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The Best Moments from #AdminBash 2019!

2019 OfficeNinjas Admin Bash

When an Office Ninja is leading the charge, the laws of time and physics don’t seem to apply. Somehow, they’re in three places at once, completing five different tasks. Bosses and teams don’t always witness their sleight of hand, but they certainly feel it. Check out this message from a Ninja’s CEO:

We are an Inc. 5000 company and have been featured in Forbes, Inc., Vistage, and Entrepreneur Magazine. As the CEO, I wish I could take credit for this … but I can’t. I have this other half that people don’t see. She makes sure my calendar is always 100% correct, notifies me before I know I have a problem, and fixes things before it’s noise to me. Without her, I would probably be locked up in an asylum.

As you know, a Ninja’s work isn’t an illusion or trickery. It’s not magic. It’s a PHENOMENON. And this Admin Day — we reveled in it.

On April 24, 2019, office managers, executive assistants, admin professionals, and workplace operators (aka “Ninjas”) from 45 cities, 19 states, and as far as Canada and Ireland, descended on Bespoke in San Francisco for OfficeNinjas’ 7th Annual Admin Bash — the biggest Admin Day celebration in the world!

(Check out our video for a taste of the day’s magic … and get pumped for next year!)

And why is Admin Bash so memorable year after year? Because it isn’t like your typical professional development events. Nor is it a trade show. Instead, we blend the best elements of a networking experience with authentic interactions, carefully curated vendor partners who get the admin role, and an all-out celebratory vibe.

Much like the hundreds of Ninjas who attend each year, Admin Bash is also something of a phenomenon. Here are a few highlights from this year’s celebration!

The New Friend Phenomenon

This year, we cooked up new ways for both local and out-of-town Ninjas to meet more of each other and truly connect.

Ninja Confessions

We started by celebrating the night before Admin Bash with Kickoff Night: Ninja Confessions, a fun(ny), get-to-know-you gathering at Le Colonial Restaurant.

Over French Vietnamese cuisine and vibrant cocktails, brave Ninjas opened up to each other about some of their most hilarious (and embarrassing) moments on the job. Nothing bonds strangers together faster than personal stories of public mortification and folly… right?

OfficeNinjas brings people — the smartest, funniest, and most inspiring people — together in amazing ways.
— Jennifer S., Operations Manager, San Francisco

What happens at Ninja Confessions, stays at Ninja Confessions.

What’s your story, Ninja?

These Ninjas know how to party in style!

Ninjas swapped tips and tricks in addition to secrets.

Ninjas bonded over secrets from their toughest days at work.

Sometimes a stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet!

Unwrapping Awesome

Another excellent way to befriend somebody new? Give them a gift. Because who doesn’t like gifts?!

We ditched typical ice breakers for an activity we call Unwrapping Awesome. At registration, each Ninja snagged a wrapped gift from a large table of many wrapped gifts. Later, on our signal, we instructed attendees to walk up to a Ninja they didn’t know, introduce themselves, exchange their gifts and unwrap (awesome) together! Sometimes the simplest intros are the sweetest.

Unwrapping Awesome was a perfect way to break the ice with someone new. I was able to meet two additional people that I wouldn’t have connected with otherwise. It’s so nice to have a takeaway and make the interaction really personal.
— Sarah D., Manager of Business Initiatives, Denver

Good things come to those who wait — like these super-special gifts!

Each Ninja snagged a wrapped gift from a large table of many wrapped gifts.

Ninjas swapped gifts with their new bestie and FINALLY got to unwrap them!

New friendships were formed while we Unwrapped Awesome.

Ninjas couldn’t stop smiling after successfully Unwrapping Awesome.

The Engaging Vendor Phenomenon

Admin Bash isn’t all revelry. Well, it is — but our carefully curated partners make it actionable revelry. They know how to make vendor introductions productive and fun.

I loved the vendors’ energy — especially the ones who came out encouraging people to try their activity, and engaged with neighboring sponsors.
— Angela P., Office Manager, San Francisco

From Furnished QuartersMoving Box Packing Challenge, 7X7 Executive Transportation’s Electric Car Races, and Keurig Commercial’s K-Cup® Pods Toss, to Benchmark Resorts & HotelsClassic Games Station, Ashbury ImagesPrize Drop and Aunt Flow’s spinning Wheel of Misfortune — our partners kept Ninjas smiling like kids at a carnival.

Meanwhile, partners like Bevi, Caviar for Companies, The Level Hot Pantry, and Safeway came with delightful treat towers and refreshing sampling stations.

Oh Snap! Visuals brought their popular gif photo booths and a lot of confetti. And Ahhh Massage did exactly what they do best.

Vendor partners are a big part of what makes Admin Bash special — and we don’t let just anyone in. Each partner you see at the event have been carefully vetted to ensure they deeply understand the Ninja role and provide admin pros and workplace operators with what they actually need.


Were you team fresh or team salty? Safeway had snacks for both!

Furnished Quarters gave Ninjas a chance to show off their organizational skills.

Keurig Commercial put Ninjas’ skills (and passion for sustainability) to the test.

Our partners at Caviar for Companies know how much we all love treats.

We’ve all been there — Aunt Flow spun the wheel of misfortune and dropped some knowledge. Period.

7x7 Executive Transportation gave us a small taste of their quick (and premier) service.

The Level Hot Pantry really upped the office snacks game.

Oh Snap! Visuals brought their popular gif photo booths and a lot of confetti.

Take Advantage of Ninja-Only Offers from Our Partners

We couldn’t put on this spectacular event without them, so the next time you’re looking for new go-to vendors, give them a try! For a limited time, they’re offering Ninja-only deals you’ll want to get your hands on.

The Obscene Giveaways Phenomenon

If you thought our Admin Week Flash Raffles were epic, you … were absolutely correct. And at Admin Bash, the giveaways were out of control.

This year, we pulled so many raffle tickets, Bash MC Andrea Minkow had to ice her arm afterward (probably). And the Ninjas? They walked away with over 30 prizes worth a grand total of $20,000!

I was blown away by both the swag bag contents and the array of and number of raffle prizes! It just kept on going!
— Sarah D., Manager of Business Initiatives, Denver

We couldn’t do it without the generosity of our raffle sponsors. They came through with big ticket items:

And too many more to mention. Don’t worry if you didn’t win — some of our partners are offering Ninja-only deals. Don’t miss out!

There were fabulous prizes at Admin Bash this year, like luxury getaways and sweet gadgets.

This raffle was one that you’d actually want to win.

Safeway delivered — yummy treats, plus a gift card and free delivery for two lucky Ninjas.

Furnished Quarters made sure their winner was ready for the next big travel adventure with a fabulous suitcase and swag bag!

Aunt Flow came through with a dynamic gift package!

A lucky Ninja scored roundtrip airfare from Delta Air Lines!

Loyal AdminglingSV partner, Testarossa Winery, hooked it up with two gifts!

The Flash Dance Phenomenon

One minute you’re talking and laughing with some new friends. The next minute you’re getting swept up into a spontaneous dance party. That’s just how it is sometimes (when you’re celebrating at Admin Bash).

2018 All-Star and Office Vibe Manager Verlance Friar may have had something to do with it.

I knew this was coming since around 1pm when I met Verlance. Only one way to describe it: EPIC!
— Zoila P., Industry Partner | Technology + Office Manager, Los Angeles

With help from Gatsby Entertainment’s DJ crew, Verlance got his wish.

It looked like people wanted to dance, and I like to physically bring them to the floor where we were all getting down. We even got [OfficeNinjas co-founders] Nancy and Edwin to cut a rug!
— Verlance F., Office Vibe Manager, San Francisco

2018 All-Star Mimy Wraspir was the star of the flash dance phenomenon!

Not to be outdone, 2018 All-Star Verlance Friar showed us why he’s the King of VerDance Parties!

The OfficeNinjas team wasn’t going to be left out!

Everyone got their chance to shine on the Admin Bash dance floor — you made sure of it!

We were all as excited as 2019 All-Star Zoila Primo in this pic — showing off our sweet moves was the perfect way to end such an amazing night.

This group shot with our All-Star panel captures everything great about Admin Bash: Friends, fun, and the fabulous energy we all bring to the admin phenomenon!

The Mouth-Watering Fare + Custom Cocktail Phenomenon

You’ve got to stay nourished and hydrated if you’re gonna cut a rug all night. Tonic Beverage Catering and 415 Catering were up to the challenge with custom cocktails, a cookout-worthy popsicle cart, and an elote station that brought corn on the cob to a whole new level.

I loved the food and thought the presentation, quality, and taste was great!
— Sarah D., Manager of Business Initiatives, Denver

There were so many choices, it would be impossible to pick a favorite! Every Ninja we asked struggled to limit themselves to just one.

THOSE TACOS – I seriously had like four of them. And the paletas were an incredible touch!
— Zoila P., Industry Partner | Technology + Office Manager, Los Angeles

For some Ninjas, the elote station was a highlight of the evening!

Our friends at 415 Catering kept us satisfied with yummy bites.

Tonic Beverage Catering served it up with two stocked bars!

The ceviche and tacos bar knocked our socks off.

Cheers! We toasted another successful Admin Bash with a little help from Tonic Beverage Catering.

After a surprisingly warm day, the popsicles from 415 Catering were a refreshing treat!

The After-Party Phenomenon

When a celebration is that good, you don’t want it to end! So, after Admin Bash wrapped up, a gang of 20 Ninjas decided to keep the party going nearby. All-Stars Zoila and Verlance gave us the scoop:

We didn’t want the party to stop, so we were all looking for a place to keep it going. We ended up going to another Ninja’s office and had a few more drinks, sang karaoke, laughed and talked … it definitely solidified our future ongoing relationships with one another. — Verlance F., Office Vibe Manager, San Francisco

The after party with the All-Stars was an impromptu but hilarious success! We did karaoke and all got to know each other in a new light. Can’t wait ‘til the next time I meet up with some of these incredible souls. — Zoila P., Industry Partner | Technology + Office Manager, Los Angeles

Well done, Ninjas! Not bad for a school night.

The Heartfelt Gratitude Phenomenon

A BIG thank you to every attendee, our wonderful Ninja volunteers, and generous partners. You made the 7th year of this celebration a phenomenal success!

For a complete play-by-play of Admin Bash, browse the complete photo album and photo booth gallery.

Ninjas, how did YOU celebrate Admin Day?