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What’s Admingling?

Networking for Admins and Workplace Operators in Dallas, TX

Powered by collective intelligence, OfficeNinjas’ Admingling events provide admin pros and workplace operators with the time, space, and inspiration to grow their networks and level up their careers. Interesting venues, unexpected discussion topics, and delicious food and drinks are all part of Admingling’s secret sauce, but Ninjas are the key ingredient.

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Admingling was so much fun! It was wrapped up in a nice little package … the food, laughter, networking and open forum — all covered in two short hours. I went in knowing no-one and came out feeling like I had known these Ninjas forever. It’s nice to know what’s going on outside the four walls we’re in everyday. Connecting with other admins is priceless in so many ways!

Dana L.
Executive Assistant

So excited to be a part of this group of phenomenal Office Ninjas supporting each other!! It’s a tremendous resource (and a lot of fun) for any executive assistant, office manager, or admin. Thanks for creating this group and making us admins — who often feel alone or on an island — feel valued and supported.

Mindy S.
Office Manager

Admingling Tips

Maximize your Admingling experience with these simple tips

1. Don’t forget to put the “mingling” in Admingling! Introduce yourself, swap business cards, and interact with each person in the room. You’re there to connect with other Ninjas, so be bold! The more you put into networking, the more you’ll get out of it.

2. Your fellow Ninjas are your best resources. Curious about another industry? Want to know what it’s like to work at a startup? Got a favorite app or vendor that’s completely changed your work life? Speak up, ask questions, and trade tips.

3. Cash in on peer-to-peer facetime. So many Ninjas work in a department of one, making peer support hard to find. Admingling is your chance to open up and share your questions, ideas, or concerns. You’ll gain new perspectives through the collective power of the group.

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Meet our Partners

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Volunteers are essential — they make each event unique by bringing local perspective to the planning process. If you’re interested in being a volunteer, please complete the form below.

Past Admingling Events

May 21, 2019

Expanding Your Role

Fun fact: Admingling started from a spark of an idea that caught fire in Dallas. Eight Adminglings later, Dallas Ninjas continue to light us up! The future of work was the topic of discussion at this sold-out event, and the room, courtesy of WeWork, was buzzing with creativity and problem-solving. Huge thanks to our Ninja host Sophia, and ezCater and Arepa for fueling the flame with their tasty eats and refreshing drinks. Browse the evening’s photo album.

October 18, 2018

Developing Habits and Crushing Goals

Habit-hacking Ninjas cozied up to the roaring (digital) fires, feasted on stunning eats, and got to work making connections and setting goals. Huge kudos to co-hosts Lisa Hall and Crystal Le for keeping us on task and to our partners Omni Dallas Hotel at Park West, DoorDash, and The Meetings Concierge for making the night possible! Browse the photo album!

July 20, 2017

Developmental Deep Dive

Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House provided a gorgeous backdrop for #AdminglingDFW’s sold out event. DFW Ninjas weighed in on professional development, and discussed the best resources to stay ahead of the game—all while enjoying tasty bites, crafty cocktails, and amazing company. Check out the photo album!

May 3, 2017

Cracking Company Culture

Ninjas took in beautiful views of the Dallas skyline in between paper wad fights (one of our best icebreakers!) and conversations about the pros and cons of mergers and layoffs—and how they affect office life. Check out the photo album!

February 9, 2017

Processes & Productivity, Please!

Ninjas put “social” in The Social House by exploring productivity tech tools in the relaxed venue—with excellent munchies and drinks—that fueled the evening of laughs, introductions, and the lowdown on emotional intelligence and personal branding from speaker Linda Guynes, Executive Assistant to the CEO of The Container Store. Browse through our photo album.

November 16, 2016

Texas-Sized Ambition

November’s event is forever revered as the greatest personal coaching session known to man. Ninjas absolutely hit the jackpot here, as the All-Star panel showered them with actionable advice and inspirational tips needed for career growth in 2017. Browse through our photo album.

June 16, 2016

In on the Action

Some memories are better left unsaid, but some are hilarious to revisit. Ninjas shared crazy admin stories and acted them out—which inspired infectious laughter and revealed what topics are most pertinent to local administrative needs. Browse through our photo album.

July 22, 2015

Inaugural Admingling

This is the event that started it all—and it had a bit of everything. Ninjas remember it for a unique tech scavenger hunt and a discussion on current tech trends and their relevance to Ninjas. Browse through our photo album.


Do I have to be an Office Ninja to attend?

Yes! We designed Admingling specifically for Office Ninjas (e.g. executive assistants, office managers, admins). If you don’t fall into any of those categories, sign up for our newsletter or consider sponsoring an event.

Will I meet other people in the same role and industry as me?

Admingling events connect you to administrative professionals across all industries and levels of experience. You’re bound to have things in common with other guests, but our events are known for their diversity.

What are the costs?

Each city’s inaugural event is free. Subsequent Admingling events will have a small admission fee to help cover basic event expenses including insurance, food, and printouts.

What's the refund policy?

Unfortunately, we're unable to offer refunds for high-demand events like Admingling. We promise it will be the highlight of your week!

I’d like to bring my whole office crew. Can I sign up as a group?

Admingling is the perfect after-hours event for you and your Ninja squad. Each member of your party must sign up separately (and be quick — we have a first-come, first-serve policy).

What’s the dress code?

There is no dress code. Many Ninjas come straight from work, and tend to be dressed work-casual as a result. Just make sure you're comfortable!

How often do Admingling events happen?

Admingling is held on a quarterly basis in established cities. Volunteer Event Organizers make these events possible and help us scout out new territories for Admingling. Want to join the team? Learn more, and apply here.

How can I volunteer?

We’re so happy you asked! Volunteers are essential; they make each event unique by bringing local perspective to the planning process. If you’re interested in being a volunteer, please complete this form.

I’d like to sponsor Admingling! How do I sign up?

We love working alongside companies that share our vision of uniting, educating, and celebrating the admin profession. Take a look at how we work with partners and complete our request form here.

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