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OfficeNinjas Collective

A membership program for problem-solvers, relationship builders, and insatiable learners.

OfficeNinjas Collective is an ongoing career accelerator program that teaches effective habits and business concepts to administrative + operations professionals who want to increase their high-value contributions — with the support of an enthusiastic network of their peers.

What founding members are saying

Designed for both established professionals and those early in their careers, OfficeNinjas Collective challenges each member to explore their potential and execute at their highest level.

“Admins are all about efficiency and making the most of the precious commodity that is time. I can say with 100% certainty that there is no better investment in your time than attending OfficeNinjas sessions. They pack a powerful punch and leave you feeling inspired and motivated to do the work to keep moving forward in your career.”

— Erica K., Administrative Support Manager

“I can not speak highly enough about the OfficeNinjas Collective. Since the launch date alone, I’ve learned so much about myself as an admin+, but more importantly so much about my team’s dynamic due to the workbook activity! If this is how we’re working together after just one session, I can not WAIT to see what happens 3,6,9 months down the line. Thank you, OfficeNinjas, for providing us this experience!”

— Zoila P., Industry Partner

“OfficeNinjas doesn’t just invite you to the party — they ask you to dance. Being called on to share my ideas and experience challenges me to get out of my head, to stretch, grow, and lead.”

— Josh T., Senior Executive Assistant

“The OfficeNinjas’ Studio Session was the most valuable exercise I’ve completed for my professional — and personal — development in at least a year. It’s intuitive, challenging, and powerful for informing future growth. Take the time and do it now; put yourself first. It’s worth it.”

— Jennifer S., Operations Manager

“I’m still excited about all the rich contributions that were shared by everyone during the Mastermind. The feedback I received from these extremely intelligent peers has already been put in motion, and my boss has noticed immediately. I’ve been seen! What a great motivator.”

— Janie B., Executive Assistant to SVP

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