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Admin+ Month Points Stacker

March 22 – April 29, 2022

Admin+ Month Points Stacker

Thank you for celebrating with us!

The Complete Winners List

  1. Jenny Fandrianto, E/ABP Program Manager // San Francisco, CA
  2. Melissa Thomas, Office Manager // New York City, NY
  3. Melissa Reed Boogaart, Administrative Assistant // Alberta, Canada
  4. Linda Martinez, Administrative Assistant // Houston, TX
  5. Bo Stephenson, Administrative Assistant // Rancho Cordova, CA
  6. Melissa Ritchie, Executive Assistant // San Francisco, CA
  7. Tana Klunder, Administrative Assistant // Anchorage, AK
  8. Juila Gutierrez, Executive Assistant // Houston, TX
  9. Sue Custodio, Administrative Assistant // New York City, NY
  10. Laura Coombs, Executive Assistant // Chicago, IL
  11. Sara Bayer, Executive Assistant // Washington, DC
  12. Jeannie Allen, Coordinator of Program Logistics // Portland, ME
  13. Julia McPherson, Administrative Assistant // Chicago, IL
  14. Nicole Henderson, Audit Coordinator // Dallas, TX
  15. Tracy Root, Administrative Assistant // Leavenworth, KA
  16. Jessica Lawrence, Executive Assistant // Raleigh, NC
  17. Lisa Segroves, Office Administrator // Huntsville, AL
  18. Donna Swiney, Executive Assistant // Williamsburg, VA
  19. Alicia Castaneda, Executive Assistant // Silicon Valley, CA
  20. Christine Garcia, Administrative Assistant // Waukesha, WI
  21. Lisa Peicich, Executive Assistant // Walnut Creek, CA
  22. Mysti Nundahl, Administrative Assistant // Spring Green, WI

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  1. The Hypebook is a great tool that you can both refer to and utilize after Admn+ Month for continued growth and can share with future Admin + staff members and colleagues.

  2. There are 68 pages of good reasons why i like the Hyperbook. Especially enjoy the topics on “Admingling”. informative and insighful.
    How to go around road blocks & jump the hurdles. How to form new habits and break old ones.

  3. Even though we had no internet service at work, I joined on my phone until it gave out and had a ball. I loved the interaction between the facilitators. I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of OfficeNinjas!

  4. I loved it all! My favorite is the bright colors, the organized layout, the theme “We Build,” and the OfficeNinjas Habit Planner! If I have to pick just one, it would be the “We Build” Together, we build momentum page.

  5. Love the education info!
    This event gets better every year, thanks for all the hard work put in to making it successful.

  6. This has been fun and informative. I just wish I had more time to enjoy all the festivities. Working a supporting a President of two busy hospitals leaves very little time for anything else. I am honored to be among all you fantastic Ninjas!

  7. Enjoyed all the idea sharing in the chat at the Mega Raffle.

  8. Great event!

  9. Ross, Danielle and Kris :) crushed it!!! Such a fun environment and really made Admin Day feel like a celebration!!

  10. Loved everything about it. Thank you for all the hard work put in to the celebrating this month.

  11. The thing I liked best about the Hypebook was that the material was well laid out. It walked you through the process and provided space for you to work it out, if and where needed. One stop shop! Thank you and the team for all your efforts to making our lives better! Cheers!

  12. I love this professional community, and all the fun aspects of the Hype Book have kept me engaged in really prioritizing the events!

  13. So good to always be part of this annual goodness, and congratulations to all the All-Stars so far!! This year I’ve had to pop in and out as I can between work priorities and have really missed DJ Edwin’s mixing skills! I’ve been reading every post I can to catch up on whatever I’ve missed daily. Always happy to see everyone and hear all of your stories!!

  14. I love the vibe and the energy the presenters bring to every event! Seriously, I need a confetti button add-on for my everyday life!

    1. YES! Does anyone know someone who creates browser extensions?

  15. Chock full of good stuff!

  16. Definitely lots of reasons to use the confetti button!

  17. I have not had a chance to come on here every day this year. Thanks so much for the Hypebook. Have a great week everyone!!!

  18. Congrats Analane!! Way to go girl!!!! :)

  19. The mega raffle was so fun!! Thanks for making these events so enjoyable and helpful!

  20. I’ve really been enjoying getting to know my two (YES! I’m lucky enough to have met two incredible people.) accountabuddies! They have been so enjoyable to talk to, and we’ve really been able to help each other with our habit building.

  21. I really enjoyed the excitement and being celebrated!! I haven’t been shown appreciation yet this week from my boss and coworkers and I was feeling really down. Attending made me feel better!

  22. I wasn’t able to participate in the Mega giveaway as my company blocked the site where we were to go and comment.

  23. Truly loved the acting and scenarios. Made me laugh all day long.

  24. Learning about all the different positions and job duties, how others react in various situations, and the dedication others have to their profession.

  25. I loved the energy the presenters brought. I felt genuinely appreciated. Thank you Office Ninjas Team and Advocates :)

  26. Thank you OfficeNinjas for valuing Admins everywhere! I love the activities in the Hypebook!

  27. What a great celebration 🍾 🎊
    I loved that Officeninjas always make us all feel so special

  28. Poppin confetti!! It was so great to celebrate everyone today and loved getting so many great tips about project planning & events.

  29. In today’s Mega Raffle, I enjoyed the project planning recap in a fun, silly, non-tradional way to learn. Kudos to the leaders for not breaking character, but making us laugh. I also loved the feedback of others. You really did a great job of making virtual fun and interactive – and available to many of us who might not have been able to travel!

  30. The energy that was offered throughout the entirety of today’s event was EPIC! Kris, Ross, and Danielle were superb–we need them around ALL the time. ;)

  31. The hosts were AMAZING and kept the event full of life.

  32. I didn’t get to attend live–WAH! I was in the middle of providing lunch for a bunch of Mental Health first responders who are here for training. I downloaded the chat and see there’s a video I can watch tomorrow over lunch. Just skimming the chat, it looks like a fun time. I’m very interested in reading all the helpful comments. :)

  33. The hosts’ enthusiasm was off the chart! Thanks for the fun and always, the confetti.

  34. Favorite part was the high energy and confetti. And seeing my fellow admins win great prizes today.

  35. i LOVE that there is serious useful content but also implement and foster culture and fun to further show that we are supported and enjoy our job and building on our jobs and skills.

  36. My favorite part of the Hypebook is the Project Pre-Planning and Project Design discussion from the “Admingling, Rebuilt”section. Such helpful tips and tricks.

  37. I had such a fun time with all of ya! All the Admin month events are so uplifting and I look forward to them every year

  38. What a day! I really enjoy the interations and also the comments by all of these wonderful Office Ninja. This community is one of the best and have the best ideas. Congratulations to all of the winners and can’t way for Friday!

  39. Live Mega Raffle…..I enjoyed all the interaction, comments, and of course the raffle. Congratulations to all the winners!

  40. Loved, loved, loved!! the Mega Raffle event today. I can’t count the times I literarily Laughed Out Loud! I’m so happy to have found this event to follow along with. Great Job!

  41. Loved all the energy and excitement today! And great to see Ross again :D

  42. What a fun Mega Raffle event! I loved all the tips and ideas people put in the comments, some of which I wrote down to use in role as a “project manager”. And Kris’s accent!!! OMG, she had me laughing out loud (thank goodness I work from home)!

  43. My favorite part of the Hypebook is the section “Call Agenda Elements”! I have stressed to staff who meet with our General Manager and ask for “30 minutes” to plan an agenda like this to keep him and the meeting on track.

  44. It was awesome to listen and watch while putting slides together for our Town Halls! Happy Admin day everyone!!

  45. Yeah for the Hyperbook. It gets better each year! I love the idea of Tiny Rewards – give yourself a reward after you’ve accomplished the “business”.

  46. Loved all the energy and tidbits!

  47. Today’s Mega Raffle was a TON of fun! Way to keep it interesting and we learned too!

  48. The Mega Raffle Experience was just what I needed today! Kristin, Ross and Danielle made it amazing with their energy and incredible insight! I took lots away from this and was so excited for all the winners! And the floppy disc notepads – I must find these!

  49. Even thought I couldn’t participate in the Chat, the whole thing was wonderfully put together. ROSS WAS THE BEST! His arms kept disappearing when he tossed the confetti 😂🤣😂🤣

  50. This was not only fun, I learned some new things about project management and how coffee and swag bags solve everything. ;-) Truly, this was such a well thought out event, I know I now have some more tools to continue building. Thank you so much for everything!

  51. Enjoyed hearing and reading other peoples tips.

  52. OMG! This was so much fun! I loved the energy and the “roles”! Way to make it fun!!

  53. Had a call with Catherine Park as an accountability partner a couple of weeks ago. She was awesome and very helpful. She had the experience of using a partner for better habits previously and has motivated me to do better.

  54. I always enjoy the enthusiasm of this event! The focus on Project Management was fabulous. It is so easy to forget that is so much of our job if it is not in our job title. We do it every day!

  55. I loved the encouraging vibe and comments

  56. Loved the energy and the clever (and constructive) comments!

  57. Great to be back in the ON fold! Had an interview this morning and used the, “Don’t sweat the small stuff” quote. Let’s hope it brings me good luck!!

  58. The Mega Raffle event was great fun with hilarious hosts and great topics allowing the Admin+ participants to shine by sharing their tips and tricks for making each project perfect from start to fabulous finish. :)I still can’t get over that amazing wheel of names. It’s so cool. But the best part was learning new things from my fellow admin+pros. Thanks all!

  59. I liked how we all shared tips on project management. I plan to incorporate several of these ideas into our next large meeting!

  60. I enjoyed Kristin, Ross and Danielle’s enthusiasm. It was a fun distraction from work. Thank you!

  61. I loved everything!!! Thank you very much for all the hard work put in to the events this month.

  62. Hearing others’ approaches for constructing and designing projects was my favorite part of the live mega raffle.

  63. I enjoyed the dialogue (and Kristen’s phony accent)!

  64. Thank you for a fun-filled admin day giveaway virtual gathering! LOVED the energy!

  65. Great ideas at the event today! So much fun.

  66. I love that it’s laid out/designed well. Easy to read and accessible!

  67. Loved the interaction and contributions from all the admins during the mega raffle!

  68. I loved all the creativity the Admin Ninja Team put into this fun event. Big Thank you to Kris, Ross, & Danielle.

  69. Today’s live was enjoyable. There were many great takeaways from the question/answer sections. Thank you!

  70. I enjoyed the comradery the most, but Suzanne’s offer to send me some template was so nice & awesome! I love that people are willing to share so we can all do & be better.

    Thanks, all, for hosting!

  71. Loved the energy and confetti of course!!

  72. Loved the confetti!

  73. Everyone’s comments made the Rebuilt event great!

  74. Congratulations!

  75. It was fun all the way on the event today. Jokes were corny but a great break!

  76. Kristin’s accent was the best!

  77. Loved the energy Kristin, Ross and Danielle brought. Favorite part was hearing others tips and tricks!

  78. Loved the quotes from real admins in the Hypebook!

  79. I think they Hypebook was so awesome. It has a lot of great resources in there and I appreciate those who took time to put it together for us this year!

  80. Happy Administrative Professionals’ Day, y’all!

    Hope everyone is tapping into the great resources provided in the Hypebook, both *now* for tracking along with OfficeNinjas activities for the month and *later* for the templates and note-taking section where we’ve captured the insights we’ve learned along the way. Kudos to the team for putting this together!

  81. Happy Admin Prof Day Everyone!!!!

  82. Happy Admin Day!

  83. Happy Administrator’s Day, everyone!

  84. Great Information! Thank you

  85. The Hypebook is put together in an easy to read and digest way. It has fun elements, so you want to refer to it.

  86. Love the time and effort that was put into this. I love handbooks, and the information was well thought out!

  87. Lots of great and valuable information

  88. I love the manifesto builder. I admittedly cringed at it, initially, but it has really made me think about my vision and what I want.

  89. I love all of the resources in handy handbook. Old school admins know all about a true handbook.

  90. The Hype Book is in an easy to read format and love that it’s interactive

    1. We work hard to make the HypeBook a resource you can refer back to again and again. We’re glad you love it!

  91. Happy Administrative Professional Day to all!

    1. YAY Carla! Happy Administrative Professional Day to you too! I hope your celebrating, reflecting and also planning your next step in professional development!

  92. Happy Admin Day- so glad to be a part of this community!

    1. Hi Lori! We’re so glad you’re here and part of this community too. Take a minute and soak up the good vibes the ON team are sending out!

      Happy Administratives Professional Day!

  93. Love hearing others share their experiences and insight!

    1. That’s why we’re all here. To share, learn, support and have fun!

  94. My fave part of the Hypebook is the habit planner. Already into my second week of a newly established habit!

    1. YAAAAAS Rebecca! Love to hear this. We’re so excited that the HypeBook is helping you to form your new habits!

      Remote high five girl!

  95. I love how my Hypebook will help me establish–and stick with–new habits and get past roadblocks. This is so needed after a difficult couple of years!

    1. You said it Donna! We hope the many years to come are positive and full of great, productive and established habits!

  96. Being this is my first session with Admin+, it is astonishing to see my team member be so involved and loving this passion for growth for all involved! I love the info and collaboration it brings to such a global community.

    1. Welcome Kory! We’re glad you found the OfficeNinjas community and excited that you’ve attended your first event!
      If you love the info, we have loads more coming your way with the final week of Admin+ Month events happening now.

  97. So excited to be celebrating Admin+ Month with Office Ninja! The resources provided by Office Ninja are fantastic.

    1. Thanks Jacob! We’re super pumped you’re here as well!

  98. Admingling is the best, I can’t wait to see everyone in person one day soon to do it all again!

    1. Me too Meagann! I’m suuuuuper excited that we have the new virtual Adminglings so that we can gather as a community and share ideas, struggles and solutions again!

  99. We haven’t had a call yet due to schedules, but have been emailing each other. Catherine has some good ideas for me to help get all the various projects I deal with more organized.

    1. Hey, there are no rules to how you collaborate and communicate with your accountability connections. We just love that you’re connecting and finding ways to grow!

  100. The Hypebook is a useful resource to kickstart or develop your admin skills.

    1. Love to hear this Rhonda!

  101. This has been an experience to remember

    1. And we hope that’s a good thing?!

      We truly love to hear from members of the community and we’re glad you’re here!

  102. Thrilled to see my teammate and team manager, Erica K, quoted and pictured on page 7. She is awesome and has helped elevate the role and effectiveness of our Executive Administrative Support Team at our company. When I started this career 30 years ago, executive assistants weren’t valued as the thought partners we often operate as. Office Ninja has definitely strengthened that positioning and helped increase our value-add by encouraging and developing us individually and promoting us as an industry. Thanks!

  103. Thanks

  104. My biggest takeaway from my call with Tara Austin is her strategy for completing the “I don’t wannas” of your worklist! Tara advises that you block the first hour of your day to complete the essential tasks (email triage, address urgent requests, etc) and then move on to the “I don’t wanna” portion of your day, which includes the tasks/projects that aren’t your favorite, but you know need to get done… and then treat yourself a little bit once you’ve completed your “I don’t wannas” for the day. :)

    Thanks, Tara, for being an awesome accountability partner!!

    1. Did she have any tips for the “I don’t wannas” that are time-dependent? I have to make a lot of calls during certain times, and those tend to go better around 1pm – my personal slump time! I power through it regardless, but the dread/”don’t wanna” blues definitely dog my heels.

  105. Thank you!

  106. This is great – Having fun with everything!

  107. Always enjoy hearing about other admins and their success stories.

    This week always keeps us up to date on new and interesting improvements, ideas, and comradery to make our daily lives successful.

    Thanks to all those who have shared insightful information and the Ninja Team!!

  108. The hypebook is a great resource. I can’t wait to have this to reflect on this awesome week in the future.

  109. What is there not to love about the Hypebook!?!?! It’s an awesome resource full of valuable information, inspiration, and space for note taking! Thank you OfficeNinja’s for the awesome freebie! :D

  110. Admingling is a fantastic addition to the monthly celebration and I cannot wait to attend one in person. The amount of knowledge shared amongst is truly invaluable.

  111. Thank you. Great resource!

  112. Wow! So many great opportunities and education power-packed. Thank you for the time the team spent putting this together. The Habit section and the MasterMind class grabbed my attention.
    Happy Admin Day! We make a difference! Woot!

  113. I love the Call Agenda Section.
    I know we are busy, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be civil. So many of the people that call simply jump in with business without so much as a simple, “How are you?”; on the other hand, that doesn’t mean we have to share our entire life history.
    This is a great way to reach out to a mentor or someone who can offer great advice on making better habits!

  114. Congrats!!!

  115. Congratulations Tyler and thank you for sharing not only your administrative journey but also your health journey with us! You have a lovely family! Peace and Blessings to you all.

  116. Packed full of great information.

  117. Thank you for sharing.

  118. I love the Habit Planner idea and worksheet!

  119. Very inspiring. Thank you!

  120. Thank you!

  121. Great resource!

  122. Such a cool idea – everything all in one place and room for notes! Wish I would have gotten in on this earlier!

  123. I’m a tactile learner so appreciate being able to download and print the Hypebook. Really enjoyed learning more about the UC Berkeley program and project planning for EAs. Thanks for doing this!

  124. Oh wow! I registered late, but I see lots of info I can use going forward! Thank you!

  125. I registered for this a little later than I would have liked, but there still is lots of valuable information.

  126. Thanks for the practical advice and steps to take as I go through the handbook.

  127. Thank you for showcasing such an incredible Admin Month program. I love the Admingling sessions and the content is always engaging . Thank you for all you do.

  128. I can’t wait to dig deeper into the book over a cup of coffee and create some goals and derive ideas from it for all of our admins here.

  129. So much advice and I love it! Can’t wait to start implementing it.

  130. Practical advice throughout the Hypebook

  131. This year was the first time I participated in Admin Month and I must say, I wish I would have done it sooner. I’ve learned so much and met some really great people, whom I hope to stay in contact with outside of this group. ON Team, keep up the great work you do. This was fun and very informative for me. I learned a lot of new things.

  132. Thank you for showcasing such an incredible Admin Month program. I love the Admingling sessions as well as all the others. Your abilities to pull this together is remarkable. Thank you.

  133. It was a fun listening and chatting with like minded, enthusiastic people! Thank you Office Ninjas!

  134. In reading the book I found a statement that means so much:

    “It’s a personal question but the possibilities belong to all of us. Because together, we do more than show up. We build.”

    I think this statement says it all.

  135. I appreciate the variety of information offered and the depth of the topics.

  136. Looking through the Hypebook, there are tons of useful tips that I will be implementing immediately! Thanks for a great resource!

  137. I loved the whole Hypebook pubilication. WTG creators!! I especially loved the Habit Planner. I have tasks that I struggle with (or actually avoid until the last minute.) This is a great way to create new habits and get those dreadful tasks done without loathing it so much.

  138. My first admingling session and it was enlightening. Learning from other admins and from other industries is uplifting. It made me recognize my other strengths that I was not aware of(I thought I was simply doing my job). Project planning is literally the work admins do and the admingling session I attended validated that. The distinction is how we are able quickly pivot to fit the current needs of our organization(this being in healthcare, we do a lot of pivoting). Knowing that we have set goals in the beginning is always a WIN.

  139. I applaud the SAC Team for their innovation!! Congratulations Ladies!!

  140. I enjoy having something physical to work through ad reflect back on.

  141. This was my first admingling session and was so happy I could make this last one. I love being able to meet other people in my same profession to share ideas, tips and tricks that we have all learned over the years. The discussion on project planning was informative, because we don’t realize that part of our job is doing just that. We don’t have the title, but a lot of our day is spent project planning (even if it’s an in-house event). We wear many hats in our job and this one seems, for me at least, to be the one with the most curve balls to overcome. Was thrilled to hear others experiences.

  142. Almost as beneficial as meeting in-person. Great energy and a sense that there were tons of likeminded people with whom to connect!

  143. I love the ON HYPERBOOK -Everything OfficeNinjas Need to Know Playbook for the GR8R GR8! My life enhanced and has been empowered every since crossing paths with OfficeNinjas and becoming 2015 OfficeNinjas All-Star.
    I’m empowered and invigorated with powerful resources and tools which are vitally essential to Todays OfficeNinjas🌺I have applied OfficeNinjas mantras affirmations to my every day life and this HYPERBOOK playbook is priceless arsenal for present and future make it happenings 💯and it is so detailed, organized and meticulous💕

  144. I really enjoyed hearing the experiences and tips of other Admin+ on the call with respect to their project management. My take away was “don’t be afraid to ask” or find the person with the most experience who can show you where the dead bodies are.

  145. So glad I was able to join Admingling tonight for the last session. I wasn’t sure if it would be a little out of my comfort zone, but once I was in it realized I was in the “circle of trust” with other like minded individuals and enjoyed it thoroughly. Thank you Office Ninjas for hosting!

  146. I love how well laid out the discussions were in the Admin+ Month Hypebook! The discussions yielded tons of value as a result.

  147. Loved the opportunity to learn some really great insights from the Admingling group tonight. Definitely wrote down a few powerful techniques, questions and tools that I can see myself referring back to in the future!

  148. Admingling tonight was great! Loved getting some great tips regarding project management.

  149. I met with my 4th Accountability Partner. We had a great discussion about speaking up in meetings for her and how to build a routine to add in the habit of educating myself on my industry/company since I started a new job.

  150. Thank you so much for the oppertunity to be celebrated and heard. It is awesome to connect with others and learn from other Admin Assistants! Thank you Office Ninjas!!

  151. What I enjoyed most about the Admingling, Rebuilt experience was getting to know so many across the states, creating some bonds and getting a sense of relief to know that I am not the only one struggling with the same issues.

  152. Love participating in Admingling again! This Rebuilt version allowed us to connect with others outside of our immediate area, offering a unique opportunity to get a wider perspective of the wins and challenges that many of us face. Thanks, OfficeNinjas!!

  153. I love printing the Hype Book. It “hypes” the event and I get to keep and review the topics.

  154. It was amazing to have the chance to listen and speak to other administrative professionals. It was my first Admingling event and I really enjoyed it!

    1. We’re so glad you enjoyed the session Linda. It’s nice to be with other professionals who just “get it”, right!

  155. Admingling Rebuilt was fun! I love chatting with admins.

    1. It’s pretty energizing chatting with others in the community so we’re glad you joined the session.

  156. I really liked the Admingling Rebuilt. It felt good to meet other professionals who have had similar experiences, both positive and negative, though in different roles or companies. It helps to know how much others share in your experiences.

    1. The hive mind can be a pretty powerful thing! This is a wonderfully creative and powerful community and we’re excited you’ve enjoyed Admingling Rebuilt.

  157. I loved that there was so much useful information.

  158. Interaction and learning from my peers!!

  159. “People who focus get things done. People who prioritize get the right things done.” – John Maeda

    Knowing how to prioritize (and often re-prioritize) elements of project design is the key to keeping things moving forward through completion.

    Had a great first time at Admingling!

    1. I love your takeaway Kaylon. It’s a simple but pretty powerful quote.

  160. Loved networking on project planning!

  161. Just did an Admingling event and I sure miss going to a live one but this was just as engaging!

    1. You and me both May. That’s why I’m so excited we’ve been able to share Admingling Rebuilt with the Admin+ community.

      It feels good to be with the tribe!

  162. I thoroughly enjoyed attending the Admingling Rebuilt. It was well planned and ran smoothly with a great deal of good information for project management.

  163. Love this book!

  164. Hypebook holds lots of great info. Many of the questions made me think. I loved chatting with other admins about the questions in Admingling Rebuilt!

  165. I loved the final quote “People who focus will get things done, people who prioritize get the right things done!” – Office Nija’s facilitator Sarah

    1. Ah I’d love to claim that quote as my own. I have the very much respected John Maeda to thank for that wonderfully simple but impactful pear of wisdom.

      It’s great to hear that it resonated with you.

  166. It was great to connect with other Admins and hear their stories and their experiences.

  167. Love it! Great talking to other Admin+ from across the country

  168. Just having a book to reference

  169. Connecting with other pros from around the country and in different fields is really illuminating for the things we have in common, and what we can learn from our differences!

    1. Great observation Jessica. Not only does this welcoming community have a staggering wealth of experience and skill in it’s ranks but everyone loves to share and help each other.
      That’s why I love our community.

  170. It was great seeing and talking to other admins around the country!

  171. They say hindsight is 20/20, right? Sometimes we think of the best questions to ask or responses to say once the conversation is over. I suggested to my partner to make a master list of questions she often finds herself wishing she’d asked the VP during their conversation, so they would be at the forefront of her mind as tasks come up or when meetings need to be scheduled. The key to asking clarifying questions is actually asking them.

    1. You hit the nail on the head there Kaylon. I really like your idea of making a master list of questions that can be referred to when the relevant situation arises.

      Great planning and insight.

  172. Time Zones can be confusing. Consider listing cross-country meeting times in multiple zones.

    1. Angel, there’s a calendar you can subscribe to that lists all the events in your time zone. I can’t remember where I found it, tho; hopefully, one of the moderators can help us out this this.

  173. I had the pleasure of meeting several in yesterday’s Admingling. They’re doing a great job of keeping us on topic and the energy up. Also… all the hosts I’ve seen thus far are amazing & quite funny.

  174. Admingling was fantastic, I really enjoyed the chance to connect with other admins around project planning.

  175. Great event with many ideas and suggestions.

  176. What I enjoyed most about the Admingling session I attended was being able to connect with other admins+ about their project management experiences.

  177. Enjoyed the first meeting and looking forward to the rest of them.

  178. Ross & Sarah were great hosts for the first Admingling opportunity. I enjoyed being able to talk with other admins and talking about similar struggles and strengths.

  179. I enjoyed seeing everyone and where they were from. Also, the amount of knowledge everyone brought to the table while on the Live Admingling zoom call.

    1. Pretty amazingly talented group of professionals huh! Loads of knowledge, great insight and ideas and everyone is willing to share their experiences to help others.

      We’re glad you enjoyed the session Bruce.

  180. I loved networking with other admins who share the same values I do. Ross and Sarah were awesome!

  181. I attended my first Adminling event during the virtual Administrative Professional week-long event in April 2021. I was so excited to see these brought back this year! It certainly did not disappoint, and I’m looking forward to attending more events this week!

    1. Ah thanks Jackie! It was wonderful you were able to attend. Gotta love an Admingling!

  182. What a blast that Adminglings are BACK!! Hopefully soon we will be IRL!! Such a fun time chatting with Ninjas from across the country in all different roles but still finding similar problems and solutions.

    1. Yeah baby, we’re back! So great to be able to throw around ideas, share experiences, meet new Admins from all over.

  183. I really enjoyed Admingling Rebuilt! We had great breakout session where we talked about project pre-planning as well as project design. I got some great ideas from the admins in each session. Plus, the fun of meeting and mingling with other admins!

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    1. The more the merrier Jana! Lot’s of ideas, fresh perspectives and creative thoughts are what this commited community loves!

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    1. Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS! We’re thrilled about your new role opportunities and excited you can join these events and take some new ideas and plans with you as you kick off your next career adventure.

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  201. With my 2nd accountability call, I was shown how they use their computer desktop to help keep their digital documents organized and my mind was blown. I do this all the time with my physical desktop, but had never thought to use my digital desktop the same way!

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  203. I just finished my first Accountability call. My biggest take away is that I am not alone. Others are experiencing my struggles, and vice versa. My weaknesses are someone else’s strengths and together we can all learn/do/be better.

  204. Many of us, especially, in higher education are learning to balance the workload given limited access to tools. My partner and I discussed some project management software and how to using it (consistently) could help streamline the workflow.

    In our follow-up we will check to see how I’m learning about my new role and how I can best support the teams when member are both internal and external to the university.

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    1. It really helps to bring the concept of building trust, home.

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    1. You’re so right Cheryl. Building trust is a skill like any other and with practice, it improves and the benefits are plenty.

  208. Today, Sarah hosted a phenomenal panel of faculty members from UC Berkeley Executive Coach Department. Doy provided an equation for TRUST that provided alot of self-reflection on how do I/WE/YOU build trust in your organization and examples of how to overcome when trust issues have been identified. I do wish all the persons accepted into this year’s cohort – much success and growth. I appreciate all the networking to help others during this session as well. Thank you.

    1. The UC Berkeley Executive Coaching team are such a talented and welcoming team and I’m so glad they were able to share just a small part of the Leadership + Communication program with the OfficeNinjas community.
      So happy you enjoyed it Chandra!

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    1. Never an island when you’re in a community like this one!

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    1. It was great to share a little of what the OfficeNinjas, UC Berkeley Leadership + Communication program is like with you and we’re thrilled you loved it!

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    1. Love that you have a great takeaway from the event Michelle!

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    1. You know it Melissa! It’s great to hear how you’re already thinking about ways you can implement the Trust Equation in your relationships.

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  221. The biggest takeaway from my intro calls with my accountabilabuddies (to “borrow” someone else’s phrase) is that it’s important to have someone outside your organization and personal circle that you can discuss professional challenges with and know that s/he can provide constructive feedback on those challenges.

    1. I love that, Raschelle! OfficeNinjas is a great resource for this!! :)

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  246. Had such a great session today with the UC Berkeley team discussing building trust. Really appreciated the Trust formula and the breakdown of elements and how they work together to develop trust. Plus being able to discuss in groups with others who have had similar experiences was so great

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  251. Compliance and Ethics

  252. Accountability Partner Takeaway #1: We wish there was more support for admin+ professionals in higher education. Lots of information and resources are geared toward those in the corporate world, which can sometimes make it hard to relate to those in industry and business.

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  257. Does any one know if the session on April 13th about the UC Berkley partnership is the same as the 30min info webinars they have offered in the past?


    1. Hi Eri,

      It is not the same as the discovery sessions you may have attended. This session will be hosted by the UC Berkeley Faculty and will involve interactive breakout groups, focussing on the skills they will be teaching to the group.

      1. Thanks!

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    1. We’re so glad that the HypeBook is easy to navigate. Our writers really wanted to make it easy to use and incredibly useful.

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    1. That warms our hearts to hear that Leticia. We’re thrilled you’ll be able to use the HypeBook again and again.

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    1. Hi Tiffany,

      If you’re interested in the project planning section then I think you’ll love the Admingling session that is dedicated to that particular topic!

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    1. So cool to hear Nikole!

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    Other than that, great job on the project, everyone.

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    1. Ah Debbie Sue, you made me blush! I just love this community and because I have little to no filter, I find it very hard to contain my excitement and enthusiasm when people show up for themselves AND as part of the community.
      Can’t wait to see you at the other events if you can make it and I’d love to hear about how you’re doing with your accountability partnering and habit building!

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