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OfficeNinjas All-Star Awards Are Back… with a Twist!

2019 OfficeNinjas All-Stars — will you be a part of our 2020 class?

What do a talented baker, a competitive cyclist, and a life-long community volunteer have in common? They’re all intrepid administrative professionals and OfficeNinjas All-Star Award winners.

Will you or an outstanding admin you know be next? 2020 nominations are now open!

Each year, we set out to find five of the best and brightest office managers, operations leaders, executive assistants, and workplace operators (a.k.a “Office Ninjas”) from across the United States and Canada.

And for 2020, we’ve added a new category: the OfficeNinjas All-Star TEAM Award!

All-Stars in the New Era

For decades, Office Ninjas have led their organizations from behind the scenes. With or without the necessary resources and support, they’ve charged into the future of work.

And All-Stars? Whether managing two busy offices three time zones apart (Stephanie Powley, 2016 All-Star); co-founding an annual EA summit (Kellie Edwards, 2018); being the inspiration for the company’s employee recognition program (Jamie Caban, 2017); or busting out an impromptu office dance party when the team needs a pick-me-up (Verlance Friar, 2018) — All-Stars are constantly redefining their roles to bring success to the entire organization.

And in the Era of the Office Ninja, organizations recognize standout Ninjas for the strategic business partners they are — and clear the path for them to succeed.

Nominate yourself or another Ninja who raises the bar and defies the norm.

2019 OfficeNinjas All-Star Meg Cooney — will you be a part of our 2020 class?

Do you know an All-Star Team?

In addition to awarding five stellar Ninjas with show-stopping prize packages (more on that below) — this year, for the first time, we’re also inducting one Ninja TEAM into the OfficeNinjas All-Star Hall of Fame.

A team consists of two or more Office Ninjas (there’s no upper limit) who regularly collaborate at work. Like individual All-Stars, the All-Star Team stands out in an industry filled with overachievers. Its members not only make their workplaces more efficient and productive, but they also thrive in evolving the admin profession.

Nominate a Ninja team that is changing the game for workplace operators everywhere.

Join the Winner’s Circle

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The nomination period is open NOW through February 28, 2020.
  • Receiving nominations is easier than you think. (And we’ll happily send your manager and colleagues an anonymous hint along with pointers and examples.)
  • You can also nominate yourself! Check out the OfficeNinjas All-Star Hall of Fame for a little inspiration.

Now, let’s talk prizes. Individual All-Stars and the All-Star Team will receive an in-depth feature on the OfficeNinjas website, an engraved award plaque, a professional photoshoot at their office, and legit bragging rights and exposure for their company.

And with the support of our generous Admin Week partners, we’ll treat the All-Star Team to an in-office celebration and gift our individual All-Stars an unforgettable prize package.

The bottom line? Whether part of an exceptional squad or flying solo, an OfficeNinjas All-Star Award is yours to win!

Make your nominations TODAY!

Let’s Inspire Each Other

A little humble bragging never hurt anybody! Have your Ninja skills been a game changer for your organization? Share in the comments — let’s inspire each other!