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The Countdown to Admin Week 2019 Begins NOW!

OfficeNinjas Admin Week 2019 Phenomenon

We don’t know how you do it…

If you’re an Office Ninja, you’ve heard this before. Your boss, your team, managers you don’t technically support (but let’s be real… you do) — they’ve all regarded you with a similar sense of awe. Or maybe your work is essentially invisible…

That’s because when a Ninja’s leading the charge, the laws of time and physics don’t seem to apply; somehow, you’re in three places at once, completing five different tasks.

But a Ninja’s work isn’t an illusion or trickery. It’s not magic. It’s a phenomenon. An occurrence rooted in reality… with a mysterious explanation.

And this Admin Week, we’re going to revel in it.

Admin Week (April 22-26, 2019) is our annual celebration of admin pros and workplace operators (aka “Office Ninjas”) — and we do it BIG. We honor your accomplishments, reward your dedication, build community, and, of course, throw the biggest Admin Day party in the world!

Read the first details of Admin Bash, the All-Star Awards, and Flash Raffles. And stick around — over the coming months, much more will be revealed…

Announcing the Winners of Our Admin Week 2019 Launch Giveaway!

We kicked off Admin Week 2019 Launch with a phenomenal giveaway. Three lucky Ninjas were given a raise (not that kind, who do you think we are?) with up to $500 of free airfare credit. Not for work, but for adventure, personal growth, and FUN!

  • Prize #1: $500 airfare credit
  • Prize #2: $250 airfare credit
  • Prize #3: $100 airfare credit

The giveaway ended Sunday, October 7, at 11:59pm PT. Congratulations to our winners Daniel J., Alice S., and Lynette G.

We asked entrants to tell us in the comments section about a time they saved the day at work or achieved the near-impossible for their team. There were hundreds of incredible stories shared in the comments by Ninjas. If you could use some inspiration or an afternoon pick-me-up, they’re worth the read.


  1. We needed a certain amount of planners for a major project. I made some calls and we made the deadline.

    1. Great work, Cassandra! Thanks for being a phenomenal Ninja 💛

  2. We had a hurricane coming and our Executive Team has a conference call scheduled. When people started getting in the call there was an issue with the line. Executives were getting a busy signal. I was able to secure a toll free line and get wordnout to all the Executive Team about the new line. The call went as planned with only a 3 minute delay.

  3. This story is about how TWO Office Ninjas saved the day. Over a year ago, a hurricane devastated Puerto Rico. Goodman Networks needed to get a crew on the island to restore cell towers but couldn’t find a humanitarian flight to get them in the country. Debbie Tank, then of Goodman Networks reached out to Lisa Hall then at Southwest Airlines to see if she had any suggestions or connections she could share that might be able to point us in the right direction to arrange transport for our crew and equipment. Through that one conversation, we were able to connect the right people at both companies to get our crew there in less than 4 days! What a testament to the crew who volunteered to go, Southwest Airlines who has such a culture of caring for people, and the leadership of both companies that made all the pieces fall into place. The power of EAs working together, networking and helping each other is immeasurable! Never doubt your ability to make a difference or an impact.

    1. What a GREAT story, Lisa! The power of a Ninja-network and teamwork is truly phenomenal. Thank you for thinking of that network and putting it to work 🙌

  4. I really love how sweet and awesome you all are on here! thanks a million for the support!

    1. WE love the incredible things Ninjas like you do, Nicole! Thanks for being a part of it 💛

  5. Excited for 2019 and Admin Week!

  6. Someone arranged for food trucks to come and serve lunch but they forgot to get drinks. I huge secret stash saved the day.

    1. Yep…drinks are important! 😲 Way to pull through, Joanne!

  7. Save the day?… the eyes of the person in distress, but to me, I’m doing my job. Solving problems, anticipating what’s next or what could happen, finding solutions etc. I once had my executive travelling in the US for multiple meetings. His flight was late, he was in rush hour traffic and going to be late for his first meeting. In the rush to get to this meeting, he jumped out of the cab leaving him cell phone behind. After many hours and phone calls, I was able to have his phone returned to him (and I did it all from Canada in a different time zone :))

    1. Incredible, Dawn! We’re sure he appreciated it then — and we appreciate all you do as a Ninja 💛

  8. Bringing coffee for the group! Every one is happier with coffee!

    1. Truer words have never been spoken 😂Thank you for keeping everyone’s spirits up, Marianna!

  9. I feel like I “save the day” almost every day. So many last minute requests – how do I, where do I, can you get, etc. I am always able to come through for my group, and others outside my area when necessary

  10. As an office manager, sometimes you take the role as office therapist. I, one day, did a small act of kindness request from everyone on the floor. I had three people come up to me throughout the day and give me their resignation letters to shred because of what I asked everyone to do for each other. They said they never felt appreciated or like they made a difference but the sticky notes that I asked people to write validated them and made them feel like a team member again. They also trusted me enough with the knowledge that they were going to quit, so I was able to check up on them from time to time to make sure they were still happy here.

    1. Holy WOW, Suzanna! Thank you for sharing — this is a great reminder that small acts can have HUGE impacts on people. Keep up the great (and kind) work 💛

  11. To me, I feel like I’m just doing my job to make things happen, but to my coworkers, they make it seem like I can move mountains or perform magic. It’s so simple, I think logically, ask questions, look ahead and anticipate. Everyday to someone in the building, I accomplish the impossible.

    1. Exactly, Stephanie 🎉 You’re SO phenomenal that your logical next steps are magical to others. Keep up the amazing work…and keep wowing your teammates 😉

  12. I worked for a company that was downsizing our Sales Department and we lost a few Account Executives. During the changes I ended up having quite a few angry clients call wanting to speak “to the person in charge”. One client which was an $800k account of ours, was threatening to not resign with us due to the lack of communication. I was able to calm them down, solve a few problems and vowed to be their point of contact until a new AE was assigned. We got them back on track and they resigned another year!

    1. Way to be, Lisa! A Ninja’s calming spirit is incredibly useful — and sometimes saves *major* business!

  13. On the hottest day of the summer our A/C broke. To save company morale, I braved the high heats to get fruit pops, ice cream, and root beer (for floats!) — I think I saved my company from a mutiny.

    1. LIFE SAVER for sure, Olivia! Way to boost everyone up, when it would have been easy to not do anything 🍦

  14. Five years ago, within the first few months as Executive Assistant to the CEO and Board of Directors, In a leadership meeting what became a bit heated regarding the development of a new company website, with the CEO’s permission, I stepped in to assist as a project coordinator and help the IT Director in communicating more effectively with each department. The IT director was facing difficulties due to end-user technical language barriers, and a very heavy accent and deep voice that was hard to hear/understand.

    I collaborated both internally with each department director and externally with the website vendor identifying the specific needs for each area. I also worked closely with our Data Systems Analyst to identify data inaccuracies that were occurring on a public view calendar and fix this issue.

    Three months later we had an updated and more effective website launch and I ended up as the default website moderator.

    1. Sounds like your phenomenal Ninja skills were put to good use, Monica! Keep being adamzing 💯

  15. There was a miscommunication regarding an agreement we had to pay a bill. One of our clients was being hounded by insurance to pay it, but we were supposed to be the ones paying. Insurance was going to send the client to collections, so he paid the bill on his credit card to get to leave him alone. I diligently worked with our AP department, to get a $14,000 check sent to the client, in time to pay off his credit card without interest!

    1. Whew — great work, Amber. We’re sure the client appreciated it then, and we certainly applaud you now! 👏

  16. We had a vendor for an annual event drop out at the very last minute, and they were responsible for a large part of the event. So I contacted friends that I knew that were into doing the same thing and called in a bunch of volunteers and we were able to do get that portion of the event together without the usual vendor. Everybody loved what we did, especially the kids. This was at the Bakersfield Homeless Center.

    1. Phenomenal work, Angela! It’s that collective power at work — we’re sure EVERYONE benefited from your hard work and quick thinking 🎉

  17. I saved the day by catching a spelling error a huge important document before it went out.

  18. Just making sure that the video meetings are set up and on time without any hiccups.

    1. It sounds simple but it’s ALWAYS so complicated. Thank you for being the one to make it work, Meg 🙌

  19. I noticed that our vendor billing system wasn’t set up with checks and balances. I created a new tracking system and discovered $250K due to my company!

    1. WOW! Nice catch, Linda 👀Keep putting those Ninja-eyes to work!

  20. A physician called me on a Sat night from a conference in CA, telling me she left important documents in hotel lobby after meeting with my boss. I called the hotel, located the documents and had them delivered to the physician’s hotel in under an hour, while I was in MN.

    1. Ninja awesomeness can stretch any distance! Way to make it work, Denice 🙌Thank you!

  21. In 2005, my then-boss was attending the British Open when severe weather was causing airlines to cancel flights which jeopardized his attendance at his daughter’s bat mitzvah. I was able to get him on the last flight out of LHR on his preferred carrier before the airline halted all flights for the next 24-hours. I felt like a champion for a hot minute and then he complained about his seat.

    1. This is awesome! You made me laugh. =). Y
      ou know what they say, “No good deed…”

    2. So sorry to hear about the seat complaining — but know that you are PHENOMENAL and appreciated, Colleen! 💛

  22. After starting in a relatively new role at a national prelicensure examining board, I was put into a position where I had to make decisions fast. On the Thursday before a Saturday exam, at the end of the day, while the Executive Director was travelling and unreachable, and I was prepping to leave for one of the exams myself, I received a call from a candidate preparing to take the exam. They were confused about the location of the exam, as our website had one location and the exam information email had another. I quickly put her on hold and reviewed the information that was sent out and realized that the wrong information was actually on our website. Panicked, I told her the correct location, asked her to share with all her classmates as well but that we would also be handling the situation on our end.
    I immediately informed my colleagues and asked them to come and help me rectify the situation. We took the list of about 500 candidates and split into three, we each called the candidates, left voicemails or spoke with them to advise of the correct location. Sent out an email with the location address and confirmation. I then updated our website home page so that it was the first thing you would see when going to the website. Furthermore, I hired a car service and recruited additional volunteers to wait at the incorrect location and advise candidates of the appropriate location. The car service would then take candidates to the appropriate location, which was only about a 5-minute drive, which was lucky.
    I am happy to report that not a single candidate showed up at the incorrect location and there were no further disruptions in preparing for that event.

    1. Wow, GREAT catch, Becca! We see that Ninja-thoroughness hard at work 🙌

  23. I saved the day for a new program we launched by printing all the materials the presenter forgot to send us ahead of time at 10pm the night before launch.

  24. Once, back when I was working for a different executive, he called me on his way to the airport, running late for a flight, at 6am. He had left without his luggage and was going straight into business meetings upon landing. During the course of his flight, I managed to bribe a J Crew employee to take my credit card information over the phone, and deliver a bunch of clothes and a suitcase to his hotel. I had to similarly bribe other admins within our company to secure things like winter layers, toiletries, etc. Upon his arrival at the hotel, an entire week’s worth of luggage was waiting patiently for him in his room. It was awesome.

    1. 😲That. Is. INCREDIBLE. Way to get it done, no matter what, Alaina!

  25. I was tasked with helping to redecorate (on a very tight budget) the lounge area at the very end of the fiscal year, which for us happens to be June. Everyone was out of the office for the Fourth of July holiday when some of the items we had planned to purchase came up unavailable. I quickly located other items we could purchase online and got approval for the slightly higher cost. No one knew how many things we had to change at the last minute and the room came together perfectly.

    1. That’s the thing about Ninja-duties: if you do them well, no one seems to know! We see you though, Kristen! Keep ROCKING it 🤘

  26. By ensuring my supervisor’s get to where they needs to be, without issues.

    1. I’m sure they appreciate it, Cheryl! Thanks for all your phenomenal work 💛

  27. Being the Executive Administrative Assistant, I am also responsible for managing our professional and college sporting event tickets as well as other tickets – approximately 2000 seats per year. Its a small but yet fun part of my job and can be very time consuming because our employees are the ones that use the tickets by signing up for the drawings.

    The way it works, employees are notified about the upcoming drawing though our company newsletter and then were directed to sign-up by sending me an email.

    All was fine and dandy doing it the email way, until our company grew from 200 to 900+ and when the company newsletter went out I got swamped with emails! I would then have to sort through all the emails and write their names on a piece of paper and put it in a bucket for the winners to be hand-drawn. It was crazy!!

    This year, I tried something different do to circumstances. I created a shared google document for all to view. So instead of putting my email in the company newsletter, I put the link to the shared document so employees could register on their own. I then used the random formula feature to select the drawing winners. The time this saved was tremendous; plus it kept my emails free, employees were directly responsible for getting their name in the drawing, and the spreadsheet formula continued to keep the drawing random.

    I LOVE MY JOB!!!

    1. Love it, Josie! 👏Way to take the time to save major time — sounds like a great solution. THANK YOU for using your talents to make your teammates’ lives better 💛

  28. I saved the day by revamping the company’s compliance program to make it user friendly for our executives so that they would monitor and respond in a timely manner. Now mandatory action items don’t fall through the cracks.

  29. When I started as the Office Assistant our Office Manager was on leave. I hit the ground running and basically took over and made sure that things were getting taken care of, including having maintenance done that hadn’t been touched in three years. It turned out that she abandoned her position with no communication so the office was essentially saved by my proactive nature and drive to succeed and have others around me succeed.

    1. WOW! Good thing you were there (and were your admazing-self), Melissa! Thanks for saving *many* days!

  30. Gosh, we don’t often get to share our “to the rescue” stories (especially since us Office Ninjas are usually saving the day on a daily basis haha) so thanks for giving us a platform to share! When our office moved to a new location all of our employees left the old office on Friday, and magically walked into the new office on Monday, shiny and exciting! Now we all know the secret that it wasn’t magic but good ‘ol fashioned Ninja time! I worked with a million vendors to coordinate moving, cleaning, deliveries, and setups between the two locations. It was a smooth, easy transition for everyone else because behind the scenes I spent the weekend making sure all was in order. I was thrilled to keep all of my work family going strong so that the only thing they had to do was remember the new address on Monday morning! :)

    1. Moving is SO complicated, so probs to you, Nikki, for making it seamless! So glad you’re a part of this community — thanks for sharing 🙌

  31. I wish I had a fulsome “save the day” story to share; I know in our position each one of us without truly knowing it saves the day every day for someone within our walls! I pride myself on being resilient and accomplishing anything put in front of me – it is our role and our profession to “achieve the near impossible for our team” all the time! I love my career, it is never dull.

    1. Absolutely, Heather! Thank you so much for all the big *and* little things you do every day — you’re seriously phenomenal 💛

  32. I save the day by taking the extra step of reviewing the company mobile phone bill. By cleaning up the list we were able to save $2,000 each month.

    1. Nice job, Mai! Sometimes all it takes is a glance to make a difference 👀

  33. I saved the day by running out for boxes of coffee when our coffee maker spontaneously stopped working. Our office without caffeine is not a pleasant place to be.

  34. I saved the day by running out for boxes of coffee when our coffee machine spontaneously stopped working. Our office without caffeine is not an enjoyable place to be.

    1. Caffeine is important, but super stars like you actually save the day, Alicia! Thank you for getting your team what they need ☕️

  35. During an executive level interview loop I “saved the day” when the power was not working in the conference room the laptop that was being used for video calls lost power. I was able to quickly restart the video call on my laptop signing in as a guest and moving the candidate to another conference room.

    1. Video conferencing always seems to go wrong…but no need to worry when Jennifer is around! 💪Great work 💛

  36. Saving the day is part of the job description from obtaining last-minute warrooms to putting together happy hours with a few hours notice.

    1. It’s truly a job of extremes 😂THANK YOU for everything you do, Laura!

  37. I designed a spreadsheet to display the schedule of events at a glance for an event with 13 different programs over 5 days. I formatted it to be easy to read with class names and room numbers, then printed large copies for all the people who needed the information.

    This meant that instead of having to consult the individual schedules for each program they could view the quick reference version. I also made some poster size ones that I posted at the entrances and the cafeteria.

    1. Yes, Melissa! 👏We love a good spreadsheet 💛Great job taking initiative and making everyone’s lives easier!

  38. I pride myself On believing nothing is beneath me. I’ll do whatever the team needs. For the last few months now I’ve been covering 3 jobs every day while we’ve been short handed. Working for a team of 10 plus the branch manager & handling all office manager duties as well. Keeping positive & smiling!

    1. Wow! It’s not only phenomenal that you’re doing three jobs…but smiling through it! Keep up the radiant work, Tina 😃

  39. Just yesterday I managed to pull together a last minute private dinner party for 30 (our C team & our largest clients) after the arrangements the admins made fell through, while they are at conference out of state and EVERYTHING was booked. I ended up calling some personal connects in the city and throwing together a fantastic dinner party featuring dinner by Michael Mina and 360 views of Nashville from the 34th floor.

    1. Personal connections for the win 🙌Way to be resourceful, Toddy — we’re sure it was appreciated!

  40. I saved the company a bunch of money by buying staff calendars from the dollar store rather than spending $10-15 a piece from an office supply company.

    1. There ya go, Kris! Simple solutions for massive impact!

  41. Shortly after our GC retired, the Company entered into negotiations for a $40M funding, and there was no one on hand to handle and coordinate the many requests from the investors. I handled and managed all the due diligence requests from the investor, and we were able to obtain that $40M.

  42. It seems small, but working in a department with a lot of shifts that cover almost 24 hours of the day, coffee is very important. I had to emergency order supplies from Amazon before our regular order came in so that our staff wouldn’t run out of coffee. No coffee means an impromptu strike, and we can’t have that happen in a maintenance department!

    1. Yep. A no-coffee-strike would be bad! Way to prevent disaster, Bridget! ☕️

  43. I come to the rescue and save the day when the CEO’s EA’s office hours leave him unsupported at the end of the day. She comes in early and gets the C suite rolling and I stay later to smooth things down for the night.

    1. Sounds like the perfect team, Monica! Thank you for your work 💚

  44. I put on my cape and save the day, every day! However, I have recently achieved the near-impossible for my company by playing a key role in our acquisition. I was instrumental in the due diligence process as well as transitioning after the actual sale. Lastly, for the last 5 months, I’ve split the work for a position that was left vacant, while performing all my regular duties. However, I am glad to report that as of October, I am no longer filling in for that vacant position.

    1. Taking on extra duties…and even extra roles? Absolutely admazing, Elizabeth!

  45. Constantly making sure my boss gets to where he needs to be, without complications and time constraints on his schedule!

    1. More of a challenge than it sounds, we’re sure! 😉Keep up the phenomenal work, Dawn 💛

  46. Our company put in a new Audio/video system for our all hands and large meetings. No one could figure it out because it was faulty. I manage to figure it out glitches and all. I became the go to girl when anyone ever needed to use the equipment. I have since trained others to use the system.

    1. We all need someone who understands the system! Way to go 🙌

  47. I saved several someone’s days on more than one occasion by texting the MGO’s and reminding them of an important meeting start time. I’ve also left a meeting and gathered them up to bring them back up to said meeting on time.

    1. Lori to the last-minute rescue 😉Thanks for having your teams’ backs!

  48. Travel arrangements are my forte and where my superpower is. It’s not that I always get the best deals, but rather that I go above and beyond making sure my executive, administrators and coworkers have as much information as possible about their trip, the destination, the event, etc. and that it is easily accessible in both hard copy and electronic formats. I’ve been told I spoil my executive/coworkers when they travel. I consider this a great compliment.

    1. Your procedure sounds awesome. Care to share a template?

    2. Spoiling is what Ninjas do best! You’re definitely going above and beyond, Patricia — keep it up 🎉

  49. While taking care of a busy, rapidly growing search and consulting agency (which is enough for any office Admin!) our new construction build out followed by an office move was by far the most challenging for me. Contractors, vendors, movers, construction details, hard hats, and design committee projects were all above my regular job. It was a area of great growth for me personally, with new appliances, new systems, and new technology to learn each day. We have been in our new space and happy to share it with our clients, candidates and employees. Its an example for other companies looking for collaborative, energetic work environments, while considering employee satifaction and health and wellness.

    1. It’s incredible that you’ve gotten to show off the results of your hard work, Pamela! Maybe we’ll have to stop by sometime to see the new place 😉

  50. I think I’m part superhero because I’m constantly saving the day! I even have a cape that drapes on my chair that proves it.. Whether it be finding a last minute substitute for a teacher within the hour, calming an irate parent or just last week.. The day before break I had to print last minute awards for the school!! No one really knows how time consuming it is until you have to process, print and emboss the darn things!

    1. I think I’m part superhero because I’m constantly saving the day! I even have a cape that drapes on my chair that proves it.. Whether it be finding a last minute substitute for a teacher within the hour, calming an irate parent or just last week.. The day before break I had to print last minute awards for the school!! No one really knows how time consuming it is until you have to design a template, process (adding names), print and emboss the darn things! FOR THE WHOLE SCHOOL

      1. Sounds like you have your hands full, Jeanette — but we know you’re rocking it! Keep it up 🙌

  51. I saved the day by filling the EMPTY admin position! I only started a week and a half ago, but this office had been drowning with no admin for far too long, and they are so much more on track now that there is someone to guide the ship!

    1. We’re sure they’re SO GLAD to have you, Hannah! Good luck at the new gig — bring that phenomenal Ninja-spirit 💛

  52. I was recently able to save my company $$$$ by finding a glitch in our IT system and bringing it to the right people’s attention. Not something anyone else in the office would have looked over but hey, thats what Admins are for!

    1. Exactly right, Rebecca! Keep up the good work and putting those Ninjas-eyes to use 👀

  53. Advising of ex-employee taking business away, even with an exit contract.

  54. Constantly saving the day everyday! I am the go to person whenever there is an issue with a Training Center/Training Center Coordinator!

    1. Bonita to the rescue 👊 Thank you for your work day-in and day-out!

  55. Call me Wonder Woman because I constantly save the day from fixing our SMART boards (with no technical training on my end may I add) to simply noticing someone needs a little extra love.

    1. Tell us about it! Ninjas take on IT duties all the time — way to take it all in stride, Eren! 🙌

  56. We have an older office that USED to be quite dated (from 70s color scheme, to hodge-podged together unmatching furniture to cramped spaces and dysfunctional space) My first large project when I came on board here was to coordinate and plan a full building remodel of all office spaces. Fast forward 18 months from the start and all of the department spaces are modern, functional, cool and fit the individual needs of how each department needs to function! WHEW – what a fun learning process it has been!

    1. Sounds SO fun (but also useful!), Kristin! Rock on 🤘

  57. Saving the day comes in all in all tasks, small or big where I work. From pulling off a last minute (literally, 3 min before you walk into a meeting) Onboard profile for a client meeting to staying late to bind 10 copies of each set of meeting materials that did even get used. I’m saving the day for someone all the time. As an admin, we’re always the superhero.

    1. You certainly are, Sarah! Thank your for all your hard work 💛

  58. At the beginning of the month, I run recognition reports to see how many years of service our staff members have, and saw that a key office ninja was celebrating 30 years that very day. I was able to inform the person’s manager, and we were all able to help her celebrate her incredible milestone with flowers, cake, and some token gifts.

    1. Great thinking, Hannah! Showing Ninjas (especially long-time Ninjas) love certainly counts as saving the day 🙌

  59. I saved the day when 2 years ago our office caught fire! Our CEO was going out of town the next week to speak at a conference and I was charged with working to salvage what we could from the office, working with our insurance company, finding a temp location for our team to work out of for the time being and helping keep everything in the company as best as possible.
    Oh, and I had only been with the company for 5 months at this point!! All worked out and we are a much stronger team after going through that.

    1. LITERAL HERO 🔥Thank you for taking on what needed to be done, Daniel! Sounds like phenomenal work that paid off!

  60. “Saving the day” seems to be a part of my job description. I work for staff who are consistently running behind on everything. One specific occasion, I had to create a funeral program within 2 days of the funeral, print it, and fold it for the service. I asked another staff member to help fold and she accidentally spilled her coffee on all of the programs. Our printing department was gone for the day, so I had to contract out with a local printing service and refold 200 programs. It doesn’t sound like a dramatic save, but it sure felt like one. :)

    1. No, it DOES sound like a dramatic save! Coffee will be the death of all of us 😂 Way to pull it out and make it work, Christina!

  61. Saving the day seems like just part of the job – I’ve saved birthdays by ordering last minute gifts for bosses and co-workers families, arranged alternate accommodations for vacations when travel plans go up in smoke, and planned parties with only moments notice. Most recently, I met my boss and team on a Sunday afternoon for 4 hours to save a deal, submit a package to corporate to review that evening, and stop multiple millions of earnest money dollars from being forfeit.

    1. You sound truly phenomenal, Alice 💛 We really appreciate the Ninja-effort you’re putting in — and hope your team does too!

  62. When I started at my company, our cleaning person was responsible for placing orders for our paper products (paper towel, tp, kleenex) and cleaning supplies. I soon came to realize that we had an excessive amount of product on hand and there was a lot of money sitting on the shelves. I inventoried everything and took over the ordering. So far this year I’ve been able to save us $6,000 in just toiletries!

    1. Wow! What a difference a seemingly small catch can make. Keep up the admazing work, Valp!

  63. CEO had an early meeting with everyone in attendance except for one person who was in another state. I arranged, that morning, for coffee and doughnuts to be delivered to our out-of-state guy just in time for him to join the meeting by phone. Boss loved it.

    1. Wow! WE love it! What a special extra touch to make someone feel included. Nice job, Lynn 💛

  64. I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to have attend conferences for professional development. I started doing lunch and learns to share the information learned at the conferences with other admins.

    1. GREAT idea, Christine! Sharing the knowledge is so valuable — and fun if it’s over lunch 😋

  65. We have been looking at ways to cut cost and space so over the last few months I have gone through the department and down sized unnecessary supplies and equipment. I was able to find new homes for these items.

    1. Not glamorous but totally helpful — sounds like what an admazing Ninja like you would get done, Dana 😉 Thank you for your work!

  66. I once saved the day at a workshop I organized at our headquarters for a group of 50 executives. I am stationed on the East Coast and our HQ is on the West Coast, a location I’d never been to before this trip. After the second 10-hour day of organizing the workshop, I went back to my hotel room to relax. A few minutes later I received an impromptu request to set up a happy hour in the office. Luckily my hotel was just across the street! In minutes I was ready and back at the office, set up a cute little happy hour with drinks and snacks (having very little knowledge of the HQ facilities and where to find supplies) and shared a quick cheers with the team! They were none-the-wiser that just moments before I was lounging in my PJ’s.

    1. See — that’s TRUE commitment to delay getting to the PJ’s! Way to roll with it and have a little fun too, Hannah! 💛

  67. Space is at a premium where I work, so when facilities management finally came and hauled off a room full of old furniture and the plastic ficus I saw my chance. I transformed a small storage room into a much-needed staff break room, complete with microwave, small refrigerator, lateral file full of paper plates, plasticware, condiments, and medicinal teas. I even brought a Keurig up for the coffee lovers among us. It was a real morale boost for the entire office. Now we have a white board for inspirational messages, like “Put the creamer away when you’re finished with it!” and a bulletin board for birthdays and such. I’m quite proud of this accomplishment!

    1. 😂LOVE the inspirational messages 😉That sounds seriously helpful though, Christine. Way to make everyone’s days a little bit better — you *should* be proud!

  68. In our department, there is just two of us, my boss and myself. So it is usually a team effort. I am not sure when I saved the day. There are many times when I drop everything to take care of an urgent issue. We work with international friends too. We have two houses for furloughing friends. I am in charge of all this and more. So just making through each day and getting everything accomplished, where they need to go and fed is saving the day. This includes home too :) I have remembered before my boss to send out support checks. That is a big deal to those waiting on the support.

    1. We have no doubt that you’re a super hero every single day, Danella 🙌 Thanks for working hard and juggling everything!

  69. I was in the process of planning a large conference and the budget was slim. I was able to obtain a high dollar corporate sponsorship that enabled us to ‘Make it Happen’!

    1. Whether we like it or not, money IS important. Nice job securing what you needed — Jennifer to the rescue!

  70. I saved the day by scheduling an emergency meeting involving 15 people for the next day within 30 minutes and ordering lunch as well. Unheard of at my place of employment.

    1. That is some serious turnaround time, Colleen — nice work! Keep it up. We really appreciate it 💛

  71. I feel like I “save the day” on a regular basis, but my near impossible moment is from a previous employer. I worked for the CEO and he had this phrase for our sales people “when the market is short, a monkey with a pencil could do your job.” Well he decided one day that it would be funny to get an actual monkey who could hold a pencil and answer a phone into the office for his sales meeting….the next day. Well low and behold I managed to find someone who could do just that. I even found a small company shirt for him to wear.

    1. You’re kidding?! You managed a LITERAL MONKEY? Nichole, that’s definitely going above and beyond and you are PHENOMENAL… we’re not even monkeying around 😉🙉

  72. My everyday activities may not earth shattering, but my organizational skills and knowledge of our business save the ones I work for time and energy when looking for files, materials and the such because I have made it easy for these items to be at their fingertips.

    1. Absolutely, Keri. The little things build up into big impacts — you ARE a super-Ninja 🙌

  73. Salvation Army Christmas – we had gifts for 10,000 kids to sort and it snowed (in the south). Many volunteers didn’t show. I sent massive amounts of emails, hit social media, and did a lot of praying. The right about of people “braved” the 2 inches of snow and we got the job done! Many happy children that Christmas! :-)

    1. 😂 A raging blizzard for the south! Way to pull out all the stops, Joanna. We’re sure the children appreciated it then, and we appreciate you now!

  74. I feel like a super hero every time it’s a tax deadline day – I should probably get a cape! I make it happen! :)

    1. TAX SEASON 🤭 Way to pull it together during an important time, Leah! You’re adamzing 💚

  75. Just last week, we had a huge grand opening celebration for our new building on campus. I worked two thirteen hour days in a row, but still managed to pull the event together without the guests having a clue about any of the issues going on behind the scenes. Plus, I was still able to get my normal “desk work” done for those days as well. But I’m EXHAUSTED. I need a break.

    1. Take it, Amber! Sounds like a ~phenomenal~ feat and you deserve a break! 💛

    1. Yummy impact 🍾 Thanks for making it happen, Rebecca!

  76. After only 2 months on the job, our building flooded and everyone was shipped to another location. A week before we were scheduled to move back, we lost power and connectivity at our temporary site. I decided to pack up my “office,” my boss’s “office,” ship it back to our building, and unpack it. He was able to walk into his office that following Monday and get to work immediately like the flood had never happened!

    1. And now it’s our turn to ~flood~ you with recognition! 😉Incredible initiative, Lori — we’re sure it was appreciated. Keep rockin’ on!

  77. I was put as a lead admin over our building and all of the sudden was put over events and the building website etc on top of supporting my regular organization. We had some major issues with some of the large areas/event rooms getting misused / double booked and there was no formal process to reserve areas and get approvals with security/campus czar etc for needs with the events that occured. I took the project on to create a online reservation tool to organize space requests, approval submissions, alerts for needed support by building services/security etc. I created it within a few days and was able to get it promoted out to my building and it has been a great help to keep things better organized for event spaces around the building.

    1. Space is *such* a tricky issue! Thank you for taking that on, Jamie, and for ALL the work it sounds like you do every day! 🙌

  78. Our organization puts on an annual training for juvenile justice coordinators around the country and the biggest event of this training is our Awards Night that showcases a performance from one of our talent show finalists. It takes quite a few hoops to get a youth released temporarily to perform in another jurisdiction and this year, our youth forgot her guitar! I had to find somewhere in a city I have never been to before that would rent a guitar for a couple of hours. Nearly impossible! Thankfully, one of our staff went to college with a guy that happened to manage a guitar shop and they found a beautiful vintage guitar they were willing to let us borrow. We just had to Uber my colleague across town and back within a minuscule time frame to save the day. It was the proudest moment of my professional life.

    1. That sounds amazing, Cassie 🎸Ninjas helping others and swooping in just in time is what we LIVE for 💛

  79. I saved the day when our caterers could not find the Fall decorations the night before the event. I stopped at a farmers market that had already closed but the staff was still on site and asked if I could purchase $50 of gourds. Everything looked amazing the next day as they were our centerpieces.

    1. Love this story, Darla 💕Gourds (and Ninjas) to the rescue!

  80. Once upon a time our server was held ransom and I rebuilt my CRM from memory and my chicken scratch notebooks. The company has since moved to cloud based software Thank goodness that is over 😂

    1. You had the cloud in your head before there was a cloud!! ☁️That’s incredible, Chelsea — what a phenomenal feat!

  81. I feel like I am doing something daily to save the day. I started my job about 6 months ago and was thrown into a position that had zero processes for anything! Every day I am creating new processes, procedures and forms to make things easier for everyone. While I am officially the executive assistant that supports the CEO and CMO, I have also been entrusted with/taken on the role of a one person HR department, one person payroll department and one person credentialing department and all while juggling all of my executive assistant tasks! I definitely feel like a ninja juggling everything but ultimately love what I do and feel good knowing I’m making a difference.

    1. You are TOTALLY making a difference, Monica! And we like that — we’ll add juggling to the list of must-have Ninja-skills 😉🎉

  82. I have been in the admin role for almost all of my career. You learn things that sometimes you don’t realize was something small to be something huge to someone else. Like making the effort to make every person you encounter feel welcome even though you are going a million miles a minute in your head. Or even one small shortcut you thought everyone knew but sharing it with the one person it became a lifesaver for them. Or even establishing a process (I know, boring) but very important when you are not there for someone to move forward.

    1. No exactly, May! The seemingly boring or small things are what make HUGE differences! 🙌

  83. I started a new role less than a month ago and already, it feels like I’ve saved the day so many times. It’s little things that really add up – catching low stock and ordering more before we’re out during a time of need, following-up with folks before important deadlines they’ve forgotten about. My ability to keep on top of things and see the big picture makes a difference!

    1. That’s the thing — the little things ARE the big things! Thanks for constantly looking after them, Jessica 💛

  84. I have my OfficeNinjas “Save the Day” Cape on everyday! Yet, a recent first world problem was when one of my executives needed to fly internationally and we mistakenly sent out his passport to CEBIT because it was a slow travel month (gotta love the timing). I needed to research, locate, and deliver his passport the same day b/c he was flying out the next morning! OfficeNinja Jen to the rescue…and seamless travels to China!

    1. It always happens like that, right?! Great job being on top of it, Jen!

  85. I save the day so frequently at my workplace, it is hard to name just one! People are always wanting something last minute that I have because they know that I save a lot of pertinent information and am very organized. So when they need something last minute, they can IM me and have it typically within 15-30 seconds! That is the kind of speed we are working with these days as we are getting ready to open a new property the end of this month.

    1. Sounds like you’re truly the office superhero, Kristie! So proud to call you a Ninja 💛

  86. Finding time that doesn’t exist – a constant PHENOMENON! Super excited to be joining this years Admin Bash – was to new to the position last year. Can’t wait to see everyone!

  87. We had a scare from the hurricane on the East Coast last month and I had spent days on the phone and online finding hotels, rental cars, and additional employees to be available in the aftermath. I stayed at work until after 8:00pm on a Friday night making travel arrangements. On our conference call the next day we realized the storm would not be impacting our location after all so I immediately jumped on the phone with our travel provider to cancel all the arrangements within the 24 hour window so we wouldn’t be charged for the cancellations. I got them all cancelled with only 3 minutes to spare!

  88. I AM SO EXCITED!!! This will be my first ever admin conference and am so stoked to go to the best one!!

  89. We unfortunately had a corporate action that impacted several employees and took a huge toll on the group morale. One employee was impacted incorrectly and I had to go thru the process of exiting and welcoming them back. I was able to make this person feel welcomed loved and missed when they returned. I also was able to collect their belongs and special items for them. Lastly I hosted a party at my home as a farewell to those that had moved on from our team. It was hugely received well.

    1. Seems like a critical situation that needed a Ninja-touch. Thanks for looking out for others, Victoria 💕

  90. My boss was going to a donor luncheon in 30 minutes. He was giving the welcome, introductions, and greeting all the guests. Small issue was someone pointed out he had a 3 inch jagged rip in his suit coat at the elbow. He did not have time to go home and get a new coat. He needed to wear a suit coat. So I said “Give me your coat.” I opened my desk drawer, reached way in the back, and pulled out my sewing kit. His eyes were wide open and his face was in shock. He asked “You can fix it? You have that in your desk?” I replied “I’m not new and you can’t go without a coat.” He came back from the event and no one said anything and no one noticed the rest of the day. It was not the best stitching I have ever done but that tear was really bad. Guess this falls under other duties as assigned.

    1. Robin to the rescue is right! 🙌Love a good ole fashion stitch fix!

  91. I welcomed our employees back for the new school year with Goldfish Crackers saying that it was O”fish”al that we Love our Premier Employees.

  92. I welcomed our employees back for the new school year with Goldfish Crackers saying that it was O”fish”al that we Love our Premier Employees. This was following a particularly hectic start to the year.

    1. Puns are the BEST way to show your adamazing-ness! Keep being o’fishally incredible, Georgette!

  93. New job and company. My first week the department did not have a Sr. Admin, they were trying to make do. I came in and began looking through the file system to familiarize myself with a new division. I found files they didn’t know they had, helped prepare reports. I didn’t wait for someone to show me where everything was – I found it and showed them! My Director was beyond thrilled. She felt she could now do her job because I was there to fill in any gaps. The whole staff have only been in place for one year and, I just used my experience and skills to come in and be productive. I feel so appreciated and useful.

    1. SO glad you feel appreciated, Denise — because it sounds like your absolutely PHENOMENAL! 💛

  94. While supporting 3 executives, I planned a dinner for one with his direct reports, I organized and attended an overnight offsite for another at a VRBO including her direct reports, and coordinated another offsite for the 3rd which more than 60 people attended. Oh, and all of these events took place within the same week.

    1. Of course they did 😂But that just makes you that much more phenomenal, LeeAnne!

  95. I save the day by helping in whatever department might need help that day. I also try to stay super positive and approachable to keep the office happy and carefree. When people feel appreciated and heard, it empowers positive vibes throughout the office!

    1. Preach it, Karin! Thank for your radiant attitude and phenomenal work! 🎉

  96. Saving the day every day by being positive and motivating our team to strive to do their best.

    1. Truly the best way to consistently save the day, Monica! 💛

  97. I used my power of observation and deduction to figure out who accidentally took a co-worker’s car keys. I helmed the front desk of a weekly newspaper and one delivery day, a number of people were in and out of the office. When one of the delivery men couldn’t find his keys that he had placed on the counter I looked everywhere! Then one by one called everyone I could remember who had been in front of the desk that morning. A few hours later, one of our clients, whom I had called, slunk in apologetically when he realized he had the keys. If I hadn’t called him, he may not have known where he picked them up from!

    1. Nothing a bit of Ninja-sleuthing can’t solve 🔑Nice job, Jeannette!

  98. I saved the day by helping to direct customers to a safe place when we were under a tornado threat. My Boss & Executive Team was very pleased with my unselfish actions. All in a Office Ninjas Day! We can do all things! From office work to disasters, we do whatever it takes. Rock On! #NinjaPride

    1. LOVE it, Evelyn 💕 Literal life-saving is definitely above and beyond…even for a rockstar Ninja like yourself!

  99. With the help of an awesome caterer, planned a lunch event for 60 people on 1 day’s notice.

  100. Catering gone wrong – saved by me and a catering leader.

    The CEO changed his mind a few times, and nobody knew what the lunch plan was. But last minute one of the catering leaders helped me pull off the fastest catering event.

    1. LOVE a good collaboration! Keep being your phenomenal-self, Cadrian!

  101. We had a contract worker who’s contract was set through yesterday, October 1. HR and IT decided that meant 12:01 am yesterday morning, instead of the end of the day as intended by our office. The worker arrived yesterday only to find out they had no access to email or even their time card. I used my connections to get her up and running quickly so that she could continue her day, and get the time card submitted.

    1. The devil is in the details — are you’re an angel, Nancy! Keep up the great work!

  102. During a stressful and hectic holiday season, I found a local massage company to come in and do chair and table massages for my team–at NO COST to us. (They knew they were good and would still get business from us!) It’s hard to be stressed during a massage.

    1. What a great idea, William 💡Bringing phenomenal relaxation to the office!

  103. “a time you saved the day at work or achieved the near-impossible for your team.” I do this daily! ;-)

    One such time involved a little program I started called “Asset Recovery”. I work for a large high tech company and we lease our laptops. In doing this audit for my organization (not the entire company, but a division with >2000 employees), I recovered enough laptops to save my group nearly $100,000. This afforded us more budget for protoype of a new product.

    1. Now that’s some CASH! 🙌Great thinking and phenomenal work, Terri!

  104. Saved lots of days by covering for a dear friend/fellow admin as she underwent chemotherapy. It was a challenge to do two jobs at once but it was also rewarding.

    1. We’re sure that was tough for everyone, Lauren — great job stepping in, and hope your friend is okay!

  105. I used my true ninja skills and rescued my boss who’s car battery died. He was on his way to airport to catch a flight for a very important meeting. I luckily had everything needed and was able to get his battery charged and he made his flight!! woohoo!!

  106. When confirming meetings and locations for my two execs for the following day, I realized the room they were scheduled to meet their VP in was not reserved by the VP’s Admin. I brought this to her attention – she had no idea. She had time to reserve another room and update the invite. Good thing – it was an important meeting that included international VPs.

  107. I am part of a team of 5 amazing women. I think “saving the day” is our ultimate responsibility. We go above and beyond to make sure our office is running smoothly and happy. We plan events to boost company culture, stay late to make sure our consultants are squared away, plan last minute client lunches and even deliver them onsite, etc.

    1. So glad you have a team of admazing Ninjas around you, Maddie!

  108. I utilized contacts at one of our software firms and partnered with engineers to create a recruiting app and platform that streamlined hiring and revamped the interview for a multi-billion dollar private equity firm. It all started with a marker, post-its and an idea I had at my desk about how we could make the process better.

    1. Post-its are the REAL super heroes 😉Thanks for your creativity, Portia! Keep rockin’ on 🤘

  109. Awesome publication. I appreciate the articles that make it to my inbox. I would love to see one on cost-effective vendors to help reduce office overhead, and other various related tips on vendor negotiation.

    1. Great suggestion, Katie! Thanks so much for the feedback 🙌

  110. We had a transformer explode in the back of our building. I was able to get all of our perishables boxed up and taken home so we didn’t lost product. Transformers, they sure are more than meets the eye.

    1. Oh my 😲 Fighting fires isn’t normally in the job description, but that doesn’t stop Ninjas like you, Kimberly!

  111. We’d just acquired a new company and were having them all in town for an integration workshop. The first night our office hosted 40-ish people for a dinner and get to know you mixer and the caterer forgot one of our entrees! Cue about 20 hungry, unhappy people and a tad splash of panic. Luckily, our office is downtown and I was able to coordinate a deli to make 25 emergency paninis before they closed and on the way back to the office I stopped for a few hot pizzas just to be safe. The 20 people didn’t go hungry for long and though it was a rough start to the week, the rest of the workshop went off without a hitch!

    1. Nothing is more important than food! Thanks for stepping in and taking charge, Kyle! 🍕

  112. I pulled off a Wine/Brew tour on a tight budget so we could celebrate making our goals! I even arranged transportation by limo bus! The team loved it!

    1. Ooo, count us in! 🍷That sounds like FUN day-saving, Nickie!

  113. We had our two top IT guys quit within one business day of each other while we were transitioning to a new CRM. I was tapped to take over and keep things moving and keep the business running. I did it, kept people from killing each other, business continued, and I kept it up until they hired a full-time CRM administrator – 10 MONTHS later!

    1. Prolonged-heroism! Not ideal, but we’re proud of your Ninja-commitment, Debbie 💛

  114. During Hurricane Irma I stayed in constant contact with the Mayor via cell phone and computer. I coordinated TV interviews for her from all over the country; answered email and phone calls from residents who had not evacuated and acted as liaison between the Mayor, the Council Members, and the citizens. By taking on this role my Mayor was able to stay focused on the storm, getting word out to our citizenry, and still meet the needs of those reaching out to her. Thankfully Irma shifted at the last minute and we were not where she made landfall.

    1. Wow! High-stakes day-saving! Thanks for being at-the-ready, Pearl 🙌

  115. I think a lot of us Office Ninjas consider a majority of our days as doing the impossible. I regularly tell people I make the impossible possible! Recently I was doing something proactively, so when my boss asked for something and needed it by EOD I was mostly done. That saved the day, and my stress level, because I was able to deliver quality product due to being proactive. I think a lot of us Office Ninja’s can relate to this, a little bit of mind reading. :)

    1. Absolutely, Tiffany! Saving the day comes from careful PREPARATION 😉

  116. My executive booked himself and 3 others for a pricey non-refundable, non-transferable show while they were in Vegas. He booked it on the wrong day and the wrong weekend. I was able to call and explain the situation and receive a full refund for the tickets. I saved them several hundred dollars!

  117. Worked to develop a system where Reasonable Assurance Letters where sent mail merged as PDF’s and emailed as attachments to all our 1,000+ adjuncts cutting out printing, folding, and postage. These letters where than mail merged a second time directly in to our digital filing system cutting out hours of manual scanning and linking for each letter to the individual file in the database.

    1. Sounds like a seemingly simple fix that had a huge impact. Thanks for you ingenuity, April!

  118. I always jump in no matter what department needs my help. In my former company I was asked to jump in and support a Executive Committee Member, knowing how big it was to fill in the shoes I did not let that instill fear in my ability to do the work. I was able to help the MC member out with travel and organizing a last minute client meeting.

  119. There isn’t a time when my team isn’t saving the day. Little do our employees know, but we are always juggling tasks that could make or break a days outcome. Saving the day is the job description, or at least it should be! I’ll give you an example: ConEd decided to reduce the power is a few buildings from Union Sq to Madison Sq Park. Reducing the power meant that all of the buildings HVAC units were shut down. At the time we were in the middle of a heat wave. Of course, on all days this day, my CEO had the President of XXX coming in for a long meeting. Now, to give you some context. Our office is something to be proud of, and our CEO loves to show it off. So there was no question the meeting was to go on within the office. What did we do you ask? We went out an purchased a window unit (legal by state law to put a window unit in a commercial building but we were desperate). It turned out that AC unit saved the day we were just the ones who installed it!

    1. You’re exactly right, Ashley — saving the day SHOULD be the job description!

  120. One of the most successful ways to save the day is while my employer is traveling. Whether it was an on the fly transportation change to redirecting his golf clubs for a tournament, those are the moments when I feel I have contributed in save the day moments.

    1. Travel is where Ninjas can truly shine their skills ✈️ Thanks for the phenomenal work, Tiffany!

  121. I just had a mini stroke and was able to do my job, which is managing 16 executive assistance across North America and the facility manager’s job for facility of over 1100 employees over five floors. Did this for over two months.

    1. WOW 😲Well we’re glad you were able to push through, Julie — but make sure you take the time you need to keep healthy!

  122. Woo hoo!! Let’s hear it for Admin Week!! Let’s hear it for Admins everywhere!! You all are the best!! Don’t ever forget that!

    1. You don’t forget that you’re ADMAZING too, Tanya! 🎉

  123. I saved the day when a Fed Ex delivery wasn’t received because there wasn’t a building number on the package and they refused to deliver it. The package was a bid on a prospective job and it had to be delivered by a certain time or else they wouldn’t consider it. I found a courier company near the place, which was out of state by the way, and had them pick it up pronto and hand deliver it to the company. It made it on time, which was the goal. Unfortunately we weren’t picked for the job!

    1. Ah well, you held up MORE than your end of the bargain, Valerie! Thanks for saving the day on the reg 🙌

  124. Recently our startup was bought out by a large corporation. As we work to merge our cultures our office is becoming more involved with the larger events that take place at corporate HQ. Executives decided at the last minute that our office should participate in a huge annual fundraising campaign complete with multiple activities, presentations and fundraising goals. With just a week to plan, and an already jam-packed schedule in front of me I was able to get local representation from the non-profit organization to present to our office, I had signage set out everywhere to promote the campaign, I coordinated with my peers at other offices to align with activities, I executed a communication plan that spanned the week of the campaign, and collectively our office achieved 63% participation, raised approximately $6K, and earned an additional $15K grant!!!!

    1. WOW! Sometimes last-minute challenges turn into the great achievements with a bit of Ninja-skill! 👊Thank you for taking initiative, Erica!

  125. A couple of months after starting here, I realized we were being charge sales tax on our electric bills. As a non-profit, we are exempt. After a bit of research, pulling 2 years of bills on 4 locations, and completing the most elaborate spreadsheet ever designed by a government agency, we received refunds for over $25,000!

    1. NICE catch, Denice! Ninja-eyes make a huge impact! 💸

  126. There was an incident that occurred with a parent while my boss was out of town. This could have gone very wrong, but I was able to step in, and “talk the parent off the ledge”.

    1. An imperative skill, Tracy! Thanks for taking action 👊

  127. I was always the first volunteer to get to the office early when there were property management tasks that needed to be completed before the sun came up. It was unfortunate, but people appreciated me quite a bit.

    They really missed me once I got a new job and they had to start doing my work!!!

    1. We’re sure they did, Scott! Early Ninja gets the appreciation! 😉

  128. Really hoping to get my boss on board for this! I would love to come to Admin Bash 2019!!

  129. OMG… How do I chose just one?! I feel like “saving the day” should be part of my job description. The most significant one that I can think of is our 2018 sales meeting. We had 200+ sales reps fly in from all over the county for a 2.5-day meeting, and each day’s agenda was jam-packed from sun-up to sun-down with presentations and activities. All final presentations were supposed to be turned in WELL before the meeting so that they could all be combined into one master deck and all handouts could be printed beforehand. Needless to say, many people showed up an hour before their presentation with edits. It was a nightmare, but the work was done! I could give you a ton of examples from just this meeting alone – but it’s just the line of work that’s like this. Mostly we stay invisible and work behind the scenes until it’s time to save the day! I honestly love it and wouldn’t change my line of work for anything.

    1. Turning a nightmare into triumph is classic Ninjaness! Thanks for saving the day on the reg, Angelia!

  130. I am always helping or supporting different teams in our office, but I feel that I save the day every time I have to fix the postage machine for our FIS. It is very finicky sometimes and we can’t print priority mail labels. Instead of calling IT and waiting, because the mail can’t wait, the FIS (first impression specialist) calls me because I used to be in that position and know what to do to fix it.

    1. Mail is IMPORTANT! 💌 Sounds like a case of daily Ninja-heroism. Thanks, Any!

  131. I feel like most of the time my entire job is about fighting fires and trying to save the day in some way. The time that stands out the most in my mind is a few years back one of the owners decided that she wanted to have some inscribed rocks. ROCKS!?!?! And, she needed them by the end of the week. I was panicked, but after doing some quick research I quickly figured out that any vendor online was going to need way more time that I had to give to produce 500 inscribed rocks. I found a quarry one city over so raced out to see what I could find. I managed to procure the rocks we needed and then begged and pleaded (and paid a pretty penny) to have a local gal and her husband inscribe rocks for me from morning to night for several nights in a row. We got it done, and it was certainly a team effort with the vendor(s), but it was by the hair of our chinny chin chins! The rock fiasco has been a long time running joke at our office and I swear people find impossible tasks just to see what I’ll come up with on the fly! We all laugh about it now but it was beyond stressful while it was all unfolding.

    1. That’s something we’ve never heard of before! 😲Way to roll (or rock) with the weird and act like a Ninja-star, Anita! 👏

  132. In my second week as office coordinator, one of the partners asked me to make him a lunch reso for an important client. His first choice restaurant was unavailable, so I got him a reso at a slightly worse restaurant. Day of the lunch, I call to confirm the reso… and they have no record of it, and they’re fully booked. Desperate, I called around – everywhere was booked. So I called his first choice restaurant… spoke to the manager… and got him the perfect table with a waterfront view, as someone had JUST cancelled their reservation. Day saved, client won.

    1. BOOM! Ninja persistent + a bit of luck = true heroism. Thanks for sharing, Soleil!

  133. I saved the day by drafting an urgent document that was supposed to belong to another person in my role, but she had left work earlier in the day so the task fell to me. I was able to accomplish the task in her place.

    1. Steppin’ in like a boss 😎Thank you for doing what needs to be done, Kayley!

  134. Our employers and teams are very lucky to have all of us Office Ninjas on their side saving every day with random acts of kindness and pulling off major “OMG” requests that we wonder how in the world we’ll get them done. But we do because … we’re Office Ninjas!!!

    1. Darn straight, Kimberly! Ninjas (you included!) are simply phenomenal 💛

  135. Recently, we had a 2019 planning session offsite with all of the executives in my line of business. 2 days before, I call to confirm everything and find out my event planner quit. QUIT. No one called to tell me this; I found out because I called. I asked 2 other assistants to come help me and we get to the venue and NOTHING is right. We all sprung into action to change a room for 20, in tables of 3 to a room for 60 in tables of 8. The food was wrong, the AV was wrong, literally nothing was right. The venue even had only one ONE coffee carafe in the building! With help from my 2 partners, we had the whole thing set up correctly in 40 minutes and even talked the venue into going to Starbucks for us because the coffee situation was dire at 9a with one carafe. I negotiated our rate down significantly and none of the executives knew of the disaster. The ladies who helped me really saved the day too!

    1. Wow — truly phenomenal Madeline! 💛We can’t imagine the rollercoaster or having nothing right (annnnddd not enough coffee!), but you didn’t miss a beat. Thank you!

  136. One time I “saved the day” was for a manager who was backing up their boss while managing two teams, a group mailbox, State partner inquiries….and several other items. Her laptop promptly crashed after recieving a system upgrade and it was going to take 24/48 hours to receive a new laptop. I set up one of the kiosk towers at her desk and was able to get her access to all her files (even the ones saved to her desktop), her emails, and platforms to keep working.

    1. That’s what we call a phenomenon, Jackie! 🎉You make the impossible possible on a daily basis, and for that, we thank you 🙌

  137. I am saving the day on a daily basis by covering for our receptionist who moved on to another job. Sure it means I can have no time off and that I am doing two peoples job, but it’s worth it to save the day!

    1. So proud you’re stepping in, Amber — just remember to take care of your admazing-self! 💛

  138. We had 2 men try to get into our server room by saying they were from AT&T. I was a new hire (had been at the office for less than a week) and yet something seemed fishy to me so I didn’t let them in. Long story short, I ended up calling security, they got escorted out, and AT&T confirmed they never sent anyone! Later on I found out they were scam artists that had been breaking into local businesses after hours and stealing thousands of dollars of equipment. My natural suspicious nature saved us from a headache!!

    1. Your Ninja-senses were tingling! 💛Thanks for sharing Zoila — and for knowing what’s up beyond your normal duties.

  139. I planned our company holiday party for 200 people in less than a week notice. Included a photographer (3 hrs), photobooth, 3 poker tables, 15 raffle prizes, staging furniture, dj (6 hrs), heavy appetizers, and unlimited open bar, for 20k flat when our budget was 35k!

    1. Ooo, can we be invited to the next party you plan? 😉That sounds incredible, Perris — thank you for all the work you do!

  140. Our team once saved a life in the office when an Engineer cut open the top of his head trying to grab a snack and hit his head on a sharp corner of a rack

    1. 😲WOW, a literal life-saver! That’s rising above the call-of-duty if we’ve ever heard it, Irene!

  141. I co-created a first ever Administrative Professionals Forum (APF) Affinity Group at my company. We celebrated our one year anniversary on Administrative Professionals Day of this year.

    1. We LOVE it! Thanks for supporting your fellow Ninjas, La’Shawn 💕

  142. So many situations to choose from. Once I got the keys to a new office suite on a Friday. I furnished it and got it completely functional for our DEV team to move in the next Friday! No one could believe it… honestly, I couldn’t either. Everything fell into place and I looked like a hero.

    1. You looked like one because you ARE a hero! 👀 Keep up the phenomenal work, Carrie!

  143. When I first started at my current position, I was tasked to coordinate my first town hall meeting consisting of 500 people within two weeks under a certain budget. It was a daunting task, but I got the job done with persistent research for the venue, caterer, audio-visual vendor, and trophy vendor. I got to know my team mates really well with requesting for volunteers to do varied tasks of which I listed on a checklist. From registration to the evening reception, I was able to pull off a last minute event even with added last minute changes in a calm demeanor. I even created the presentation with videos and found out that the audio visual team doubled as dee-jays for the evening reception. My boss and team were impressed with the way things turned out.

    1. SO glad to hear your team was impressed…because we are just from hearing about it! 👏Thank you for all the work you do every day, Marion!

  144. I made up a revamping plan for our corporate dining/meeting room under budget by half, making my CFO happy!

    1. Slicing budgets is a SUPER useful Ninja-power. Nice job, Jamie 🎉

  145. Feeding an entire office of 100 employees on the last minute notice is always the worse, but getting it done and getting complimented on how great the food was is always rewarding!

    1. Exactly, Lynna! 🙌Glad you get that rewarding feeling — it’s a must to keep going as hard as you do!

  146. At my new job where I had been working for just a little over a month, I found it asked from my executive team of 6 that we wanted an employee appreciation cookout at 3 separate locations on different dates that they would be in attendance. I had to hunt down grills, food, paper goods….just pretty much everything and setting up and breaking down. The morning of one, I didn’t have pre-cooked brats, so I was boiling brats in roasters for 200+ people at 7 in the morning so we would be ready to go that afternoon. Never ran out of food, didn’t have a ridiculous amount of leftovers, and my executives were happy and smiling as they got to man the grills for their employees!

    1. We bet brat cooking wasn’t in your job description… 😉 Way to go above and beyond, Gwendolyn! You’re ADMAZING!

  147. I love being an administrative assistant professional. Our roles have evolved so much over the years and we are now more then the hidden forces that keeps our teams on track. Being recognized for the contribution we add to the company brings great value to me. We rock!!!

  148. Within my first 90 days at the job, I helped the office move offices… three times! We were at a coworking space since we were waiting for the completion of our new office building but construction had delayed it out for quite some time. The lease with the coworking space was ending soon and the new office was still not ready so our first move ended up being to another coworking space, WeWork. I had to organize and pack all our things to go into WeWork and storage. We were at WeWork for about a month and then we got the OK to move things into our new office so I organized a second office move right before the Christmas holidays of moving out of WeWork and into our new office. But then it turns out that we couldn’t move people into the new office yet without the proper sign off due to delays so I had to do a third smaller office move of some essential items (monitors, standing desks) back to WeWork so that the team had things to work with when they came back from the holidays. Glad to say that we are now in the new office and everyone is happy to be here! Especially me!

    1. Moves are CRAZY — and you handled two! Way to show your Ninja-powers, Diana 👊

  149. I’ve been an Office Coordinator officially at my company for over a year now and I love it! One of my favorite things to do for our office is throw little celebrations for national and international holidays. This year we had a blast for National Grilled Cheese day by making grilled cheeses for lunch and doing drawings for cheese related items throughout the day! Another favorite holiday was National Ice Cream Day. We went to the store, filled a cooler with ice cream bars and made the cooler look like an ice cream truck. Seeing the smiles on all of our employees faces as we passed out the ice cream while playing Ice Cream Truck Music was the highlight of my week!

    1. Can you come throw parties for us?! That sounds like such a great way to boost everyone’s spirits, Maddi! Thank you for your effort! 🧀🍦

  150. Making the impossible possible is actually our team’s motto!

  151. check this out. So we are an events company that’s located in Wisconsin. We were doing a national dance competition in Florida OVER a holiday weekend.. keep this in mind. So one of the video processors broke on the night of rehearsal, there was no way to get this replaced in FL as it was a holiday weekend. So I contacted a company that was an hour away that had one – had a coworker drive there.. meanwhile I was booking her flight and rental car.. there were no more direct flights to Orlando so I had to reroute her to Miami. So she drove, met this guy for the part then drove to Ohare – literally got dropped off and thank goodness the flight was delayed – she then drove a rental car for a few hours overnight – handed our crew the replacement part – put it in the video wall and BAM it was up and running by 8:30 the next morning

    ****Takes a bow***

    1. It’s incredible logistical feats like this that make us just say, “Wow.” 👏 What creativity and skill, Steve! Thank you for this admazing triumph and all the little ones you pull off every day!

  152. Booking a team social for 30 people with a weeks notice, a last minute headcount increase, and a shoestring budget in San Francisco!

    1. Always the last minute headcount increase 🙄Thank you for rolling with it *that* day and being phenomenal *every* day, Jessica! 🎉

  153. Saved the day! Water main broke at noon at the office – no bathrooms!!! Moved a 50 person meeting to a hotel less than 1 mile away in under an hour – total lost meeting time – 30 mins (which they made up on the back end) And they were talking about calling audibles in the meeting – SCORE!

    1. Yea, bathrooms are kinda important! 😉Sounds like you had it handled the whole time though, Lisa, and we thank you for your daily phenomenal work!

  154. Recommended and implemented Microsoft Teams for the entire company and saved the owners from drowning in an unending sea of ridiculous emails!

    1. Yeeessss, Debbi! 👏 Any way to limit emails is a good way — thanks for your insight and commitment to bettering others’ lives!

  155. I “saved the day” by doing expense education across my org that resulted in $250,000 savings.

    1. WOW 😲Talk about impact! Thanks for sharing, Lisa, and good luck to your phenomenal-self!

  156. Found crucial financial documentation for major client. Finance team would have been at a complete dead end without my input. Finance team showed them the rate sheets you had provided. This alone may have saved us multiple days of man-hours retrieving difficult to find backup documents.

    1. Sometimes its the seemingly small things that make a huge difference. Thanks for your Ninja-eyes 👀Felicia! Good luck 🤞

  157. I manage 16 EAs across the country, the facilities manager transferred to a different department. The facility has over 1100 employee over 5 floors and I did his job until a replacement was found. I also had to train the replacement. All while dealing with having just had a mini-stroke and random heart issues. All that being said, I did what I could do and let everyone know, it will all be ok!

    1. Um, can we say SUPER WOMAN?! That sounds like an incredible feat Julie — so proud to call you a Ninja!

  158. Two weeks ago our CFO called me from the airport at 8:00pm boarding a flight and left his laptop on his desk and needed it for meetings the next day. I had just left work and was about 2 minutes from the office. Went back, packaged it, got the UPS slip called UPS and found the only location with a drop off deadline past 8pm was at the airport at 9:00pm, 40 minutes away! I rushed out the door at 8:20pm tried the GPS on my phone which took me down all the back roads behind the airport to the freight area, it was raining and I was definitely going over the speed limit. After numerous u-turns and crossing parking lots I noticed all the UPS trucks going to drop off their deliveries at the docks in the restricted area, I pulled in behind them and got about 10 feet into the restricted area in my little car, a guy stopped me, smiled, asked if the label was all filled out, took my package, it was 8:56pm, I said “did I make it” and he said yes and then proceeded to get me out of their area. Prayers answered!!

    1. WOW! That is dedication, Devon! 👏We hope your boss was appreciative that day, because we certainly are now!

  159. I saved the day for a bird in our office parking lot after my CEO saw it was injured. My CEO called me outside when she arrived and asked if I could help the bird. I started calling wildlife rescues and doing research on how to safely and humanely trap the bird. After literally crawling around the cars in the parking lot, I had one injured bird in a box (with air holes) in my passenger seat and we were driving to a wildlife sanctuary. The bird, who we named Hei-Hei was safely delivered to a wildlife sanctuary where he got the treatment and care he needed.

    1. 😂This is incredible! Were you literally wearing a cape because that it true bird-heroism 🐦 Thank you for all the things you do, Stephanie — even if they’re not in the job description!

  160. My SVP was on a plane coming home from company event in Europe to SFO. Plane was full with many other company employees from same region. He needed to get home for his daughter’s birthday. There was a switch of planes in Chicago . Plane pulled out, had mechanical issues and was pulling back in , so he called me to find another flight. I called travel, travel had them hold the plane due to his status. We had him on a three way call telling him which way to run to next gate, once the he exited the plane with all the other employees , he knew that he had to run and where to run to catch his next flight home.

    1. Travel can get CRAZY! I’m sure he really appreciated all your effort and know-how, Sandy. Thank you for your phenomenal work 💛

  161. Our microwave broke, in the middle of lunch on a monday – so I grabbed the company card & headed off to get a new one. I know that may really not sound like much – but you try working with these folks if they can’t have their hot lunch! :)

    1. Oh we KNOW how important that microwave is 😋 Wendy to the rescue! Thanks for taking on those vital tasks 💚

  162. I organized a holiday party in less than 2 weeks as the location that they had planned on we had clearly outgrown and I was only a couple weeks on the job.

    1. Wow, what a task! We’re sure you nailed it though, Barbara 😉 Fingers crossed for you 🤞

  163. This past weekend there was a VP on my team that needed last minute changes to travel while in Peru, and I took care of him.

    1. Shining like a super-star, Brie! 🌟Thanks for being an ADMAZING Ninja!

  164. Me and my FUN Committee arrived early for the company celebration to set up and decorate the venue, but we couldn’t get in. The venue was on the 7th floor & they weren’t answering the phone and there were no security at the entrance. I ended up calling the karaoke guy who was already there setting up and he got the venue to let us in. Had a whirlwind time making it look fantastic just in time. Phew!

    1. Ninja-resourcefulness at its best! Sounds like you made it a night to remember Lisa! 🙌Thanks so much for all you do 🎉

  165. I work for a community hospital in the heart of Missouri. In fall 2016, I made arrangements for my Vice President of Patient Care Services, our Emergency Room Director, our cardiology manager, and five staff nurses to attend the national Magnet conference in Orlando, Florida. All was well until hurricane Matthew decided land was where he wanted to be. I received one text message from my VP that said, “Get us out of here!” Little did she know that I was already on the phone and online making flight and rental car arrangements to get our people safely back to Missouri. They all made it back to Missouri, although at four separate times making stops in multiple cities. Their gratitude was overwhelming and so much appreciated.

    1. SO glad you got the recognition you deserved, Stacey! Ninjas truly make lives better (and safer)!

  166. Saved the day by covering for fellow assistant while on vacation!

    1. Ninjas supporting Ninjas is our fav 💚Thanks for sharing, Jan!

  167. My goal is to be a “mind reader” on a regular basis. Most days I can think one step ahead of those I support.

    1. What are we thinking of right now? 🤔😂Thanks for all the one-step-ahead thinking you do, Melissa!

  168. I once saved the day for my Sr. Exec who was on the other side of the world in Zurich. She was running late for her train, but couldn’t find her pre-printed ticket and had no way of getting another printed. Mobile tickets not accepted :/ I emailed the concierge a pdf version and they were able to print it for her to pick up on her way out the hotel.

    1. Now THAT’S phenomenal, Cassie! Only something a Ninja would think of, tbh 🚂

  169. Back when I was an Operations Coordinator, I had to assist the Brand Partnerships Team with an important meeting with clients. The meeting was happening in two days and the team wanted to give the clients jerseys with our logo and theirs. So I had to run all over NYC (and it was pouring!) to find specific sizes from the New Balance stores, to then do a lot of very last minute research until I found a print shop that does same day printing. It was a success and the clients loved it – a week later we signed a deal with them!

    1. It’s the little (or not so little 😉☂️) things that matter! Thanks for all your hard work, Desiree!

  170. I once had a vendor try to charge us over $4,000 for an electrical repair. I scoured our lease, identified why the building was responsible and was able to convince them to pay for the repairs. It saved us time and money, which always makes the top-brass smile!

    1. BOOM! sleuthing to the rescue 🔍 Thanks for sharing and good luck to you, Jessica!

  171. The rest of my team was traveling and a part of our website went down. I troubleshooted with some users and got it back up and running before it became a problem. I feel like I save the day by just doing what I do on a daily basis! If I *didn’t* do what I do on the daily, it would be a disaster!

    1. Exactly, Bethany! Almost all Ninja duties are that way. THANK YOU for sticking with it and pulling off incredible behind-the-scenes work 💛

  172. Every semester we’re scheduling rooms for courses a whole year ahead of time (I’m currently working on turning in my Fall 2019 course schedule). We have first dibs on allocated rooms to our departments, but then when the schedules come back to us if we have unplaced classes it becomes the Hunger Games of room booking (May the odds be ever in your favor…seriously). And you can be sure that even after the semester starts you may be moving classes still and achieving that is nothing short of a miracle, I always feel a little divine when I do (cue angelic choir). It’s a mess and a half, but I’m always super satisfied when my faculty express their appreciation because our students have a better learning environment. :)

    1. SO important, Selena 🙌Thank you for doing the work that benefits all — you’re simply phenomenal!

  173. Last week we hosted some engineering students for a walkthrough of our operations and a networking lunch. For the lunch portion, the engineers all disappeared and I handled questions about our high-level business operations, hiring process, and everything in between!

    1. You gotta always be ready 😂Sounds like you nailed it though, Josie and we’re so glad to call you a Ninja! 💛

  174. As an Executive admin, my C-bosses believed I could do more so now I’m an Executive Admin and Innovation and Sales Project Manager; a mouth full. As such, I was tasked to track leads while managing production of samples for an upcoming show. In addition to taking care of the executive needs, there was not enough hours in the day to do it all. I personally recruited one of our sales reps along with a colleague in HR to assist me in meeting the necessary deadlines. No one ever said you can’t ask for help and I learned long ago that if you are a well-liked and trusted co-worker, people won’t hesitate to help.

    1. SO true, Marie 💯Sometimes the phenomenon comes from collective power and asking for help when you need it. Thanks for sharing and good luck!

  175. The biggest thing I think I’ve done is when I helped change our internet and phone service provider. It might not sound like much, but we were depending on AT&T at the time. The server was constantly overloaded (perhaps by a virus) and our phone lines and internet would go down at the same time, making it impossible to work. So I helped our IT team when they came on-site and helped change everything.

    1. Trust us, we KNOW internet and phones are critical! 😉Thank you for your work that day and every day, Patrick!

  176. We were moving into our new office that was 3x larger than the original. I had one weekend to flip it so it was branded, clean, organized and set up so everyone could have a productive first day. Not until the night before (Sunday) did the issue arise of no power to the large custom made board room table. I had an engineer out that night to resurrect the situation and help me get it all sorted. No one new of all the hiccups that happened over the weekend as I was adamant it be perfect for their arrival.

    1. That’s what’s so phenomenal…no one ever even knew 💛Thanks for the story, Kristina! Keep being admazing!

  177. I once saved the day by looking at what I was copying! We had sent out a bid and I noticed something wrong while copying for file – this was after it had been reviewed at least 5 times! Luckily we had time to correct and resubmit the bid.

  178. I can’t wait for Admin Week, I am hoping to attend the Admin Bash this year! I saved the day last week by helping out with extra onboarding duties for our new staff members.

    1. We can’t wait either, Michele! Thanks for constantly saving the day for your team, old and new 💕

  179. I onced saved the day while I was on vacation and our hotel partners were having trouble logging into our CRM system so I did some troubleshooting on my end and was able to get them backup and running in enough time to submit an important bid for our city. If they didn’t submit the bid in time we cools have lost millions in potential revenue.

    1. Even on vacay you’re saving the day 😲 Incredible, Jessica!

  180. Just last week, our plotter ran out of toner and when the guys tried to replace the cartridge they realized our supplier sent the wrong cartridge. They panicked and came and asked me what to do — I made a funnel from paper and slowly poured the toner into the plotter – a little messy but it kept us up and running until the correct cartridge arrived!

    1. Haha, LOVE it, Lisa! Nothing a little Ninja-ingenuity can’t fix 😉

  181. I once “saved the day” when we had 2 new Principals joining the company. They were to be set up in a remote office, so our company’s systems weren’t properly feeding through. I traveled in person to assist with getting them set up and ensuring everything worked properly. Although I was also a bit stumped at times, I played it cool and made sure they were up and running quickly.

    1. Sounds like some admazing Ninja-ness, Meg! Thanks for wearing all your different hats 🧢🎩

  182. Most recently, when we moved offices I was coordinating who was helping pack up what, how to move the company vehicles, lunches, etc. to help make the move go as smooth as possible for the other office staff.

    1. Moves are SO DIFFICULT to pull off. Thanks for all you do (day in and day out) for your office, Kelsey! 😎 Good luck 🎉

  183. We had a large accreditation visit looming. I had completed appendices for large reports for four of our programs that needed to be submitted for our department. At the last minute, I found out that a colleague in a neighboring department had a staff member that didn’t complete their report. With a week before deadline, I gave her my templates (which equated to roughly 1/3 of the report work she needed to do). Fast forward 4 months to when our accrediting party was doing our site visit. At the last minute, myself and a colleague were tasked with coordinating the logistics for the entire visit (15 visitors evaluating 10 programs). Awesome news: all of our programs passed accreditation (but with minimal thanks to the admin support team). Would LOVE to win this award to celebrate the hard work we do, day in, day out, with little acknowledgement. OfficeNinjas rocks at celebrating us!!!

    1. So sorry to hear you don’t get the recognition you and your team deserve Emily — templating and making things run smooth are usually the things people notice if they DON’T happen. Fingers crossed for you 🤞YOU rock!

  184. I saved the day for our executive team by noticing that their training went an hour longer than planned, which left no time for breaks or lunch before next meeting. I ordered in food and snacks without prompt. Sadly, the team expected to not eat for the day… but to their surprise, they had a full spread ready. I also noticed that my EVP needed a series of inoculations before a newly scheduled international trip (10 days away) so I rearranged his calendar and scheduled an immediate trip to the doctor. Shortly after he was immunized and ready to go!

    1. Exactly the kind of phenomenal work we’re talking about! 💛Thanks so much for sharing Mindy — us (and your team, we’re sure) think you’re ADMAZING 👊

    2. Awesome You rock. Hopefully you received recognition for jobs well done.

  185. I saved the day when our phone lines went down and I had the problem fixed and phones back up and running within 20 minutes! We have no IT person on site.

    1. Yep, Ninjas act as ALLL sorts of departments 👊 Thanks for sharing, Mysti — and good luck!

  186. I had a hand in saving the day for one of the SVP’s I support. He was sitting on the tarmac at SFO waiting for his plane to take off to Paris. An urgent text came in telling him that his wife was in a very serious accident, had already been admitted to the hospital, and he needed to come home right away. (He lived in LA). I was able to get him off the plane, and on to a domestic flight to Burbank within 20 minutes. He made to the hospital in time to see his wife as she came out of surgery. The stars truly aligned that day, and I was glad to have had a hand in getting him to his family as quickly as possible.

    1. WOW, Rachel! What an incredible story. It’s a great reminder that Ninjas can help in super-hero ways — in the office and beyond 🤯 We’re sure he was so grateful for you that day, and we’re so grateful for you now!

  187. I step in often to give office tours at the last minute to large clients. Our office is really cool – very Google-ish.

    1. 😎We feel like you share that same vibe, Melanie. Keep rockin’ on and steppin’ in!

  188. I’m so excited!!! Officeninjas makes Admin Week so fun!

  189. I once saved the day at work by letting everyone know when the ice cream truck was stopping by our office.

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