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Drool-Worthy Prizes (Napkins Not Included)

Flash Raffle Winners Are Listed Below!

Editor’s Note: Our 2017 Flash Raffle Giveaways have ended.
This year’s Admin Week Flash Raffles will be held April 23–27, 2018—stay tuned!

What do Ninjas, lightning strikes, and Flash Raffles have in common? They’re all quick as a whip—but Flash Raffles are the only ones that’ll give you the valuable prizes you deserve.

During each day of Admin Week April 24–28, 2017, three Ninjas will win prizes from one of our incredible partners through a virtual giveaway that any Ninja can enter. We’ll announce the prize details, open the raffle, and pick three winners all in one day. There’s no limit to the prizes one person can win, so enter every day (and you will want to win them ALL). Be sure to look out for our daily morning emails!


We love our partners, and you will too! These Ninja-approved companies understand the power of the Ninja community and want to celebrate y’all with some seriously amazing prizes.

Delta Air Lines

Day 1, April 24 – Delta Air Lines

As one of the world’s largest airlines, Delta Air Lines is the ambassador of painless business travel. You can track flights using the Fly Delta app, earn points for the team through SkyBonus, stay connected on their WiFi-enabled planes, and so much more. With over 322 destinations on six continents, Delta will get you, your boss, or your colleagues wherever you need to be. Delta is regarded as one of the most on-time airlines, and their advanced baggage-tracking technology means you won’t be leading the big meeting in yesterday’s suit.

1st: First Class Ninja -> $500 Delta Credit

Chantal A, Business Operations Manager // San Francisco, CA

2nd: Adventurer -> $300 Delta Credit

Rebecca B, Senior Administrative Assistant // Brooklyn, NY

3rd: Weekender -> $100 Delta Credit

Carrie C, Office Manager // Austin, TX


Day 2, April 25 – ezCater

ezCater is the only nationwide marketplace for corporate catering, and they work with over 50,000 restaurants to provide Ninjas fresh and delicious options for everything from casual team lunches to off-site meals. The site’s a cinch to use (with an all-inclusive cost per person function!), and you can earn Amazon gift cards through the ezRewards program. Did we mention it’s 100% free? You won’t pay any more than if you ordered directly from your favorite restaurant.

1st: Smörgåsbord -> $300 ezCater Credit

Joanna O, Executive Assistant // Wayne, PA

2nd: Indulgence -> $200 ezCater Credit

Carina K, Executive Admin // Seattle, WA

3rd: Happy Hour -> $100 ezCater Credit

Jennifer C, Executive Assistant to Co-CEOs // Berkeley, CA

Hilton Hotels and Resorts

Day 3, April 26 – Hilton Hotels & Resorts

Looking for a new go-to hotel? Look no further than Hilton Hotels & Resorts—they’re the stuff Ninja travel dreams are made of. First, they have tons of locations—we’re talkin’ 570 hotels across six continents. But it just so happens that our favorite Hilton is in OfficeNinjas HQ’s backyard. Hilton San Francisco Union Square shines as the coast’s largest hotel with nearly 2,000 rooms, over 130,000 square feet of fully loaded meeting space, and stunning views from its 46th-floor Cityscape Lounge.

1st: City Dweller -> 4-Night Stay w/Meals

Michelle B, Executive Assistant // Lynnwood, WA

2nd: Vacationer -> 3-Night Stay w/Meals

Jennie C, Executive Assistant // Council Bluffs, IA

3rd: Tourist -> 2-Night Stay w/Meals

Tanya K, Executive Assistant // Nashville, TN


Day 4, April 27 – NatureBox

NatureBox revolutionized office snacks with delicious assortments of high-quality, naturally good-for-you nibbles that ship right to the office doorstep as soon as you need them. Whether you’ve got a hankering for something sweet or salty, NatureBox has you covered with up to 50 inventive treat choices at a time, like aged cheddar lentil loops and nutty power clusters. And now, the office snacks program offers UNLIMITED snacking for a monthly per-employee fee. Munch away, Ninjas!

1st: Chief Snacker -> $500 NatureBox Credit

Julie B, Executive Administrative Manager // Phoenix, AZ

2nd: Munch Meister -> $300 NatureBox Credit

Thomas M, Corporate Office Manager // Austin, TX

3rd: Lil’ Nibbler -> $100 NatureBox Credit

Danielle M, Executive Assistant to CCO // Hickory Hills, IL


Day 5, April 28 – Breather

Breather is a network of beautiful, professional spaces for team meetings, offsites, brainstorming sessions, and more. Browse 350+ locations across 10 cities and reserve a practical space through the website or mobile app. OfficeNinjas have hosted several Admingling events in Breather spaces and are huge fans of its collaborative and distraction-free environment.

1st: Recharge -> $600 Breather & SpaFinder Credit

Amy P, Executive Coordinator to the President // Los Angeles, CA

2nd: Reboot -> $400 Breather & SpaFinder Credit

Thuy Y, Executive Assistant // San Jose, CA

3rd: Relax -> $200 Breather & SpaFinder Credit

Staci G, Executive Assistant // Columbus, OH


Q: Do I have to be an “Office Ninja” to win?
A: Yes—and we do triple-check that all winners currently work in an Office Ninja capacity. Applicable roles include executive assistant, administrative assistant, personal assistant, virtual assistant, office manager, receptionist, people operations manager, and happiness heroes. Don’t see your title listed? Feel free to drop us a line and ask if you’re eligible.

Q: When does the raffle period start?
A: It starts on Monday, April 24 and lasts until Friday, April 28. We’ll have five raffles total, one each day of the week that lasts for 24 hours. There will be a total of 15 prizes (three per day) valued at more than $10,000.

Q: Where do I enter the raffle?
A: Online at Just follow the link in your morning email alert! If you haven’t already, be sure to enter your email below to get notified.

Q: How many raffles can I enter?
A: All of ‘em! And there’s no limit to how many prizes one Ninja can win!

Q: Do I have to be in the US to win?
A: Due to shipping restrictions, you must be based in the US or Canada to win.

Q: When will the winners be notified?
A: Flash Raffle winners will be announced on our website the following day.



#AdminWeek 2018 is going down April 23–27, 2018—save the date on your calendar now!

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