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Give It Up for the 2018 OfficeNinjas All-Stars!

OfficeNinjas All Stars Winners

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Can we get one last standing ovation (go ahead; climb onto your chair) for this year’s stellar lineup of OfficeNinjas All-Stars?

We’re so honored to recognize these next-level admins. And we’re brimming with pride for our entire community. Bravo to every single one of you for throwing your name in the ring and big-ups to your colleagues for their heartfelt support and nominations.

An Office Ninja’s work is vital to the workplace, and it should be recognized and celebrated as such! With thousands of stellar candidates, picking just five winners was tough—but it had to be done. Here they are, our 2018 All-Stars.

Meet the 2018 OfficeNinjas All-Stars

Join us in congratulating Verlance, Kellie, Mimy, Nicki, and Ryann!

2018 All-Star, Verlance Friar
2018 All-Star, Verlance Friar

Verlance Friar – San Francisco, CA

Office Vibe Manager, Kiva

Presented by Delta Air Lines

Managing an office of 100 is no small feat. Verlance thoughtfully ascertains various needs across the organization and strikes a perfect balance between providing solutions and empowering us to figure things out as a team, which really makes us all work better together. And when we’re feeling stuck, he’ll literally just start dancing! (Depending on who’s around, sometimes it will turn into a dance-off.)

As part of his prize package, Verlance received $1,000 in airfare credit, courtesy of Delta Air Lines, and a professional photoshoot.


2018 All-Star, Kellie Edwards
2018 All-Star, Kellie Edwards

Kellie Edwards – Salt Lake City, UT

Executive Assistant, CHG Healthcare

Presented by Bevi

Kellie leads by example. She is the epitome of a great friend, mentor, leader, co-worker. She sends out best practices and shares them daily; she’s always looking out for where she can help and lend a hand, and she shares her expertise like teaching a monthly class on knowledge-based skills pertinent to our role here—empathic listening, paradigm exercises, reactive language vs. proactive, just to name a few.

As part of her prize package, Kellie received a $1,000 SpaFinder gift card, courtesy of Bevi, and a professional photoshoot.


2018 All-Star, Mimy Wraspir
2018 All-Star, Mimy Wraspir

Mimy Wraspir – San Mateo, CA

Executive Assistant and Office Manager, Lattice Engines

Hosted by ezCater

Mimy literally runs the flow of how we all operate here; her loyalty and determination to our company well-being is equally fierce as that of the CEO. She nurtures, organizes, advises, defends, and helps anyone—not just her team. We have company values because of her, and she consistently helps us embrace them.

As part of her prize package, Mimy received a $1,000 in food credit, courtesy of ezCater and a professional photoshoot.


2018 All-Star, Nicki Bartels
2018 All-Star, Nicki Bartels

Nicki Bartels – Chicago, IL

Office Manager, ESD

Hosted by TripActions

Nicki is a bit of a pocket knife. She does it all. She manages our geographically diverse and fast-moving team’s core operations, manpower, and delivery. In addition to that, she oversees our Chicago office administrative staff to take her proven ability and enable others to raise their own personal bar based on her example.

As part of her prize package, Nicki received $1,000 in travel credit, courtesy of TripActions, and a professional photoshoot.


2018 All-Star, Ryann Farris
2018 All-Star, Ryann Farris

Ryann Farris – Little Rock, AR

Executive Office Assistant, Tacos 4 Life

Hosted by Token

If Ryann didn’t work here, we would all be lost. She knows everyone’s calendar, where they are, how they got there, when they’ll be back, what they ate for lunch, and what they did over the weekend. She knows when you’re sad or stressed out and puts everything aside to make sure you get through it OK.

As part of her prize package, Ryann received a $1,000 shopping spree, courtesy of Token, and a professional photoshoot.

All-Stars, you inspire us to keep learning, growing, and evolving the Office Ninja role! We’re so honored to have you represent our global community of dynamic admins.

Fellow Ninjas, let’s give ‘em one last round of applause!

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