot from hearing what other admin’s do. Even though I didn’t win a prize it was nice to dream of winning one.

  150. I read so many takeaways and useful nuggets from this year’s interviews. I delighted in feeling connected to a larger community that celebrates one another and elevates this profession – even more critical during this time of isolation. I’ve followed OfficeNinjas for a while, but this is my first year celebrating Admin Week.

  151. My biggest delight is that I’m the “GO TO” for my entire office team! Everyone knows that my door is always open and I’m always ready to assist where ever I’m needed! I will stop what I’m doing and troubleshoot any problem my team members have!

  152. My delight, especially with OfficeNinjas focus on Admin Week, is seeing the awesome professionals we have in our field. My delight is how OfficeNinjas recognizes ALL of us! My delight is having YOU as trusted colleagues. THANK YOU!

    I have celebrated Admin Week with OfficeNinjas for several years.

  153. My biggest delisted as admin are being successful in my role by Providing the best customer service and being the best administrative assistant in our department. This is my second year in participating with the office ninja admin week.

  154. This was my 2nd year and it was really great to have another virtual support team during a sheltered in week. Giveaways and reading about All Star Office Ninjas made a hard time a lot easier and helped to motivate me to support my team and utilize this time to start projects I had put on the back burner. Thank you for organizing and thankful for a good tribe!

  155. This was my second year celebrating Admin Week with OfficeNinjas, and I had such a great week celebrating with you all. I appreciate the mega raffle and all the extra ways to increase our chances of winning. I loved the daily video tributes, and reading the inspirational admin features. Thank you everyone who put this together, and all the partners who contributed to the raffle

  156. This was my first ever celebrated Admins week and I love seeing how other office ninjas are killing it in their fields – it simply amazes me how similar we all are yet face so many different challenges day to day!

  157. This was my first year celebrating with ON, and I really enjoyed the videos and inspirational All Stars. I found a quote, idea or how to in every story. Thanks for the great work ON team!

  158. I was surprised with how many of my leadership team new is was a special week and appreciated their expressions of gratitude even if we couldn’t celebrate together. This was my first year with Office Ninjas but I have been following you for awhile!

  159. This is one of many years I have been an official “Office Ninja”! Even if our in-person conference was postponed, I really appreciated the care that OfficeNinjas put into communicating out how we would move forward (and it is very generous!). I also enjoyed the highlights, advice and videos provided during admin week. It really humanizes our profession and I was inspired. Overall, it was truly the work of great ninjas!

  160. With this Admin Week being so different than usual (for obvious reasons) I really enjoyed seeing the video messages from everyone wishing the entire community a Happy Admin Week! What a great feeling to be valued by so many folks. I think this was my 5th year celebrating with Office Ninjas!

  161. I have been an administrative field for 35 years. I am always impressed with the new technology and remember back when we didn’t have the internet or computers. I love to ask the new admins when they come on board, “Do you know what onion skin is?” I have only had one person answer yes. The biggest take away this year is, I found out they have a business class for admins. You are never too old to learn.

  162. I love Admin Week! Getting many emails with information, inspiration, motivation, templates is always fun. With working at home because of social distancing, I didn’t know if my department would remember Admin Day, but they did! It was very nice and appreciated.

  163. My most important take away from last week was from the first all-star of the week. I work at an organization that prides itself on taking EVERYTHING to the next level. She gave me ideas that we need to incorporate immediately!

    Also, I appreciate how you celebrate and recognize us as a group. Thank you Office Ninjas!

  164. It’s been my pleasure to celebrate with officeninjas for several years. Your approach to celebrating and recognizing our profession continues to evolve. I’m always blown away.

    What touches me most is the phenomenal encouragement we show to one another and the sharing that occurs every April. So many leaders in our field share their hard-earned knowledge, book excerpts, and tools for free! We come together as a community. Love that!

    Cheers to next April, but let’s keep the support for each other going all year long!

  165. I’m proud to say I’ve been an ON Ambassador since it’s inception and they continue to deliver, without fail, every year…even when there’s a global pandemic! My favorite part of this year’s Admin Week was the fact that it didn’t feel like we skipped a beat at all. The support, enthusiasm, AMAZING ninja recognition, and incredible swag and giveaways are all just part of the OfficeNinjas brand. Much <3 to OfficeNinjas. Thank you for never settling in your pursuit to honor the administrative profession.

  166. I have been fortunate to celebrate the past few years and always look forward to the excitement from the community. It may be a challenging time for all of us, learning to stay focused while working at home, but it was a comfort to hear from others in my role and share their enthusiasm. Thank you for adjusting the format this year to give us a welcome relief while at home.

  167. This was my first time experiencing OfficeNinjas admin week, and while sad that our remote team couldn’t meet in person during conference, I still felt inspired by other ninjas and enjoyed a sense of community and connection.

  168. This is my 2nd year celebrating with OfficeNinjas! I love reading about other fellow office ninjas and gaining inspiration from them. I also love reading some of the articles that are sent out weekly throughout the year. I can’t tell you how many of them I’ve found so relevant and helpful for me. I have designated an hour of my schedule each week to read some of these articles as well as other educational and useful materials to help me with my job (a tip I read in one of the articles, lol). Most of what I find comes from OfficeNinjas. Thank you!!

  169. This year I believe is my 3rd year celebrating with OfficeNinjas. I think the biggest delights of Admin Week is getting to know the All-Stars and their tips and tricks. I want to know how someone like myself works in the same field. What does their relationship with their boss look like, how does it work, what challenges have they had. I wish we could shadow other admins and this is the closest thing to it. I think a live Q&A with them might be another value to other OfficeNinjas.

  170. Admin Week 2020 was also my first week of being unemployed due to COVID-19 layoffs. I’ve always appreciated the information and sense of connection and celebration that OfficeNinjas provides, but I’m especially grateful for the sense of community and being valued even while I’m job hunting. Thanks for being there for us, whether we’re working or not, during this crazy time!

  171. Our team emailed doordash e certificates for lunch to our admin/edu staff and played virtual scattergories!

  172. This was my first year I was able to participate (due to it being virtual) and I thoroughly enjoyed it all. I was frustrated that every time I attempted to enter a giveaway I encountered technical difficulties with the page loading. So happy I was able to participate here and express my gratitude! Thank you for all you have done, will do and are doing for AAs everywhere! ❤️

  173. This week was my first with all of you Ninjas. I was delighted to read the articles on our admins as you sometimes forget you aren’t the only office superhero out there and there are many others who relate to your experiences…especially during these uncharted times it was great to know how big of a community we have to lean on each other!

  174. The week was filled with a lot of emails and text from our admin staff to each other. On the 22nd all the people I support either called or emailed me to show appreciation. This was one of many years, I’ve been at it for almost 25 years!

  175. Really enjoyed reading about and from each of the awardees, along with anxiously anticipating seeing if I won a raffle prize =) I’m also a little more motivated to consider the UC-Berkeley program. It was a fun first year truly celebrating Admin Week!

  176. It was my first admin week, and amidst Sheltering in Place, it was so helpful to feel inspired by other ninjas and to feel a sense of community and connection.

  177. I always love the giveaways (even though I have yet to win!), and I appreciate hearing how other admins are thriving. This year, the elements of leadership and remote support really resonated with me. I’ve been an OfficeNinja for several years, and last year I was lucky enough to attend OnCon – so thankful to have an innovative peer group who love our profession!

  178. During Admin Week, the highlight for me was the video tributes! This was such a sweet and gentle reminder that we are all working hard (well, most of us) and we don’t always get recognition for it. I loved seeing their personalities come through and appreciate how genuine it felt. Certainly warmed my heart! I haven’t yet been able to attend an in person OfficeNinja event but I’ve been following the community for the past couple of years.

  179. I just started with my “Business Support” position back in December. This was my first time hanging out with the Ninjas. What I liked most was reading about other ninjas and their journeys. Most importantly, what they’ve learned from the time they started their positions. I haven’t been in an office setting for many years now. I had to find a company that was willing to give me shot after being in a retail management position for 5 years. Now I’m so nervous I’m going to get something wrong. Already I find myself consumed with the work I have currently that I feel like I’m not checking in with the Boss as much as I think I should. Hearing other Ninjas talk about their work and the advice they’ve given really has opened my eyes to all that I am capable of. The job is not boring… That’s for sure!

    This group is so awesome! I love that you chose the term “Ninja” because a lot of what we do isn’t always so obvious. Thank you for all the work you put in to making this possible from a distance. It was a lot of fun!

  180. I appreciated reading all the grand thoughts, actions, and recognition that admins and their teams were experiencing. I attended the Bash in 2017 and was registered for this year.

  181. I loved seeing how many people have such similar stories and how we can all come together during this time to encourage and grow together. We all need some joy and support during this time and that is what this Admin Week did for me. This is my second year here for Admin Week and I always look forward to it! Thank you for all you do!

  182. As a first year OfficeNinjas admin week participant my expectations were not only exceeded but I am still in awe of how well this was all put together! I am so grateful to be part of this community and have met some many amazing Ninjas in the process. I have so many tips and tricks to take back to my work crew and long lasting relationships were made. A HUGE shout out to the Partners that made all of this possible through giveaways, fun games and contributions- you all really made the week exciting!

  183. Loved the informational sessions! This was my second year participating in your admin week!

  184. I love all the resources, the inspiration, and networking. Everyone is so supportive of each other – it’s awesome! I’ve been to a few Bashes and have enjoyed those – the location, food, activities, goodie bags… Thank you for all you do!

  185. This was one of many… Although, I prefer to be there in person (who doesn’t right???), OfficeNinjas – you astounded me with the lengths you went to make it special, inspiring, leaving me wanting more! You always do a great job, but I know this year you had to go outside – way outside – the box. Amazing as always!

    I think looking back through Facebook memories this past week also made me miss you all more – Can’t wait to see you all next year – God willing and experience the OnCon virtually in October!

  186. The biggest delight for me was getting to meet all of the amazing All Star winners and read their stories. It is very inspirational to hear what everyone has been doing.

  187. I always love receiving the emails from Office Ninjas! During Admin week, it was great getting to know other admins and also receiving different tips, especially in this time we’re living in working from home.

  188. How OfficeNinjas brought us together during such uncertain times was the high point of Admin Week for me. The OfficeNinjas’ vibe is, insightful, uplifting and encouraging!

    What OfficeNinjas does throughout the year to network administrative professionals and honor leaders who have chosen this profession is invaluable!

  189. The Admin Week vibe was off the chart! All the prizes…all the freebies…who could ask for anything more?! And to top it off…I won one of the raffles this year! First time that ever happened. I believe this is my 3rd or 4th year celebrating with OfficeNinjas and it keeps getting better!

  190. I enjoyed all the free webinars and reading the interviews. I believe this is my third year celebrating with OfficeNinjas.

  191. Love, love, love OfficeNinjas. It’s great to be a part of a profession with so many interesting and talented people. I’ve celebrated Admin Week almost every week since OfficeNinjas began. Although we all definitely miss not meeting in person, meeting virtually is a much more intimate opportunity to learn about each other. vlo

  192. This was my first Admin Week with OfficeNinjas. What a fun break from WFH! Thank you for keeping Admin Week going in spite of a pandemic.

  193. It was a wonderful week and all the work the OfficeNinjas Team put into it really showed! Thank you all very much!

  194. This was my first Admin Week celebrating with OfficeNinjas but the start for many more. Although this year it was special to celebrate the admins it has been turned what great team of Admins we have in our company and all over the world. Felt never so connected to the rest of the world like now.

  195. This was my first experience with Admin Week and I loved it! Thank you so much for all the hard work. Love and gratitude

  196. Hello! I loved celebrating alongside virtually with ya;ll! I loved the highlights of the ninja all stars and the vendor highlights were my fav! Thank you for celebrating us all from a distance. This was my first year celebrating with the group. I was supposed to attend the event live and this still gave me a taste of the celebration safely from home!

  197. Enjoyed the videos! And I did a little something for my part-time assistant this year. Everyone needs to feel appreciated.

  198. I loved hearing from other Ninjas during Admin week. Folks are testing out new ways of collaborating and fine tuning tried and true processes… and there’s so much to learn. It’s inspiring to hear from others during this uncertain time. This was my second year celebrating!

  199. I received flowers from my team and from the company’s Leadership Team. Nice surprise. I have celebrated for several years with OfficeNinjas – always a good time and a great way to network! Thanks OfficeNinjas!

  200. Exciting week. Thank you for pulling it all together. Ninjas can do anything and it is nice to see all the support we give each other.

  201. This was my first year celebrating as an OfficeNinja and what a fun week it was! I really enjoyed reading about a new OfficeNinjas All-Star every day and learning what their tips and tricks are for our role. We even had our own very own All-Star that was featured!

  202. I think I have been celebrating Admin Week with OfficeNinjas since the start. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the conferences but have enjoyed all the perks remotely! The best part is the recognition of the admin profession as a whole! Of course, the swag and raffles are the icing on the cake! I share with my network all year round.

  203. This was my first Admin Week with OfficeNinjas – great job! Loved the inspirational stories from other ninjas across the country. A bright spot in my day.

  204. A few months ago I found OfficeNinjas while looking for Professional Development in the Seattle area (I am located in Olympia, WA) and was drawn in by what I read and the connection I felt. I looked over the website and was hoping to attend the Seattle Office Ninja’s Admingling event. Then COVID19 happened.

    It was fun participating in Administrative Week. My boss has been so busy (personally and professionally) that she forgot about Administrative Day. I felt like I was being acknowledged through OfficeNinjas and entered to win – it’s okay I didn’t win, but you made me feel like I was being celebrated. I enjoyed reading the OfficeNinjas highlights about some AMAZING assistants out there.

    Thank you for allowing me to feel a part of Administrative Week from afar.

  205. Thank you for all that you have done for Admin Week and for recapping all the videos in one place! Hats off to you all!!

  206. This is my gosh, would this have been my 5th year now following all things OfficeNinjas during Admin week? How exciting! I have loved watching this community grow and evolve – but this year was so much more meaningful. We’ve all been ripped from the offices we’ve all grown to love (or not) – many of us have been furloughed or deemed “non-essential” (a term I strongly disagree with. You are ALL essential!!); we’re going through a new time. But we are doing it together and I love that. Watching all of the video tributes was my absolutely favorite part of Admin week – and something that I sincerely hope gets continued in the future. Would really be interesting to see what the team comes up with next. We’re all lucky to have such a dedicated group of people looking out for the department that likely gets overlooked the most in many companies. So thank you, OfficeNinjas and team – I’m most grateful for everything you’ve done to make us all feel seen, heard, appreciated, and loved. Thank you!!

  207. Thank you OfficeNinjas for another Wonderful Admin Week! This year’s celebration really seemed to unite the profession around what we all CAN-DO together. How nice that we are so appreciated!

  208. Thus was my first Admin Week with OfficeNinjas. What an exciting week it was! I enjoyed and was very motivated by reading the All-Star stories. I’m happy to be a Ninja and be a part of this really special organization. Keep up the good work.

  209. This was my first year celebrating Admin Week with OfficeNinjas. I especially enjoyed seeing the video tributes and positive affirmation that our job is important to the smooth functioning of any office.

  210. There were many (virtual) events for Admin Week that I enjoyed. My favorite part was receiving a lovely gift from my leaders – so thoughtful! This was my first year celebrating with OfficeNinjas (having just discovered the tribe in early April) and it was a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to seeing what I can learn here!

  211. Admin week held more than one fun delight for me. It was wonderful reading about the super all-stars, getting the free downloads, being entered in the raffle. But the biggest for me, was, making all our staff’s days by sending gifts on behalf of my boss. They each received a gift card to Grub Hub (sorry, DoorDash isn’t as prominent here), and a personalized basket that was delivered a couple of days later. So, they got celebrated more than one day, and the heartfelt responses warmed my and my boss’s heart to no end. (Funny that admins know who does the real work. ;-) ) I think everyone being at home – in many cases alone-being honored there vs. in an office, is much more impactful.

    Proud to be a Ninja!!!

  212. I always enjoy this group, mainly because the people I meet are very cool, and they have great insights, information, and suggestions. Not my first year celebrating with OfficeNinjas, and look forward to the next year.

  213. I love getting these inspirational emails, especially during Admin Week!! The in depth stories highlighting a member of this group, his/her special attributes, accomplishments, and pro tips really do remind me there is always room to grow AND I have a few reasons to toot my own horn too! The giveaways certainly have me looking for ideas that I could use in my team for recognition, whether I win one or not. I reached out to many of the vendors for this reason, we would all LOVE to receive any of these items, so I know my colleagues would appreciate a small token from me as well. The articles that are linked to daily/weekly emails from this group are so innovative and well put together, they are at the top of my daily list. Thank you guys, for all you do for Admins. Day to day this is a profession and aspect among many larger companies that receive little to no recognition, even during admin week, and especially now through COViD-19 (I work in healthcare- celebrations just aren’t being planned through this stressful time) so this site and group make me feel celebrated in little ways.

  214. My biggest delight(s) were receiving flowers at my door on Admin Professionals Day from my teams at work, as well as receiving Awesome points (my company’s online gift-giving site for a job well done) and a message of thanks on our Yammer site! Wow! They remembered despite not seeing my face every day for a while ;)
    This is not my first year with Office Ninjas and certainly won’t be my last :-) Thank you for all the warm fuzzies.

  215. It was an amazing week. I didn’t have high hopes with the new working from home set-up. My executives made sure to send me text messages and in person (video) thank you. Having access to other Ninjas helped to celebrate the week in a whole new way.

  216. I have been an Office Ninja for several years and look forward to Admin Week every year mainly so I can “borrow” ideas from the All Stars! I love that there is now a team award! This year meant more to me because my company flat out forgot about Administrative Professionals Day even though put it on the calendar. I felt awful, but reading all the inspiration from my fellow ninjas made me feel so much better. This week has really inspired me to get more involved in the Office Ninja community.

  217. I enjoyed meeting the Office Ninjas thru reading their interviews and learning about the various tasks that other admins are responsible for. It’s always amazing how admins step up to the challenge and get the job done.

    I was also lucky to get two floral arrangements this year. The florist accidentally sent my flowers a week early. They called to apologize for the confusion and to say they would send a duplicate arrangement on the correct day, at no additional cost to my office.

  218. The highlight of Admin week was receiving a gift from my execs at home ON Admin Day. There have been more than one instances where my poor exec would have an order get lost in delivery or something and nothing would arrive for me. Having something delivered on time given the current situation is a miracle!

  219. Patricia C., Senior Administrative Assistant to Regional VP
    My biggest delight during Admin week was receiving a delicious box of chocolates and notes of thanks from my team of 130 clinicians. Knowing what they are going through right now made it all the more special.
    This is my second year with Office Ninjas and I appreciate all the informative articles and important resources that you provide to our community of Admins. Thank you.

  220. This was my first year celebrating Admin Week with OfficeNinjas and it was an absolute delight! Admin Week/Day tends to get overlooked by most people, so having this community show appreciation for each other is amazing to see. I enjoyed reading about the 2020 All-Stars because it’s extremely helpful to see how other admins operate and what practices best work for them.

  221. This year’s Admin week will definitely go down for the books. We are in such a weird time right now with Social distancing and yet we are all still so close to one another (Virtually) . Having this years Admin week virtual was so amazing because it shows that even though we are not in the office we are still out supporting our teams and one another. Reading all the Articles and watching the video’s just shows how much support and wonderful advice is out there for us OfficeNinja. I feel so blessed to be a part of such a wonderful community. Last year I was lucky enough to join the the first conference OfficeNinja put out. I received so much information and I met so many wonderful people, who I still talk to this day. Just want to say THANK YOU!

  222. I can’t believe I’ve been celebrating with Office Ninjas for 5 years! I love reading the emails from top to bottom and sharing all of the relative parts with people who don’t think they are Ninjas yet.

    I’m in awe of all of the talents that get showcased by the winners every year. We are truly an amazing group of Ninjas.

  223. I look forward to Admin Week each year. It is so inspiring to connect with other Ninjas in the field.

    Jennifer W. – Executive Assistant

  224. I loved seeing all of the smiling faces. The participation was wonderful. Made me feel part of something big!

  225. This was my first year celebrating with Office Ninjas. My favorite part of Admin Week were the interviews with the 2020 All-Stars; they were so in-depth and informative.

  226. The biggest delight of Admin. Week this year was the fact that you found a way to make it work! This year has been so unusual, and nothing really seems normal at all. It was so comforting to see you celebrate the team and to see so many positive things being expressed. It was amazingly uplifting in this topsy-turvy world!

  227. This is my first year celebrating Admin Week with Office Ninjas. My boss lives in Colorado and I live in Georgia. He called and asked me if there was anything I could use. I told him I was a little low on reading material so any type of gift card to buy some books would be wonderful! He emailed me an Amazon git card that I’ll be using to buy a few books for those evenings when Netflix just doesn’t cut it :)

  228. There were more co-workers who reached out this year to celebrate our admin. team virtually than ever have in person! It was wonderful to have our team’s hard work celebrated!!

  229. I didn’t realize it until you pointed it out but you did make Admin Week all about fun and looking back on it, it was a welcome relief!

    My favorite part was the in-depth interviews with each winner. Each one had at least one juicy tidbit that was immediately actionable. Not gonna’ lie, a few left me jealous but in a good way ;) Hello Maxim Integrated and your Assistant Excellence Conference!

    The energy from the ON staff from the website to the different social channels and the video tributes were just what we needed amid all the other Covid, Crisis and Pandemic noise. Thank you ON!

  230. I just joined and bummed I did’t get to celebrate with Office Ninjas but looking forward to learning and making connections with this awesome community. :)
    I guess my biggest delight is finally joining this group.

  231. My biggest delights from Admin week included one of my coworkers delivering flowers and wine to my doorstep, and my boss having the team wish me a “Happy Executive Right Hand Person Day” on a Zoom call. :) It was also a true delight to see my comrade Corina Terrell receive her award, very happy for her.

    I’ve been a supporter of OfficeNinjas for a while now and LOVED the Berkeley Leadership Communication course back in December, as well as always exceptional newsletters. The articles and tips are consistently useful.

  232. The biggest delights of Admin Week were reading the stories of OfficeNinja All-Stars and realizing what a truly amazing profession and community I am a part of. This was my first year celebrating Admin Week with OfficeNinjas and what a unique situation it was! I cannot wait for next year!

  233. This was my first time celebrating Admin Week with OfficeNinjas! It was a great week. With everything going on in the world today it was a nice break. I never think I’ll win anything but this year I did, that was very exciting. Thanks for all the support everyone that belongs give each other, it is nice to lean on each other. Thank you!

  234. I won the Spoonful of Comfort giveaway so hate to be greedy, but I would love to receive the OfficeNinjas gear so I could share with my co-workers.

  235. The biggest delight of Admin Week was celebrating each other. It was inspiring and encouraging to hear about how others are making this job their own, I truly enjoyed hearing about/from each of this year’s all stars. I’ve been working in this profession for 16 years now, and have been super privileged to work with some incredible professionals who have challenged, helped me grow, and helped me excel in this career. I love that Office Ninjas recognizes and highlights the incredible members of our community.

  236. Way to keep the giving going@officeninjas

  237. The best thing about Admin Week is that we were all able to celebrate ourselves from around the world. I’ve celebrated with Officeninjas before because I’m not often celebrated at work.

  238. It was fun to see the different tips throughout the week. This was my first Admin Week with Office Ninjas!

  239. I love celebrating admin week with Office Ninjas. This was not my first year, and even though this year was different it was such an enjoyable week. I loved reading all the all-stars stories and having the first ever team awarded! Seeing all the supportive comments from the community was really uplifting during this strange time.

  240. I think this Admin Bash: Covid Edition highlighted even more what an amazing community we have all formed! As admins we have to think on our feet and hit those curveballs. A lot of the time there is a playbook, and sometimes you have to write that global pandemic playbook from scratch :) I am so grateful to have found this wonderful, wise and resourceful admin tribe!

  241. This was my first year with office Ninjas, and I must say I am hooked. Previously I had subscribed to a bland mailed newsletter and most of them ended up in a pile unread. Having the connection to other professionals through comments makes all the difference.

  242. Reading all about the all stars was so inspiring (and I scored a few great tips too!) and it was wonderful to see how everyone was navigating the new normal right now, and how we are doing so with such grace!

    We are truly Office Ninja’s, whether that is in a physical or virtual office. We Rock!

  243. This year I held a virtual meeting with all 26 of our corporate admins and DoorDash’d in lunch for each person. I also surprised the group by inviting our Senior Leadership team to drop by and say thanks! For the past 7 years admin day has fallen to me to organize and execute and while this year was a little different (to say the least), I feel we had a great day!!!

  244. My biggest delight was having my execs reach out to me to let me know I wasn’t forgotten even though we’re all juggling so much right now. With us all working from home, parenting, educating and supporting our kids while schools are closed, along with feeding an army 3 x a day, it’s nice to know you’re not forgotten and that you are appreciated beyond words. I love my job!

  245. I’ve celebrated with Office Ninjas for many years (I believe since their first year). I received a delivered-to-my-home floral arrangement from my supervisor-unexpected and appreciated!

  246. The best part of Admin week was getting to celebrate with so many via the web! I loved reading the articles on 2020 All Stars! Great stuff.

  247. I took the opportunity to send notes every day to encourage our Administrative Staff. I also sent them all your emails and encouraged them to enter your giveaways, take advantage of free webinars by Joan Burge and Chrissy Scivicque and shared some really good articles. This is not my first time sharing Administrative Professionals week with Office Ninjas. Thanks for all you do to encourage all of us.

  248. My first time learning about Office Ninjas – so cool! No acknowledgement from my office / company re: Admin Professionals week. They think I’m above it (meaning I’m more than an admin so what I do doesn’t fit that description in their minds). My title is Executive Assistant and my responsibilities include all kinds of admin type tasks among many.

  249. This was my first year celebrating with Office Ninjas, but it was so wonderful to see our community come together to support each other! Seeing so many talented people come together always gives me the feels!! I loved the videos each day and reading through the interviews of the 2020 All-Stars, getting so learn more about all the different ways we support our companies and executives!

  250. Mysti N. – Office Receptionist

    It was wonderful to see everyone coming together while staying apart. We’re in unprecedented times right now, so the motivational support from everyone is so encouraging. Offering suggestions of what works for some people while others are struggling in order to help them out. Teamwork from across the country and always with a smile. I loved reading the All-Star stories because there is always something to learn from another person, and the All-Star’s are very inspiring! This wasn’t my first year participating, and it won’t be my last!

  251. I enjoyed reading about the All Star Admins and watching the encouraging videos posted every day. I have been an Admin for over 35 years and celebrating with Office Ninjas for the last several years. Thank you ON!

  252. Reading the stories of the All-Star recipients – truly worthy of the awards. Staying engaged with the Admin community and feeling a part of something bigger–especially when we are all distanced from our fellow-workers. Highlight was receiving beautiful flowers from my CEO–he’s a gem to work for.

  253. Some of the biggest delights for me was to read all the supportive and encouraging posts by others and the positive community ON Admin Week provided us. Also, learned new things from the posts and articles. ON is awesome! This is my 2nd year celebrating. Kimberly W, Finance Coordinator

  254. To say the least this year was much different… but, I enjoyed giving myself a backseat and shined the light on our Executive Assistants. They don’t get as much face time with the employee group as a whole as I do. I get kudos and shoutouts all the time, so I wanted to showcase their commitment and hard work for all to see.

    C. Carroll, Employee Experience Manager

  255. The biggest delight during Admin Week was to see the community of Administrative Professionals to come together as a community. No matter if folks were working full-time, working part-time, laid-off, struggling with too much work, struggling with being visible in the crisis – we all came together to support one another in every way that we could.

  256. Diana S., Administrative Coordinator
    Thank you for the support and for celebrating the profession. I love being an Admin!

  257. Loved hearing from all the other admin and what they are doing and experiencing.

  258. I started my morning with a bouquet of flowers at my desk, surprised with an Admin luncheon, and then given a personalized gift from my boss. The best part was being able to leave early… I have been working 10-13 hr days, so this was a real treat. This is the first year celebrating with ON. I loved reading the stories and comments throughout the week. Such amazing people in our community of Admin Professionals.

  259. I thought it was awesome that you featured a whole team this year!! I also really admired that you were able to still find a way to celebrate even though the in person event couldn’t happen. I was bummed to miss out on my third year of Adminbash but can’t wait to get back to it next year! Reading the advice of all of the winners is always helpful as well :) Congrats to all!

  260. The biggest highlights were seeing how committed to being connected everyone is this year! As Ninjas we always make things happen, and this year was a shining example of how it’s done. Loved seeing the 2020 winners and reading about their careers. This was my second celebrating with the OfficeNinja community and I can’t wait to see what we do next year!

  261. I love the feeling of community and comradery. This is the first year I was able to participate fully. Thank you for all of this amazing support, these resources, and most of all – thank you for these peers.

  262. Loved the informational sessions! This was my first year participating in OfficeNinja’s Admin Week.

  263. I have celebrated admin week with Office Ninjas for so long I have lost track. Personally this year I was surprised to be so engaged with active with Admin week given our current pandemic that we are going through. It was a fun week and a memorable one.

  264. Not my first admin week — been doing this gig for 25+ years. This year I sent a note to my admin team celebrating them and the head of Global HR sent a note to them too. Admin gifts (about 50 of them) were personalized and will be delivered when we can all gather safely together.

  265. Thank you for all the great insight and recognition. Our leadership, unfortunately, did not recognize any of us (I did for my own staff), so you put a smile on the face of someone who was feeling forgotten. Kudos to all of you!

  266. Sometimes it can be easy to forget just how valuable we as admins are. The biggest delight of Admin Week for me was finding comfort and happiness in knowing that there are people who believe in the value of admins and do everything they can to reinforce those beliefs. This was my first year celebrating with OfficeNinjas, but I am so grateful to have found this community.

  267. Not much time to celebrate this year, as we’re all so busy helping our companies to make things work in these weird times.

  268. My biggest delight of Admin Week is seeing the high levels positivity and celebration! Its a great energy to feel especially during our current times. This is my first year celebrating and I look forward to be a part of this for years to come.

  269. It was delightful to see women excelling, and reading about how to be successful in this field! This was my first year celebrating with OfficeNinjas!

  270. I loved seeing and reading all of the uplifting people and comments from admins around the world! Thanks for connecting us all OfficeNinjas! I have been celebrating with this great community for the last several years.

  271. All the support, tips & tricks, and videos!! Thanks for everything last week!!!

  272. The biggest delight of Admin week was seeing all of these Ninja Allstars and how they rose to the occasion during these difficult times! One of many years celebrating with Office Ninjas.

  273. I have been enjoying this for many years. I learn so much from the winners. There are always info nuggets I immediately add to my bag of tricks.

  274. I’ve been with Office Ninjas for years now, and I’ve always looked forward to the Admin Week event. This year was especially inspirational given our new “normal.” It’s truly amazing how well we can flourish, and come together even in the toughest of times.

  275. I really enjoyed reading about all of the 2020 OfficeNinjas All-Stars and the First All-Star Team! they were all fantastic and fun to learn about how they go about their jobs and the positivity and teamwork they have at their jobs. Makes me realize my company needs a lot work. Not everyone is so lucky.

    The jobs are out there but they are hard to find.

  276. This was my first year celebrating with OfficeNinjas. It was fun to read the stories and check out the awesome prizes donated by your wonderful vendors. It was definitely a bright spot in the day while sheltering in place and working from home. Thanks!

  277. The biggest delight of Admin week was seeing all of these Ninja Allstars and how they rose to the occasion during these difficult times! One of many years celebrating with Office Ninjas.

  278. After 3 years of celebrating with Office Ninjas, I still love reading about all the incredible All Star Ninjas throughout the week and seeing how they’re continuing to evolve the field of Admin / Office support.

  279. Sheila D. Administrative Coordinator, I enjoyed another year participating online with the Office Ninjas and working from home for the first time!

  280. Some of my biggest delights of Admin Week? Well – I was able to go into the office every day! In this day and time – that’s a bonus!! :) Being acknowledged as a “hero” in the office is always nice – and being gifted with flowers, candy and gift card. Hey – only paid time off would have been better! I also loved seeing the Ninja Tributes – every one a Rock Star!

  281. Having my coworkers show their appreciation for me is always a happy thing :) So blessed to work with such wonderful people.

  282. It was delightful to see all the amazing prizes and winners being recognized!

  283. This year was covid different, so we had to celebrate from afar. Instead of flowers, we mailed a cookbook package, with exciting new recipes to enjoy while being quarantined at home!! The admin team loved them! We will celebrate with flowers whenever we are back together at the office.

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