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5 Auto-Related Tech Tools That Will Kick Your Daily Commute into High Gear

The average life expectancy in America is 78.6 years, and based on that statistic, the average American will spend roughly 4.3 years of his or her life driving. Whoa, right? Let’s hammer that point home—that’s enough distance to drive to the moon and back three times.

Whether it’s for work, errands, or travel, you spend a lot of time in your car, but you likely just think of it as a tool that exists solely to get you from Point A to Point B.

Well, no more, Ninjas! It’s time to give your faithful vehicle the attention and support it deserves—and these handy tech tools will help you do just that. From tracking your mileage and diagnosing issues to having a much-needed second set of eyes on the road in front of you, these apps and services will bring that traditional form of transportation straight into the future.

So, buckle up, Ninjas! These tech tools are putting the pedal to the metal.



What is it: MileIQ is an easy-to-use, convenient mileage tracking app that remembers all your drives—so you don’t have to.

Why it’s awesome: We all know that expense reports can be a total pain in the butt, especially when it comes to tracking mileage. But you can now kiss that hassle goodbye! This handy app automatically detects and tracks your drives, recording them in a comprehensive mileage log. Worried it’ll totally zap your phone battery? Don’t be! These techies have thought of everything, meaning that this app boasts minimal battery use.

How to use it: Available for both Apple and Android, you just need to download the app and get started!

Cost: Free for 40 drives per month. Get unlimited drives by upgrading to the monthly plan for $5.99 per month, or the annual plan for $59.99.


What is it: A dashcam app, Nexar allows you to position your phone to record what’s happening on the road in front of you as you’re driving.

Why it’s awesome: If you’ve ever smashed into someone who ran a red light or clipped a vehicle that cut you off, you probably wished you had an instant replay to prove that the accident really wasn’t your fault, right? With this app, you can! Position your iPhone on your dashboard, start the app, and you have an instant dashcam to monitor your surroundings. If you do get into an accident, Nexar can even use your phone’s sensors to reconstruct it. And if you’re an Uber or Lyft driver? You can use the internal camera mode to protect yourself from any drunk or unruly passengers. It’s also super valuable for people who use hire cars or company cars frequently.

How to use it: Nexcar is currently available exclusively for Apple, but Android will be coming soon. If you’re an iPhone user, download the app and get started!

Cost: Free



What is it: The ultimate car companion, Automatic is an adapter that plugs into your car’s standard diagnostic port and pairs with an app to deliver all sorts of handy information about your car and driving habits.

Why it’s awesome: We’ve all been there—an indicator light comes on, and you’re pretty sure it’s nothing serious. But you want to be a responsible car owner, so you take it to a mechanic, just in case. You walk out with an empty wallet—even though the mechanic only had to inflate one silly tire. It’s frustrating to pay for a problem you could’ve fixed yourself, and Automatic empowers you to do just that! Through the adapter and the app, you’ll get diagnostics on any issues, be reminded to drive more smoothly and efficiently to save on gas, and even be able to locate your parked car. It’s sure to become your new best friend!

How to use it: Purchase the adapter and plug it into the diagnostics port that’s hidden under the dash—this port has come standard in nearly every car that’s been made since 1996. Then, download the app (for Apple or Android) and get ready to hit the road!

Cost: The app is free, but you’ll need to pay $99.95 to get the handy adapter.



What is it: Beepi is a service that makes buying or selling a car as painless as possible.

Why it’s awesome: If you’ve ever had to buy a new car—and sell your old one at the same time—you already know it’s complicated enough to leave your head spinning. Beepi takes all of the confusion out of the process by creating a one-stop-shop for both buying and selling cars.

List your car for free, and Beepi sets a price that’s guaranteed to be better than what a dealership would give you. If it doesn’t sell within 30 days, Beepi will buy the car themselves for that exact same price! Looking to buy a new ride? Beepi also has tons of great pre-owned options, all of which have gone through a careful and thorough inspection.

It’s buying and selling made totally simple. The pushy salespeople and cheesy dealership music? We don’t think you’ll miss them much.

How to use it: Simply visit the website and get started!

Cost: Free



What is it: Much like Automatic, Zubie allows you to have a totally connected car without paying for one.

Why it’s awesome: Not sure what indicator light on your dashboard means? Can’t keep track of when you’re due for an oil change next? Zubie makes it all easy, by connecting you to all of the information about your car that you could possibly need! With vehicle health diagnostics, real-time location monitoring, and maintenance reminders, Zubie will keep you on top of everything. If Verizon is your phone provider, you can even have in-car WiFi with Zubie’s plug-and-go hotspot! Your passengers will love you.

How to use it: Download the app (for Apple and Android), plug in the Zubie key, and go for a ride!

Cost: Free for the app, but $99.95 per year for the Zubie device.

Bonus: Allview Rearview Mirror


What it is: This Allview mirror sit over your normal rearview mirror, allowing you to see way more of what’s happening around you.

Why it’s awesome: Alright, so this is hardly some fancy new tech tool. But we still absolutely love it! Used by professional auto racers and even police officers, this handy mirror gives you a seamless, enhanced view of the traffic around you and even eliminates those pesky blind spots. It’s perfect for an Office Ninja who’s on-the-go and needs to be ready for anything!

How to use it: Purchase the mirror and clip it over your existing rearview mirror—it fits nearly every vehicle.

Cost: $32 plus shipping.

Which one of these apps or services are you heading to check out right now? Are there any others we should add to our list?