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10 Go-To Gifts Under $50 That’ll Delight Anyone on Your Holiday List

Go-to gifts under $50

Editor’s Note: This is Part 2 of our Holiday Gifting Series. If you haven’t already, check out Part 1.

Even if your gift-giving game is on point and—in true Ninja fashion—you finished your holiday shopping back in September, it’s wise to have a few go-to gifts under $50 at the ready.

You may be invited to a last minute holiday party and need a gift for the host. Or your boss may charge you with selecting gifts for clients or employees. And while unlikely, it’s possible that someone slipped through the cracks and never made it on your personal shopping list (no Ninja is perfect).

Whatever the circumstance, we’ve got a solid suggestion. Each one of these carefully selected gifts is a true crowd-pleaser, but also unique enough to delight discerning recipients.

Higher Ground – $50

Areaware Plant Pedestals are classic go-to gifts under $50

These craftsman-style pedestals will elevate a simple fern and help squat succulents get the attention they deserve. The simple beech wood platforms were designed for desk-bound green thumbs, but they also work at home or as a centerpiece base. One order includes two pedestals constructed with seamless lap joinery.

Guten Tag! – $35

GutenTag signature clock stamp is one of 10 go-to gifts under $50

Is the key to productivity a simple, clock-shaped stamp?

GutenTag thinks so. German for “good day,” this wooden stamp and Stazon ink pad will press GutenTag’s signature clock face onto a notebook page (or any surface—Stazon adheres to plastic, metal, leather, and most other materials). Block off your time accordingly with either 12-hour or 24-hour designs.

Take a Stand – $25

Elago M2 smartphone stand makes a great go-to gift under $50

Wouldn’t it be nice to Skype without slouching?

Let’s go hands-free and hassle-free! This elevated kickstand-style smartphone stand allows for more ergonomic screen time. Constructed from solid aluminum, elago® M2 is compatible with iPhone, Droid, and Samsung devices. It also includes a cable management area that allows for easy charging.

Sweeten the Deal – Starts at $10

Gourmet chocolates from Recchiuti Confections are tasty go-to gifts under $50

Recognized by The Sweethome as the best boxed chocolates on the market, these treats from Recchiuti Confections offer classic flavors (dark chocolate caramel) and adventurous concoctions (star anise and pink peppercorn). Besides the premium quality and impeccable presentation, Recchiuti also offers corporate discounts, personalization, and branding opportunities. Adorn your truffles with the company logo or a special greeting, and tie it all together with a custom ribbon.

In the Bag – $44

modern Marlow lunchbag is go-to gift under $50

There are few people we admire more than the co-worker who dutifully packs a homemade lunch every day, saving hundreds of dollars each month and avoiding the nutritional perils of local fast food establishments. Such a model citizen deserves a special lunch tote, and the Marlowe Lunchbag is it. Available in six earthy colors, the waxed duck canvas bag easily wipes clean for daily use. The front pocket, intended for handwritten notes, adds a cute design element (or space for “Do Not Eat!” messages to breakroom thieves).

Be Impressed – $30

Presse by Bobble makes for an impressive go-to gift under $50

A French press makes great coffee, but the process can be cumbersome in an office kitchen—which is why this makes the go-to gifts under $50 top 10. Presse by Bobble streamlines every step—from brewing to pressing and sipping. The coffee addict—er … lover in your life only has to pour in grounds and hot water, wait three minutes, then use the included micro filter to press grounds and stop the brewing process. Grounds stay contained in the bottom of the Presse, and you can drink right from the insulated tumbler. Everything is dishwasher safe, the tumbler is available in nine different colors, and personalization is available for less than the price of a latte.

On a Roll – $39 and up

Dharma yoga wheel is a perfect go-to gift under $50 for co-workers

Sitting all day tightens hip flexors, shuts off our glutes, and rounds the back and shoulders—that’s a problem. The solution? A combination of standing desks, timed breaks, and workplace yoga. Giving The Dharma Yoga Wheel to a friend or colleague is like giving them back a bit of their mobility. The wheel can be used in dozens of positions that release tension and create more space in the spine for Ninjas to do what they do best.

That’s a Wrap – $27

LOHA iPhone tripod satisfies techies as one of 10 go-to gifts under $50

Know a budding YouTube star? Or an Instagram personality on the cusp of celebrity? Help them bring their production quality to the next level with the LOHA iPhone tripod. Flexible “octopus” legs allow you to mount your phone by wrapping them around poles, chairs, and table legs. The premium materials offer stability to reduce shaking and blurring, and each tripod comes with a lifetime warranty.

For the Cable Collector – $32

PowerPlay cable organizers make great go-to gifts under $50

We’re all for organizational hacks. But if the solution is more complicated than, say, untangling a computer cable? Forget it. For this reason, we love the PowerPlay cable organizer for the MacBook Pro. A simple hook keeps everything in place. Because the PowerPlay stays wrapped around the adapter (even when it’s in use) you’ll never waste time looking for it in the bottom of your computer bag—or untwisting it from the wheels of your desk chair. Made from soft leather and available in eight different colors.

BONUS: Message in a Bottle – $10

Unique go-to gifts under $50

Use this clever USB drive to add a special note, photo album, or video message to any gift. The glass bottle and real cork combo add an authentic, old-school touch. Plus, this will look way nicer lined up on your pal’s desk or bookshelf than a pile of lone USBs.

Each one of these affordable gifts is a home run, so consider your bases covered, Ninja!

Which items are you adding to your shopping list this year? Do you have any go-to gifts under $50 we should know about?