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6 Google Docs Add-ons for Rockstars in the Office

Collaboration and easy sharing are undeniably some of the most essential skills to being an office ninja. Earlier this summer, we shared with you 6 Google Sheets Add-Ons to Make You Feel Like a Real Superhero. Now we share  with you how 6 Google Docs Add-ons can help you stay sane, kick your tech savvy skills up a few notches and most importantly, get shit done.

1. HelloFax – “The easiest way to send and receive faxes online.”

Yes, it is true. There are still businesses out there that rely on fax machines to keep things in motion. However, for those of us operating in the 21st century, this marvelous add-on allows us to fax when absolutely necessary. Simply insert a fax number, add a cover page (or don’t), bing, bang, boom -> send. It’s simple and hassle free. And, because confirmations are essential, you’ll even receive an email confirming that the recipients received your fax.  Fun fact: the fax machine was invented before the telephone was invented.

1. Input recipient info such as fax number, name, and message.

2. Receive confirmation when the recipient gets your fax.

2. PandaDoc – “Easy-to-use PandaDoc lets you add legally binding electronic signature.”

Even for office ninjas that are as savvy as all of you, it can still be a struggle to hunt down those key executives to get physical signatures on important documents. PandaDoc makes it super simple to get those hard-to-get signatures electronically, verify viewers with timestamps, and distribute to multiple parties no matter location. With PandaDoc, turn around time is quick and signatures are binding. Goodbye wet signatures!

1. Add in fields that you recipient(s) need to fill out such as name, signature, and date.

3. Get notified when a document has been opened, signed, commented, and even how long they spent on each page.

2. Add a message and send the documents online, on your phone, or tablet.

3. Gliffy Diagrams – “Create professional-looking diagrams quickly and easily.”

You need to find that company organization chart, which currently doesn’t exist. You could A: provide this flowchart, or B: quickly put one together using this add-on! Gliffy makes it easy to visually create workflows with a diagram editor, snap-to-grid and drawing guides, shape alignment and distribution tools, as well as a library of shapes and connectors. Making your next basic diagram, flow chart, UI mockup, site map, network map, business process model, org chart, floor plan, Venn diagram, SWOT analysis, or other technical diagram will be easy peasy (even if you don’t know what some of those things are yet)!

Easily create an org chart, diagram, floor plan, SWOT analysis, business process model, and more!

4. Table of Contents – “Automatically create table of contents in the sidebar for easy document navigation.”

Oh’ hello new best friend! So simple, yet so very amazing. Just think, the next time you create another employee handbook, training manual, whatever, all you have to do is press a button to create the table of contents and your reader will  find the parts that are really important. Whew!

5. Thesaurus – “Revolutionizes your experience by helping you explore synonyms, antonyms, and more.”

Sure, you could open another tab and go to one of the many thesaurus that are out there on the web, but it’s so much easier to stay in your document and find out all of the other words you can use besides “ninja” (soldier of fortune has a nice ring).

6. UberConference – “Quickly create a conference call with all document viewers!”

Already subscribe to Uberconference? Then check out this add-on! Create a Doc that you have a team of editors on, launch the add-on, choose who needs to be a part of the collaboration, have your chat, it’s that easy. To be extra efficient, you can record the collaboration call and make sure you get the most out of the process. This is truly what teamwork can look like, especially with contributors from more than just the folks that work in the same office as you.


What are your favorite Google Doc Add-ons making life easier and making you look like a rockstar?