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6 Traits That Will Set You Apart in the Admin World

Standing out in a sea of qualified office ninjas is no small feat. You’re beyond organized, detail-oriented and more than comfortable with multitasking… but so is everyone else. In the world of administrative support, those traits are just expected.

That’s why it’s particularly important to get a leg up on the competition by developing and highlighting the other skills and qualifications that, while they may not be included in the job description, make you a killer admin.

Whether you’re planning your next move or looking to increase your level of indispensability in your current role, these skills and traits are worth your attention.

 1. Leadership Skills


Strong leaders know how to navigate complicated situations, deal with difficult personalities, and make important decisions quickly. Sound familiar? Of course it does, we just described a day in the life of an admin. If you’ve led any company initiatives, attended a leadership development workshop, or served on the board of a non-profit organization, be sure to highlight it on your resume or bring it up in an interview. If not, seek out projects to “own” that are a bit outside of your typical admin responsibilities.

2. Tech Savviness

tech savvy

Experts in the digital space predict that coding and UX design will soon be standard job skills. Even if these kinds of skills aren’t on the hiring manager’s radar, it’s good to bring attention to them and any other projects or accomplishments that demonstrate your technical aptitude. Executives and senior level managers appreciate having an admin that can help them not only stay on top of new, time-saving apps, but also implement new systems and office technology.

3. Presentation Design Skills


Are you a Prezi Picasso? A Kahlo when it comes to Keynote? If your presentations are bona fide works of art, make sure it’s known. Your serious deck skills have the power to not only make or break a presentation, but also save your manager hours of time every week.

4. Writing Skills


Do you have a work-safe blog you can point to? What about LinkedIn Pulse articles or guest posts for other business-related publications? Managers know they need someone with solid communications skills but sometimes only have a cover letter and a few carefully constructed writing samples to judge. Having a suite of content demonstrates your ability to clearly express your thoughts and opinions and gives hiring managers a glimpse of your personality.

5. Observation Skills


Improve your current position or impress your interviewer by knowing everything there is to know about the company, your boss, and the people you work with. We’re not talking about going super stalker on them, just make sure to pay attention. Was the company profile updated recently? Know what those changes were. Did your boss really seem to enjoy that catering company? Highlight them in your address book. You don’t need to be told how your team likes things done—you already know.

6. Your Sparkling Personality

Sparkling Personality

In many cases, a manager will spend just as much time interacting with their admin as their spouse and family. We all know that who you work with greatly impacts how you feel about work. Having hobbies, interests and a sense of humor can set you apart from a boring candidate with the same skill set. Be true to your one-of-a-kind personality, and you’re likely to catch the attention of hiring managers and end up in an environment that suits you.

Many unique skills and experiences, even if they don’t seem immediately relevant to the job, can be used to set yourself apart from the competition. It just takes a little confidence and creativity to connect the dots.

What makes you a one-of-a-kind office ninja?