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5 New Kickstarter Projects For The Savvy Office Admin

As you may know, Kickstarter is the widely popular crowdfunding site where nearly 50,000 entrepreneurs have gotten their projects funded. From the widely successful Pebble Smartwatch (raised over $10M!) to the The 10-Year Hoodie (raised $1M, yes for a HOODIE!), consumers are lining up to back the next hottest item in the market.

Here are our 5 favorite Kickstarter projects for administrative professionals to use in and out of the office.

1. gStick: The Mouse You Hold Like a Pen, for PC’s and Mac’s ($25 Pledge ends 8.21.13)

The gStick is a reinvented mouse that thinks its a pen. Perfect for creative projects, it allows you to draw, design and sketch with precision. As office professionals, we are on our computers most of the work day so the ergonomic design and comfort of the gStick is ultra appealing.

2. blink(1) mk2: Know What’s Happening on Your Computer / Internet ($30 Pledge, ends 8.24.13)

At first glance, we weren’t that impressed with blink(1) but after some research, we found it to be a pretty nifty product! Essentially, blink(1) is a small notification light that you hook up to your computer and it alerts you when things important to you come up. To enable it, you setup IFTTT (If This Then That) alerts on pretty much anything – from an alert when the package you’ve been waiting for changes status to a reminder to go outside and enjoy the sun.  Let the light show begin!

3. PubCakes: Craft Beer Cake Mix ($15 Pledge, ends 9.4.13)

You were just assigned to organize a social gathering in the office. Instead of trying to plan a team building activity in hopes of getting your engineer folks to participate, just order PubCakes and they’ll be chatting away about the world’s first beer infused cake.

4. OFF Pocket: Privacy Accessory For Mobile Phones That Blocks Wireless Signals ($75 Pledge, ends 8.27.13)

We at OfficeNinjas <3 all things tech but every now and then we too need a break.  Even if we zen out and turn off our phones, the electronic may still be running which leaves our phones vulnerable to tracking. The OFF Pocket allows us to completely unplug and block out all signals making us untraceable and unhackable… just like a true ninja.

5. Haptix: Multitouch Reinvented ($59, ends 9.13.13)

Besides apps, the most appealing thing about smartphones and tablets is that they are multitouch. Wouldn’t it be great to have multitouch be the way to control everything?  Well, Haptix is doing just that.  Their technology turns any flat surface into a 3D multitouch surface.  You have to see it to believe it!

BONUS – Everpurse: The Clutch That Charges Your Smartphone ($189 retail)

Last year this Kickstarter project was all the rage. It still is as their production line has been backed up ever since! With the Everpurse, you can look stylish while powering up. Just drop your phone into the Everpurse pocket and it’ll bring your battery from 0% to 100%. A must-have for you or a girlfriend.

Would you use any of these innovative products? Tell us in the comments section below!


  1. I’m probably going to have to invest in the craft beer cake one, for sure.

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