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Welcome to Ninja Labs

Created by OfficeNinjas, Ninja Labs is where we partner with brands to create stories and events that inspire.

We’ve fostered a powerhouse community of enthusiastic office managers, executive assistants, and admins, or, as we call them, Office Ninjas. They love what we do and look to us to find vendors and services that help keep their offices happy and running smoothly.

Whether you want to learn more about how the Office Ninja community shops or have an awesome product or service that you want to share, we can help. Aligning your brand with OfficeNinjas will get you heard, loud and clear.

Word on the Street

I had a great time learning about new vendors and ways to improve the environment at my office. It’s awesome to see so many people celebrating what we do while also learning about new resources available to us. – Jennifer D, Administration Manager

There’s nothing really like it out there. Great way to network and get your foot in the door with vendors you didn’t know you were missing! – Helena M, Executive Assistant

The OfficeNinjas attendees bring an energy and enthusiasm that is unmatched to the event. Their passion is contagious and made our participation and interactions through the event an absolute pleasure. – Michael M, Uber

Working with OfficeNinjas has been the most valuable marketing and business development move for our business. The Ninjas have an umatched level of excitement to learn about vendors and how they can incorprate new services into their workplaces. 10/10 would recommend! – Scott Roeder, Oh Snap! Booth Co.

How it Works


Share your marketing goals by completing our questionnaire below so we can fully understand your needs.


We’ll review your product/service and if it fulfills our community needs, we’ll propose custom marketing strategies to help achieve your business goals.


Using an agreed upon timeline, our creative team executes your project, addressing your feedback along the way.

You’ll be kept informed with regular updates and progress reports until the project is complete.


Admin Week

Admin Bash, All-Star Awards, Flash Raffle Giveaways

OfficeNinjas AdminWeek

Back by popular demand, our 3rd Annual Admin Week Celebration (April 24-28, 2017) is designed to delight Ninjas and thrill savvy marketers like yourself. Sponsor our three Admin Week Campaigns—Admin Bash, All-Star Awards, Flash Raffle—and your company will have a rare opportunity to “own” an entire day with our Admin Day Takeover Package. Reserved for five brands with a national presence, this is a powerful opportunity for the most visibility during the busiest week of the year. Win the hearts and minds of Office Ninjas worldwide with this coveted title.

2016 Admin Week Festivities: Admin BashAll-Star Awards | Flash Raffle Giveaway

Event Marketing

Sponsorships, Live Demos, Experiential Marketing, Brand Activation


We bring our editorial narrative to life through a series of one-of-a-kind experiences that are interactive, educational, and fun. From tech demos with the best new startups to restaurant hopping at unique venues, our events consistently surprise our attendees and keep them coming back for more!

Partner with us or let us help you craft your own event. We are experts in crafting experiences that feel like parties but still accomplish business and marketing goals. We produce speaker series, launch events, demo meetups, FAM trips, lunch & learns, dinner parties, and more.

Recent Events: Co-Branded Retreat | Admingling | Admin Bash | IRL Roadshow

Content Marketing

Branded Content, Guerilla Marketing Campaigns, Infographics


By working directly with “Office Ninjas” in the field, we publish fresh, original stories that admins from all over the world consume on a daily basis. We’re their go-to authority for information, advice, and vetted high-quality products and services.

Our sponsored content never feels forced or overly promotional because we truly believe in every product/service we feature. And, we incorporate your brand with a carefully crafted story and captivating, co-branded design.

Examples: Branded Infographic | Sponsored Content | Online Giveaway | All-Star Awards

Ninja Research

Market Research, Surveys, Data Collection, Discovery


We interact with thousands of Office Ninjas online and in real life. We swap comments and chat face-to-face with everyone from tech startup Office Managers to Executive Assistants from major corporations to Celebrity Personal Assistants, which means we have tons of data. And data = power. Power that we like to use for good.

We run focus groups, manage comprehensive surveys, and even launch secret shopper missions, all in the name of better products and services for Office Ninjas. We work with companies large and small and in practically every industry. Every research opportunity is completely customized and carefully managed by us and our team of Ninja Advisors.

Product Sampling


Traditional product sampling can be expensive and inefficient; you run the risk of giving away free goods to the wrong audience, especially when you target administrative professionals. Office Ninjas are an elusive bunch. Lucky for you, we have the hook-up.

Through our product sampling program, we can get your products into the hands of professionals with decision-making and buying power. We can also obtain authentic feedback and honest reviews from Office Ninjas.

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