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Your 2021 Career Planning Guide

This is a step-by-step roadmap for approaching your
career goals with clarity and confidence.

This Guide is a must-have if…


You’re ready to take the steps needed to achieve a more valued and fulfilling career in 2021.


You suspect some of your most agonizing tasks are hindering your goals, and you’re eager to identify and assess them.


You’re invigorated by the opportunity to create a step-by-step action plan and are committing to following it.

What’s inside the Career Planning Guide?

Step-by-step frameworks and insightful exercises designed to spur big thinking and strategic action.

A powerful workbook to plan your breakthrough year

Meaningful progress relies on deep thinking, brainstorming, strategic planning, and implementation. It may seem daunting — but it doesn’t have to be.

Our five-step Planning Workbook breaks it down into approachable exercises that invite you to reflect on challenges and triumphs, unpack your agonies, brainstorm big ideas, create a plan of action, and visualize your success.

Along the way, you’ll get quick hits of inspiration from real examples provided by Administrative + Operations professionals who’ve already completed the process.

While this guide is free,
its potential value to you is tremendous.

Which is why we have one request: treat the Career Planning Guide not as a commodity resource, but as a priceless opportunity to make meaningful change in your professional life.

At OfficeNinjas, purposeful action planning is the driving force behind our growth, innovation, and resiliency for nearly a decade. This Guide is based on our personal methodology — shaped and refined from many applications and learnings as well as conversations with thousands of Ninjas.

We know it’s natural to devalue something that you get for free, but we urge you to do the opposite. Commit to following the step-by-step plan and position yourself to have your BEST year yet.

Get your Career Planning Guide

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