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Admin or Super OfficeNinja? – 5 Tech Gadgets for a Futuristic Office

OfficeNinjas Futuristic Gadgets

Earlier this year we brought you a round-up of 5 future apps and gizmos that promised to take your ninja abilities from jaw-dropping to total life domination. This time we’re back with 5 new mind-blowing gadgets that will not only change your life, but also re-define how your entire office functions on a daily basis!

Imagine: you log into your computer with a flick of your wrist, charge your smart phone (that you designed yourself) from anywhere in the office, review and send a presentation to your boss with just a wink, all while effortlessly keeping stress levels to a minimum. Yep, #NinjaLife just keeps getting cooler.

1. Wearable Identity Passes

$149 for the Kit


Can you imagine never having to remember another password at work again? Chances are, as an Office Ninja, you’re probably remembering more passwords than is considered humanly possible, and would welcome the chance to free up all that brain space!

The Nymi Band stores your identity and allows you to access any connected device without the need for passwords or PINs. It’s currently compatible with websites, smartphones and computers, but you’ll soon be able to use it as a payment method, an electronic keycard for entrance into secure buildings, and may even serve as a passport one day!

2. Mood Monitors

Available for Pre-Order Soon


We all remember the mood rings of yesteryear that disappointingly never seemed to display the color we expected them to, right? (Maybe mine just didn’t work; I’m pretty sure I found it in a box of Lucky Charms…) But, what if your old mood ring could actually help you maintain your Office Ninja zen?

Mood Metric introduces the super-exciting next generation of mood rings, and they can seriously improve your quality of life by recording your nervous system signals so that you can better understand your emotional triggers and reactions. These stylish smart-rings connect to an app on your smartphone, where they give you feedback on your mood and emotion levels throughout the day.

They charge via micro-USB, transmit data via Bluetooth, and were designed by a haute Finnish jewelry designer, so they’re actually pretty fashionable.

With the help of your Mood Metric ring, you’re able to get a deeper understanding of your emotional triggers around the office. Like a recent fan said “A happy Office Ninja is a productive Office Ninja!” but we also think this extends to an office as a whole, so bonus points if you can convince your entire office to start wearing them!

3. Google’s “Glass at Work” Program


Although regular consumers are no longer able to buy a Google Glass device (and you might not even want to for fear of looking like a “glasshole” in public,) Google Glass hasn’t entirely been sent to the graveyard.

The “Glass at Work” program is working with developers to create apps specifically valuable to businesses. Apps that will provide employees instant access to data and information right before their eyes, and a completely streamlined way to connect and communicate with each other.

If you’d like to convince your company to jump into the future of office efficiency, you can find out more about the program and business apps here.

4. Wireless Phone Charging Mats

In Development

wireless power

Wireless chargers have been around for awhile, but they’ve always required your phone to be in direct contact with the charging mat, meaning there hasn’t been a huge difference between a plug-in charger and a wireless charger.

Luckily, the future just keeps getting cooler and soon you’ll be able to charge your phone up to four and a half centimeters away from the charging mat with “resonance charging,” thanks to The Wireless Power Consortium! Not impressed? Don’t worry, four and a half centimeters is really just the beginning, with each generation expected to get better and better.

We can’t wait for the day when we can charge our phones and laptops from anywhere in the office!

5. Google’s Project Ara

In Development

Google Project Ara

What if you could upgrade your phone like you would a desktop computer—with nothing more than affordable and modular individual parts?

Unlike your typical smartphone that’s hot the day you buy it, yet loses a bit of its luster 6 weeks later, Project Ara phones will let you upgrade and customize specific aspects as you need them (e.g. the camera or the audio), which allows for a dramatically extended shelf life.

Essentially you’ll be able to mix-and-match the parts of your phone to create a super-smartphone that is perfectly suited to your needs and lifestyle.

How’s that for super-ninja tech? The release date is still unknown, but keep your eyes open as it could be later this year!

Which of these technologies are you most excited to try out in your office?