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Event Planning Series: A Recap of More Than 130 Tips & Resources

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Experiential Events | Digital Tool Belt | Venue Checklist | F&B Planning | Photography & Photo Booths | Audio Visual | Event Design | Live Music | Corporate Gift-Giving

We’ve had a blast sharing all of OfficeNinjas HQ’s best tips, tricks, and event-planning secrets over the past weeks. And while the most exciting and well-planned events will only leave you with memories and a handful of photo booth snaps, you can continue to enjoy, re-read, and share every one of our info-packed articles whenever you’d like!

Part 1: Experiential Events

Experiential Events

We asked Erin Mills, the Chief Operating Officer of the Michael Alan Group, a New York-based experiential marketing agency, for her thoughts on the top 10 experiential marketing trends. This article includes tips for creating a personalized experience, gamifying events, de-clunking traditional slideshows, and more.

Part 2: Digital Tool Belt

Tech Tools

A Ninja is only as good as its tools. After years of research and testing, we’ve identified the best apps, sites, software, and communication systems for every aspect of event planning. Want to know how we streamline project management, floor plans, and conference calls? Check out this article on tech tools.

Part 3: 62 Questions You Need to Ask Your Venue Before Committing


You read that right—we came up with 62 questions you MUST ask your event venue before signing on the dotted line. It sounds like a lot, but we promise this checklist will save you time, money, and frustration.

Part 4: Foolproof Food and Beverage Planning

Food and Beverage Planning

Party truth: well fed and fully hydrated guests are happy partygoers. We asked our favorite caterers—Nybll, 49 Square Catering, Kent Rathbun Catering, Bi-Rite Catering, and Ox Verte—to weigh in on topics like budgeting, presentation, and “The Four Cs.” (Check out the article to find out what those are!)

Part 5: How to Nail Your Event Photography

Admin Bash

You can throw a flawless party at a stunning venue filled with smiling guests and beautifully styled food. But if you don’t walk away with photos that truly captured all that action, it may as well have never happened. Scott Roeder, owner of Oh Snap! Visuals, helped us put together this comprehensive guide to capturing the best event photography and photo booth pictures.

Part 6: Audio Visual Do’s & Don’ts


A/V isn’t the most glamorous part of event planning, but it’s REALLY important. We asked the team at Impact Lighting | Audio | Video to help us put together an extensive list of Do’s and Don’ts that’ll keep you on track so you don’t run into any technical difficulties on event day.

Part 7: Your Guide to Stunning Event Design


Want to know which event design trends are replacing “rustic chic?” Or the top five things that send the entire design process flying off the rails? Check out this event design guide we put together with the experts from Blueprint Studios.

Part 8: Don’t Book a Wedding DJ & Other Entertainment Tips

Absolute Entertainment

Not everyone with an upright bass or a turntable knows how to read a room and play what guests need to hear. Learn how to weed out amateurs, get the most for your money, and avoid last-minute snafus with this article on entertainment.

Part 9: The Art of Corporate Gift-Giving

moshi for business

We agree that your expertly-planned event is gift enough, but a token of appreciation is customary in some situations. Like the cherry on top of a delicious ice cream sundae, the right gift for your guests, honorees, presenters, or company employees can take your event from enjoyable to downright dreamy.

Best of luck, Ninjas. Go forth and party.

Which part of this series was most valuable to you? How will you use these articles when planning your next event? We want to know!