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Admin Bash 2015 – The Recap!

OfficeNinjas Admin Bash 2015

Editor’s Note: We did things a little differently for Admin Day 2019. In addition to throwing our 7th Annual Admin Bash in San Francisco, we hosted OfficeNinjas Con, our first, full-day professional development conference! See highlights from OfficeNinjas Con and Admin Bash 2019.

Ever have one of those REALLY great nights? The kind that has you scrolling through your pictures over and over again with the biggest, goofiest grin on your face?

Yep, that was OfficeNinjas Admin Bash 2015 for us. We captured some of the best moments of the night so that all of our beloved office ninjas could virtually experience (or relive!) the event with us.

I recommend you to STRANGERS – love you guys and all you do. Thank you for putting on this event. It makes me feel happy and appreciated! – Carly Adams

OfficeNinjas Admin Bash 2015

The house was PACKED! Our first event in 2013 had 150 ninjas, last year’s bash had 250, this year we sold out at 350 registered attendees! Thanks to you, we keep getting bigger and better!

OfficeNinjas went top-notch this year at the Admin Bash! Seeing 350+ Office Ninjas partying together was surreal! As John Keats wrote “Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced”. – MJ Powell

The party started before you even got to the venue, thanks to AArrow Sign Spinners. Check out this pro and his killer moves.

As guests reached the venue, General’s Residence at Fort Mason Center – the WOWing began! We could not have asked for a better day. Check out this view. Sunshine, blue skies and stunning views of San Francisco Bay, Aquatic Park and Alcatraz.

General's Residence Fort Mason Center

Upon arrival, ninjas first hit up the “Pimp Your Nametag” station where guests were invited to decorate and personalize their keepsake-worthy badge.

OfficeNinjas Admin Bash 2015

This was such a fun way to start the night. Turns out there are many artists among us!

Pimp Your Name Tag

Next, guests moved on to the Oh Snap! photo booth. Check out these prize-worthy photos and animated gifs. Complete facebook photo album here and here and gifs here! We still can’t decide if our favorite prop was the silver wig or the horse head. Decisions, decisions.


From there, guests were on the move; mingling, partying and networking. We saw tons of new faces and a lot of familiar ones too. We’d like to give a special shout out to virtual office ninja Melissa Smith for flying across the country to attend! We were so honored that she made the trek!


Such a fun event! The energy was incredible, the food was amazing, and it was a blast to see my fellow office ninjas all in one place! All around good vibes. Highly recommend. – Amanda Silva

Throughout the night, ninjas made their way to the massage lounge. This (not surprisingly) was one of the most popular stations of the night.  We had five expert therapists working tirelessly, loosening tight muscles in the backs, necks and shoulders found in most ninjas.

OfficeNinjas Admin Bash 2015 Massage

What’s a ninja to do once loosened up and ready to go? EAT and DRINK. And that we did.

My favorite moment was walking over to the Bloody Mary line after my massage. That was pure bliss. – Thoey Ngo

We had a delicious variety of fresh and tasty food provided by our sponsor Zesty. Everything was interactive! Ninjas built their own tacos with TOMA, hit up the paella buffet provided by Tip Top Tapas and enjoyed made-to-order stir fry at the wok station by Glaze Teriyaki. They sampled passed appetizers by Jake’s Place, got their sweet fix with made-to-order dessert crepes by Crepe Madame, and washed everything down with bespoke cocktails from the mimosa and bloody Mary stations.


After food, it was time for goodies and fun!

OfficeNinjas came to party! I’ve attended every Admin Bash since the beginning. This was hands down the biggest turnout I’ve seen. The venue was gorgeous, the vendor selection was spot on, and everywhere you looked you saw admins being appreciated. Kudos OfficeNinjas, you’ve nailed it once again. – Meghan Strauss

Everyone LOVED the BYOB (Build Your Own Bamboo) station hosted by Abacus Marketing, curator of awesome swag. Guests choose their own container, favorite color water beads, and a bamboo plant. Between the bamboo and the massages, we like to think that ninjas left the bash with a bit more zen.

OfficeNinjas Admin Bash 2015 Bamboo Bar Abacus

There’s always room for a cupcake right? And, this wasn’t just any cupcake. It was a Sprinkles cupcake, and every ninja got to decorate their own with the frosting and embellishments of their choice. YUM!

OfficeNinjas Admin Bash 2015 Sprinkles Cupcakes

After eating mountains of food, ninjas worked off their sugar highs and headed over to the mini fitness competition with Fitmob. We saw some pretty impressive performances in the burpee, plank and squat divisions. Perfect 10’s all around!

OfficeNinjas Admin Bash 2015 Fitmob

For the kid in all of us, there were classic arcade games from crowd favorite Joey the Cat. Fact: skee-ball is just as fun now as it was when we were 12 years old, as was pounding fake rodents with a foam mallet. This just became our new favorite form of stress relief!

OfficeNinjas Admin Bash 2015 Joey the Cat

Great vibe from everyone, perfect ratio of food and drink stations to attendance, everything was interactive which was so much fun, loved the massage, photos and games. Plus, the girl ninja logo [Susy] is super cute to see everywhere. – Channing Hussey

But we probably had the most fun seeing all of our vendors interacting with the ninjas. Every single one of them was committed to getting to know the guests and building relationships.

OfficeNinjas Admin Bash 2015 Vendors

I am so grateful OfficeNinjas exists! It’s so nice to be connected to a huge network of folks who understand the intricacy of my role, and can provide me with resources and creative ideas to help me survive and thrive. Thank you for the e-newsletters, raffles, and excellent events. I look forward to seeing OfficeNinjas grow exponentially! – Holly Hatlo

The night ended with an epic raffle of over 30 prizes! Lucky winners walked away with everything from Nutiva superfood gift package to a luxury gift box of sweets from Bottega Louie to roundtrip tickets from Delta Air Lines and overnight stays with Chaminade Resort & Spa!

OfficeNinjas Admin Bash 2015 Bottega Louie

Win or lose, EVERY ninja walked away with one of our legendary swag bags stuffed with goodies from over 20 companies. Attendees scored notebooks from Poppin, an insulated wine bag from Delta Air Lines, a tasty snack box from Love With Food, a gift card from Patxi’s Pizza, and a refreshing coconut water from Zico, just to name a few.

OfficeNinjas Admin Bash 2015 Swag Bag

Big thanks to the incomparable TeamNinja! Our event volunteers helped us pull this off and kept us all smiling. Look at this group! Don’t you want to be a part of this? Just shoot us a quick email at, and we’ll be in touch.

OfficeNinjas TeamNinja

This was my second year going to this event. Your team never ceases to amaze me with what you do! Everyone was exceptionally friendly and helpful. The vendors gave me some good ideas on how to improve my office. The venue was amazing and you couldn’t ask for a better evening to view San Francisco Bay! Thank you so much for making Admin Week memorable and exciting!! – Mark Egusa

Admin Bash 2015 was one for the books, ninjas! Thanks for reliving it with us!

Did you attend Admin Bash? If so, what was your favorite part? If not, how did you celebrate Administrative Professionals Day?

Click to view complete photo album, photo booth pics and photo booth gifs, beautifully captured by Cheshiredave Creative and Oh Snap! Booth Co. Tag yo’ self!


  1. I definitely need to find a way to incorporate this info my professional development plan for next year!

    1. Yes! We would love to see you at our next event Jenn :)

  2. WOW! I feel honored to be a part of such a fantastic event. This was truly one of the best events I’ve been too thus far. The vibe, energy and the smiling faces all around you could attest to that. Nancy and Edwin make such a good team- thank you both for throwing an event to showcase the talent of all the administrative professionals we have around us. I left the event inspired to be involved and to get others involved…when it comes down to it, we all are in this together! I hope everyone was able to leave with as many new friendships as I did… :) I can’t wait for next year!! Let the countdown begin…

    1. It was such a treat meeting you, Tiff! We’re excited to learn more about you and already see a long friendship brewing. <3 Nancy & Edwin

  3. Thank you OfficeNinjas for throwing, yet again, a great “work” party that was worthy of flying across the country for! I got to meet the guys from FirstJob and the very next day I had a client ask me what I knew about them. You all keep me informed and up-to-date on the latest and greatest. Can’t wait to find out what’s happening next!

    1. Melissa I am also pumped we got to meet. Please reach out to us if we can help at all.
      -FirstJob Guys

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