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Phase 1 of Admingling Domination Under Way in 4 Cities, 7 More to Follow


You know how people with great ideas say they want to share their ingenuity with the world, but then five years later they’ve faded to page 30 on Google?

OfficeNinjas’ Admingling Event Series is the opposite of that.

In fact, since ideating the series, the event has crossed state lines and we’re gearing up for another four events this quarter. What originally started as getting Ninjas pumped for our all-out OfficeNinjasIRL shebang rapidly turned into a set of local gatherings that has stuck around.

After creating a model to scale and mentoring a few early volunteers, Admingling slowly began to spread. The idea was to take everything Ninjas loved—interesting discussion topics, diverse attendees, offbeat venues, delicious food and drinks—and turn it into something that could be duplicated by organizers who tailored events to a city’s needs, interests, and personality.

Lucky for us—and you—that idea worked. In July 2016, almost exactly a year after the first Admingling, we announced our plan to cross oceans and countries and invited Ninjas to apply as Event Organizers.

As a result, Admingling is officially happening in Austin, Dallas, Silicon Valley, and San Francisco—and that’s just this quarter. Each city has a slightly different theme, completely different vibe, and over-the-top vendors.

We know what you’re thinking. Yes, those venues and themes sound amazing, and yes, there’s a way to bring the party to your city. As mentioned, this awesome series belongs to you, and we depend on Event Organizers to help rally local flavor to make Admingling awesome. If you want to be one of the people with great ideas who helps take this thing as far as it can go, we want you to apply.


Nov 9 // Setting Goals & Taking Names in SF


Event Organizers / Carlo I., Channing H., and Emily D.
Partners in Crime / One Kearny Club, Oh Snap! Booth Co.

San Francisco breeds greatness—and we want to make sure you know how to celebrate your achievements from the year and set new goals to crush. And because we know you are elite Ninjas, this event’s all about paving the way toward an even more successful 2017. Leave yoga pants and ties at home. This event is work-casual, but no pressure.

Nov 15 // Raising the Bar at Admingling in ATX


Event Organizers / Cara K. and Willa G.
Partners in Crime / Vuka

We know the saying is to keep Austin weird, and Admingling plans to encourage the crazy—not stop it. And we’ve come up for a theme just for Austin: scaling your company, upping tech use, and making remote workers feel like part of the family, even if they can’t grab drinks at Whisler’s with the crew.

Nov 16 // Texas-Size Ambition in DFW


Event Organizer / April N.
Partner in Crime / Kent Rathbun Catering

The Big D is home to more than the country’s largest state fair. It’s got a boatload of accomplished Ninjas—so we want to talk goals, growth, and gratitude. This event’s all about planning for a rockin’ 2017 (with a little help from sweet partners and better-than-Tex-Mex food.)

Jan 12: Goal Hacking in Silicon Valley


Event Organizers / Crystal L., Katy F., and Barbara G.
Partners in Crime / Testarossa Winery, Oh Snap! Booth Co.

Silicon Valley, home to thousands of heavy-hitters, is no stranger to making big things happen. And because we know you plan to keep the accomplishment streak alive, this event’s focused on scoring goals in 2017. Leave jeans and hoodies at home, this event is smart-casual (plan for a bit of wine cellar briskness).

Phew, that was a lot of awesome. We’re committed to enabling as many great events for Ninjas as we can, so we hope that once the hearts fade from your pupils, you’ll save your Admingling spot and come party with us.

What excites you the most about Admingling?


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  1. The energy of the OfficeNinjas at the NYC event was fabulous! Very well organized, entertaining, and informative. Thank you fellow Ninjas!

    1. Woop! We like to think the party bus never stops around here. Hope you’ll attend another Ninja gathering soon, Di!

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