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10 Reasons to Attend OfficeNinjas UNCUT

Office Ninjas know what’s up. You keep the lights on and the bellies full, and everything in between. And you don’t do it alone. Every good office ninja has an arsenal packed with amazing weapons (ahem, vendors) who help you get the job done. A great vendor is invaluable by functioning as a partner, relieving stress and providing exemplary service to your team. A terrible vendor can ruin your week and cause more headaches than if you’d just done the work yourself. But what makes a vendor awesome? How do you know how good they are (or not) before hiring one? How do you cut the cord quickly when it’s just not working out? How do you give constructive feedback without burning bridges?

These are all questions my co-panelists and I have answers to. Demystify ninja-vendor relationships at OfficeNinjas UNCUT: All Star Office Pros Share What They Buy And Why.

5 Reasons Why a Vendor Should Attend


  1. You know your product is amazing, and you want to see how to prove your value to the community.
  2. You’ve cold-called, emailed, and even sent a gift but still haven’t gotten a response.
  3. You want to know the best way to win a ninja’s heart (and budget).
  4. You have a burning question you’ve been dying to ask, but are too shy to ask a customer directly.
  5. You want to know how you stack up against the competition.

  1. You want tips from office pros who’ve hired and fired vendors for years.
  2. You think you got some pretty outlandish vendor stories…but you’re betting there are better war stories out there.
  3. You’re afraid of your vendors. And you don’t want to be. Or maybe you’re just a little shy when it comes to vendor management.
  4. You want straight talk from people who know what you’re dealing with.
  5. You want to eat, drink, and talk shop with fellow office pros and vendors who care.

Take it from someone who’s been there. I have vendors who’ve been on my speed dial for nearly a decade … and others to whom I will never speak again. Ultimately, it’s about the relationship, and it doesn’t come easy. I’m excited to be part of the panel of kick-ass office ninjas who will whip you into shape and fill your brains with must-know tips to build and sustain a successful ninja-vendor relationship. Come ready to learn, with an open mind and an empty notepad.