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Why is Admin+ Month free?

In the history of OfficeNinjas, most of what we’ve done has been creating free content and low-cost experiences. We do that through our weekly newsletters, Adminging events, All-Star Awards Program, and the online Admin Week celebration.

In the past, we were able to make these programs free through funds from vendor sponsorships. As you can guess, COVID-19 canceled over 40 of our events in 2020, which of course affected all of our sponsorships. However, even without funds from vendor sponsorships, Admin+ Month will be no different this year — it’s going to remain free.

Before we go into how and why we’re able to do that, we need to share a little backstory….

The Backstory

Our goal with any free content or program we create is for you to have the best experience. The intent is that the knowledge you gain, with the connections and friendship you build through OfficeNinjas, will make a meaningful difference in your professional or personal life. That’s the mission of OfficeNinjas.

But over the years, we’ve had hundreds of people tell us that while they love the free content and experiences, they want to work with us on a deeper level — they want to invest in advanced professional development and engagement opportunities. We’ve heard this from admins, executives, and HR managers.

Which is amazing! We want to be able to help people and companies in more meaningful ways, and at the same time grow our business.

So for the past year, our team has been heads down, working hard to build a new membership-based career accelerator program called OfficeNinjas Collective. This is a program where members can learn, practice, and hone executive business skills in a structured and collaborative environment. We are really proud of this programming!

So, how is Admin+ Month Free?

Last December, we successfully launched OfficeNinjas Collective to a select group of Ninjas. And this year, we’re reinvesting revenue from that launch to make Admin+ Month this April a completely free experience.

Also happening in April — we’re opening up OfficeNinjas Collective membership to the entire Admin+ community. We’ll be giving an in-depth preview of the type of interactive learning experiences we provide inside the membership.

And the memberships that we sell in April will again be reinvested back into the community so we can continue helping professionals like you. It’s a beautiful thing!

If you’re not a member of OfficeNinjas Collective and would like to get an in-depth free preview of the full membership experience — then join thousands of your peers already on the OfficeNinjas Collective Waitlist.

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We hope this context provides more insights — not just why and how Admin+ Month is free, but how we run OfficeNinjas as an organization truly focused on our mission of making opportunities accessible to everyone.

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