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10 Reasons to Attend An OfficeNinjas Tech Event

Wine. Cocktails. Kettlecorn. New Tech Toys. Cool People. Do you need more reasons to attend an OfficeNinjas Tech Event?

Bonnie Low-Kramen, bestselling author of Be the Ultimate Assistant says “The #1 resource that assistants have – bar none – is one another. People do things for people, not companies. At an OfficeNinjas event, you’ll meet awesome people, eat, drink, get free stuff, and learn. You will leave the event knowing that you are not alone in your challenges. Does it get better than that?”

Just in case you’re still not convinced, here are 10 reasons why you should attend our upcoming OfficeNinjas event on Sept 10 in Silicon Valley.


1. Meet other Office Ninjas

At #OfficeNinjasSV, you’ll become an official card-carrying member along with 300 fellow office ninjas. Think we’re kidding? Just wait until you see your name carved on a wooden badge.

OfficeNinjas Demo

2. See Demos of Freshly Minted Technologies

Sit back and enjoy live demos from 10 new companies that offer products that are designed to revolutionize the way you work. While you’re watching, you can munch on green kettlecorn and sip on wine.

OfficeNinjas Swag Bags

3. Find Hidden Treasures in Your OfficeNinjas Swag Bag

Every ninja needs deserves to be spoiled, and when you come to our events, every attendee gets a high-quality swag bag. Inside, you’ll find hand-picked goodies from 20 different companies.

Speaking of goodies, you’ll be able to enter into a raffle for major prizes that you actually want to win, like airline tickets and gadgets.

joeythecat - OfficeNinjas

4. You Can’t NOT Have Fun

In addition to the amazing people you’re going to meet, the OfficeNinjas event will be packed with activities to keep you entertained.

  • Classic nostalgic games, like Skeeball and Whac-a-Mole, provided by Joey the Cat.
  • An icebreaker you’ll actually WANT to participate in, courtesy of CLASH.
  • A photobooth and a strip of photos to take home to satisfy the “pics or it didn’t happen”.

415Catering - OfficeNinjas

5. Amazing Food… and a lot of it

Always come hungry to an OfficeNinjas event. This time around, you will get to enjoy food from 415 Catering.

  • Pre-show nibbles such as Asian Spring Rolls and Grilled Citrus Prawn
  • Food booths that serve Bahn Mi Sliders and Smoked Wild Mushroom Focaccia
  • Fancier bites at the Foxtail booth, such as Compressed Melon with Prosciutto “Powder”

There will also be a chocolate station with dipped strawberries, grapes, pretzels, kettle chips, oreos, raspberries, dried mangos, and (are you ready?) jerky!

Tonic Bar - OfficeNinjas

6. Open Bar

Forgive the short title: we feel those two words speak for themselves. Tonic Beverage Catering will be serving two specialty OfficeNinjas cocktails, wine, and beer. For the virgins and designated drivers, you can enjoy ZICO Coconut Water. Just as we encourage you to come to an OfficeNinjas event hungry, we also encourage you to come plenty thirsty.

fitmob - OfficeNinjas.

7. Experience a Fitness Demonstration

You have to work off those bites one way or another right? At the event, you can participate in a live demonstration by Fitmob, a new disruption in the fitness industry from the founder of P90X, Tony Horton. Their “No-Gym Required” philosophy is ideal for busy working professionals who want to incorporate fitness into their lives.

Hands on Massage - OfficeNinjas

8. You Even Get an Opportunity to Relax

How many events have you attended that offer six massage chairs for their guests? The team at Hands On Massage will be kneading muscles until the end of the night.


9. Have Your Opinion Heard by Company Founders

At the event, you have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with the founders of many brand new companies who rely on your feedback to help shape their company. It’s an opportunity to network with not only your professional peers, but with company founders who truly value your input.

OfficeNinjas Table

10. Meet Us at the OfficeNinjas Table!

You will be the first ones to see the beta release of the OfficeNinjas Curated Online Marketplace. Get a chance to test the product, share your feedback, and learn what else we’re working on in the lab.

Convinced? Luckily, There’s Still Time to Sign Up.

Click here to save your spot before we run out of tickets. See you there!


  1. I’m hoping to learn of an OfficeNinjas event near Michigan. Anything planned in the not-too-distant future?

  2. Since I do not live in California – do you list some where the products demo’d? I would be interested in seeing them so I can go out to do some more reasearch or see if they would fit into what I do. Just curious.
    Ann (Chicago)

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