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It’s Left-Handers Day! Get Your Lefty BFF Something Special

Lefties kind of get a bad rap. Thanks to the Romans, who decided that the Latin word for “left” would also mean “sinister,” plus the rest of the world, who decided that phrases like “having two left feet” are culturally acceptable phrases, left-handed people have historically been associated with bad luck, unpleasantness, and general shadiness.

Today, we want to stand up and show the world what we really think of lefties—that they’re awesome! Today is International Left-Handers Day, a day designed to counteract all of that right-biased negativity, and which celebrates all things lefty—including lefty office supplies.

Check out these left-handed office tools and consider buying some for yourself (if you’re left-handed), or for your lefty BFF.

Lefty iPad Padfolio


This iPadfolio, which could only be described as “handsome,” is a perfectly sophisticated and zippered addition to your office artillery. It also has a writing pad and business card holders in its sleeves, so networking and doodling during meetings will always be possible.

Lefty Mousepad


Mousepads are already a sought-after commodity, so why not buy one that reinforces that notion with a leftie-positive statement? This perfect pad, which reads “Lefties: In great demand but limited supply,” will not only brighten up your desk but also proudly announce to all of your coworkers that yes, you are a lefty.

Lefty Gliding Blue Pen (with Refills!)


Tired of feeling blue about being a lefty? Do some retail therapy and buy this beautiful blue gliding pen (with refills). It’s cute and ergonomic, and it’s sure to make all of your coworkers jealous. (Which they’d never expect to happen, since you’re a leftie!)

Lefty One-Subject Notebook


It’s simple, it’s affordable, and it’s made for people who don’t write with the right hand. I’m sorry. I meant to say “their right hand.” This notebook, which opens from the right (like a Chinese novel—look it up), will make all of your note-taking sessions a thousand times easier.

Lefty Scissors


These are just like those scissors that confused all of your right-handed friends in elementary school, except prettier, more ergonomic, and much nicer.

Lefty Calligraphy Set


With this lefty calligraphy pen (and set), you’ll be fancy and lefty, and everyone will want to be you (which, again, doesn’t happen very often to lefties).

Lefty Tool Set

Tool Set

If you don’t wanna stop at just scissors and a pen, then this tool set might be perfect for you. It comes with a ruler and measuring tape and a lifelong guarantee of happiness.

Leftea Mug


Get it? You’re a lefty and you drink tea, which means you’re a leftea. And now you can drink your tea with the right hand (by which I mean your left) while proudly displaying the pithy saying on your mug!.

Lefty Keyboard


It may look weird, but it’s sure to make your world a lot more beautiful. All of the keys are everywhere you need them to be (if you’re a lefty), and you’ll be excited to complete your Excel sheets in a more orderly fashion.

And there you have it: A veritable collection of lefty tools and treats for that weirdo in your life who uses the wrong hand to carry out everyday activities (I kid… I kid…). Now they’ll feel a little less weird, and you’ll feel a little more charitable.

Do any of these lefty tools seem just right to you? Consider buying one for a friend, or comment below!