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The Glory and the Goods: Office Ninja All-Star Prize Packages!

#NinjaAllStars - The Glory and the Goods

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It’s been a thrill to see so many Office Ninja All-Stars nominations come in over the last few weeks. They only confirm what we knew already: office ninjas are the champions of extraordinary workplaces. And so much of your vital work happens behind the scenes, in the shadows of workspaces and front desks. It’s about time we take a big, fat spotlight and shine it on the fiercest workplace warriors.

And there should be prizes. Really good prizes.

Let’s talk about what our 5 worthy Office Ninja All-Stars will get.

Dedicated Feature on

For each day of Admin Week (April 20-24), we’ll feature a Q&A with one of our five winners.  Our goal is to not only give these All-Stars the recognition they deserve, but also inspire other office ninjas around the globe with their success stories and advice. We’re betting we can learn a lot from our winners, so we’re handing them the mic.

Professional Photo Shoot

Nothing takes an online resume, portfolio or LinkedIn profile to the next level like a professional headshot. We’re partnering with local photographers in each of our winner’s cities to snap some stunning shots of our ninjas looking their best along with candid images around the office.

Prizes from Our Partners

We’re still tinkering with the final packages, but with partners like Delta Airlines, Sprinkles Cupcakes, Uber and Love With Food, how can we go wrong? Our All-Stars are guaranteed to walk away with some swoon-worthy goodies.

Good deal, right?

Remember: if you haven’t yet been nominated, you can nominate yourself! Not everyone notices the behind the scenes work, but you know how invaluable you are, so don’t be shy. It’s time for the rest of the world to see you for the All-Star that you are!