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Put Your Hands Together for the 2017 OfficeNinjas All-Stars!

2017 OfficeNinjas All-Stars

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Proud doesn’t begin to describe how we feel about the Ninjas nominated for this year’s OfficeNinjas All-Star award. Office Managers, Executive Assistants, Workplace Managers (AKA Office Ninjas) are accustomed to working behind the scenes, often with little recognition for their vital contributions, so it was particularly exciting when thousands of submissions rolled in!

With so many stellar candidates, narrowing down the search to just five winners was tough—but we managed to do it! If you missed last week’s posts, we’re going to give the deserved winners another moment in the sunshine.

Here’s one last look at the 2017 OfficeNinjas All-Stars!

All-Star Jaime Caban StreamSet

Jaime Caban – San Francisco, CA

Workplace Manager, StreamSets

Read our Q&A with Jamie!

While Jaime truly is responsible for everything that keeps our office running, I particularly appreciate how welcome he makes new employees feel. Along with the typical seating charts and packet of resources, he puts every new hire’s name on a whiteboard and encourages every other employee to sign around it to make them feel like they picked a supportive and friendly place to work. I worked at a different, larger company with Jaime two years back. Finding out that he joined the startup I’m at now was serious motivation to sign my offer letter. He’s that critical to the office. – Dima

Check out our photo shoot with Jaime.

Jaime, you’re going places—literally! With $1,000 in travel from Delta Air Lines, the world is truly your oyster!

All-Star Erica Kelley CustomInk

Erica Kelley – Fairfax, VA

Executive Assistant to the CEO and Administrative Support Manager, CustomInk

Read our Q&A with Erica!

Most don’t see what goes on behind the scenes. People see an effortless event, meeting, or project completed on time. They see board packets pulled together in a timely manner, and flawless presentations sent out in time for the meeting’s pre-read. What they don’t see is all of the time, sweat, and tears that go into all of Erica’s hard work. They don’t see all 100 small details she has already thought of and accounted for, the early mornings, and hopping back online after she puts her kids to bed to ensure someone else’s tomorrow goes off without a hitch. – Jen

Check out our photo shoot with Erica.

Erica, we think you deserve a tasty catered lunch… every day for the next month. Enjoy your $1,000 gift card from ezCater!

All-Star Emily Vogel Milwaukee School of Engineering

Emily Vogel – Milwaukee, WI

Assistant to the Chair, Milwaukee School of Engineering

Read our Q&A with Emily!

She has really transformed the administrative assistant position in our academic departments. After taking on some pretty significant tasks that used to be done by the chair of her department, she had a title change to Assistant to the Chair. That has opened up that opportunity for administrative assistants in other departments and given her peers growth opportunity that did not exist before. – Mary

Check out our photo shoot with Emily!

We think this trailblazer deserves a swanky adventure. Emily, we just know you’re going to have a blast during your one-week, all-inclusive stay at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square!

All-Star Anita Conrad Savers

Anita Conrad – Bellevue, WA

Executive Assistant, Savers

Read our Q&A with Anita!

Before Anita spearheaded so much social change at Savers, it was easy for me to forget why I came to work each day. Since then, she’s created volunteer opportunities, social events, and connections. I’m now constantly reminded that I work with great people—and that we’re doing great things. There’s a tangible difference in corporate culture and engagement here. Anita is a pillar of our office culture that I cannot imagine work without! – Stacy

Check out our photo shoot with Anita!

Anita, may you continue to be the pillar of your office’s culture and may your snack drawer always be full. We’ll go ahead and take care of that last part with $1,000 in healthy, delicious goodies from NatureBox!

All-Star Sarah Schraer Viget

Sarah Schraer – Washington DC

Office Manager, Viget

Read our Q&A with Sarah!

Sarah can be relied upon in any crisis. If there’s a last-minute client visit, she gets the conference ready, orders lunch, and helps with supplies with no complaints. If there’s a FedEx deadline looming, she helps with document production and races out of the building to meet the pickup deadline. If we need someone to travel last minute, she’s coordinating after hours to make flight, hotel, and car arrangements. She takes care of three offices and three remote locations in three different time zones. She’s the best. – Cindy

Check out our photo shoot with Sarah!

Sarah, how about taking a break from saving the day and treating yourself? We think a $1,000 gift credit for Breather and Spafinder services should do the trick!

All-Stars, you knocked it out of the park this year! We’re honored to have you represent OfficeNinjas and our global community of dynamic admins. Your candor, smart advice, and tricks of the trade inspire us to keep learning, growing, and evolving.

Fellow Ninjas, let’s give ‘em one last round of applause!


  1. Such an amazing all-star lineup!! Congrats, Ninjas! You totally ROCK!

  2. Congratulations fellow All Star Ninjas! Each of you have inspired and modivated me and I can’t wait to instill some new ideas I’ve learned from the best! What an amazing month of truly being spoiled!

    1. And most importantly…Thank you Office Ninjas for making this all happen! Each of you were amazing to work with and I feel truly blessed!

  3. Congratulations everyone – it’s an honor to be included in such an inspiring group of Ninjas :-)

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