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17 Slack Bots and Apps to Supercharge Remote Teams

Working remotely with the right tools

When it comes to meetings, celebrations, and team-building activities, remote teams need to get a little creative. Impromptu coffee dates aren’t an option, but virtual tacos that can be redeemed for real-life rewards? Totally doable (with the right Slack app).

Many Ninjas who support remote teams already rely on Slack for streamlining communication and organizing information. But, according to Buffer, there’s so much more you can use the digital workspace for—especially if you’re charged with planning virtual celebrations and team-building activities.

Buffer’s international team currently uses eight Slack bots and apps (with plans to test nine more) to foster culture across time zones.

We also want to take full advantage of the opportunity that Slack presents for us to create deeper connections between teammates (some of whom have never met in person) and facilitate stronger communication as a team.

Most Ninjas will be familiar some of their favorites: Bitmoji for custom emojis, Zoom for video conferencing, and Giphy for access to the world’s largest library of animated gifs.

What would communication be without gifs? This is the perfect way for teammates to express how they’re feeling since we can’t jump up and down with happiness together all that often.

Other lesser-known favs go deeper than memes and LOLs by encouraging communication between remote colleagues.

Icebreakers automatically shares “fun facts” about each teammate on Slack, and Donut randomly facilitates get-to-know-you chats between individuals who might not otherwise talk. (Crullers optional.)

Being remote means we have to be intentional about creating opportunities for teammates around the world and across teams to connect, Donut helps us do just this.

Apps like Leo and Vibe help monitor morale and measure employee satisfaction. FaceGame, a facial recognition quiz, and HeyTaco, an app that allows you to reward coworkers with virtual tacos redeemable for IRL treats, add levity and humor to the workday by gamifying appreciation and connection between employees.

HeyTaco is wonderful for helping our team spread recognition and excitement plus making sure that achievements don’t go unnoticed. Often times when one person gives another a taco, it’ll become a “taco train” with others jumping on board to add to the celebration.

You had us at “taco train.”

Which of these apps are you most likely to use for celebrations and team-building?