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How Collective Intelligence Powered the First Quarter of Admingling 2017

OfficeNinjas Admingling

Looking Back at Q1 2017 Admingling Events:
Silicon Valley | Dallas | San Francisco | Washington, DC | New York City | Boston | Seattle

We’ve completed a seven-city tour, bringing Admingling events to executive assistants, office managers, and coordinators who embraced the opportunity to strengthen their local admin communities.

That sounds like a routine networking event, but Admingling is anything but! OfficeNinjas provides the blueprint to foster a collective intelligence, encouraging our incredible community to draw wisdom from within through engaging discussions.

The power of Admingling originates from each and every Ninja who shares their thoughts and experiences. Those personal perspectives are what enlighten each city’s group which then feeds into the aggregated knowledge base that benefits the entire admin profession.

The amazing Ninjas who’ve attended from all over have helped shape what Admingling has become. Take a look at Kim’s experience, which exemplifies what Admingling has become—and continues to be—for admins who actively participate:

“Admingling is so much more than a networking event. Regardless of whether you come from a tech start-up, government agency or Fortune 500 company, it’s easy to be engaged in the discussion of shared experiences, challenges and ideas that are relevant to our profession.” – Kim B., Administrative Assistant

You can read the event recaps below, but the real magic happens when you’re there in person to participate. Admingling continues to expand its footprint into more cities across the world.

Join us at Admingling and contribute to the admin community’s collective intelligence!


Silicon Valley

Admingling Silicon Valley

View the complete photo recap from Q1’s Admingling in Silicon Valley.

NINJA HOSTS: Crystal L. (Executive Assistant), Barbara G. (Virtual Assistant & Small Business Consultant), and Katy F. (Payroll & Benefits Coordinator) proved to be virtual visionaries, planning the details of Silicon Valley’s meetup through emails, texts, and quick calls between the normal call of duty. In addition to managing timelines and event logistics, the trio developed an engaging ice-breaker activity, Blackout Bingo (Ninja-Style), that made it into other Admingling events around the country.

HIGHLIGHTS: When Ninja camaraderie meets a striking venue, magical things start to happen. The space set the stage for career development and goal-hacking group chats, which spawned useful and innovative solutions for Ninjas from all industries and backgrounds. Table Topics ranged from go-to productivity apps to the best ways to solve difficult office problems—no conversational stone was left unturned.

PARTNERS: Testarossa Winery’s stone cellars made it a perfect private venue to enjoy a full course plated meal, vineyard-centric wine, and great conversations—key ingredients to a memorable event. Ninjas couldn’t get enough of the beautiful aesthetic or the gourmet flavors. Luckily, Oh Snap! Visuals caught every second on camera so Ninjas daydreaming about their own corporate events can have professional photos to recall the evening’s greatness.

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Admingling Q1 2017 DFW

View the complete photo recap from Q1’s Admingling in Dallas.

NINJA HOST: Two-time host Linda G. (Executive Assistant to the CEO at The Container Store) brought her own experience to the discussion, highlighting the importance of developing a strong personal brand and utilizing emotional intelligence as a valuable attribute. Linda shared the idea of managing up and how Ninjas can be the foundation for positive and effective relationships across their organization.

HIGHLIGHTS: Thanks to Silicon Valley’s genius Blackout Bingo activity, Dallas Ninjas got to know each other before they started a discussion about implementing new policies and procedures in the office. The Ninjas in attendance had the opportunity to talk tried-and-true process tools Typeform, Canva, Pocket, Buffer, Asana, and Slack, and share their own diverse experiences, capitalizing on the power of collective wisdom.

PARTNER: The Social House was a noteworthy show-stopper that prepared soul-warming Southern food from scratch. Not only that, but multiple event spaces and an outdoor patio with heat lamps kept Ninjas cozy all evening. Once attendees heard that the venue was also an acclaimed local brunch spot, they instantly started plotting their weekend plans.

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San Francisco

Admingling Q1 2017 SF

View the complete photo recap from Q1’s Admingling in San Francisco.

NINJA HOST: Mimy W. (Executive Assistant) and Meg E. (Head of People Operations) caught wind that their Silicon Valley Ninja neighbors invented their own icebreaker—so this pair put their heads together to do the same and came up with an anagram-inspired, interactive name badge (it was genius!). After collaborating with OfficeNinjas HQ to perfect the evening’s content, the dynamic duo had everything nailed down for the group to share and learn in style.

HIGHLIGHTS: Speaking of style, the dual-location venue gave Ninjas the opportunity to network 46 floors above San Francisco. After sipping on drinks and watching the sun set over the city, the crew headed to the ground floor for discussions about Ninja-tested productivity apps. Custom desserts were a hit, but Slack, Asana, Trello, and Envoy took the cake (pun intended).

PARTNER: Hilton San Francisco Union Square shines as the coast’s largest hotel—and in the Ninjas’ opinion, one of the most stunning. The venue has 130,000 square feet of event space, like the Cityscape Lounge where we mingled amidst the skyline. Then, the hotel’s Urban Tavern Restaurant let us spread out to take notes, talk shop, and consume a seemingly endless array of delicious food. Oh Snap! Visuals caught it all on camera too, so if there’s ever any debate about just how spectacular the location was, we’ve got evidence to back up the claims.

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Washington, DC

Admingling Q1 2017 DC

View the complete photo recap from Q1’s Admingling in Washington, DC.

NINJA HOSTS: Theresa T. (Executive Assistant) and Kimberly M. (Assistant to the Managing Partner) pulled out all the stops when it came to putting this city’s inaugural gathering together. After meeting up in person and touring venues together, these Ninjas secured the perfect location to ring in DC’s Admingling birthday.

HIGHLIGHTS: There’s nothing quite like getting local Ninjas together for the first time—and this event was no exception. The event quickly turned into a fruitful brain-picking session that left us rejuvenated and inspired to tackle more topics in the future. We’d even argue this event was life-changing—one Ninja said learning about T-shaped employees through OfficeNinjas will influence her career forever.

PARTNER: When Theresa and Kimberly scoured DC for the perfect venue, the most challenging part was choosing which Breather location to book since there were plenty of great options. The location they ultimately went with had Breather’s signature clean interior with comfy seating and plenty of table space for group discussions.

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New York City

Admingling Q1 2017 NYC

View the complete photo recap from Q1’s Admingling in New York City.

NINJA HOST: Nate L. (Office Administrator) made each and every Ninja from the Big Apple feel OfficeNinjas’ communal spirit and energy from the second they entered the room. Nate continued the conversation started from a quirky name-badge icebreaker and made the evening’s agenda feel fluid, even though it was jam-packed.

HIGHLIGHTS: New York Ninjas know how to mingle, which explains why so much energy buzzed through every activity. From the moment people entered the room and dug into the build-your-own crepes and mini cakes to the Bingo icebreaker underneath a disco ball, this meetup created instant connections and conversations. After the crew split into discussion groups, everyone came back together to cover favorite tech tools. In addition to Slack and Asana, Ninjas also raved about Zenefits, Momentum, and Rescuing Leftover Cuisine.

PARTNERS: Splacer allows people to discover remarkable spaces for events of all kinds. The online marketplace—founded by two architects with an eye for quality and design—offers extraordinary event spaces. Combined with the professional yet cozy aesthetic, CaterCow rounded out the evening with fresh and delicious on-demand eats from local chefs.

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Admingling Q1 2017 BOS

View the complete photo recap from Q1’s Admingling in Boston.

NINJA HELPERS: Stephanie C. (Executive Assistant) lent her Ninja skills to help make everything run smoothly on event night while Vanessa F. (Boston Executive Assistants) helped OfficeNinjas spread the word about the inaugural Admingling in Boston.

HIGHLIGHTS: Boston Ninjas were eager to come together for the city’s first Admingling—and they were just as excited to swap tech tool recommendations (with special shout-outs to Headspace, Tettra,, and Box) over build-your-own Vietnamese bowls and burritos. After the spices subsided, the discussion took a turn toward improving office efficiency and the importance of companies that empower admins. And Executive Administrator Lynn W. hammered home that point by sharing an article she wrote about the Admin Cohort Model.

PARTNERS: Thanks to Breather, we scored another beautiful venue with exposed brick walls and plenty of space to chat while sipping flavored fizzy water from Bevi (a smart water cooler for the office) and munching on custom-designed Ninja desserts from CaterCow.

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Admingling Q1 2017 SEA

View the complete photo recap from Q1’s Admingling in Seattle.

NINJA HOST: Leslie A. (Executive Assistant) leads a dual life, supporting a VP and 1,600 employees by day and writing fiction at night. Leslie introduced OfficeNinjas to a high-quality venue and caterer that made this event truly exceptional—and one that will continue to happen every quarter.

HIGHLIGHTS: Four years ago, OfficeNinjas held an IRL event in Seattle and Ninjas have been begging for more events ever since. This Admingling meetup quickly sold out, and the Ninjas in attendance were ready to talk about the ever-evolving admin role with lots of personal anecdotes. The result of this instant Emerald City bond? A high-energy discussion that forged new bonds and introduced valuable tools like Glympse, Smartsheet, Trello, Amazon Chime, and Momentum.

PARTNERS: The Velvet Underground Dining Experience (VUDE) gave Ninjas a memorable experience in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood, thanks to vintage decor that paired perfectly with fresh crostinis and herb-infused appetizers from The Catering Company and take away wine from Hand of God.

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What’s up Next?

OfficeNinjas always has more in store. Here’s how you can stay in the Admingling loop.

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That’s a wrap, Ninjas! What about Admingling excites you the most? Will you be attending the next event? Share in the comments!


  1. Finally!! An industry/networking/educational/professional development series for US. Kudos to OfficeNinjas for spearheading the Admingling events and spreading the word worldwide. What a treat after a long day at work to gather with like-minded colleagues, share war stories and gain new perspectives. Always in a super cool venue and yummy food & libations to boot!

  2. OfficeNinjas are constantly organizing events, dinners, and meetings for others. Admingling is OUR event and time to network with our peers! I’m continually blown away with all of earnest, hardworking, inspiring ninjas that come to these events. If you want to grow your knowledge base and meet like-minded people in your profession in a casual setting, Admingling hits the nail on the head. I’ve hosted several events, and I have to say that it’s one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. It’s given me the opportunity to truly connect with others in our community and build friendships!

    1. You’ve been such a great host and ambassador for Admingling events, Crystal. We love having you and love your support for ON!

  3. Admingling events are a must-do! It is the perfect opportunity to learn new things, network with peers, connect with new vendors…and, of course, have a blast. :-)

    1. Thanks for the shoutout Katy—it’s Ninjas like you who make them so fun!

  4. I love the intimate setting of Admingling! We have a chance to discuss admin obstacles and gain great tips and tricks from across industries and markets. I am super excited for the next on in SF!

  5. No greater euphoria than being a part of a compulsively-awesome group in DC!! Admingling has created a space for Office Ninjas to share their esoteric experiences and interests within the local community of all shapes and sizes. This experience is incomparable and worth attending! I can’t wait for the next Admingling event in DC!

    1. It’s fantastic to hear great experiences like yours, Theresa. Thanks for being a part of our DC Ninja community—see you soon!

  6. I’ve never been one who enjoyed “networking,” but Admingling events have been a really fun way to organically get to know other ninjas and learn how they each handle the challenges of their workplaces. It’s been a great learning experience to listen to everyone share at these events, and I’ve made some great new connections!

  7. I really enjoyed the inaugural Boston event and look forward to co-hosting the second session in the series! I have already created some wonderfully supportive cross industry relationships, learned about new resources available for making our jobs easier and I appreciated the overall vibe of Office Ninjas elevating and moving the Admin function ahead for the future. If you haven’t made it out yet, come join the fun!

    1. Sounds like you’ve really embraced Admingling and gotten a lot from them! Can’t wait to see you at the next one.

  8. I love Admingling! It’s such a unique opportunity to connect and share with other OMs. I can’t wait for Thursday’s event in NYC!

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