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One More Big CONGRATS to our OfficeNinjas All-Stars!

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Let’s hear it one more time for our 2015 OfficeNinjas All-Stars!

A few months ago we set out to find the best of the best in office ninja artistry.  And the nominators did not disappoint! Here’s some of what they had to say about our 2015 Office Ninjas All-Stars!

Jackie Powell, Administrative Assistant, United Healthcare

Jackie Powell

There’s not a question you can ask Jackie to which she doesn’t know the answer. You know how a lot of job descriptions have a mention of “Other duties as assigned?” Being willing and able to do those other randomly assigned duties is why Jackie is an office ninja. She not only does her regular job, but she leads our office community action council, which means she figures out a charity each month and helps coordinate our office involvement with that charity. She also leads our emergency preparedness committee…Our office would not function without her.

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All-Star ninjas deserve all-star snacks. So we’re giving Jacking a year’s supply of all-natural goodies from Love With Food!

Karina Young, Office Manager, Khan Academy


Working with Karina has been one of my career highlights. Not only is her spirit unflappable, but she is an incredibly capable team member. For example, she joined us midway through a $1MM+ facility build-out where I was desperate for help. She came in and took of the project with such care and attention to detail, providing buildout guidance and coordinating the entire move, including setting up new AV throughout the office and new furniture selection and installation. In other words, Karina rocks it!

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Karina, we hope you have a sweet tooth, because you’re walking away with a $500 Sprinkles Cupcakes gift card!

Alexis Croswell, Office Manager, Betts Recruiting

Alexis Croswell

Since the first day Alexis set foot in our office, she was on a mission for change. Betts Recruiting is a relatively new company, and in the startup world, things are in constant flux… Alexis has managed to wrangle and streamline EVERYTHING! She has laminated binders, color coded calendars, and researched new software to store and share information company wide. Also, she’s brought her personal passion for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle to our office. She has implemented a compost system for food and paper items and keeps our cupboards stocked with nutritious treats. She is the definition of an office ninja!

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Congrats, Alexis! You’re really going places…with your $1000 Uber gift card!

Lisa Jones, Executive Assistant, North Highland Worldwide Consulting

Lisa Jones

Lisa is the epitome of an office ninja. She is versed in every aspect of what it takes to contribute to a successful organization. She handles her job description with ease, but what makes her special is that she has the expertise, passion and drive to help North Highland grow as a company. This includes providing insight into resources, providing ideas for marketing, and networking with other professionals. Lisa’s energy is contagious and she makes us a better company.

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Congrats, Lisa! Now take your $1000 Delta Air Lines gift card and plan a fun getaway.

Jennifer Magana, Executive Assistant, Addepar

Jennifer Magana 1

Jennifer thinks of everything. She is able to navigate scheduling like a ninja, nimble and effective, but with an infectious, positive energy. She knows that the devil and the beauty is in the details, and every lunch or meeting has been so well-orchestrated that it feels effortless and special at the same time.

Read our Q&A and checkout all the fun we had at our photoshoot with Jennifer!

Jennifer, your workspace should shine as brightly as you do! Enjoy your new office furniture from Poppin!

It was a thrill and an honor to share the stories of our five All-Stars with the OfficeNinjas community. We hope you had fun getting to know them and gained some insight, tips and tricks, and inspiration from each of their profiles.

We can’t wait to meet next year’s All-Stars!