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Want to See #Admingling Come to Your City? Help Make it Happen and Become an Event Organizer!

Ninjas aren’t shy about giving feedback. That’s one of the things that make them awesome. We especially love it when the feedback is sometime along the lines of “This is awesome!” and “More, please!”

Since we launched the Admingling Event Series, our super-chill after-work networking meet-ups, the response has been incredible: OfficeNinjas HQ has received event requests from Ninjas in over 55 cities nationwide!

From this, we realized a couple things:

  1. We’ve struck a chord. Sure, online discussions and resources are valuable, but there’s nothing like IRL facetime with your peers.
  2.  If we wanted to bring the Admingling experience to Ninjas all over the country, our small (but mighty!) team was going to need some backup.

Admingling is a great forum to share ideas and solutions—for a problem that may take one Ninja days to solve, another Ninja may already have a great fix. It is a catalyst for support. – Ruthanna S, San Francisco Attendee

Luckily, we had a few stellar Ninjas in the bullpen—folks we’ve met over the past couple years who not only possess first-class leadership and organizational skills, but also GET what OfficeNinjas is all about. (BIG shout-outs to Crystal L. and Carlo I.!) We worked with them to create a plan for scaling the event series through local, member-run events. The idea was to take everything you love about our events—fun (non-corny) icebreakers, interesting discussion topics, offbeat venues, delicious food and drinks—and create an event model that could be implemented nationally and customized in collaboration with local organizers according to each city’s needs, interests, and personality.

Our beta events in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Dallas, New York City, and Austin were a hit. The Event Organizers knocked it out of the park, and we realized (once again!) that with the right Ninjas in charge, anything is possible.

The trendsetters at #Admingling in Dallas’ beta event! Big thanks to April N. for leading the charge and Kent Rathbun Catering for hosting!
The trendsetters at #Admingling in Dallas’ beta event! Big thanks to April N. for leading the charge and Kent Rathbun Catering for hosting!

Ninjas, we need YOU to take Admingling to the next level. Apply to be an Event Organizer today!

Want the low-down? Check out the handy FAQ below, and feel free to leave any additional questions in the comments section. We can’t wait to meet and learn from all the Event Organizers in our community! Are you one of them?

My favorite part of leading Admingling was seeing how much fun, synergy and all that we have in common. I enjoyed putting faces to names, meeting new people but also the sense of feeling like we have all met before because of our similarities. I love knowing that there is a network out there waiting to be tapped into and I feel like my job as an EA will only get better because of the resources and people that OfficeNinjas provides. – Bobbi-Anne L, Event Organizer in NYC

Frequently Asked Questions

Fun times at #Admingling in New York, led by Bobbi-Anne L. and Lauren B. BIG thanks to Peerspace for sponsoring!
Fun times at #Admingling in New York, led by Bobbi-Anne L. and Lauren B. BIG thanks to Ox Verte (food), Peerspace (venue), and Drizly (drinks) for sponsoring!

What’s the purpose of Admingling?

A professional network is a great source for new opportunities, advice, mentorship, information sharing, and resources. Admingling events bring Office Ninjas together so that they can talk shop and make connections, all in a relaxed, no-pressure environment.

As the program grows, we’ll provide national discussion themes (think “increasing productivity” or “workplace wellness”) and collect meeting highlights from each city. Our goal is to then distribute our findings so that Ninjas across the country can learn from the larger discussion.

Admingling was so much fun! It was wrapped up in a nice little package … the food, laughter, networking and open forum—all covered in two short hours. I went in knowing no-one and came out feeling like I had known these Ninjas forever. It’s nice to know what’s going on outside the four walls we’re in everyday. Connecting with other admins is priceless in so many ways! – Dana L, Dallas Attendee

What are the responsibilities of an Admingling Event Organizer?

The OfficeNinjas “Unit” in each city is co-led by two Admingling Event Organizers. With the support of OfficeNinjas HQ, the Event Organizers serve as the primary organizers for the event. They are responsible for:

  • Serving as the main point of contact for OfficeNinjas HQ
  • Creating the agenda, ice-breaker activity, and topics of discussion
  • Securing a sponsored venue. (Creative and non-traditional venues tend to provide inspiration and facilitate collaboration!)
  • Finding catering and photography sponsors
  • Sourcing and managing the photographer, ensuring they capture all images on the provided shot list
  • Sharing the event with the local admin community
  • Picking up event supplies, like signage
  • Taking notes during the event and completing a post-event evaluation report
  • Participating in a post-event call with OfficeNinjas HQ

How many Event Organizers are there per city?

We require a minimum of two Event Organizers. This arrangement keeps the workload manageable and ensures coverage in case of emergencies or urgent work-related matters.

All new Event Organizers will be assigned a “buddy.” A buddy is someone with Admingling experience (an OfficeNinjas staff member or experienced Event Organizer from another Unit). Additionally, the OfficeNinjas HQ Events Manager will attend all inaugural events to provide support and guidance.

How often are events?

Events are held on a quarterly basis. However, by submitting an application, you are only committing to host one event. This will allow you to get a sense of what being an Event Organizer entails before committing to future events.

#Admingling in Austin ends with a bang, thanks to Ashton D and
#Admingling in Austin ends with a bang, thanks to Ashton D and Willa G! Special shoutouts to WeWork (venue), Eat Out In (food), and Trigaci (photo) for sponsoring!

What is the time commitment?

Most Event Organizers spend on average 3-5 hours a week for a few months preparing for the event and reaching out to the local community. Event Organizers tend to spend the most time on inaugural events, with subsequent events being less time-consuming.

What are some qualities you look for in an Event Organizer?

You are a model Office Ninja. Organizational skills, attention to detail, resourcefulness—you have everything a Ninja needs to run an office efficiently. These skills are remarkably transferrable to event planning!

You have time. And you’re willing to invest it in the OfficeNinjas community. OfficeNinjas HQ will provide guidance and support, but we need Event Organizers who can realistically commit 2-4 hours a week to organizing and promoting their event.

You are community-oriented. We want Event Organizers to benefit from Admingling Events, but a leadership position should not be confused with an opportunity for self-promotion. The best Event Organizers will possess a strong desire to celebrate and elevate the admin profession.

You are a leader and a connector. Event Organizers will need to feel comfortable with commanding the attention of a room and speaking in front of 10-50 people at a time. Additionally, we’re looking for Ninjas who have connections to other career admins and will encourage them to attend the event.

So excited to be a part of this group of phenomenal Office Ninjas supporting each other!! It’s a tremendous resource (and a lot of fun) for any executive assistant, office manager, or admin. Thanks for creating this group and making us admins—who often feel alone or on an island—feel valued and supported. – Mindy S, Austin Attendee

Do I need to be an “Office Ninja” in order to apply?

Yes, the Admingling Event Series is designed for Ninjas, by Ninjas. Who else knows the intricacies of the role, but the Ninjas themselves? If you’re a service provider/vendor and are interested in participating as a sponsor, please contact for more info.

What sort of resources and support does OfficeNinjas HQ provide?

The online resources for Event Organizers includes:

  • A shared Google Folder containing brand assets, email templates, and sample marketing materials (aka our Event Binder)
  • The OfficeNinjas Admingling handbook, which provides detailed guidelines and learnings from Event Organizers in other Units
  • A list of recommended vendors that have sponsored past OfficeNinjas events
  • A dedicated message board for Event Organizers is currently in the works!

Additionally, OfficeNinjas HQ will ship you an event kit that includes name badges, OfficeNinjas stickers, t-shirts, and other marketing materials.

Is there a fee to attend an event?

Each Unit’s inaugural event is free. Subsequent Admingling events will have a small admission fee (no more than $15) to help cover basic event expenses, including insurance, signage, travel, swag, etc.

If I apply, how long until I hear from you?

We review applications once a month, so expect a response within a few weeks. If your application seems like a good fit, we will set up a call to learn more about you and your vision for Admingling in your city!


We can’t wait to meet and learn from all the Event Organizers in our community! Are you one of them? Apply to be an Event Organizer today!


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  1. would love to help bring this to Metro Detroit. The typeform link above is broken.

  2. How about Berlin (Germany)? There’s such a huge tech community here and each company has an office manager just craving to take part in an Admingling session! I’m more than happy to volunteer as an Event Organizer :-)

  3. And what about Germany? It would be great to get OfficeNinja going over here, too, as I feel we are so distanced from each other although there are many international institutions and banks here. As I am based in Frankfurt, I’d really love to do some admingling with assistants from the Frankfurt area. I am promoting you among my colleagues where I work and I think you have some new subscribers there, and now they want to see some action, just as myself. :)

    1. That would be awesome, thanks for telling your friends about us! The sooner we round up a few overseas Event Organizers to help out, the sooner it can happen ;)

  4. How about Office Ninjas Admingling going global? I follow your posts from over in Australia.

  5. I would absolutely LOVE to bring ON to Milwaukee! We have fabulous admins here that could really use the motivation and support that ON offers. You help us remember that we’re not only important, but no one ever said you couldn’t have FUN in your career as well. You fill a gap in networking that I haven’t seen filled anywhere else. I promote you every chance I get!!!

    I notice on the application that you need two Ninjas to host. How can I find out who other Ninjas in Milwaukee are??

    1. Hi Emily, we LOVE your enthusiasm and encourage you to apply! We have applications trickling in from cities across the globe and will be reviewing them in a couple weeks. If we feel an applicant is a good fit, we will set up a call to learn more about the Ninja and their vision for Admingling.

  6. Hi Nancy, Ed & Team! What is the target attendance you are looking for at these events?

    1. Hi Connie! Anywhere from 10-50 Ninjas. The goal is to keep it intimate enough for folks to have the opportunity meet each other. – Nancy

  7. Wish I had the time to plan an event in North Jersey (commuting to NY is too pricey and iffy because our bus service stops probably before I’D be ready to!). Our zoo has a good meeting/party room and there are some awesome restaurants in the immediate area. It would be different…have a workshop, go visit a giraffe! Talk about keeping fit, go on the zip line. Attend a workshop on inner peace, walk through the buttlerfly house or parakeet gardens. Would be different!

    1. North Jersey sounds awesome, Carolyn! Love the unique, interactive ideas. We’ve been getting a good amount of applications from the East Coast and hope it’ll be feasible for you to make it to a future event. We promise it’ll be worth it :)

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