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8 Kickstarter Projects to Make Your 9 to 5 Go a Little More Smoothly

Kickstarter isn’t just for indie filmmakers. There are tons of projects up and down the site that focus on more than just entertainment—and that includes projects for office ninjas!

If you look hard enough, you can find anything from tech timesavers to fashionable outfit additions. There’s even someone trying to make a travel organizer for your underwear. Check out these useful, office-friendly products and help make them happen!

1. “PIECE”—Combine Two Phones Into One


Sick of carrying around two phones with you all the time, one for work and one for yourself? PIECE will combine your two phones with this sleek, uber-thin slab of magic. Just attach it to your regular phone, and you’ll suddenly be able to take calls from two different numbers. That’s one less piece of technology you have to manage!

2. Magnetic Tie Bars

Tie Bars

Wanna spice up your office outfits? Tired of boring tie clips? Consider these slick, eye-catching, interchangeable tie bars. They’re magnetic, so all you have to do is stick them on a metal tie clip and you’re ready for work! Well, not completely. Obviously you’ll have to, like, put on pants and comb your hair (probably).

3. Flash Drive for Your Phone


Is your iPhone’s memory so full that pictures and apps are practically spilling out the sides? Plug in this handy dandy flash drive and your phone will suddenly hold more information than Albert Einstein’s brain. This also works for iPads and iPods. You can even move files back and forth from your phone’s internal storage to the flash drive, and vice versa.

4. Universal Bike Strap for Your Phone

Bike Strap

If you like to talk on the phone while biking, or if you ever need to navigate while biking—or if you ever need to do anything on your phone while biking, really—then you’ll love this idea. The BikeStrap is a secure, near-universal phone holder that you can attach to your handlebars while you bike to work or lunch or wherever. Now, if you’re ever lost, you can just look down and Google Maps will be right there in front of you! (You’ll still probably get lost, but whatevs.)

5. Finally, a Cure for Jingling Keys


Are you annoyed by the constant jingling of your keys? If you’re not, then your friends and coworkers probably are. Thankfully, there’s now a way to fasten all of your keys (and your unused gym card) together so that they don’t make noise anymore. Behold the magical Magkey set, which provides you with tiny magnets that will make your keys stay together. They’re just tiny enough to ensure your keys still work, and they’re just simple enough to make you happy you saw them here first.

6. Pack Your Underwear Like a Champ


If you’re not the most efficient packer, then TUO might be the project for you. The TUO (Travel Undergarment Organizer) boasts three see-through, mesh pockets for all of your undergarments—and it takes up minimal space. Once you’re done packing, you can just fold it up and tuck it away in one of your suitcases. It even comes with a laundry bag that separates socks from underwear!

7. Make Soup at Work Without Harming Yourself and/or Others


Have you ever excitedly pulled your soup out of the microwave, only to severely burn your fingertips immediately after? The Souper Bowl might be your new best friend. In addition to being cool on your fingers, the Souper Bowl is comfortable to hold and easily mobile. No more spills!

8. Travel Back in Time with These Fancy Mid-Century Inspired Pens


These beautiful, hand-crafted pens are practically brimming with clever innovations and inspiring backstories. Their wood hails from all over the world, and their designs are reminiscent of pens that the Beat poets might’ve used. Some of them even transition from normal pen to iPad stylus, in case you’re worried about looking a little too Luddite.

Did you get a kick from any of these ideas? Comment below!


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