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Special Announcement:
OrgOrg Joins the OfficeNinjas Family

OfficeNinjas has acquired OrgOrg — a leading private social forum and global community for business/people operations professionals — from workplace management platform, Eden Workplace.

Like OfficeNinjas, OrgOrg was born out of the desire to bring like-minded professionals together to exchange wisdom and empower one another.

Since launching in 2010, OrgOrg has expanded globally with thousands of engaged members, hosted its first OrgOrg Conference, and nurtured a successful volunteer-run events program.

“I am so grateful and excited to be partnering with OfficeNinjas,”says OrgOrg Founder, Kim Rohrer.

“[OfficeNinjas Founders] Nancy and Edwin have been friends of OrgOrg since the beginning. We co-hosted the first ever Admin Bash back in 2013. And more recently, I’ve been serving as an advisor to OfficeNinjas’ new education initiatives. I’m pumped to work with them more deeply as they create robust tools and learning opportunities for the entire administrative and operations community.”

Since founding OfficeNinjas in 2012, it’s been our mission to equip administrative and operations professionals with training, resources, and experiences that enrich their careers and place them in strategic lockstep with their companies. All with a deeply supportive community of peers by their side.

“OfficeNinjas and OrgOrg share a singular mission to empower millions of administrative and operations professionals through community, education, and recognition,” says OfficeNinjas CEO, Edwin Salgado.

“By combining the passion and infrastructure of our two organizations, we can provide more immersive learning experiences, community-building initiatives, and growth opportunities required to meet the profession’s evolving needs.”

OfficeNinjas and OrgOrg are currently developing a thoughtful transition plan to deploy in early 2021, and look forward to joining together in this next phase to advance the administrative and operations profession.

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